Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-25-2016 – Live from the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver #1807

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-25-2016 – Live from the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver #1807

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS


Guest Live from the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver

Recorded 04-22-2016 – Release Date 04-25-2016

Production Number #1807

Show Page

Adam has some opening live reads and plugs before getting to the live performance in Vancouver.


Adam opens the show to a funny intro about selling real estate if Trump wins and Adam thanks everyone for coming out, a warmly receptive crowd.

Adam says he has not been in town since he was visiting for Jimmy Kimmel’s bachelor party and Adam jokes about TMZ following them around as they toured the city on bikes.

Adam jokes about having to ride a rented bike and stare at Jeff Ross’s ass-crack, he says the seaplanes they rode to were a little underwhelming when they arrived after the insane tour de France beforehand.


Adam tells the audience about his house being in disarray and the presence of their new dog Phil, he jokes about Phil creating cuckolding like scenarios in his home, hilarious descriptors of his family straight out of ‘Taboo II’ but worse, wow!

“Balls deep in my wife, it’s a cultural thing” – Adam

Adam is now asking Vancouver where their black people are hiding, they have one guy in the audience who looks like “G.I. Joe’s Buddy” and he asks him about seeing white panhandlers.


Adam is riffing about white people working as housekeeper’s at hotels and has a funny anecdote from touring with Drew with an added joke.

Adam riffs about the heckler trying to insult them with a “Hockey Barb” mocking the Kings, Adam says that if the Kings do win the cup he’s going to tour Canada to explain how little Americans care about the game.

Adam is describing how Phil steals hammers and gloves, Adam jokes about every picture of a dog eliciting an “aw” and has a funny assassination closer.


Adam is now joking about Phil’s “Doggy Dildos” and he only like things that get him chased, he wants to be chased and therefore goes for Daddy’s slipper.

Adam says they shipped the dog off to doggy daycare and describes Phil as a 90lb. criminal and then joke about asking Lynette how much it would cost to have him killed.

Adam says his wife never asks how much things cost as he’d doing the paying and shares his wife announced to him yesterday that it was only $2400 for the service.


Adam says that figure of $2400 is way more than his parents ever spent on him, Adam has a great callback to the cuckolding thing, asking if they can driver Sonny out to get it in on the weekends.

Adam is sharing a “you’re still famous to me” he got upon arriving at the YVR airport.

Adam compares this complisult/compulsult to the “just chillin’?” incident with a different black guy outside the hospital while visiting his father, Adam has a funny “Patch Adams” reference.


Adam mentions all of the Asians and “Super Asians” he saw, saying “you guys got some fucking Asians over here” before telling them about a double bow he witnessed and shares why he likes the “Hai!” reply for cellphone calls, classic riff.


Blah Blah Blog

Adam is now on a “cool T-shirts” left behind for the kids thought he had, he was thinking about the death of Prince and he asks Gina about his personal life, saying he will be missed… by everyone but him.


1st Blog Larry King, Ben Folds or Dan Rather

Adam shares his “snap Larry King’s bones by snapping his suspenders” idea and is now riffing about Willie Nelson’s tour bus that has a specific smell that he describes in depth.

Adam jokes about the chick drink that was delivered to the stage.


2nd Blog Michael Moore, Forest Whitaker or Oliver Stone

Adam riffs about Michael Moore having to dress like a lesbian trucker despite his 50-million-dollar fortune.

Adam is mocking the “knock it off” tone of the blog, Adam jokes about his wife being at a Sushi bar making it rain right now and then he and BB have a killer “T-Shirt cannon of cash” back and forth with Adam playing his wife firing money at all of the various problems, BB on the effects of course.


3rd Blog James Franco, Evan Handler or Krist Novoselic

Adam riffs about charting the stages of pubic hair grooming in pornography using all 3 of these guy’s hairstyles.

Adam is now sharing why he’s pissed at James Franco, he was shooting an advertisement and Leno didn’t have the car they needed to borrow, so Jay contacted him, Adam says it would be like Tim Allen asking to borrow a tool from him in the mid 90’s.


Adam is describing the work they put into the car and got it detailed and ready to be drive outside after they dropped it off at the Chateau Marmot Hotel at 5:00 A.M. for the shoot.

Adam shares he deal, James and the company were to pay for Adam’s guys and their time and then guest on the ACS, Adam has Gary play the advertisement and Adam is providing live commentary.

Adam says he needs to sniff the seat on the passenger side of his car now that he’s seen this variant of the commercial with the hot chick riding shotgun, gross and hilarious!


Adam is back to Lynette firing the T-Shirt cannon of cash as he explains how his guys didn’t get paid, the publicist told him to fuck off and the booking never happened, first world problems.

The first hand sting of James Franco fucking you over, now everyone can feel Adam’s pain.

Adam says someone should tell Howie Mandel about Evan Handler biting at his heels for bald Jewey Jewish guys.


Adam is bringing up Krist Novoselic’s bass guitar strap, he asks who has a longer strap than him, Adam references P.F. Flyers.

They find out the blog results and move on to the next one.

“The U.N. is that light Jew blue” – Adam


4th Blog Lena Dunham or Mandy Patinkin

Cedar table covered in moss, Adam goes a mile a minute describing why Cedar is a great outdoor wood and Adam shares how he flew in First class with a guy heading to Coachella and talked to him about seasonal affected disorder.

Adam brings up Jeff Ross’s ass crack and he says bike rental places shouldn’t be at the bottom of a hill, he needed someone to give him a push start and they get back to the blog.

Adam is letting BB go first due to his “throbbing brain tumor” and BB takes the win, the charity win.


Adam says Lena Dunham’s tattoos look like someone who woke up in a drunken stupor at a tattoo parlor, in comparison/contrast Connor McGregor’s chest tattoo that can be seen from space and has “intent” and he brings up Shawne “Light Out” Merriman and his toggle light switch hand tattoos.

Adam is now riffing a funny scene with a twist of Shawne talking to his father in prison.

Adam said Lena’s tattoos look like something in between pubes and grapes.


Gina’s News

Adam is now sharing the “714” story, his sister was dating a guy with a tattoo of the number that is on a Quaalude, Adam knew that was a bad sign even as a child and knew his sister was mixed up with a bad dude.

Adam says his s daughter confessed she has her first crush and he jokes about locking her away at camp until she’s an adult.

Adam is informed it’s a 714, not 514 as he stated before and Gina gets to the news.


1st Story is on the death of Prince, Adam jokes about him and then gets to privacy, it never turns out good as you end up forgoing proper medical care and BB asks if Prince died because he couldn’t get a private room if that wasn’t the most Prince way to die.

Adam says his wife looked at him and asked if he was happy now that Prince was gone, he said no as his music will be played more than ever.


2nd Story is on the guy who took the name ‘Bruce Jenner’ name to bring it back to the heterosexual world and Adam jokes about someone stealing Prince’s real name and Adam swears he’s taking Cat Stevens for his name.

Funny bit about stealing the names of celebrities and public figures who change their names.

Adam is now joking about hockey bags and how much gear is carried in them, “is the rest of the team in the bag, what is going on!?” – Adam


Adam is riffing up a storm about hockey bag related injuries and he says to play hockey you had to have parents who really loved their kids.

Adam asks if Canada has an eBay variant like e’Eh and they move on.


3rd Story is on Dr. Drew announcing the end of LoveLine, scheduled for April 28th 2016.

Adam is sharing how can read about LoveLine from a distance as if he was reading about the Opie and Anthony show, Adam is now mocking the infamous photo of him and Drew, where Adam is wearing a bomber jacket.

Adam is now mocking the results of the callers who thank him for changing their lives and now jokes about all of the gay pictures he took with Drew.


Adam says he treated that show like he was just talking with Drew on an intercom from 3 feet away, Adam is now further looking at the photos of LoveLine that he’s never seen and he further describes how he and Drew would talk during the breaks while whizzing and all the way home on the cell phones each night.

Adam says he would get pissed as Drew would proclaim he was asleep by 12:30 A.M., he would make it home and pass out within minutes upon making it home, Adam is yelling and says it would require multiple shoulder rolls and sliding across the hood of his car.

Adam mocks the “when you work like I do” guys who insult people by implying they could fall asleep when they get home as they’re somehow more exhausted than you are if you need to stay up for a bit and can’t pass out immediately, implying they work harder than you.

Gina announces the expanded Adam and Dr. Drew Show schedule and they move on.



Liter vs. gallon and ugly American gas prices math edition


4th Story is on a study on couples that indicated people would prefer a new car more than another child and Adam jokes about how he would prefer a 34th car than another kid and describes his daddy/daughter date he had last night.

Adam says his daughter told him she would once again like to sleep in Cinderella’s castle and Adam is now riffing as his wife firing the cash cannon at everyone who walks by, even Johnny Depp.

Adam is lamenting the guides at Disneyland and how expensive the service is, Adam is saying that people used to be into religion and without that people are spinning out, hence newfound materialism and narcissism among everyone.


Adam is now joking about the “shop-vac up your wife’s cunt” story of the 3rd embryo that he presumes Natalia ate, before kicking Sonny in the nuts.

Adam says Natalia booted Sonny’s wimpy ass out of the vagina, don’t like the labia hit your ass on the way out.

Gina wraps the news and Adam wraps the show, hilarious!