Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2018 – Rob Riggle + Composer Brian Tyler

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/24/2018 – Rob Riggle + Composer Brian Tyler

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Rob Riggle + Composer Brian Tyler

Recorded 04-23-2018 – Release Date 04-24-2018

Production Number #2310

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Dawson has a solid “The head of the only company that mandates racial insensitivity training” joke before Adam welcomes the gang back to the show and thanks the fans for telling a friend.

BB has Gina’s “Nega I assume” as today’s #TopDrop

Adam thanks some sponsors and welcomes Rob to the show, Adam brings up their guest Brian Tyler and his body of work, Adam asks Rob how he’s doing.


Rob tells them about Mario Andretti driving him in the Long Beach Grand Prix, for a tandem ride.

Rob says he’s also done the Blue Angels and this was probably the best ride of his life, Adam recalls having the same opportunity with Mario a few years back, the car wasn’t functioning and Mario was pissed.

Adam couldn’t tell if it was part of the racing protocol or if the car was indeed malfunctioning.


Adam jokes about them asking him what size helmet he was right before the ride was set to begin, something they could have possibly worked out in advance.

Rob brings up Mario’s age and the flash-thought he had regarding Mario possibly meeting the Grim Reaper mid lap.

Rob says they were up around 170mph and Adam shares his thought about the distance between Hell’s Angels and the Blue Angels and he brings up Whorehouses and Warehouses and their differences, both do have boxes as pointed out by Gina.


Adam is now sharing his “you don’t have to scare me” speech he wants to give to pilots and drivers, just do your thing, no need to dazzle me. Rob agrees with the sentiment and gives his POV.

Rob is now sharing how he asked the pilot of his Blue Angel flight about wanting people to vomit and humiliate them, whether they bet on the outcome or not.

Rob says they don’t give you a G suit in the Blue Angel flights, he tells them about his 70min flight and how knew he was about go unconscious, fighting the urge to pass out due to the loss of blood in his brain which you can see on Funny or Die.


Adam jokes about the move to fight the g force and how it could lead to someone having a stroke, BB asks about the passenger vomiting towards the pilot.

Adam is telling them about throwing up on his buddy John Tyler on “Broom Ball Night” and he shares the details of his “pretty interesting life” and gets into the details of “Broom Ball” which would never be allowed today.

Adam describes the event, a midnight battle between two rival girls’ groups, like hockey with a volleyball.


Rob asks Adam about this event, if it was one of his early drinking experiences and mentions gravel which leads to Adam telling the legendary story of the time he drank white wine and developed petechia from vomiting to the point of hemorrhaging blood vessels in his face.

Adam is sharing how he chugged the wine and how he vomited on both his borrowed sweater and the sweater of the buddy who lent it to him.

Rob is now sharing how he would do his own chugging move to establish dominance, utilizing a bottle of Boone’s Farm wine.


Adam shares how he passed out in his driveway, only to wake up and find gravel embedded in his cheek, like buckshot.

Rob sadly knows what Adam means about sleeping in the driveway, he lived a similar youth.

Rob and Gina have a similar latch key kid background and their parents even stopped to tying the key around their necks.


LifeLockOnline security education company, worth $1200 to criminals per identity stolen Edition


Adam is now asking Rob and BB about being a young man and he tells them about being willing to do any stupid activity that could lead to being paralyzed or killed, him and buddies didn’t care.

Adam says he drew the line the following year, he brings up the next Broom Ball game between the Puffs and Chanteclaires, he describes the hockey rink and the plan the guys had to wear a bag around their genitals while streaking across the ice.

Adam says he realized he would be on the ice, with the entire school taking photographs with drunken chicks jumping on him, he saw the very likely outcome and humiliation in store for him.


Adam says he realized his dick wasn’t big enough for this, he has a Florida “swamp” cock, not an ice streaking cock.

Adam goes over the events and how Ray and Chris were engulfed in angry gals and they had to fend them off, Adam shares how the guys eventually turned on themselves, with Ray and Chris getting locked out of the getaway van.

Gina asks if they kept their face bags on, Adam jokes about the forearm shivers that the guys were dealing out to the ladies, Rob says back in his day young people formed a plan and executed it, millennials don’t have the moxie to pull that off.


Adam says he had to yell at his son and demand he put the controller down to come to the old man basketball game instead of wasting the night in the living room.

They head to break with a tease for the Riggle Report.


They’re back from break with The Riggle Report.


The Riggle Report

1st Topic is on the new Jerry Lawler inspired beer, Jerry The King Lager. Jerry is sober and he’s never sampled the product but endorses it.

Adam is sharing how he did a commercial campaign for Mountain Dew after calling them “nectar of the tards” for a decade, Jimmy Kimmel brought up the perceived hypocrisy and Adam asked who the joke was truly on.


2nd Topic The technical fouls in the post season NBA playoff games, Rob tells them about a player who was riding a stationary bike and was given a foul for warming up mid game as he left the bench.

Rob is now giving his take on this game and series being based on the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law.

BB explains the logic behind the bench rule, Adam is now sharing how this might have been for his safety and jokes about Starbucks and racism being involved in the player getting runover inside of the arena.

Adam is now ranting about the Peloton commercial and he asks who is living their best life more, the actress from that commercial or the one from the mattress commercial, why not just cast the same bitch.


Adam wants the chick with the piercing eyes from the mattress commercial, Adam is now telling Chris he found the wrong ad.


3rd Topic Is on Jay Feely’s joke photo with his daughter and her boyfriend going to prom, Adam mocks Jay’s white belt and implies it’s the sign he’s a racist.

Adam asks who are the pussies that are pissed about this joke, they’re all agreeing it’s a trope and old joke, nobody mentions that it does reinforce a weird transactional element to dating and the father daughter relationship, as if he’s a vaginal guardian with perceived sexual purity as the only goal.

Adam doesn’t like the “you have to understand the optics, I get it, I get it all” arguments and the people who give them, BB agrees and they’re all now discussing what this means about society.

“whether it’s hitting one of the Puffs and Chanteclaires with a forearm shiver and a bag over your cock or holding a 9mm between you and the prom date, they don’t do a lot of that in parts of Africa, Russia or the middle east, they don’t have a lot of Tom Foolery, they probably don’t even have a word for Vladimir Foolery” – Adam on screwing around hijinks in society and what it means for your problems and quality of life collectively.

Rob loves it.


4th Topic Is on Colin Kaepernick’s interest in bringing him to the team, Rob shares how Pete Carroll said Colin is still in the mix.

BB asks for a prediction and Adam says he talked about it with Mark Geragos and how he deposed all of the NFL brass including Roger Goodell.

They’re now watching the mattress commercial, the sleep number 360 smart bed advertisement.

Adam swapped er negligee color with her eye color, hilarious use of it/that while talking about banging her, funny reply from Gina.


Gina asks if Colin is goo enough to be on an NFL team, Adam says it’s a hard question to answer and explains why you can’t definitively answer that.

Both BB and Rob share their expertise as well, BB as a 49ers fan and Rob as a fan of the sport.

Adam is now talking about Colin’s racial mix and how the afro identifies him, otherwise he might be mistaken for another ethnic background.


Adam says he feels like it’s a slap in the face to the white parents who raised mixed race kids who never bring up their white parents, Adam doesn’t mind the part where we have to keep acknowledging your heritage but if we are going to bring it up then how about we tell the full story.

They wrap up the segment


Castrol EdgeSUV in park rocks in place, time for new breaks? Edition

Adam talks about Doc on the Roq, how he was large man who insisted upon driving a 3-cylinder Subaru, the Justy model.

Adam recalls how the Doc approached him and asked him about his car pulling to the left, unaware it was his own body weight.

They’re talking about ‘Cannon’ and ‘Jake and the Fatman’ and the collective work of William Conrad, Rob and Adam are doing a funny improv scene as William and his agent pitching him on the tv series.

“hold on I can’t hear while I’m chewing, my ear’s close” – Adam as William

Rob as the agent forgets they’re over the phone, hilarious Pink Lady and Jeff reference from Adam as William Conrad.


Adam jokes about wanting to bang various celebrities, including Tennille, he inquires whether or not the Captain is a homo, hilarious!

Adam wraps the scene, Adam asks about the worse agent phone call that one we just heard or Yule Brenner and the anti-smoking “by the time you see this video I will be dead” PSA.

Adam is now asking who pitched that PSA, hilarious scalp wax one liner from Ace.


Adam notes how quickly Chris found this commercial but how long it took him to find the hot mattress chick, he says “noted” and Chris tries to defend himself.

Adam jokes about the guy holding the boom mic for that PSA, Adam would rather call William for ‘Jake and the Fatman’ and they move on.


SimpliSafeNo contracts, no hidden fees, we all use it here edition

Chris tells them about his new video production space and how he installed it, BB insists he call it the Maxi-Pad which Chris is not keen to do.

Adam wraps up with Rob and they close out the first half of the show before Good Sports.


They’re back from break

Brian Tyler is making his ACS debut as they hear his anthem that was composed for F1, Adam says it’s the 2nd biggest sport in the world and he thanks some sponsors.

Adam asks Brian how he got his start, how he got into being a composer.


Brian tells them about how Star Wars was as important on him as music, Adam moves past that and asks him about the instruments he plays.

Brian shares how the theme for F1 came about, how he’s been a longtime fan and his work on the Fast and Furious films, Chris Morgan is a mutual friend.


My BlueJust 20 minutes to charge, free limited device warranty Edition


Adam is telling him about his Trans Am race at Willow Springs and what makes that one corner so scary, Gina asks him to specify.

Adam tells them about watching super boring videos of drivers telling people what to look for, examples like “the new building” and they play a clip, it’s so boring and exhausting to listen to.

Adam is now sharing the “B in Budweiser” instructions for maintaining a racing line, Adam watches them over and over again to figure out where the car should be aimed at.


Adam is now going over the turn and how they didn’t tell him about the digital dash, the car was in pit mode, not in track mode which resulted him having no information while taking his qualifying laps.

Adam is sharing how he was freckling out about the corner and how he stayed behind another driver observing he wasn’t flying off the track, Brian is now telling them about the Dragonflies that are around the track.

Brian was hit in the face as he had his visor up, he then lost his focus and ability to maintain his speed.


Adam is now asking him about his life and love for motorsports while scoring F1 and the Fast and Furious films.

Adam is now talking about the saddest part of the race schedule is getting up in the morning, he laments having to wake up buzzed, Hilarious comment from BB about not drinking the night before to avoid being buzzed.

Adam is asking Brian about his new car and how dangerous fast it is, they’re heading to break.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the death of Verne Troyer, Adam doesn’t miss him and explains why.

Gina is now sharing how she read about the role of Mini-Me being denigrating to little people and she shares how he might have taken his own life due to his battle with depression.

Adam asks about Harry Anderson and says he could carve out 30 seconds for Harry and a little less Stormy Daniels talk, Adam is now recalling Harry’s career and talent.

Gina is now sharing some details about Verne telling the 911 operator about his amount of drinking.


2nd Story is on Allison Mack’s charges on sex trafficking.

Adam is now asking to be a sex traffic cop, he riffs about what he would do and Brian suggests Adam start as a Sex Crossing Guard, hilarious “younger demo” comedy and BB joins them, hilarious!

Gina has the details and she fills them in on Allison’s work with a pyramid scheme.


Adam is now riffing about the women who are selected to have sex with vs. head to Home Depot and Adam jokes about the guys who have to put videos in the chubby category for online porn sites, funny “template” one liner.

Adam is now talking about young women from horrible desperate places have a get out of jail free card, using their vagina if they want to.

Adam says there will always be a certain percentage of women, he uses Playboy magazine pictorials to make a point.


BB is now playing the Reba Macintyre song ‘Fancy’ and they all listen to the intense lyrics about prostituting her daughter.

Adam is now getting filled in on how Stephanie Wilder Taylor was sent a recruitment invite from Allison, which was discussed in detail on ‘For Crying Out Loud.’

Gina has all of the details about the crimes she’s accused of and her possible sentencing, Adam says it’s must be a weirder world than he thought going on out there while he’s at home.


Brian now brings up the guy names ‘Vanguard’ and they start riffing about ‘Mystery’ the pick-up artist, BB and Gina both thing he was on the radio show.


TrueCarReal Dealer inventory and a simpler Buying Experience Edition


They go back to the song ‘Fancy’ and they all listen to it


3rd Story is on the E-Coli outbreak among all Romaine lettuce, Adam jokes about heads and hearts inside of lettuce.

Gina says she had a chopped salad over the weekend and she fears she might have E-Coli and she cites the incubation period is 4 days. BB jokes about calling Kristen Carney to come replace Gina.

Adam and the gang are talking about shitting in clean toilet water, Adam has a funny riff about his asshole being confused.

Adam is sharing how gray water isn’t allowed to be used in a sprinkler and how poorly Los Angeles makes use of its water.


4th Story is on Southwest Airlines and Adam explains they do have shrouds to protect engines from exploding and hitting the aircraft.

Adam is now curious if something failed or if they didn’t have the protective shroud in place like the larger Rolls Royce jet engines.

Gina is telling them about the added inspections being ordered by the FAA, BB shares his feelings about flying on aircraft and Brian has a more nuanced take on that fear we all experience.


Adam is now telling them about flying with James Babydoll Dixon and how there was an argument about the model of Bombardier Aircraft Adam was on, James wasn’t familiar as the plane was far too old to still be operation and is no longer manufactured, it could have been the day the comedy died.


5th Story is on Billy Kimmel’s 1st birthday, Adam says he was included on a chain email and he couldn’t get to the bottom of it.

Adam says the email had a folder of potential Man Show ideas that were never used, they all joked about the field day that Sean Hannity would have if he found it.

Adam says he emailed Jimmy about the legendary Man Show sketch with Jimmy marrying an ape and leaving his first wife, Adam is unclear if the later picture of Billy with a monkey was in response to the comment.


Adam shares how hard it is to buy things for Jimmy Kimmel and BB has a funny Chris Bianco name drop.


CastrolNeed for Speed, Castrol Edge Edition

Adam is doing a live show with Jimmy Kimmel, June 14th at Flappers Comedy Club.

It’s a standup show and Jimmy will be joining him in some capacity.


6th Story has a warning about ruining the majesty of magic, Adam asks about Copperfield’s sex island news story, what happened to it?

Adam brings up Stallone’s #MeToo story that also seemed to disappear.

Adam says people always bring up the part where al Franken went for a kiss with Leeann Tweeden and tell him that he leaves that out when defending Al’s actions and even BB agrees that’s nothing.


Gina explains that David Copperfield has been forced to reveal how he makes people disappear after a lawsuit was filed against him by a man who was injured while participating in one of his illusions.

Gina says they’re going to skip the explanation, she feels bad.

Adam says it must be a hatch, BB thinks a hoist is the method and Brian praises Penn and Teller and how they show you their methods and you still can’t figure it out.

Chris is now breaking down the email chain and the weird timing with the monkey comments.


7th Story is on a bus driver that was fired for watching tv on his phone while driving passengers, Gina has the details on the driver being fired and the refund given to the passenger.

Adam is now asking about the notion of putting the worst people on planet behind the wheel of these busses in charge of the lives of all of these people.

BB says it feels inverted, we should pay the best and brightest to protect and drive kids, not the incompetent idiots we seemingly only employ as bus drivers now.

Gina wraps the news.


SimpliSafe and Suze Orman’s podcast get a closing plug, Adam plugs Formula 1 racing and has Brian give out his twitter account, Adam wraps up the show and BB closes things out with a wicked drop of Adam saying “my dick’s not big enough for this.”