Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/23/2018 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 811

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/23/2018 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 811

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-17-2018 – Release Date 04-23-2018

Production Number #811 – Carolla Works In Mysterious Ways

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Adam has a funny “you’ooo” and Dr. Drew explains that the Dr. Drew podcast is switching release dates.

Drew says he’s still not right emotionally and he observes that the more aggressive and shitty he gets, Adam seems to be getting calmer and seems to be more at peace.

Adam is sharing his newfound feelings about trying to avoid the negativity and aggression around us, he wants to decide what kind of life he wants to lead and what kind of mood he wants to be in, he gets in a funny joke at the expense of Matt and Gary, the peons who should be miserable due to their respective positions in life.


Adam marvels that time is starting to move faster, their perception of it, which seems to be collective among all people since the invention of the internet.

Drew brings up Gary’s wedding which they have yet to discuss on this show, Drew explains how quick to anger he finds himself, almost yelling at Matt and Gary about the gate at the studio not being open.

Adam is sharing how he now makes sure to cherish time and events he is privileged to get access to, like talking to Geragos over drinks or Drew getting to bask in Adam’s genius.


Adam brings up a guy who came by to the studio with his wife who is a superfan and undergoing chemotherapy due to cancer, Drew comments on how silly he would feel if he was to come down with an illness.

Adam is explaining he’s trying to put things into perspective for him, Adam explains how he’s been invited to bring the Newman car to Lord Goodwood’s home for the annual Goodwood festival.

Drew comments on Adam being famous for not burning molecules, working. Adam objects and corrects him saying he considers himself on the clock when he exists the house, he factors in the distance travelled and calories brunt to earn a buck.


Adam says he had 3-4 jobs for a long time and wanted to get home to his stuff, he never had any time at home with his toys and Drew gives up on this crappy point.

Adam is back to what he said about Goodwood and how they need to film it to make it worthwhile, Adam talks about them capping the festival at 150k people, more want to get in but they cap it to make the experience manageable for attendees.


Adam is now explaining how popular motorsports are in the modern world, he says all you need to know in life is how many people stop you at an airport or in public about said thing, that’s how you determine popularity and success.

Adam is sharing how he’s seen these events grow in attendees and Drew brings up the colossal hassle of him trying to get the car to Europe.

Drew is telling him the one thing that made him happy was being no the beach, he brings up the wedding and his officiating, he solicits a compliment from Adam and goes into his live read.


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1st Caller Daniel, he suggests Adam is birthed from immaculate conception as he’s claimed his parents are too lazy to do anything, including engaging in intercourse.

Adam talks about how unattractive both of his parents are and how impossible it is to imagine anyone would have sex with either of them, he then claims that perhaps they met at the same super desperate swinger’s bar.

They joke around about Adam having divine abilities ala JC, Drew is riffing along with the caller, it’s not funny but it’s ok.


Adam cites his “didn’t gouge the elderly” joke that he still needs to explain to his manager.

Daniel tells them about getting pulled over for making an illegal left turn, Drew steps on Daniel who explains how he got out of the ticket.


2nd Caller Steve, he’s calling from Korea, he’s currently enlisted and he’s begun binging and purging, he’s a year into bulimia and Adam comments on men and women crossing in gender, like a giant x chromosome as observed by Dr. Drew.

Adam is now asking if these formerly stereotypically female afflictions will move over to men, Adam asks him about his childhood and if he was overweight.


Steve says it’s gotten really bad and he’s intentionally buying food to then vomit, he plans to purge.

Adam asks him about the motivation, the caller cites “mouth pleasure” and Drew asks about childhood trauma and history of addiction.

Steve reveals he had a porn addiction and Adam asks about downtime and wiring of some people that leads to negative actions, Adam cites the adage “the devil makes work for idle hands” and asks Drew about these people.


Drew is now telling Adam about regulating using external methods instead of being able to regulate form within.

Adam says that nobody says that both positive actions and negative actions are compelling these individuals to do whatever is they are choosing to do, Drew makes a point about historical trauma and Adam is sharing his feelings about Steve’s dilemma.


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3rd Caller Steve, this guy is from Georgia. He says he has experienced similar things to the last caller, getting sick after eating. He’s misunderstanding the intent and motivation of the caller, the call he just listened to.

Steve is telling them about following the “Highland Games/Highlander” type diet, focusing on meat, Drew is now carrying around a satchel of eggs and he’s following Vinnie Tortorich advice after 3 years of pestering and intending to try it.

Steve wants to know how the guys develop a system to give attention to their family while working so hard, Drew shares how his daughter recently asked him how he didn’t burn out while a workaholic and raising the kids.


Adam is asking if Drew is done with his hero soliloquy, Steve brings up the hotdog party Adam threw for the family and the kids that Lynette was very impressed with as discussed on her hit podcast For Crying Out Loud with her co-host Stephanie Wilder Taylor.

Adam is sharing his intent to cauterize love and positivity in his kids brains and memory, so they will want to be in his life when they’re adults.

Drew is now asking a follow up trying to see if it’s a selfish motivation, Adam is sharing how his mom would not be bothered if you could crawl inside of his brain to see what he thinks about her.


Adam says he would kill himself if his kids felt about him the way he feels about Kris Carolla, Adam says he’s a hero as well and wraps up the show with some plugs. Drew gives out his plugs and he stumbles through the closer.