Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-22-2016 – Marc Maron #1806

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-22-2016 – Marc Maron #1806

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Guest Marc Maron

Recorded 04-21-2016 – Release Date 04-22-2016

Production Number #1806

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Marc Maron is making his 8th appearance on the ACS, Adam opens the show to a funny “Billy Beer” intro and Adam gives out some opening live plugs.

Adam asks Maron about how the world has come around to find a place for Adam and Marc to succeed on their own terms.

Adam is now Quoting Mark D. Sweeney who owned the ACME comedy Theatre who was the first to suggest such a format would be perfect for Adam’s talents.


Adam is talking about Howard Stern and his old-school broadcasting standards and talents, he’s not being insulting nor negative and he comments on his late grandfather Lotzi who didn’t like his improv comedy as it eliminated a writer’s job from the process.

Marc has some points about Howard not embracing the podcasting industry, he says at some point you need to acknowledge what they do and he brings up his father, clearly indicated he seeks Howard’s approval and seal of approval, who can blame him.

Adam is telling the story of recording from Bill Simmons driveway on his podcast, Marc tells Adam about having to stop an interview due to a jackhammer for the first time recently.


Marc talks about his first visit to the ACS where I met him, he says he was nervous and that’s true but they immediately connected over fart humor.

Adam is now telling Marc about his options in show business and he explains why he likes live podcast over standup, Marc talks about his early live show that were premium only, he says the format was based off Adam’s early live shows that were sold on iTunes.

Adam is now talking about Marc’s standup dates and has a funny comparison to open workouts with the champ and Marc plugs his 4th season, where he’s living in a storage unit strung out on opiates.


Adam says he doesn’t know much about Marc’s background and upbringing, he’s going in-depth on his journey and where his family come from. He plows through it and is very informative without sounding rushed.

Adam talks about his parents and he’s uncertain of his mom’s age and comments on her generation that didn’t fully parent, Marc is explaining how he experienced his parents and their generational narcissism that seemingly few escaped.

Adam has a “good money after bad” analogy for raising children and Marc talks about his mom not having time for the attention to sew the right boy scout patches on his uniform nor get him the right gear for little league.


Adam talks about killing Saturdays watching his son come in 7th doesn’t feel great but it’s necessary for raising children and being a good parent, it’s rewarding in different non immediate ways.

Marc talks about his knowledge of Adam’s background and he comments on his own similar experiences, Adam has a great “let them roam” the natural history museum of life metaphor and he gets into a live read.




Marc got left alone in a museum of life, using the same metaphor and Adam feels he was locked outside of the museum alone and probably at night.

Marc says he was engaged in comedy early on and he tells Adam about seeing Jackie Vernon, the worst projection of show business possible yet he loved it.

Marc talks about his era of poetry and college campuses vs. Adam’s picking up trash job site experience.


Adam talks about psychology and how it relates to comedy, Marc talks about figuring things out for himself in life, he touched on his time at ‘The Comedy Store’ in a sentence without getting into the coke, Sam Kinison nor the voices in his head, but you still catch the gist of it.


Adam is telling Marc about learning how to use tools and cut wood while framing, he explains how the metal foreskin works on nail guns to Marc in case he needs to battle an enemy in the closing scene of an action film.

Adam is telling Marc about the skills in learning how to broadcast, clearing your throat, mouth noises and everything else that is learned in the 10k hours you spend behind a mic.

Marc talks about the freedom of mind and Adam brings up the “counting the syllables as they leave your mouth” effect that can hobble you, Adam says it’s not akin to trying to land a plane remotely, you can’t sit and talk someone else through it.


Marc is sharing his own realization about earning his place in comedy and what happens on a comedy stage, he didn’t dread the audience nor the experience like had for the 20 years prior.

Marc is talking about people deluding themselves into thinking they have something to say or a career in front of them when they lack the talent, insight and work ethic to achieve what they hope for.

Adam is going over his “how do I lose weight and eat fudge and ribs” theory to training and experience.


Adam says he could get a new person in comedy booked on Kimmel via a series of favors but you shouldn’t want that and you’re not ready for it, you don’t want to skip ahead, it won’t benefit you.

Marc brings up the Oklahoma City Bombing and Adam has a funny “bombing” joke that Marc steps on a bit then laughs at after it’s pointed out.

Marc finishes his funny Louis C.K. anecdote from circa 1994.


Life Lock

Marc has it, you should too edition


Marc shares his story of identity theft and he explains how non-lazy the crooks truly are, Gary gets on mic to provide an assist with the name of a credit reporting agency.

Marc explains this guy could have walked with 100k in credit, then converted that to material goods and fenced it but due to the diligence of this once employee they nipped it in the bud.


Marc says this proves he’s not that famous as this wouldn’t happen to Jerry Seinfeld and Adam has a funny Geechy Guy reply.


Adam is now sharing the list of guests that Jack Silver the KLSX program director described as radio death, Louis C.K., Zach Galifianakis and Joel McHale, he adds Marc to the list thought he was never brought up prior but could have been one of the guys.

Marc has a great tangent about standup comedy and how it’s a career for an insane person, writing and other paths into comedy provide much more sensible jobs and lifestyles.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Sam, he wants to know about Marc’s role in the movie ‘Almost Famous’ seemingly unaware the movie was released in 2000, well into Marc’s standup career, he effortlessly corrects the caller and moves into the filming details, including how he was originally supposed to film it in another state but ended up shooting in California.

They shot it at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles and Marc explains everyone was walking around in character and he explains that Cameron Crowe went to dinner with Marc and his wife even.

Marc explains what the 2nd unit shooting was like in comparison to the stuff with Cameron behind the camera, Marc says there is a longer fight in the director’s cut.


Adam reveals he needs to return an email after being offered to appear in ‘Sharknado 4’ and Maron says he would like to do some acting outside of his series.

Marc says acting is something he enjoys but it must be in his wheelhouse and explains how he got into the movie ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ and explains his feelings on directing.

Adam is telling Marc about how directing runs the gamut from rewarding to a touch of rape, he shares what it was like to see ‘The Hammer’ on ‘At The Movies’ and how it made it all worthwhile.


Gary has the review and they play it for Marc and the audience.

Marc says that as worth it, of course that was worth it and Adam brings up the racist and sexist reviews of the movie and Marc tells him to just stick with this one and focus on it.

Adam tells Marc that the story he wants to tell will presort itself, he shares how someone pitched him on a movie about “short guys who like tall women” which led to Adam coming up with his own completely different idea for a project.


Marc brings up Louis C.K.’s ‘Horace and Pete’ series and Adam agrees with the logic Louis presented to Marc.


2nd Caller Zoltan, he’s telling them about a religious coworker who is going out of his way to buy into fairytale nonsense, Adam tells Zoltan that at 36 it’s too late to burn calories trying to convince someone out of something they believe in.

Adam is sharing how he reacted to working with born again gang bangers who prayed for traveling mercy, he says life is a bus stop with strangers shuffling in and out of your life, it’s not necessary to engage.

Marc brings up Christianity and how they like to share the good news, Adam says what you can be is an effective pair of drapes for them to attempt to get a game of handball going against all day to no avail, it’s a better way to get by.


Zip Recruiter


Adam is now asking Marc about booking the President, Barack Obama on his podcast, at his house!

Marc talks about how they had snipers on his neighbors roof and had to install some independent phone lines, big black humming boxes that will work even if the world melts down.

Marc is now going over the 20min lead up to him arriving at his house, Marc says the president’s schedule is public information and explains how the initial greeting went.


Adam talks about Barack’s ease in his own skin and Marc gets to the reality of interviewing politicians and getting past the “robot mode” stuff, he says he wanted to connect with the guy as another guy, he thinks he did that.

Marc says he prepared for it and it was heavy at times, Adam says Dr. Drew is exactly who he seems after he asks if Barack is the Barack who you think he’ll be based on how we all know him from media and his time as president.

Marc shares how candid he was about his job and incremental progress and Adam comments on the fortune Barack will make on the lecture circuit, Marc reminds him that “they all do” and they pipe up the caller.


3rd Caller Hayden, he wants to know about Adam’s firing on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and if he worries about Trump making harsh decision on the fly such as Adam’s unethical termination.

Adam is unclear how much of that show was cooked by the producers and how much was up to Trump, Marc asks incredulously if Adam is a Trump supporter and he says he’s not, suck on that internet trolls!

Adam likes how much he pisses everyone off, he likes that he outrages people and drives them insane, Adam doesn’t care who is president as nothing will change regardless, the president can’t do much.


Adam uses Obama and his “hope and change” campaign that didn’t really amount to much, Marc has a great point about human progression and how humans get by.

Adam has a random sudden blindness example of how humans can always start over and find the will to survive.

Marc asks if Adam would necessarily trust anyone in the oval office, he says he doesn’t but doesn’t care as he doesn’t trust anyone to be there, but Hillary would put the best face on it.


Adam is talking about the drug lobbyists for every congress person, Adam says a 3rd term of Obama or Bernie Sanders won’t change that, not even Trump.

Adam is talking about companies fleeing the United States and Adam explains that companies don’t exist to “get by” and they are entities that want money, they are not people nor do they have the responsibility that we do.

Marc agrees to Adam about capitalism giving way to greed and he says you should remove money from politics and you shouldn’t be allowed to advertise political campaign on TV.


Marc thinks Adam is not going to vote which is possible and makes a point about people being forced to that decision.


Round-Up Max Control

Adam says “Round Table” like the pizza chain edition


Adam gives out the plugs for Marc and wraps up the show, great episode!