Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-21-2016 – Marlon Wayans and David Wild #1805

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-21-2016 – Marlon Wayans and David Wild #1805

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Marlon Wayans and David Wild

Recorded 04-20-2016 – Release Date 04-21-2016

Production Number #1805

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Adam opens the show to a funny ‘The 5th Wayans Brother’ intro and he has an update on the remaining tickets left for the upcoming live shows.

BB has Matt Fondiler’s ‘Window of Negligence’ as today’s #TopDrop and David references John Popper and his “suck and blow” skillset.

Adam is now talking about comedians and musicians who have no sense of humor and have to project an attitude or tough guy aesthetic, Adam is ranting up a storm about dressing up like GWAR while performing and he references the cast of ‘Girls’ sitting around discussing their important character development, he’s crushing this.


“we’re both learning new things about being assholes” – Adam on Lena Dunham learning more about her character on ‘Girls’ the one she created, that she writes, the fictional person who doesn’t exist, whom she made up.


Adam is now mocking self-important bullshit and David wonders if he means small penises and he says it’s small talentises, not about dick size.

Adam talks about John Popper’s talent and how he needs no persona like an MMA fighter he’s confident that he is prepared and ok, he can be happy go lucky and it’s due to his security in his talent.

Adam says or you can do the Joan Jett thing where every day is ‘Halloween’ and you must sport and outfit and a look well into your 60’s.


Birk Sun

Sun’s rays charging your phone edition


Adam is complimenting Joan Armatrading and cites some other female singers he enjoys, Adam is praising her body of work and they are listening to some of her best tracks.

David is stepping in and BB says he’s never heard any of these great songs, Adam blames program directors and they listen to more of her music.

BB is now playing many of her other songs as David tells the gang about working with Linda Ronstadt.


David plays them his favorite song from Joan Armatrading, BB asks where she’s been all his life, he’s shocked her work hasn’t made its way into soundtracks, he says this stuff should be in movies.

Dawson knows her look and owns some of her records, he loves her work but has never heard it before, he calls it a stone cold groove.

Adam jokes about Joan Jett’s leather pants and having to dance at 60, Adam brings up the bands that made it into the rock and roll hall of fame this year, Adam talks about ‘Deep Purple’ just finally getting inducted.


Adam says NWA should not be in there but it should change to the music hall of fame and then they should along with all other music, Adam is glad that Steve Miller did blow the lid off the behind the scenes bullshit.

Adam is bringing up MTV LoveLine and how they said they couldn’t give Dr. Drew and his wife tickets to one of the movie or music award shows, he says they had to do battle with them to get tickets for the event.

Adam says they did finally get some tickets and got walked past the red carpet, he doesn’t know why certain institutions have an adversarial relationship with talent, he thinks it’s about tyrant to prevent raises in wages.


Adam brings up the peanut butter in the breakroom for the KLSX morning show, he thinks that was a fuck you aimed at the talent from Jack Silver.

Adam says the fans in line bought their tickets at music plus the day before, so MTV was bucking with them and the tickets were plentiful.

David says he gets paid for trying to get into these events, he gives a quick example and jokes about dropping names.



Phil got neutered edition



Q and Ace

1st Caller Anthony, he wants to know about The Man Show bit with Snoop Dog, where they got stoned with him at his house.

Adam is telling the gang about how far out Snoop’s house was, Gary mentions Diamond Bar and BB jokes about Snoop picking it off a map, Gary says he grew up in Diamond Bar, it’s alright there, they keep the gum off the sidewalk.

Adam is now back to the story and Anthony shares that Snoop revealed Adam and Jimmy ate some fried chicken too.


David Wild asks if Jimmy Kimmel is still eating as he looks so thin, Adam says he does eat and cook with a passion still, he doesn’t know how he does it.

They are now watching the bit and Adam is providing some live commentary over it.

Adam is bringing up the other time he was hanging out with Snoop and Jimmy, Cadillac had just canceled the ‘Snoop Deville’ and he shares his “fuck Cadillac I’m going to GM reaction that Adam didn’t have the heart to spoil at the time.


Mangria Moments

#MangriaMoments Winner Steve, he tagged a picture of his brother and him drinking some Mangria before skiing at 10k feet.

Steve tells them about his Mangria snow slushies and David has a Sonny Bono one liner.

Adam is now asking Steve about Provo and Salt Lake City Utah, Adam thinks it would be nice to have a clean nice old-school town mixed with microbrews and hipster stuff.


Steve has Adam talking about people as buoys, if you ever try and push us down and manipulate humans we’ll seek our level and lash out/react to the artificial pushing.

Adam says the Amsterdam of the world where people are being pushed the least is where you’re going to find the most neutrally buoyant society, where they aren’t reacting to influence or cultural pressure.

Adam is saying you can’t take your daughter and shelter her and scare her about sex, she’ll react to an artificial influence, in the exact opposite way you’d hope.


Adam says naturally buoyancy is the key to being a parent or politician.


2nd Caller Robert, he says he was listening to the old KLSX radio show and heard Adam’s old “stalker” on air from 2006, Adam is now riffing about his parents trying to imply the stalker was really more Drew’s stalker, hilarious “Carolla’s are stalkers” riff.

Robert is further describing his memory of the show, Adam keeps bringing up Dr. Drew and BB reminds him that this is the stalker who showed up at KLSX, not the stalker who showed up at LoveLine.

Adam has the classic “When Kathy Griffin is kidnapped and raped” example for what he told Westwood one, Adam is now recalling the sleeping security guard from Classic LoveLine.


Adam got the guy fired, he was then re-hired and Adam doesn’t recall that part.

Adam is now riffing about the sleeping security guard, they go back to Robert who was talking about Katie, Adam’s stalker who showed up to the studio, Adam hopes she’s well and BB is now giving out whispering messages to convince mentally impaired individuals to come visit the studio, hilarious!

Gary even gets on mic to object with a “Bryan!” and they go into a live read



Listening Survey edition


3rd Caller Adam, he’s calling about the kids he coaches for flag football, he is bringing up Adam’s tales from the local league in Los Angles and he wants to know if there is a cultural difference.

Adam says they tossed ‘The Steelers’ out of the league due to their excessive taunting which he agrees and disagrees with, he likes adversity and Adam is now talking about dad’s who coach kid’s football and never take their kids out of play, Adam is commenting on the brazen display of preferential treatment in front of the parents of the kid’s you’re benching.

BB brings up his memories of his dad coaching and helping out, Gina brings up Jim Carolla to contrast Adam’s memories of sports with his father, Adam has a killer spit valve Jim Carolla is a parental loser riff, very funny.


BB wonders if Sonny is at the age where he resents the coaches kid on the team, Adam is now talking about competition and aggression, he contrasts Sonny against Natalia to make a point about personality and meter/temper of an individual.

Adam is now describing how Kevin Hench is the guy who calls the secretary out at first base during the company softball game, David shares an anecdote of hiking and running into him, he says he’s even a competitive walker and a great guy.


Adam brings up Dara Torres and tells them about her trying to motion how many medals she’s won to the drunk guys in the stands, while he’s simply recognized as “Hey, Man Show!” and he talks about Dara having the competitive edge and sliding into racing like any born competitor.

Adam says he was dicing it up with Dara for a few laps until she was spun out, Gary tells Adam that Marlon Wayans is there, they have some pulling up vs. in studio confusion.

David wants to give a plug, but they go into a live read


Worx Switch driver


Adam is giving his closing thoughts on what you want for your kids, you want a balance between finding excellence in themselves and taking time to chillax and crack a beer once in a while.

David gets in his own plug as if he prepped it, nice!

They head to break


They’re back from break with a clip from the latest Take a Knee episode. TAK 0#73 – Graham Rahal and Marlon making his return to the ACS, he was last on ACS #1434 back in 2014.


Marlon congratulates Adam on looking the same since LoveLine and remarks on most white guys not holding up so well over time, white does crack a lot.

Adam jokes about his privilege, Marlon mentions the Coreys and BB jokes about Haim and his missing teeth being corpse appropriate.

Adam mentions Marlon’s pilot he shot for NBC, Adam asks him how his family came out so great, he mentions their humble beginnings, Marlon says thank god Keenan wasn’t a crackhead, they would’ve followed him either way.


Adam asks him about living in the projects, he shares how the low rent is attractive to people who are comfy, Adam says the white dude version is Santa Monica rent controlled apartments.

Adam says regardless of the cultural differences or locational distance they’ll both die renters and that’s the real story.

Marlon is riffing about his parents being a perfect combination, he says his parents just got divorced at 80 years old.


Adam is saying you hear about a lot of people in their 30’s and 40’s whose parents are now getting divorced later in life.

Marlon brings up their dead brother Dwayne, he was the eldest child and the kids learned what not to do with him, Adam apologizes for his death and Marlon says crack killed him and let’s Adam know it’s not his fault.

Adam asks about the relentless work ethic, he says crazy at first and Marlon reiterates it’s crazy.


Marlon talks about his father trying to feed ten people and looking up from his bible with concern but always finding a way to take care of them.

Marlon is telling them about his upcoming live dates, he says he has two kids he knows of and jokes about Keenan possibly being on the hook for one of his kids that he might have “leaked out” over the years and now Adam is asking about Marlon’s dad selling beads and missed the boom, he started selling condoms right before AIDS.

Marlon says his dad is broke, but his sperm is rich, Adam says his seed has produced hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe billions in box office and television revenues.


Adam asks him if they had any better or worse years growing up, Marlon talks about Keenan and Damon hustling and working their way through show business, Marlon always wanted to be an actor and he recalls reading ‘I’m Gonna Get You Sucka’ at 9 years old and how it changed him.

Marlon has a great “if you see it, you realized it’s just work” point about how anything is really achievable, Adam says he brings his family with him for his very reason.

Adam is now using his time working with Kimmel and the early ideas for The Man Show that Adam would shit on as he comes from a place that pours sand on dreams and Kimmel was rightly a dream who saw the opportunity and knew he was good enough to pull it off.


Tommy John

Wedgie Proof, good for skipping rope edition

Marlon Wayans ball flopping sound effects, they come in “black guy” edition


Gina’s News  

1st Story is on Conor McGregor being pulled from UFC 200, Gina has a clip of Dana White explaining the events and why they decided to pull him.

Marlon is giving his take on press conferences, Adam is joking about fighters having to get naked for weigh ins and how the towel always seems to get dropped.

Adam says Dana White is being outgrown by the big fighters, he says like any relationship things change, like when Carson Daly became bigger than MTV.


Adam is now breaking down the alpha male psychology of Dana and Marlon is arguing for the fighters and Adam agrees.

Gary is on mic and he has a bunch of other information, Adam says he’s guessing that Connor is not kissed in to the slice of the PPV pie that he feels entitled to, hence not wanting to promote it.

Adam says if Connor was getting 90% of the PPV he would be getting on the plane, Gary agrees and gives some real world info, Nick gets on mic and he shares his MMA knowledge.


Adam is now trying to get in Connor’s head, presuming he thinks he made the fight and gave Diaz the spotlight.

Adam says his life philosophy is you do what you want to do, like the guys in their 40’s banging young chicks and saying they envy you and your family life, Marlon and Adam are riffing as said pussy exhausted dude telling you how much better off you are.

Adam says people ultimately do what they want to do, BB thinks this is all pageantry and tells Adam to hold on and says stupid bucking weigh ins, it sounds like Wayans and Adam jokes about it with Marlon.

BB plays the “dick suckingest family ever” quote from Marlon who is surprised by it initially, then appreciative.


2nd Story is on Michael Strahan’s departure from Live with Kelly and Michael, Adam tells them about going fishing with ‘The Fridge’ and being told he done worked his way up to a 0.

Marlon loves the quote and he jokes about R. Kelly being the new cohost for Kelly, Adam has a killer riff as R. Kelley who has no questions about the bathroom, doesn’t need to hear about it, nope, no way.

Adam is now talking about human nature and brings up Kelly Ripa’s humble beginnings and now Gina is bringing up Jon Cryer as a counter example for someone who can stick things out.


Adam is now recalling the time Jon spent living in Hollywood for quite a few years without big paydays, between John Hughes movies and ‘Two and a Half Man’ and they joke about him being cool enough to tell about your plan to murder your wife.

Adam is now riffing a theory by Marlon that once a black guy has had a job for over 4 years, you can’t replace him with a white guy du jour.

Adam says the best move is a white gay co-host.

“If you’re going white, you gotta go gay” – Adam

Adam mentions Ndamukong Suh as a potential replacement co-host.

Gina wraps the news to the drop of Marlon talking about the dick suckingest.


Life Lock


“David Wild go look him up wherever” – Adam

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.