Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-20-2016 – The Heavy’s Kelvin Swaby #1804

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-20-2016 – The Heavy’s Kelvin Swaby #1804

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest The Heavy’s Kelvin Swaby

Recorded 04-19-2016 – Release Date 04-20-2016

Production Number #1804

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Adam opens the show to a “Harry Seaward write in ballot joke” and a #TopDrop from Mike Rowe, Adam welcomes BB, Gina and Ivan to the show.

Adam explains how much he likes his fans and how they let fans come and tour the shops, local guys don’t get as much consideration as people form out of town.

Adam says it’s ok to have the people who listen to the show to come visit the studio.


Adam is asking Ivan about his area of work and business in the states, he first met Adam in London and Adam asks him about Penn Jillette’s weight.

Adam jokes about Dawson being at a “55” stone when they talk about weight.

Adam is asking Ivan how he first stumbled across the show, Ivan tells them about finding in LoveLine back in 1994, he’s a director of his own company and he reveals he’s half Yugoslavian, Adam says it’s a great time to be alive and marvels at Ivan walking around London listening to the ACS.


Ivan has listened to every single podcast Adam has ever produced, Adam is now telling Gary to find Rod Millen driving his Celica up Pike’s Peak.

Adam is joking about his Paul Newman racing Cutlass and how the name Cutlass leads to people telling you about some old lady they know that used to own one.

Adam says it’s the same with the Celica, people scoff but then you see this and Gary plays the footage of Rod racing up the hill.


Adam is telling them about a very competent friend he has who is constantly going unheard, Adam says it would be nice if the world woke up to the differences in opinion, Caelan vs. this super capable guy is a completely different thing.

Adam saw Rod Millen coming up behind him during the Toyota Race, he knew to act accordingly because he saw that name, he knew he would have to make room for him or several other scenarios, when he sees Wanda Sykes name up behind him, he has wildly different thoughts.

Adam says you must go earn it, but once you do he will treat you a certain way.

Adam says how come nobody knows who they’re talking to, Gina now asks Adam about his racing strategy and if he would really move over for another racer, Adam says he wouldn’t but he knows he is coming for him and he has to make certain calculations and plan for him to try and pass/pressure him into messing up.


Adam is now describing a CarCast taping with Jimmy Vasser who complimented Adam’s “clean” race and Adam cited how he looks in the mirror while racing and then almost ran over a black dude behind the car, he was just through bragging about how he sees all and then the ultimate irony of him almost hitting a guy.

Adam says Jimmy Vasser pointed out that there was a guy right behind the car, Adam makes a point about people casually walking behind running cars with lights indicating the car is in reverse and backing up.


The Bouqs Company

Gina says they were on Shark Tank edition


Adam tells Ivan to take his fan hat off and he explains how Mike August met the vending machine owner who Mike started working on, in order to burn up Adam’s kilowatts and poisoning his staff with horrible snacks.

Adam is now talking about the current vending machine and the items that are stocked in it, Adam has personally never touched the vending machine and he explains why Vinnie advises people not even consume diet products or soda.

Adam is talking about the sticky tiles and how it was explained to him that Jo Koy’s guy spilled his Dr. Pepper and didn’t clean it up completely.


Adam says he has mopped the floor and never ate from the machine once, Matt Fondiler is probably cool in the Cool Ranch Dorito department, Adam says they could easily stock the fridge with soda, they needn’t have snacks.

Adam talks about the machine beckons him and he must resist it, BB says everything but the peanuts in the machine is essentially junk food and he shares his first thoughts after the machine was installed, he would like some healthy items stocked in the machine, Adam is with BB and thinks maybe some healthy options would benefit them.

Matt is on mic and he explains there are contracts at play, they can’t just pick what items they want to stock, you are contracted to eat bad food, someone’s got to get rid of it.


Matt is now telling Adam how many times he’s seen Adam clean the floor at the studio, he says about 7 times and admits he and Nick are perhaps not pulling their weight when it comes to floor cleaning.

Adam backs up off the mic and he asks how about the guy who pays for the machine and who provides the studio needn’t be the person who cleans up after everyone else using the machine, Adam is mocking his reality that he finds himself in.

Adam thinks Nick should be allowed a couple hours to clean up something like this, he might be on assignment or reclining on the sofa looking at YouTube videos.


Adam is now riffing about Matt and his “window of negligence” concept, Adam jokes about Matt being Chris Brown’s attorney.

Adam is now talking about a window of negligence, he comments on Nick possibly having a 48-hour window of negligence and jokes about having a long discussion with Matt’s father about this concept, a window of negligence.

Adam is now talking about spilled soda and how it gets tracked back to the sofa of negligence.


Adam calls his employees the storm troopers of negligence, Matt has a great “fair enough” and BB asks Matt for a clean “window of negligence” and Ivan givers Adam his own “if it doesn’t make you money and it doesn’t make you happy” advice, Matt says he does make Adam happy and money.

Adam argues for telling someone to fuck off as a way to make yourself happy while also possibly losing you money, it’s not all about positivity all the time.



Intelligent molecules again edition


BB is now sharing his experience from the Warriors Game, Adam explains his “spend the money, save the stories” advice for BB about his tickets that skyrocketed in price.

BB tell Adam it was a last minute $500 plane ticket on Southwest, BB was able to use his Virgin America frequent flyer miles, BB is telling them about the going price for the tickets being sold/scalped online on stub hub.

BB is complimenting Stephen Curry and his NBA three-point shooting record that he annihilated, they all talk about him and the game and Adam is now asking Ivan about the tax rates for the wealthy in The United Kingdom.


BB brings up the super tax of the 1980’s and how it caused people to flee, Adam uses Mick Jagger to make a point and Adam is bringing up garment makers and other business that are being pushed out of California.

Adam says nobody gets into business to break even or just barely get by, people want to make a profit and grow that profit, you got into business to make money, nobody got into it do “the right thing” they got into business to make money.

Adam says yes, it is indeed greed that motivates companies to move to another state, BB says it’s simply semantics, it’s shareholders they answer to, regardless they must make as much as possible.


Adam is ranting about the mindset of the local government who can’t simply listen to their own words and plan accordingly.

Adam has a “this shouldn’t be happening” front door kicked in metaphor for taxes and businesses, Adam jokes about nobody having a job because “they’re dicks” and riffs about labor organizers, funny dry labor joke.

Adam asks Los Angeles to perhaps not be greedy and allow businesses to flourish, Adam brings up textile impresarios being asked to simply survive, give up on being greedy and cut down that monthly nut.


Adam is talking about Mayor Garcetti and his use of lazy when it was really about being greedy, Ivan says all of the artists have come back to the U.K. after leaving in the 80’s and Adam is now explaining how Adam and Dr. Drew pay over 50% of their income in taxes, Gary is on mic to explain how that works out with property state and sales tax.

Ivan says he used to go watch hill climbing in incredibly expensive old cars, Adam is talking about the Goodwood festival and how he will be driving up the driveway in the old Newman turbo Z Car.

Adam just hopes it won’t be raining, he talks about a discussion he had with Steve Millen about it and brags about what Steve did in the rain.


Draft Kings

Adam hates baseball edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Chris, he says he has a habit of arguing online with 9/11 truthers, Adam is now arguing against conspiracy theories and uses the WME (WMD) that were never found to explain how this can’t be something we do, we’re not good enough to pull this off.

BB jokes about Adam mixes up WMD’s with William Morris – Endeavor.


Adam is talking about the factor you didn’t consider in every tragedy or event, there is always some factor that couldn’t be anticipated, he brings up the footage of The Toyota Grand Prix and the near miss with the track worker.

Adam is now talking about the full tanks of fuel that melted the metal after the fire retardant material, BB brings up the stuff regarding Bin Laden family members being ushered out of the United States post 9/11 and Adam brings up the redacted pages from the 9/11 Commission report.

Adam is unclear on why they can’t release the info, especially if that is about the Saudi’s being more involved than we know, Gina was working in Chelsea as a temp worker.


Gina brings up he conspiracy theory about ‘United 93’ and Adam says he would want the public knowing he did that if he was the United States government, while not the greatest move for the victims he would still want that message getting out there.

Adam doesn’t buy that conspiracy and he talks about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and he tells people to shut up, they don’t know what they’re talking about, they’re not thinking straight.

Adam says a plane can get shot own over a bean field or hit the white house choice A or B?

BB brings up the phone calls that he can’t believe are faked, Adam says they would have revealed their intervention by intervening, so it didn’t happen.


Life Lock

Getting things online instead of driving somewhere, isn’t that worth 9.99? Edition


2nd Caller Sam, calling from Cape Cod.

Adam is waxing poietic on Cape Cod and what people feel about it, Sam wants to know about Johnny Manziel and his mental health/status.

Adam brings up Ike Ibeabuchi who might have been the next Mike Tyson but had a habit of allegedly hitting his old lady, so he now missed out on millions and a legacy career.


Gary has the details on Ike who was released in 2015 and then arrested this month for a probation violation.

Adam keeps saying Ike Ibeabuchi with hilarious inflection, Gary has the details on Ike’s career and Gina says he looks like Carl Weathers and Jordan Peele combined.

Adam says he could have easily got into the mix of million dollar fights, Adam is telling Johnny not to turn into Ike Ibeabuchi.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the death of Doris Roberts, they’re looking at a picture of Ike that proves Gina correct with her observation, Gina has a clip of Doris talking about the changes in her career over time.

Adam is now talking about “second banana” and the misunderstanding, BB mocks Carson Daly and Adam says he likes him.


2nd Story is on Donald Trump saying 7/11 in place of 9/11 and Adam credits that to sleep deprivation, he says the worst part is walking back to the green room and being informed you mixed up your words, unable to correct them in the moment.

Gain comments on the lack of 7-Eleven’s in NYC.

Kelvin Swaby of ‘The Heavy’ has just shown up because Mike August told him the wrong time, Kelvin actually showed up earlier than expected and is still too late to get a full ep.

Adam says he would talk to Mike about this but he can already see how that conversation would go, hilarious follow up from BB.


WORX Switch Driver

Adam wraps up with Ivan and has Kelvin join them in the studio.

Adam apologizes to Kelvin and gives out the plugs, they talk about them performing at Coachella, he says it was the first time ‘The Heavy” played that festival.


Kelvin tells them about people filing in to watch them live on stage, Adam asks him about music festivals in Europe and he brings up Cal-Jam from the late 1970’s.

Adam says he thinks music festivals are more popular and more likely in Europe, they talk about the sudden success of Coachella and how quickly it became “Coachella” instead of just another dusty concert.

Adam talks about the quest of Madison avenue to get things targeted at what’s young, hip and female.


Adam says now there are a bunch of people who are really into themselves and how they feel and taking care of themselves in contrast to the bygone era of WWII heroes.

Adam asks Gary for Cal-Jam 1979, Gary has the 1978 lineup, he thinks his buddy Ray had the shirt (concert tee) and Dawson is way off the mic on this one, Adam mocks him for his use of “green” and he cites Bob Welch.

Kelvin is sharing some of his musical influences and Adam says his favorite rock band over Zeppelin would be ‘The Who’ but he thinks guitar lick for lick they might be the greatest rock and roll band.


Adam says he never knew Led Zeppelin were an English band as he never heard their accents as they sung, Kelvin is perplexed at how Adam expects a brit to sing and it leads to a very interesting discussion about musical influences and ‘The Beatles’ as they talk about the bands from the states who tried to embrace an English style and persona.

Adam mentions ‘Strawberry Alarm Clock’ and they play some ‘Incense and Peppermint’ for Kelvin who is unfamiliar with the song.

Dawson explains that SAC are from Los Angeles and BB gives them a quick recap on the British invasion and how it influenced pop music for a spell.


BB brings up Herman’s Hermits and Adam recalls the time Peter Noone was revealed to be a fan of his work, Adam asks Kelvin about where he’s staying and they go into a live read.


True Car


Adam closes the show and gives out the plugs with a new drop of Matt Fondiler saying ‘Window of Negligence’, solid episode!