Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-19-2016 – Mike Rowe and Jo Koy #1803

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-19-2016 – Mike Rowe and Jo Koy #1803

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mike Rowe and Jo Koy

Recorded 04-18-2016 – Release Date 04-19-2016

Production Number #1803

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Adam opens the show to a ‘Dirty Jobs’ themed intro, BB has a Caelan related #TopDrop and Adam plugs his new IPA ‘Endless Rant’ and now Caelan is on mic telling them about his father.

Adam jokes about him being caught beating off by his dad Michael Biehn, hilarious “Stand Down!” riff.


Know Your Lackeys

Caelan, Adam says he knows so little about his lackeys he doesn’t even know how to start this bit, Jo Koy is asking him some questions and BB is asking if he likes acting like his famous father.

Adam is telling Jo not to put his cultural flushing on Caelan, look in the mirror before you comment on our red faces, mocking Asian flush after alcohol consumption.

Adam asks Caelan what his surprising to him about this place, he says it’s how relaxed it is and jo says everyone around there dresses like it’s laundry day.


Adam, asks Caelan if he’s dating and if he has anyone steady in his life, Adam says the notion of the computer and Uber in this era, dating must be easy.

Caelan doesn’t want a girlfriend and says he has one good thing going on, after Gina suggests he keeps a stable of friends with benefits.

Adam jokes about pointing out where he used to flip burgers to get blown, after they bring up the notion of Caelan using his famous father to get laid.


Adam says hot chicks are at the height of their powers at 22, there is no going up from there, he mentions older women who can’t hope to get as powerful as hot chicks at 22.

Adam is bringing up hot chicks and their willful ignorance, Adam is joking about Caelan going old-school and just going home to fuck his robot, Caelan says he used play video games before starting work at the studio, he doesn’t have time now and implies they were bullied out of him.

Gina asks Caelan about his long term ambitions and Jo wonders if he just wants to be a dude, Caelan says he likes routine work and he reveals he shares a two-bedroom apartment with Gary.


Adam says there has never been a better time to be poor in this country and he comments on how life was like for him vs. what it’s like now.

Caelan has a 60-inch TV and he is not a car guy, he can get everything he wants off his phone, he goes out to eat a lot.

Adam says he could go to concerts or events if he wanted to do, Adam asks him about the last event he went to, no more Coachella, Adam is trying to make his point but Caelan is tripping him up a bit.


Adam says life is cheaper now and you can have AC and enjoy your life and work at the studio, Jo has a solid “you got a real cool friend, Gary” line, aww nice and hilarious!

Caelan says he’s not much of a sports guy and is a cord cutter, BB says he likes live sports so it’s hard to cut the cord to cable.

Gina says he seems to enjoy the simple life and Caelan says he grew up rich, in 2008 things changed and he realized he likes a simple life, Jo impersonates him, hilarious “turkey burgers” line.


Adam says he grew up scratching like a raccoon at the dumpster of life, Adam tells Mike Rowe to pull put a picture of the work he just did at his home, he would jizz in response.

Adam jokes about doing wrestling matches with his grandmother over Tupperware and he’s on a roll mocking her and her insistence on not letting him take the real stuff.

Jo says his mom used Cool Whip and Adam brings up the empty Slime cups that Ray’s mom turned into drinking cups.


Caelan just said he doesn’t normally get high when he has to work, Gary is laughing because he had the audacity to say that to his boss.

Caelan now equates is nightly weed to Adam’s beer after work, Caelan says he likes to save it for the end of the day, like a reward.

Gina has a plug for a Bluetooth speaker and Adam says when he dies he wants to come back to life as Jo Koy’s son who has one of these speakers and got the Super Bowl tickets.


Adam has BB chamber his story of the Warriors game, Adam gives out some plugs for Jo and he forces him to slip into a stereotypical Asian character.

Jo says it’s freezing and Adam says Gina ruins a little hot, so that’s why it’s cool, she says she’s good.


True Car


Adam is now sharing how everything he says comes to fruition, he ‘s bringing up the studies on homework and education.

Adam brings up the STD sniffing dogs for parties, Jo reacts to that one and Adam brings up the idea and how it would work.

Adam is trying to tell them about his conversation with the mother of Natalia’s best friend, a homework and education focused Asian woman.


Adam was talking to his wife and she was tuning out, saying this was homework and Adam’s lack of an education is why he’s biased and incorrect with his take on homework.

Adam got called into the room, the backpack was emptied and his wife was asking about the notes and instructions, Adam got called into the office and the nanny wanted Adam to help with a word.

Adam shares how he explained Pseudonym to Olga who didn’t know who Mark Twain is, now Adam had to have a side argument within the argument, he even mentions Samuel Clemons and now Gary has the article Adam is referencing.


Adam is back to the arguments about school and homework and how it can only lead to divorce, Jo is busting out the Olga impression and Adam is riffing about his son and his life being devoted to homework, Lynette is in an ever ending process of following the kids around and telling about homework.

Jo impersonates Sonny and he talks about his own son’s parent teacher meetings and how it’s not necessary for him to come to the school.


Gary is now reading the article on homework, Adam jokes about Jo having his own college, funny.

Adam explains how Lynette knew they couldn’t pitch this no homework angle, as it would seem like an agenda, as they aren’t the best homework family per se.

BB is shocked that Lynette said the kids were dumb, Adam takes it back and explains she didn’t say that exactly, but did suggest someone else present his idea.


Adam then told Lynette to hand it off to Cammy’s mom and it would be taken seriously, Adam is sharing how Lynette told Adam about Cammy’s mom adding more work to the kid’s curriculum in the mornings.

Jo is now impersonating Cammy’s mom and crushing Adam’s arguments and busting his balls, hilarious delivery and biting sarcasm.

Cammy’s mom now used a different dialect to talk to her daughter, Adam is trying to pitch her on the article that was tweeted to him, Adam is a professional comedian “obviously” and he further explains to her the idea for her to tell the teachers and principal the homework was a bad idea.


Adam is now bringing up the black lab and how he weighs the dog by holding him and subtracting his own weight from the total, after a few days of math and scratch paper the family figured out Phil’s weight.

Adam is back to the article from Duke University and Time magazine, Cammy’s mom is further shutting Adam down.

Saying Sonny licked a window and Adam asks if she’s sure there wasn’t a jelly bean stuck to it, that would explain things.


Cammy’s mom suggests Adam put his kids into the circus, to work with monkeys and travel around.

Adam says Lynette needed him to do a couple laps on the study, how it hurts elementary students, is break even for middle school and helpful for high school, proving why they needed Cammy’s mom to pitch this.

Adam wraps up the scene with Jo making a salient point, wow!


BB has a killer “I know this is the first time we’ve met” line as he impersonates Adam trying to pitch this to the principal of the kid’s school.

Adam says the projects are the laziest work and dumbest part of it, ruining his living room.


Five Four Club

Bespoke one of Sonny’s spelling words, Adam can’t spell Fyve edition


Jo asks if Adam really knew what a Pseudonym was and he explains he has wholes and gaps in his education but he does know lots of stuff.

Adam says so much of life is just dancing with the Tards, a massive waste of time in a life of so many opportunities and so little time to fit these activities in the 76 years you can hope to experience.


They head to break


They’re back from break with Mike Rowe making his 5th appearance on the show, Adam praises him and they go into a live read.

Mike was first on ACS #167 (feat. Mike Rowe), then he returned for ACS #428, ACS #1270 and ACS #1328, prior to that he did a legendary 9 segments on the KLSX Adam Carolla Show in 2008 after I called in requested him as a guest.


Blinds Galore

Adam dials it in like a film noir edition

Adam brings up his bathroom dimmer switch idea and how he recently saw Arianna Huffington talking about light and circadian rhythms while using the restroom at night, don’t wake yourself up, Adam was right all along.

Adam jokes about living in a world of “white rules” and Mike jokes about them losing their sponsors.


Adam is saying people wouldn’t let him drink water as a youth playing pop warner and Mike is making a point about a desperate need of certainty in life, they were talking about leaving the toilet seat up and the notion that’s gross or a deal breaker, it’s a dumb concept.

Adam is now talking about building and how it helps one’s brain learn and grow, like baseball and sports, Mike has a great point about avocation and sports and how people view activities vs. work.

Adam says his life is so greatly helped by the mechanics of doing things and problem solving, why are we tamping this down in our society, the same conversation they always have.


Adam is sharing how they want to make all rich people go way, Mike says he listened to their previous episodes on the flight here, he wants to get to new topics and there are only so many ways to break it down and solve it.


Mike says one form of education has been promoted at the expense of training for available jobs, that require enthusiasm and hard work and everything we’ve successfully run out of the culture.

Adam says his parents were lazy sacks of non-earners and he says he wants people to do things for them, to not farm out the experience with the labor.

Mike Rowe references Ayn Rand, he talks about ‘Dirty Jobs’ and how the people doing the worst gigs and how they are able to balance their lives and be content.


Adam says the guys he swung hammers wish were much more content in life than the white collar comedy writers and show business types.

Adam says people presume he’s upset about Jimmy Kimmel’s success, nobody on the job site sat around gossiping about something like that, jealous of the other guys kirker pipe for his jet ski or new Dooley truck.

Mike Rowe has a point about ‘American Iodol’ and the people who realized they can’t sing at 18 years for the first time in her life, confronting their delusion.


Mike talks about job satisfaction surveys and the notion of dream jobs and soul mates, Adam mocks the notion of someone needing to be fulfilled by their job.

Adam says a decade of being a carpenter makes you a carpenter, even if you want to be doing something else, Adam didn’t mail it in and eventually made his peace with the profession and still took time for his improv classes.

Adam is telling people to take pride in their work and spending time to get organized, he shares how he was able to feel happier after things were organized, Mike says that’s congruent living/thinking.


Adam is now talking about insanely satisfying getting things done is, he is showing Mike some pictures of his new deck and how he thought out the process, he instead chose a specific type of material and went over the measurements and figured it all out.

BB is mocking Adam with drops as his impressive brain shares all for the steps it took to decide upon stainless steel deck screws, he became orgasmic with his problem solving.

Mike says not only do the people under his roof not know about his mental gymnastics they don’t care; Adam says thank you!

Mike says every happy person he knows has the same exact story, blank pages with writers, growing something on a trellis etc.


Mike says caring makes you exceptional, not caring makes you common.

Mike now talks about the way people can spend too much time planning or the opposite go out and start hammering blindly.

Adam says people can turn a little bit of work into a 6-year odyssey, he talks about momentum in getting things done.


Adam says if he could give his kids a gift it would be the gift of completing a project, he shares how easy a 2nd documentary was to pull off after he finished the first one.

Mike is now asking about Adam’s “reset” button with the end of the KLSX morning show and the beginning of the Pirate Ship, Mike says Adam started a new industry and he took a “Louie” and says this is why he’s experimenting with podcasting now.

Mike says Adam, bushwhacked up the mountain, Adam is joking about craving smoked meat and he thanks Mike for the kind words, he says he’s a mutual fan and mocks himself and the idea of talking about this stuff and how it comes off like “sit around and the hem of the Aceman and listen.”


Mike is now telling the audience about Adam’s hard work and the Dirty Jobs part of Adam’s live shows and signings.

Adam says he never thinks about these things, they’re not good, not bad, behind him and out of his mind, he is getting down to work.

Mike is now talking about momentum in the wrong direction and Adam is asking why everyone is so scared of change when it’s rarely bad, why are we so reluctant to change, he lists of the bad jobs, the exes and the changes in life that we all fight.


Adam says Bryan’s brain tumor aside, then they even find the positive element of that, his brain tumor has led to many positive outcomes.



Change that Oil, Show Mike an intelligent molecule, Adam can’t as he ate them all edition

Gina has a question form the audience, Adam has Gary pull up some info and tells the gang about taking his kids for their first ride in a manual transmission car.


Adam says his kids have never seen anyone stick shift a car and Adam mentions Troy Ermish, Adam has a bit of footage of racing and tells Gary to find another clip.

Mike Rowe is telling them about driving a dragster, he tells them about a trans brake and how it works.

Mike quotes Roy Hill and Adam jokes about him offending Gina’s Jewish heritage with the southern accent.


Adam is now watching the footage of Troy that he was looking for, he says these are things his son won’t be doing and he loves gears being plowed through, feels like you’re doing something.


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s case with the dog and the Australian customs and immigration, Adam is now arguing for special rights for those who bring in the most money.

Gina has the details on the guilty plea and possible fines and outcome for Johnny and Amber who was facing 10 years in jail for the infraction.

Gina has the rest of the details and says it gets better.


Gina describes the hilarious apology video and Adam riffs about Johnny being dressed in a pirate outfit 24/7 and confusing his attorney, unaware he’s not in costume for the latest pirate’s movie.

Adam is now talking about exceptions for big earners and Gina has Gary set up the video, Adam has them restart the clip form the beginning.

Adam says all of his forced apologies are the same as this, he references the Asian action/adventure league or whatever it was that came after him for something another dude said back on the KLSX morning show in 2006.


Mike Rowe has a great point about the hostility of native species in Australia, Adam says fuck you Australia, you of all the countries, to pull this!?

Adam says they are not a pussy Nordic country, they came up with their own kind of football, they made a 3rd variant, BB riffs the “pussy kind” of soccer they’re evolving from with Adam as Australia the country personified.


Mike says the accent went from charming to not charming within a week, after all for the radio interviews, “so Mike, tells us what was your dirtiest job” and Adam is now reacting to the Jocko commercial for batteries, he riffs about Jocko being an Australian export.


Life Lock

Florida tax fraud edition


2nd Story is on the scary earthquake stuff in Japan, she has the details on the two quakes and the earthquake that also stuck Ecuador, Adam makes a point about relative building codes.

Adam say it’s got to be uncomfortable in Japan as you can’t compare the Richter scale measurement to Hiroshima, hilarious puppy fart variant and BB is now jumping into an improv scene with Adam as the awkward guy trying not to bring up Hiroshima.

Adam has a kajillion zits popping measurement alternative, hilarious!


The force of a thousand “atta-boys” and back slaps, hilarious force riff with Mike Rowe escalating things.

Adam is bringing up the super-hot chick from ‘San Andreas’ and Gary name drops her as they discuss watching it in their hotel room multiple times, Gary sells Adam out for staring at some titties.

Gina wraps the news and they have a great Mike Rowe drop to close things out.


Adam plugs Mike’s podcast and foundation, he says it’s a 5-minute podcast, perhaps the shortest format available in the medium.

“I’m going old-school, I’m just going to go home and fuck my robot” – Adam as Caelan