Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-18-2016 – Chris and Mark Bell #1802

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-18-2016 – Chris and Mark Bell #1802

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Chris and Mark Bell

Recorded 04-17-2016 – Release Date 04-18-2016

Production Number #1802

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Adam opens the show to a great “even though he was the 4th place racer, he’ll always be the 1st place racist” intro from Dawson and Lynch.

Adam has a funny one liner, BB laughs and Adam teases the arrival of Chris Bell, mentions his latest movie ‘Prescription Thugs’ and BB has a solid “Number #4” #TopDrop and Adam is explaining what happened in the race, the final Toyota Long Beach Celebrity Grand Prix.

Adam says he’s not a good qualifier, he’s not good in open space and he tells the guys about his flat spotted two front tires that he was forced to race with as they didn’t have spare tires or extra replacement equipment for the final race.


Adam is sharing how in years past they would just fix the tires, they put his flat spotted tires in the back, it’s like taking a zit off your nose and putting it on your chin, either way it’s not good for the first date.

Adam is now sharing the qualifying times from the guys in the race, he’s demonstrating the lack of space between each car, fractions of a second.

Adam reads Jimmy Vasser and Frankie Munoz’s times, he gets Al Unser in the mix and says you can’t even tap your finger in a three hundredth of a second.


Adam is bringing up Sean Patrick Flanery and his time, he’s further breaking down the insanely similar qualifying times.

Gina asks about the measurements and Adam says it’s the transponder that measures it.

BB asks how they lined up the cars, putting the fastest guys in the back.


Adam is sharing how a 200th of a second is not much of an actual advantage, BB asks if Adam waited for a crash to happen.

Adam says now the crash was him, he finished 4th overall, the 2nd celebrity finisher, he says he drove a good clean race and was in the lead for the first lap and a half or so.

Adam says they had an epic fail, he says Chris Maxipada just made it worse by revealing the dash cameras didn’t get any footage.


Adam explains how the camera flew off of the dashboard, he used a sticky mount and that failed too, the dashboard is black and the sun is not according to Adam.

Adam is now sharing how he was trying to navigate the rumble stirpes on the track, he describes how you can’t put your left tires over it, but you need your right tires over the strip to remain competitive.

Adam says as he was turning over it the dashboard and the camera flew off the holder, it landed perfectly in front of the tachometer right as he needed to see it for a crucial shift, he then turned on the windshield wipers while trying to move it out of the way, it totally took Adam out of the race.


Adam says the thought “I must kill Chris, I must Kill Chris!” was the only thing in his head while he was taking that key turn.

Adam is now playing some race footage, you can hear everyone tuning out, Adam is trying to describe the racing line next to the cement barrier, he spots right where the camera fell off the car.

Adam is doing live commentary over his racing footage, Adam tells fans to go to the website to get more of the action.


BB has a great reaction to a guy almost getting hit by a car, then a greater reaction to another guy getting hit, Gina asks about the auction winner and how he did in the results.

BB has a killer “ghost” comment ad he talks about the footage he just saw, Adam says they were under a yellow flag and he brings up the 2012 win when he saw a yellow and slowed down then too, he heard a car trying to speed up next to him, the race was back on and he almost got the win stolen from him.

Adam says it’s the equivalent of going to a locker room at half time with a nearly tie score.


Adam is talking abbot the accidents from the race, he shares how race mode lead to them almost slamming into a flatbed truck after they turned the corner, Adam slid past it and avoided a horrific injury he just described, like something out of ‘Final Destination’ and Gina and BB do another lap on the guy who could have lost his leg, BB wants people to see how close this track attendant came to perishing.


Adam brings up the model airplane he had commissioned for him, he is describing his early 30’s hobby of flying model aircraft.


Adam is now describing the guy he got to build it, he got a kit and assembled it, it takes two years to build these things properly, he brings up the hatch that he reinforced, including a heavy duty latch not OEM included the kit.

Adam is telling people to check these out on YouTube, he wants to hear the jet engine, it’s a legit fighting jet but smaller scale.

2 years and 10k later it was time for the maiden voyage, he says he wasn’t certified to fly it and it’s perhaps harder than flying an actual jet, as its 200 yards away and in the wrong direction.


Adam is sharing how the hatch popped off backwards, creating a sail which then caused the plane to fly by and crash into a ball of fire, Gary has some footage of a model airplane and some of the insane sound.

Adam says he doesn’t know how someone flies one of those, he brings up the sad dude who built it for him and immediately crashed it, Adam is back to the bad news from Chris, the camera overheated in the car and so did all of the other cameras on the car.

Chris told Adam it turns out the rear camera was working and got his hopes up, then he showed up after ‘Reasonable Doubt’ to reveal they didn’t have that footage either, it was from another date.


Adam brings up the 13k coffin for Lynette’s late father, Chris is on mic and explaining how he only has some of the footage from pre-race, everything shut off from the heat.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam talks about Black Flags, they reference the band and Gina says “Henry” and they get back to Adam describing the limited space between cars on this track during this insane final Grand Prix.

Adam says all he needed was people to come by and say he ran a very clean race, Adam says they accused him of sandbagging, he says the greatest compliment he ever got was when he was asked “who helped you with this” when he turned in his sole book report for ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ in elementary school.

Adam is bringing up how bad of a student his father was, citing the ‘I’m curious what’s your first language” follow up from when he was in community college, holy shit!


Adam is back to race day morning and how he was back and forth all day, he was very tired and hung over Saturday morning.

Adam stepped onto the scale and weighed in at 179.5, he broke his 180 lbs. barrier he’s been fighting against since beginning in show businesses.

Adam jokes about Phil having one slipper in his mouth and the other slipper in his ass.


Adam says he drank enough IPA to push himself back over 190 lbs. after the race, Adam is bringing up Chris and Mark Bell, he says it’s about having something in your hand at all times, even the innocuous stuff, bottles of water in your hand while walking etc.

Adam says he finds himself getting bottled of water to walk out to the car, he says we’re hooked on water, earbuds and music, BB brings up women and lip balm in college.

Adam wants to talk abbot the dependency on dependency, not a substance, just the need to need something at all times.


Adam shares how he drinks water while watching Real Time, he thinks humans are needing to interact and do things more than ever, he says he brings up the diet as it’s about kicking your own ass a little, denying yourself what you want.

Adam brings up Tough Mudder competitions and how we must simulate danger and the need for struggle, Adam says losing 15 lbs. was a super easy way to self-discipline, kick his ass a little each day.

Adam says Maxipada ain’t no dummy and tells him to go back into his corner, wow.


Adam is doing a Birk Sun Live Read

Chris Maxipada failed to capture the footage, no place to plug in your phone on the racetrack edition


Hooray For BaldyWood

BB saw Chris Bell’s ‘Trophy Kids’ and Adam says he saw it too, Adam says this proves that for a documentary you only need an interest in a subject and to tell a story.

BB is saying this is a very easy documentary and brings up the average, unremarkable kids who are upstaged by their insane overbearing parents.

BB brings up the contrasting fathers featured in the film, citing one of the annoying ones who got kicked out of games, Adam asks these parents to please knock it off.


Adam is now saying he always thought he might be one of these guys, turns out he has no impulse to tattle on the other team nor yell at referees in defense of his son, he doesn’t care a rat’s ass.

Adam says it’s goddam embarrassing and he described the horrific behavior among these educated adults, BB takes it back to the documentary and sets up a clip, he says this is the heart of the movie and where our society is headed.

BB provides some light commentary; the clip then plays out.


BB is providing some follow up, Adam is joking about the dad from the clip finding some “love” at a whore-house, Gina and BB lead Adam to saying what he would do, he would never go to the school to speak to anyone, no not happening.

Adam says the idea of hurting or abusing kids once you have them are insane notions, he shares how kids change you and he asks for Sonny to come in, BB wraps up his review.


Adam is doing an Oberto Beef Jerky Live Read

“A sack filled with beautiful protein” edition


Adam welcomes Sonny to the studio, he says that if he didn’t know the statistics about childhood abuse, he would presume it doesn’t’ exist on earth, Sonny has a funny “umm” pause when Adam asks if he has ever hit him, even Gina knows he does every time too.

Sonny shares how he was mad about Adam’s placement in the race not being announced, the announcer kept saying 13th place and Chris says that 10-15 minutes after the race still nobody knew what place he came in.

Adam says poor Sonny, he shares how he was concerned and he has a “meh” reaction to the notion of Adam finishing in 13th place.


Adam is having Sonny read how they misspell Adam’s name on his helmet, Adam asks if they had any idea adults would be this stupid.

Gina asks if it’s good riddance, he says no, it’s a ton of fun and he loves it!

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break with Chris Bell who was last on air with Adam on the KLSX ACS on June 12th 2008, promoting his documentary ‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster’ and is now returning to promote his latest effort, nearly 8 years since his last appearance on air with Adam.

Chris’s brother Mark is joining him in studio, Adam asks Mark about his level of involvement in the documentary.

Adam is bringing up their late 3rd brother who died from addiction, Adam comments on their most American and normal parents, they talk about their brother who died from addiction.


Adam says that Mark was the good son and Adam asks about being the one they trusted, the good kid who was hiding a secret addiction.

Chris is on mic and he shares how seeing his brothers slide into addiction affected him.

Adam comments on how they always talk about women and unrealistic ideals, Adam brings up the Ninja Turtles that are now shredded, Adam says young boys grow up with unrealistic body images too, it’s not just something that effects women.

Adam asks about the weird message these unrealistic physiques send, Chris mentions doing LoveLine a fewer months ago and they talk about the 1980’s Teenage Mutant Turtles that had friendlier “puffy muscles” and weren’t cut from granite.


Adam is asking Chris about prescription drugs and the epidemic of abuse in America, Adam asks how pharmaceutical companies got the opportunity to advertise to consumers and Chris says it all leads back to Ronald Regan and he says these companies used to be run by doctors and scientists, not it’s all about profit margins.

Adam says companies don’t have a heart, they can’t do the “right ting” they are about profits and serving themselves, Adam argues against the left and the “fences never stopped anyone/anything” arguments, saying they do stop things.

Adam is bringing up the lobbying groups and how they meet with congressmen, Chris has the details and Adam asks if we are smart or dumb, he brings up the space shuttle that weighs as much as a dozen loaded Denali SUV’s with fuel and black people…


Adam says we are that smart we can send a shuttle into space that then perfectly glides back to earth, he teases a clip from the doc, Adam is mocking the logic and the reaction in the movie.

Chris shares how he started using drugs while making the movie, he says he was dealing with a prescription pain killer addiction, he describes how Suboxone can affect people and be misused or abused.

Chris says he worked his way up to harder and harder opiates and Adam says we declared war on smokers’ years ago, he says people are dying left and right from prescription drugs and nobody is talking about it, Adam would much rather his son smoke than get involved with prescription drugs.


Adam is bringing up the hypocrisy of concern and how people hide behind fake causes and moderate dangers instead of the real issues.


Adam is setting up a teaser about drug companies not wanting the extra sales from junkies, they don’t want the money according to Dr. Drew.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Adam and Drew love MCT oil, no MSG edition


Chris is now telling Adam about the drug companies monetizing new conditions like restless leg syndrome, Chris shares the history of OxyContin and he brings up the 256 million lawsuit that was essentially the equivalent of a tax when weighed against their profits.

Adam is commenting on drugs being created for problems caused by other drugs, Adam is bringing up Dr. Drew’s “Reality on Reality’s terms” and “No Free Lunches in Nature” and they read the actual definition of pharmaceutical.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Bernie Sanders supporters who showered cash on Hillary Clinton as she was approaching George Clooney’s estate for a fund raiser, Gina reads George’s quotes and Adam says it’s akin to a boat’s life, our political system that is.

Adam says it’s barnacle scrubbing time and he comments on Germany possibly being able to dial back the extermination of other races and faiths.

Adam says you talk to any couple, not him but any good relationship and you will find out that every few months that couple takes time out for maintenance on their relationship.

BB jokes about people who hate you throwing money at you.


2nd Story is on Axl Rose filling in for Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Gina has the details and Adam riffs about rock stars needing thrones after they break their feet.

Adam asks if Brian’s no comment is because he’s pissed or is it something else, Adam asks about the money and if he gets a cut.

Adam is asking about Brian’s car collection, Gary asks if he means Brian or Axl and Adam says it will always be the guy they were talking about last.


Adam is sharing how many people got rich off a single car purchase in the 1980’s.


3rd Story is on the upcoming ‘Old-Chella’ concert featuring Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones.

Adam asks what Bob Dylan will be doing since everyone else is still conscious and able to perform on stage, Adam says he’s horrible and Gary has the details on Brian’s Ferraris’.

Adam brings up the noise restrictions on vintage races, Adam is describing Brian’s car and the open noise profile it sports that will intimidate the shit out of you.
Chris asks if the car having an open engine and lacking mufflers helps with speed or performance, Adam says you they don’t have speedometer’s in the race car, it weighs something and doesn’t make you go faster.

Gina is talking about the rear view mirrors basically being where the headlights are on the car Gary just flashed on the screen.

Adam is now asking for a Ferrari 512 Periscope image to show everyone, Adam is saying the driver cannot see behind them and literally use a periscope to monitor traffic behind them.


Adam is now doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Dawson is still a renter edition


Gary has more photos of the car.


4th Story is on a Starbucks customer who complained about a message regarding diabetes was inscribed on his cup, Adam can’t figure out what someone could do to him to offend him to the level he made national news.

Adam is mocking the “I have family members who…” Adam says who gives a shit about you and your shitty family, so what!

Adam is talking about people needing to circle back and settle people’s hash, Adam says he doesn’t have time for other people, he’s unable to waste time with the 96% of people in life he hands things to, that’s the majority of their relationship, why settle their hash.


Adam says most of the junk of your life is waste of your time, money and attention.

Adam says you should drink from the cup and roll phone calls while commuting to your other job in your car, not stand around asking where the manager is.

Chris thinks it’s about being obsessed with minor details and comes from people and their obsessions with smart phones.

Adam hopes that the guy pictures this event on his deathbed.


BB has a new drop of Adam proclaiming himself a “narcissistic douchebag” and they wrap the news.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read



Adam warns the gang about the shots that will be sent from the audience in Vancouver, Adam gives out the plugs and closes out the show sharing his love for Chris’s documentary style and films.