Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-14-2016 – Andrew Dice Clay #1801

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-14-2016 – Andrew Dice Clay #1801

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Guest Andrew Dice Clay

Recorded 04-13-2016 – Release Date 04-14-2016

Production Number #1801

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Adam opens the show welcoming Dice back for his 3rd appearance, he was first on ACS #645 back in 2011 and then came on the show again for ACS #1089 Live From Amalfi in 2013.

The intro references Adam attending the premier for the movie ‘Pretty in Pink’ for which I actually recovered the MTV special covering the event, Adam is sadly not on camera though.

Dice talks about his work in that movie and he’s very generous right off the bat, Adam tells him about the growing up near the Ringwald family and being in love with Beth Ringwald, Molly’s older sister.


Adam talks about the Ringwald house and how it was a sanctuary of food, culture and normal life for him in comparison to his home life.

Dice reveals how the cigarette move he’s famous for, the back of the head one is from that movie and because John Hughes wanted him to do something fancy with the cigarette.

Adam is talking about the Ringwald home and they both praise Molly’s abilities and looks, Dice wants to know why she’s not more active in film and TV.


Adam is commenting on how people presumed Adam’s career was in the toilet while Jimmy and Dr. Drew were finding great success, he never felt badly until people presumed he felt badly about it, Dice weighs in with his own take about his resilience.

Dice says he never sat around feeling badly for himself that he was no longer touring the same way he was doing it in the past, for the same venues and large crowds.

Dice comments on his acting abilities and how the Dice thing took off, bleeding into his own personality and becoming undiscernible.


Dice is talking about his “real acting” and gets in another mention of his new series.

Adam is sharing the story of the time he was parked into a lot next to a cop car, it was a driving rain storm and Adam was tanked.

Adam was standing the pouring rain, shitfaced and gained the courage to get into the car, Adam thought the cop was going to roll the sirens once he started his car.

Adam talks about feeling his way home in the rain storm, he thinks he recalls vomiting in the bathtub when he got home.


Adam gives out some plugs for Dice’s live dates, Adam is telling people to go to his website to get all of the dates.

Adam asks him about starting comedy back in 1979, Adam is bringing up the guys who run open mics and how they’re always frustrated comedians.

Adam always hated it when those guys would lay their philosophy on the open mic comics, telling them nobody wanted to hear stories, just to go for jokes which was bad advice from a failed comic.


Dice says he never listened to anyone’s advice and shares how he was first booked and how that led to the same guy producing his first special.

Dice says he came up with the ‘Nutty Professor’ theme before the Dice character was born.

Dice is now sharing some old stories, he tells Adam about being 29 years old and trying to convince Michael Mann not to pull the plug on ‘Crime Story’, which led to him taking a full page ad out in Variety after he became successful.

Adam and Dice are marveling at Mann’s directing career and Adam has Dice tease an answer.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Dice is telling Adam about his father who worked in construction, he had no patience for Andrew’s lack of tool knowledge or interest.

Dice says he wasn’t good at sports and connects that to his success in comedy and with acting, his parents instilled confidence in him.

Adam says he thinks Dice is smarter than other people knows he is, Adam makes a point with it pigeonholing him as something he’s not, Adam connects that to his character of Mr. Birchum.


Adam is telling the guys to pull up ‘Crank Yankers’ instead of an old Mr. Birchum tape from the collection I restored from 1994-1996.


Adam is now doing his Mr. Birchum character, Adam is demonstrating how his character developed.

Adam reference the late great “Brad Higgenstaller” character, the one talented kid he appreciated in his classroom.

Gary is now playing a classic ‘Crank Yankers’ bit.

Dice loves it and has some thoughts on the character being akin to an attorney, Adam is sharing how Kevin Weatherly wanted Adam to host Classic LoveLine as Mr. Birchum.


Adam quotes Kevin saying “We Know Mr. Birchum is funny, but we don’t know if you’re funny” line where Adam was being punished for being the guy who created the character.

Dice talks about the new set of rules in Los Angeles, it changed from how he lived back east and how he treated women, how he was expected to treat women etc.

“she’s doing things farm animals don’t do” – Dice


Adam talks about an extreme opinion in comedy, he has to make the crowd laugh, he can’t worry about the feelings of the individual.

Dice gives his take on fat women and jokes about their weight, he says the fat girls like the jokes and Adam is commenting on the PC culture, he brings up music that is always guys trying to look tough on their album covers, why the intimidation factor when it comes to singing?

Adam says the sister to that is bringing up PC politics when it comes to a comedy routine or comedian.


Dice and Adam are both riffing on this topic and Dice is explaining the appeal of his new series ‘Dice’ and Adam asks him about his best beating stories, taking a beating and ending up in the hospital.


Adam is doing a Texture Live Read


Dice is now sharing a classic story of street violence, he is telling Adam about facing a group of guys and getting beaten with a blackjack and his face split with a boot.

Dice is sharing how he got his ballsy attitude from his mother, she demanded the best surgeon they could find to save him from going through life with a facial scar.

Adam is telling the story of the make-out party that went wrong, the infamous Terry Mosier Street Fight Story, where a guy attacked Adam’s recently operated on knee with a baseball bat.


Adam is going over the details, he shares how he got stuck with the crazy cunt and didn’t want to make out with her, which led to her claiming he hit her, Dice asks “why?” in the most curious and concerned tone.

Adam is now quoting Terry and his Boyz, demanding to start a fight calling him a pussy, Dice said he had the same surgery and told the big husky Mexican guy in the group he would fight him which led to him threatening to break Adam’s other knee.

Adam is saying he beat the guy’s ass, when he was done he stood in the middle of the street and began with the verbal taunts, Adam is now quoting himself from 30 years ago, Adam is describing Terry’s full baseball swing on his knee.


Adam says he ended up finding the bat guy again, he shares how Ray tracked him down at a party and got him in a headlock, Adam let him go and they got ahold of him again during the KLSX ACS run, he was an airline pilot and made for a great show segment or 2.

Adam leaves out the part where the Mexican guy later moved into his apartment complex.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam apologizes to the callers and wants to go out on a happier note, Adam brings up his commitment to fighting anyone and tells Dice about the “Where’s Cheryl?” story and how he dared two guys to come fight.

Dice talks about learning life lessons, he tells people not to fuck with other people while in a car, he says it’s just not worth it, Adam asks if he could let it go when he was 21.

Dice brings up Joe Rogan and his intimidating skillset, Dice says he decided to never hit another comedian, he is describing his work and act at the time in the mid 1980’s.


Dice share how he was accused of being a joke thief and was tattled on by another comic who called Mitzi Shore saying Dice tried to beat him up.


Adam is doing a Harry’s Razors Live Read


Dice is sharing the last story of a fight he got into, a fan tried to pick him up during a photo-op while he was selling merchandise after the show.

Dice said he grabbed the guy by the throat, he tells Adam about his wife who is also his opening act.

Dice said he couldn’t sell merchandise after this event for 3 months, he tells Adam about a drunken Australian guy after the dude who picked him up, it was then a muscle guy in Jersey who fingered Dice’s ass-crack and sniffed it.


Dice has a great use of “Provoke” and Adam laughs with/at him and they get to Adam’s “if It Doesn’t make you happy and if it doesn’t make you happy, then don’t do it” rule of thumb.

Dice is joking with Adam about Jeff Ross who they both love, they wrap up the show and close things out, solid ep!