Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-13-2016 – JD Roth

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04-13-2016 – JD Roth

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest JD Roth

Recorded 04-12-2016 – Release Date 04-13-2016

Production Number #1799

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Adam opens the show to a funny “angrier about food than someone with food poisoning” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam welcomes Gina, BB to the show while talking about JD Roth guesting on the ACS today.

Adam is talking about weight loss and getting to how he told his wife about the kids in the flag football league and an observation he made about the fathers on each side of the team and the weight as well.

Adam is saying that the older dads were all physically fit, they have self-discipline, the younger fathers were all sloppy fat, it’s all about dominion over your own desire and self, it’s a larger metaphor for how you live your life.


Gina compliments some fans who brought some Porto’s Pastries and Adam reveals he’s at his all-time lightest weight in adulthood, he got to 183 ½ this morning and he’s resisting the huge box of fancy pastries.

Adam is telling someone to pull the pastry out and put it in front of him to torture him, Adam is teasing the ‘Will Andrew Eat It’ game and he brings up the other Brian who hates pie.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Adam and the Mike’s have got it edition


Adam has a video clip of some kids doing the ‘Black Eyed Peas” chant at their peewee game, Adam talks about Natalia bringing her tablet filled with her young “cool people” music, Sonny prefers stuff Adam likes.

Adam heard Natalia playing a ‘Panic at the Disco’ song that is really a recycled song from the band ‘Chicago’ and Adam shares his distaste for sampling and using old songs to create new ones.

Adam says it’s a [popular Chicago song, he only cares that she’s credited Panic for the really cool horn riff they didn’t come up with.


Adam says his daughter like Paul Simon, they bring Andrew in and Adam prepares for him not to like the Chicago song, your taste is your taste.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


They are playing some Chicago for the gang, Andrew is entering the studio and Adam is providing some light commentary over “Questions 67 and 68” which is the song sampled in “Hallelujah” by ‘Panic at the Disco’ and Adam is now asking Andrew about his palate and limited eating choices.

Adam is mocking him and his life and brings up his wife, Adam is asking if he’s American and he works Brian into the mix, asking if he’s tried a lot of pies to know he hates them.

Adam is now praising Danishes and coffee in the morning, BB has some more ‘Chicago’ to cool Adam off.


Adam says this would be like if Jeffery Dahmer and The Unabomber were coincidentally neighbors, for these two guys to show up and work in his studio and on his films.

Andrew and Brian are both giving their takes on cake, Adam says that they like the opposite of the best part of everything, the worst of everything, they eat the barbs and poison in the center of an artichoke but not the delicious part normal people enjoy.


Will Andrew Eat It

1st Food Orange, Adam is now weighing in, bringing up Tangerines and Gary throws Mike Lynch under the bus saying he wrote these, don’t get mad at Gary.

Adam is predicting both guy’s answers, BB chimes in and Gina gives her take on both guys as well.

They both would eat it.


2nd Food Smoked Almonds, Adam is talking about almonds being a bridge too far, the smoke might be overpowering and ruin it.

The guys give their answers, Andrew says Yes, Brian says No.

Everyone is debating it, Adam is trying to straighten things out, it’s not about if someone can eat something, it’s if he would like to eat them, Adam brings up the previous incarnation of the game with Angie on the KLSX Morning show.

BB disagrees and makes that weird noise he does when trying to think audibly, Adam is mocking Brian and his reply and gets him to spell it out.


3rd Food Quesadilla with Chicken, Adam jokes about them punching people out when they encounter 7 Layer Dip.

No form both guys, Adam predicted there was a melted cheese hang-up.


4th Food Vanilla Ice Cream, Adam says that Lynch should have known that Andrew will eat this, it was established the last time they played this game, he worked at an Ice Cream shop.


5th Food Grilled Cheese Sandwich, everyone makes their guesses.

Adam reacts to their insane answers, the never had it part is the most minding numbing.

Gary is crunching the numbers.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Gary has the results and Adam jokes about creaming the competition.

Adam says Nate is pissed and sends them packing back to the other studio to get back to work.

BB has some more ‘Chicago’ to cleanse the collective palate.


Adam is doing some live commentary over the song and the gang chime in as well, Dawson says that when you start playing these things a lot of other people don’t know the original song being sampled.

Adam wouldn’t want to steal 25 of Babe Ruth’s homeruns and attribute them to Ted Williams.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Roscoe, he carries a gun everywhere he goes, a coworker found out and got super defensive and weird about him carrying a firearm.

He wants to know how people think of those among us who carry a firearm, Adman says guns and abortion is where all of the crazy energy comes in.

Adam talks about Lynette having an NRA credit card, he says her father is the most liberal guy, he liked guns as a separate entity, Adam says Lynette’s coworker saw the NRA credit card and tried to get her fired or did get her fired at ABC, she was out of the social loop regardless he says.


Adam says you can’t just like guns, you must also be a bad person, Adam is saying he’s not an NRA guy and he says what they’ve done correctly is refusing to budge, because the left never stops.

Adam once again uses smoking and smokers to make his point, the caller presses Adam for his opinion on gun owners and he has a funny reply while being honest about wanting people to be trained and carry permits etc.

Adam is using vintage car racing to make a point about danger and how you must have a license to race those cars and if you have not run a certain number of sanctioned events in a year you can’t make it into the Rolex cup, they don’t want people with road rust who haven’t been participating and racing.


Adam jokes about using crayon to write in a heavyweight status on his license, BB has a killer “thumbs up” reply while in character as a police officer, flawless character work without pause or needless extra back and forth.

BB gives his take on gun owners and Adam says not only are people now global, we’re mobile.

Adam says everyone is shopping online and shipping stuff across the country, he wants a universal rule for carrying a gun much like alcohol or the draft etc.


2nd Caller Scott, he’s sticking to the “No Sugar, No Grain” principals as lined out by Vinnie Tortorich, he wants to know about being invited to a fancy dinner, does he ask for accommodations or does he just eat the full meal.

Adam gives him some practical advice and shares his own example of discarding of a bun from a Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) burger they were serving for lunch at the race track.

BB has another killer one liner, this time as Bill Ficthner judging Adam.


Adam shares the awkward “should I put the plate back” encounter he had with the catering staff, he showed up 5 minutes early, someone was fending off the rest of the celebrities until 11:30 A.M. while Adam was sitting alone eating as he snuck in.

Adam says Sinatra would have this staff shot, Gina has a funny “I have a Name!” reply and Adam recalls that parking lot attendant encounter.

Adam is lamenting that this where we’re at as a society, Adam is being cooled off with some more ‘Chicago’ and they head to more calls.


3rd Caller Matt, he’s got a baby girl and needs some advice, he brings up the Zika virus concerns, Adam is still preoccupied with the parking attendant that Gina referenced.

BB is sharing his practical fears about the virus that is not yet present in this country, Adam is now being realistic about worldwide statics for illness and disease.


4th Caller Dave asks if Transvestites still exist in this modern era of transferred people.

Adam is now saying it’s a slippery slope when you want to “identify” as something you are not, i.e. have the surgery to become the gender you feel you are before using that restroom.

Adam worries about it as he sees how frail and weak humanity is, he brings up service animals that gave way to emotional support dogs.

Adam is sharing how dignity is a thing of the past and he doesn’t trust anyone to do the right thing or what involves morality in any way.

BB plays some ‘Chicago’ and Adam recommends the ‘Shakey’s’ in Santa Monica over the closer location.


Gina brings up the concerns about showering with people of different genders, Adam argues against that strawman and says he sees no difference in that and is opening to showering with anyone, even Jews in WWII, holy shit is his wording is off the charts hilarious and even BB has to feign objection.

Adman is saying he gives someone being aroused by him and his body as much clout as the Huffington Post calling him a racist, it means nothing to him.

A gay guy he’s showering with craving Adam’s sausage in his bun, he doesn’t care about conversations people have about what a douchebag he is, he’s going home to his kids.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Your car warming up without having to stretch out edition


They head to break.


They’re back from break with JD Roth making his ACS debut, they have a funny ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ intro with a story of a man who indecently exposed himself while before hopping on a replica of ‘The Mystery Machine’ and Adam gets right into plugging things for JD.

Adam is talking about ‘Catch a Contactor’ and how popular the show was with all age groups, Adam is talking to JD about taking advice and processing it.

Adam thinks we’re turning into a society of people rebelling against lecturing and learning.


Adam asks JD about his book and he tells him about ‘The Biggest Loser’ and the goal to get people to lose more weight each week.

JD shares how they figured out the emotional component of the show and he shares the reality of an obese man crying in front of him and how that affected him early on into the first season of ‘Biggest Loser’, Adam has a killer “weight of tears” riff.

Adam talks about singled out and asked what gives him the right to dispense information and advice in comparisons to Dr. Drew who has multiple degrees, he asks JD if people give him crap for being involved in these shows and concepts without having a medical degree or professional training experience prior.


JD is now going about the stories he didn’t use for carious shows and chose to talk about them in the book, Adman is making a point about self-mastery and he gives his take on the contempt people feel for the morbidly obese.

Adam says we don’t intellectualize it and he goes over the reality of obesity and what it entails, Adam has a funny callback to Andrew and Brian and JD confesses to having never tried a grilled cheese sandwich.

Adam shares his distaste for Campbell’s Tomato Soup, Adam is confirming his theory about it being connected to momma/mommy and sick days’ home from school.


Adam talks about his issues and how he would tear apart other people’s pantries, JD brings up Tastykake and Adam remembers his dad buying them from the Alpha Beta for spell, it was the best thing he ever did.

JD tells Adam about the time he and his father saw the backdoors opens on a Tasty Cake truck, Adam jokes about The Lufthansa Heist as depicted in ‘Goodfellas’ and JD talks about inspiring others when it comes to food choices for the project.

Adam brings up his fly nets he tried to get used for 3 years on the Catch a Contractor filming locations.


Adam is doing a Truce Car Live Read

Adam talks about JD’s Ferrari and references a conversation with Jay Leno edition

Jay told Adam about the Porsche and Ferrari horse logo similarities


JD says he was a neighborhood problem solver and it’s just his personality, he does come from a family of overweight people, he would run around and limit his diet, he wasn’t like his family.

JD talks about changing your outlook and Adam talks about embracing your limited genetic hand, all of the blessed guys he knew growing up just ate donuts, they never got the self-mastery part of life and they now have donuts coursing through their veins along with their big biceps.

Adam says the people who never had to earn it always squandered it, they lost that GRIT and self-mastery that he was forced to learn.


JD is now sharing the rule for running a marathon on ‘Biggest Loser’ and Adam jokes about JD annoying the people on the show, throwing his Tastykake in front of him and running after, calling back his description of running around between bites of his snacks from a few minutes ago.

Adam is now remarking on how sad it is that his dad was so thrilled with being able to get Tastykake and recapture some slim margin of happiness from his childhood before everything went the way it did…

Adam says he remembers the look on his dad’s face that day, it was on Coldwater and Burbank, he says there is nothing more depressing than a broken down super market, it’s worse than flea markets and JD says you should only shop around the perimeter of store, avoid the aisles.


JD says that preserves and modern food conveyances are part of the virus that has led to obesity epidemics, Gary told Adam that they tore down the old grocery store, the Alpha Beta, BB mocks Adam for stepping on JD’s super inspiring point that was coming to a head right along with Adam repeating the news.

JD says he advises people to clean their bedroom, Adam says it’s about a person losing control and being a mess, JD tells people to organize their lives, the bedroom is just a microcosm for their mind.

JD is arguing against fat person logic and Adam says his dad used to say that a messy room was indicative of a messy mind, he wouldn’t make Adam clean it but he commented on it.


Adam talks about leaving things piled up, he brings up a roommate who had furniture piled up for moths and tried to help the guy but ended up in a fight, it ends up a personal attack because people build up defenses about this meaningless stuff.

JD talks about stripping off emotional layers to get people to change, Adam says people should embrace advice and help.


JD has a driving related misunderstanding, Adam is now using coaches and how they yell to help and teach to make the same point JD was getting at.

JD brings up his kids watching people on YouTube do things instead of doing the activity themselves.

Adam is bringing up the time he tried to get his wife to paint her own room, his wife’s friend Jodi was arguing at Adam tells him that Lynette didn’t need to do it, he was trying to get her to learn a lesson and experience a process, to get what you get from doing it.


JD says money is great but experiences are better.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam plugs JD’s book and he tells them about a 450 lbs. young man who was in casting for the show, he brings up the guy wasn’t wearing shoes and he told them about how hard it was for him to put shoes on.

JD is going over the story of the kid who has done nothing but eat for 18 years, JD tells them about a kid who ran down and back up 20 flights of stairs and proved he could do something he never thought he could do.

Adam is making the same point about human potential and he says that what makes him upset when people limit others based on their age, race or circumstances in life.


JD is making a point about the power of the human mind, Adam has a killer Chuck Norris joke while observing JD’s resemblance to the man.

Adam gives some live date ticket sales updates. “Gay guy I’m showering with, craving my sausage in his bun, is invisible to me” – Adam

BB closes the show with that wicked quote from Carolla!