Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/11/2016 – Adam, Bryan, and Gina

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/11/2016 – Adam, Bryan, and Gina

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Bryan, and Gina

Recorded 04-10-2016 – Release Date 04-11-2016

Production Number #1797

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Adam has a stumbled intro and BB has a nice “Hey Old Friend!” drop from Vinnie as the #TopDrop and he comments on a financial guy telling him what a big risk the podcast undertaking was in 2009.

Adam has a funny Snow Seal analogy and Gina gets him to add a funny “form themselves into a muff and let you use it” joke.

Adam is talking about the risk of doing a daily radio show on the internet circa 2009.


Adam is saying you shouldn’t approach it as the insurmountable “no” that is was, just go step by step and BB asks about the early days of the show and Adam mentions the 5k he spent to build out the studio.

Adam is bringing up the ‘Bengals’ and his daughter’s flag football team.

Adam apologizes to the fans for overlooking the ‘Bengals’ recent playoff success but does have a “yeah but still” they’ve never won the Super Bowl comment and calls The Mexican Blindside the “Burrito Side” and tells them about approaching his daughter’s coach the rather large gents with the 2 XL ankle monitor.


Adam says the coach was wearing a Raider’s Jersey while coaching the ‘Bengals’ the coach said he hates the name and didn’t choose it, the coach who started the season and then flaked out had already ordered the Jerseys and now this guy had to see the season through with a team he hates.

Adam says his kids are playing in a diverse community of flag football kids, lots of Raiders fans and he talks about his dog and his massive weight gain, he comments on how strong his daughter is.

BB asks if Adam will encourage his daughter’s athletic prowess and he says girls aren’t like they used to be, they do everything now and he has a Tommy Lee analogy, he says people act like you can talk him out of the drums and get him on the dean’s list, they tried it on a reality series, he’s right it can’t be done.


Adam says his daughter’s balance is innate and he knew it, he talks about his unicycle riding and why turning is harder for him in one direction and how he forces himself to practice figure 8’s until he can get a certain amount done, a mind bet of sorts ala Ray Romano.

Adam is now bringing up Warren Wilson a local news anchor and his son who may have been named Stanley who played on their team, he’s trying to figure it out.

Adam talks about his team going up against the San Fernando Golden Bears. The black guys would show up in slippers and they would get in a tight formation and run past the opposing team.


Adam is now quoting the “Black Eyed Peas” chant they would use to intimate their opponents, Adam is now explaining how lily white his team was aside from Stanley and The Boyd Brothers.

Adam brings up his coach Duke Gallagher the redhead, BB is confirming Adam’s “you know how you’re dealing with” feeling and how it makes you know you’re in for a long day.

Adam says they beat the team in the playoffs after losing to them the first they played in the regular season. Adam gives the full chant and there are a lot of clean moments to capture clips, solid.


Adam has a killer “snuggle fabric softener” joke about the white kid’s version of the chant.

Adam mentions Johnny Whitaker from ‘Family Affair’ and Gina asks about his kids being on an ethnically diverse team.

Adam says that all of his kid’s heroes are black guys, kids of today have no racial bias nor preference, Adam says his son is in a funk about Megatron (Calvin Johnson) retiring and he comments on the humbling experience of aging past everyone in the league and even the coaches.


Adam is joking with BB about old timey athletes who missed their time with social media, they riff about the coaches and players of bygone eras could have done with shitty tweets.


Adam is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Gary has a Windbreaker anecdote and Adam mentions his grandmother edition


Adam and BB are now looking at Woody Hayes final game and punch that ended his career.

Adam is talking about going to his son’s sporting events only to never see him score nor get any good playing in.

Adam would feel badly about not getting to assist and perform, he says his son is not the least bit bothered by it and he asked his wife about it who cited how Adam had no life outside of the game.

Adam asked the father of a kid who plays with Sonny and would also like his son to be more bummed out by losing.


BB wants to know if Adam’s opinion is colored by time, some rose colored glasses effect or perhaps colored by the advanced levels of the sport he ascended to, projecting his high school feelings on his childhood self.

Adam has a childhood photo from ‘Not Taco Bell Material’ showing him more bummed out than anyone has ever been bummed out, just devastated in the rain with 31 seconds left on the clock and down by two touchdowns.

BB asks who captured this on film and he mentions the guy who used to do this and hopes god blesses him for it. Adam says the only evidence that he ever played are these few photos.


Adam declares that kids today are not bummed out and he is happy they have so many flat screens and devices for entertainment but he would like them to just once punch themselves in the face and look in the mirror while screaming that no one will ever love them.

Adam says all of the great people throughout time did a lot of “self-knocking” and comments on feelings vs. fact and the notion of invalid feelings.

Adam is telling them about his epoxy floor and describes it as a poor man’s terrazzo floor, he has the henna tattoo version of that and Gina is calling it “fancy train station” flooring.


Adam is asking for anyone listening who does epoxy flooring to hit him up, he would rather give his money to a fan, he don’t want no freebies.

Adam is describing the dirt pile outside of his house and tells them that Philly Cheesesteak is 80 lbs. and has already shit up the pool pit.

Adam tells them about Phil getting covered in mud and then demanding to be let in the house with his big black paws, as if he’s screaming “Attica” and BB jumps in to riff with him.

Dawson has some practical advice.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Worx Switch driver


Candidate Platitude

1st Caller Robert, he wants the Candidate’s take on immigration and BB cuts him short as he tries to give too much prefacing.

Adam is now quizzing him about his life, Adam is giving up his son and tells Robert he is also Robert and he goes by Bobby while talking with Robert’s son Bobby, holy shit this is bizarre.

Adam has a killer “seeds baked into sombrero” bird attack based immigration reform suggesting and tells them about his wand/magic baton.


Candidate Platitude, aka Adam, aka Robert/Bobby is telling Robert about a future where his son Bobby/Bobbi can undergo a state funded sex change, Adam is rolling his sleeves up and is back to his magic baton and jokes about confusing his magic 8 ball and crystal ball while going for answers in the dark.


2nd Caller David, Candidate has a son named David or Dave, whatever the caller goes by.

Adam says he drives a ChChevFord a combination of Chrysler, Chevy and Ford and he responds to David’s question about the transgender community/populace and the bathroom law controversies.

Adam is now riffing about being transgendered as the ultimate form of role playing and echoes the caller’s sentiment about the bathroom laws.


The Candidate is talking to David about his son Royal, he looks forward to the day they can the pass the bread at the table with his wife Patriotica.

BB is now asking the Candidate some tough questions and Adam is saying how easy it would be to accuse his competition of their various hilarious sins, Adam has an American made iPhone and pronounces Hugo Boss hilariously.


3rd Caller Todd, he wants the Candidate’s take on the Black Lives Matter movement and he says he believes in it and 1 black person losing their life is 2 too many.

Adam is now quoting Wesley Snipes from ‘Passenger 57’ with “Always Bet on Black” and Adam is now riffing about dam buster bombs and he explains how they bounce and skip across the surface of the water like he would metaphorical drop on the school to prison pipeline.

Adam is mocking the other candidates and their “cradle to college” plans and Adam is now sharing his “Zygote to Xanadu” plan for the next generation.

They wrap up the bit and Adam asks the guys about the dam buster bombs and gets their reactions to how cool they are.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Dennis Hastert court case and his upcoming sentencing, Adam says he doesn’t like to defend pedophiles but…

Hilarious reaction from BB and Adam explains himself, he makes a point about paying hush money only to end up being sued.

Adam says he would rather his son end up in a wheelchair than be a pedophile and BB is sharing how heavy he would think this would be to live with, Adam shares his theory about pedophiles being more into sexuality than heterosexual people or anyone else, he is now asking about the cash and if the survivor will still receive the rest of his promised payments.


Adam is now riffing about Dennis’s wife reacting to him peeling off their nest egg to pay off the now adult men he allegedly victimized as children.

Adam is now asking a hypothetical about people who are attracted to children and don’t act on it, he now asks the gang to write down their guesses for the amount of people among us who don’t act out on their proclivities.


Adam is doing a Round Up Live Read

A little extra hammock time edition


Adam is now clarifying his question and says he feels like it’s 30%, they’re all weighing in and Adam tells Gary to remind him to google this topic when he gets home.


2nd Story is on the police chase that ended with some selfies and a near miss with a TMZ bus, They’re watching some of the footage and Adam jokes about the cops not being around and how they only showed up when they heard that someone was laying down some donuts.

Gary informed Gina about why they didn’t attempt a pit maneuver and Adam is once again reminding people that you can’t just have these police car chases like this; it will result in the death of some innocent people that could have been avoided had they been stopped sooner.

Adam has been echoing this same point for 20 yrs. Adam describes Al Sharpton coming to town to help the criminals gets lawyered up to sue the city, the cops going on administrative leave for intervening and how nothing good can come from interfering with joyriders or fleeing suspects.


Adam is talking about the statistical death increases due to cops not intervening in gang infested neighborhoods, Adam tells Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to stay the course.


3rd Story is on Bill Clinton responding to protestors who heckled him about his crime reform bill, they play a clip of him shouting back at the protestor.

Adam is for it and he talks about how Bill has nothing to lose and is saying what everyone should be saying.

Gina remarks on how Bill was once viewed as “the first black president” and how quickly that all seems to have shifted.


4th Story is on a fast food prank that has gone viral and resulted in employees throwing chairs through the windows.

Adam says that everyone working at a fast food place is either 15 or thinks like a 15 yr. old hence why they’re answering the phones over there.

Adam is now commenting on the Burger King mascot and how he’s somewhat frightening, BB remarks on ugly mascots and the notion of using bull terriers in promotional campaigns.


Adam is now riffing about ‘Spuds MacKenzie’ as a promotional campaign, just how bizarre it was, Gina has a nice impression of one of the chicks from the old commercials and Adam asks what were they implying, did the chicks want to suck off the dog?

Hilarious phrasing and delivery.

Adam brings up Aldo Cella wine and they head into a live read.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Extended read with BB giving an assist edition


5th Story is on Bruce Springsteen’s cancelled show in Greensboro North Carolina due to their new LGBT laws.

Gina has a clip of Steven Van Zandt commenting on the decision, Adam wants to know what the law is specifically and Adam vows to not play Sun City this year.

Adam is mocking the notion of this being controversial to go to the bathroom of your gender, he’s making a point about hypocrisy and letting the market dictate if it’s ok or not, Adam says he’s for all female only gyms.


Adam is now ranting about the douchebag who sues Curves as he cannot join, Adam says that being legal then should allow for any sort of business to exclude customers and then the free market can determine whether they get business.

Adam is now sharing his feelings about the new law and he tells anyone that feels he’s homophobic can suck his dick but you better act fast as he might remove it.

Adam is all for common sense and likes unisex single occupancy bathrooms, he jokes about what his buddy Ray would have done with access to the girl’s locker room.


6th Story is on Vince Neil and Nic Cage’s drunken Vegas brawl, Adam thinks he was giving him the ultimate “dude maintain” and Adam says he knows that Vince must be drunk, Cage is nuts and that’s like drinking a 12 pack every day.

Gina asks if he is Busey nuts, Adam thinks he could be sober and Gary steps in with some more information.

Adam wants to know what’s more douchey, referring to ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ as simple “Curb” or saying “Get The Range (Rover)” and they go back to the story.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


7th Story is on Andrew Dice Clay’s recent claims he helped iron out the beef between the guys of ‘Guns and Roses’ and they all talk about Dice having a career resurgence.

They’re all praising his acting and Adam gets a date correction on ‘The Adventures of Ford Fairlane’ it was released in 1990.

BB asks if he doesn’t want to go see them because he’s gotten older or they’ve worn it out of him over the years, Adam weighs in and Gina tells them about a recent onstage interaction between Axl and Slash.


Gina wraps the news


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

BB plays the “Hell No!” drop edition