Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/31/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 322

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/31/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 322

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-29-2016 – Release Date 03-31-2016

Production Number #322 – Dr. Drew Sings The National Anthem

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Adam opens the show with some live date plugs and apologizes for his blown out voice, Adam brings up the big news revolving around Drew singing the national anthem.

Adam has a funny “raping spree” hypothetical one liner, Adam is talking about 9/11 and his thoughts about how it was the one day where you could speed without fear of a ticket.

Adam talks about not watching the footage yet in advance, Drew is asking about the attention and wants to know why everyone got so excited.


Adam talks about how humans profile and sum up others and how anything outside of their presumptions creates novelty, Drew is following along and Adam says that once we’ve decided you do this that’s how most people leave it.

Adam is talking to Drew about singing and Drew tells him about singing some Opera on Ridiculousness, he also sung it on Classic Loveline.

Adam is sharing his airplane pilot syndrome feeling about preferring the chiseled jaw good looking fit guy flying your plane over the sloppy fat guy who might very well be far more advanced at piloting aircraft and probably is.


Adam is describing how people react to his other skills like carpentry and boxing, he says he’s a better boxing trainer than he is a comedian, one just pays more and Drew is weighing in.

Adam is now describing what people will make room for and allow, you can be an Asian female doctor who plays violin, but nothing up front of in the spotlight.

Drew says it’s not complimentary to comedy and implies you’re unfit for any other profession; Adam says comedians perpetuate that cliché that they are unable to function.


Adam is now sharing his “doing one thing” theory but pauses to do a live read.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Adam recalls the odd years when he paid his taxes and would have to wait in line at the Van Nuys post office to file last minute.


Adam doesn’t think anyone does themselves any life favors by diversifying their show business gigs, he’s clarifying for Drew who disagrees at first.

Adam says he was sitting down to a watch a comedian interviewing another comedian, he says he’s seen 200k of these things but has never been asked to sit down and talk about comedy.

Adam talks about his rock and roll -esque comedy tour and how nobody is doing anything like it.


Adam jokes about having Olga trained up to say “Noooo!” when he declares he doesn’t like to talk about himself.

Drew says in a weird way Adam is not a comedian, he’s a humorist, he’s a mirth man and he talks about his live standup shows being unique in the format.

Adam says that in a weird way because nobody else does what he does it prevents him from being interviewed about it as an art form, Drew says they created it together back in the 1990s during their live college shows.


Adam is talking about having skills outside of your own profession or main interest/hobby.

Adam talks about the way people get a schadenfreude effect from other people’s “fear factor” and how humans have greater appreciation for the higher the risk factor.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Gary borrowed Adam’s windbreaker while in Denver edition


They are now listening to Drew’s performance, Drew shares how the audience booed and was shuffling at first and he shares how Roseanne Barr’s name came up in his twitter feed many times.

Adam wishes he could instill Drew’s preparation and level of work into his kids, Drew talks about his training and practice to get ready and Adam tells him about getting Chris to find his best lap from the last Toyota Grand Prix so he could view his best line and try and emulate it.

Adam is now asking him about his feeling as he set foot out there, it’s unclear if they’re playing my recording that I captured off the stream or audio from another source, it seems to be my edit…


Drew talks about the last minute request for him to sing the Canadian National Anthem and Adam talks about them picking the wrong game.

Drew says his body reacted like he was facing off against an approaching Grizzly bear, Adam says he’s much more nervous during rehearsal than he is during an actual live event.

They’re now playing the audio of Drew crushing it.


Adam loves the feeling at the end and says there is no better feeling, Adam is talking about how the audience reacted to his voice.

Adam says Mazel tov to Drew and says his preparation is the only quality he needs in a person and he jokes about Ray and how he would show up barefoot to go out on the ice.

Adam talks about his buddies and their approach to education and learning, he riffs his way through a last minute oral report on Levi Jeans, they would get their d- and go home.


Adam is now explaining Levi jeans rivets to Drew and Adam says he loves every part of this and goes over the event and the lack of monetary gain Drew endured 30+ hours of work to live through the experience and overcome a challenge.


1st Caller Tom, he has a cuckold fantasy and he wants their take on why he has interest in this happening, they say it’s about demeaning and Adam says it’s a chicken or the egg thing.

Adam asks about this possibly being an urge motivated to sabotage a relationship and Adam asks Drew if women are more sabotage ordinated in life.

Tom says the MCT oil gives him terrible shits and Adam is now describing his iron stomach and wonders if your stomach is a metaphor for you as a person.


Adam is now talking about underwater deep sea welders with restricted diets and the rate compared to female comedians.

Drew goes scientific with the MCT oil and they move on.


Adam is doing a Best DSI Live Read

Could have voted on Drew booting the national anthem edition


2nd Caller Candice, she’s bringing up Classic Loveline and comments on the Charles Fleischer Episode, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1997 – GUEST: CHARLES FLEISCHER • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW.

She wants to know if Adam or Drew ever talk to old callers and follow up, Adam says no and they move on.

Adam is giving out a ugg for the PodcastOne app.


3rd Caller Sandra, Adam says uh oh because they’ve spoken before and she tells them about her dry heaves and Adam recalls his feelings about her being like his mother, severe depression and unwillingness to live or try.

Adam says “Getting in the mode of “I need to take care of me” is a direct line for failure.”

Adam further explains he knows these people and gets to all of their tendencies that end up screwing them over in the long run.


When they go back to Sandra she’s crying and too broken up to finish talking and hangs up, Adam proclaims she’s still in her “Take care of me” mode and predicts her reaction of ice cream and crying, because Adam told her the truth.

Adam now breaks down the reaction, the sadness and hurt that is followed up with rage the next day, Adam is saying she’s doing exactly what he told her not to do.

Adam is talking about his mom’s 3 modes of “I have a cold, I just got over a cold or I have a cold coming on” and he mocks the people that enable these folks and tell them not to listen to Adam Carolla the asshole, he’s just trying to get you to participate in life.


4th Caller Josh, he asks about a possible VP candidate for Trump and Adam talks about his probably council of advisors and Adam jokes about a Ted Nugent VP nomination, so Tim Robbins and Bill Maher’s head would explode or even Greg Fitzsimmons.

Adam and Drew wrap up the show and give out the plugs.