Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/31/2016 – Dave Dameshek and Grae Drake

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/31/2016 – Dave Dameshek and Grae Drake

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dave Dameshek and Grae Drake

Recorded 03-30-2016 – Release Date 03-31-2016

Production Number #1790

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Adam opens the show to a hilarious “To What End” intro referencing Dave Dameshek, BB has two top drops, first a “Fudge You” from Ace and then an immediate explicit alternative option when he’s informed it’s an explicit show day, gold!

Grae Drake is making her ACS debut filling in for Matt Atchity, Adam has a killer one liner that BB adds the more you know music bed to.

Adam is looking forward to the game and Adam mentions the bad news for Matt Fondiler’s upcoming wedding, he got a last minute invite to Seth MacFarlane’s fiesta schedules opposite Matt’s wedding.


Adam shares that he closes his wedding appearances with his “Cool it Now” dance that he kinda stole form Jimmy and he jokes about Matt Fondiler driving him to the Party at Seth’s house and jokes about the lack of bloody sheets being hung out the window the day after the wedding.

Matt is on mic and Adam is trying to make sure he gets shotgun and Matt doesn’t drink too much, he recommends Pedialyte, bananas and spoonful servings of baking soda to sober up.

Adam assures him this isn’t a freebie and he’ll pay for the ride, BB mentions Surge pricing and Adam jokes about an Uber Driver named Surge and pitches a funny “who’s on first” scenario.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Matt paid for his wedding edition


Adam is talking about his son seeing Batman V Superman who demanded to see it and Grae is now commenting on the opening weakened that Adam is amazed by and Grae is critical of.

Adam is trying to explain his logic about the 170$ return that doesn’t register as a disappointment, BB is disagreeing and Adam is getting frustrated as nobody is getting it.

BB talks about the low budget Deadpool, Grae informs Adam he is correct and tells BB he is appreciating what he was trying to do.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘Batman V Superman’ and Adam comments on how Henry Cavill changing his name, BB comments on the reviews and plays a clip.

Grae has more ass kissing and is well into Adam’s good graces now.

Adam is joking about drowning his kids and giving them typhoid Mary, holy shit!


Adam is adding Phil to the list of being to drown, Grae compliments Ben Affleck and his work in the movie, BB strongly disagrees.

Adam is now asking if a bad script and bad direction can make someone seem like a bad actor and Grae agrees with BB about Jesse Eisenberg’s performance.

BB is on fire and Adam asks him if he got a steroid shot today or something and jokes about the 1970’s ‘Wonder Woman’ from TV and her golden lasso that made you cum, oh and tell the truth too apparently, Adam jokes about beating off to the show.


Adam is talking about the probably sequel to this movie, Adam is sharing how confusing sequels are and they try to explain that this is continuing in more movies with different titles, a shared universe.

Adam says his 9yr old is in it with these characters and ended up seeing it with his buddies.

BB wraps the reviews.


Adam is doing a Bet DSI Live Read

Adam is bringing up the wedding in Scotland idea when getting hired at a new job and uses his wife Lynette’s friend Susan’s tradition with her father for opening day games.

Adam pitches a “Cruzin’ to Victory” campaign slogan for Ted Cruz.

Gary tells Adam about this episode streaming on Facebook and Gina mentions the high definition stereo sound the Facebook viewers are getting.


They’re now listening to Pablo Cruz “Love Will Find a Way” and Adam attempts to sing the high notes but has lost his upper range and he explains to Gina why she’s unfamiliar with this song.

Adam welcomes Dave Dameshek back to the show and gives out some plugs.

Dave Dameshek is making his 65th appearance on the ACS, he of course was the original cohost/sports guy from the 2006 KLSX ACS and is on the funniest 3rd party commentary track of all time for ‘Road House’ along with Adam Carolla.

Basic Cable Commentary #1 Road House – Carolla Amazon link Click Through Applied

For 99 cents you can experience one of the funniest things to ever exist, it’s like watching a movie with Adam and Dave Dameshek but they improve it by mocking it the entire time, if MST3K was actually off the cuff and improv based and not pre-written, it would be something like this just not as funny.


Adam is now asking Dave if he feels that the NFL Network is akin to Doug Benson’s career options, he shares his hilarious riff about his devolution from Doug Loves Movies to Getting Doug with High and the future Doug gets blown while eating pudding.

Adam is now connecting the two ideas, explains that these are things that were invented when they were kids, Doug’s job didn’t exist and The NFL network didn’t exist.

Adam says it’s a taco bell menu limitation situation, they’ve weaponized their menu and you can’t ever try all of the new items before they’re updated with new ones.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Dave Dameshek marvels at Dick Banks and his talent and asks if there is anything that man can’t do and Adam says get paid, hahahahaha he’s got my curse and the former Narren Curse, oh buddy.

Adam explains he’s pursuing a golf career and Adam, tells Dave the rules for the game.


Ewan McGregor Movies edition


1st Movie ‘Trainspotting’ (1996)

BB loved this move and Dave can’t stop thinking about Ewan’s wiener, Adam has never seen the movie and avoided it due to the subject matter and aesthetic.

They all make their guesses, Gina got a “dead nuts on” score of 89%.


2nd Movie ‘Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace’

Adam beings up Dave’s Star Wars opening day tradition with his sister and BB rants about seeing movies on opening day.

Adam brings up he Man Show bit and Dave tells them about missing the latest movie, the tradition is broken.

Adam mocks Dave and his love of ‘Star Wars’ and Adam asks if that movie was that bad.

Everyone weighs in.


Adam has a great moment singing ‘it’s Raining Men’ and comes up with a new song ‘White Guy’s Be Owning Everything’ and Grae gets back to the game.


3rd Movie ‘Big Fish’ (2003)

Adam saw it in the theater, BB loved it and Gina thinks it came out when she was a kid.

Grae and Gina explains it’s now a Broadway show.


4th Movie ‘Angels and Demons’ (2009)

Adam asks about how this movie was received and the first movie, Gina brings up ‘Amelie’ as the actress from the movie is also in this.

Everyone jumps in with their guesses.

Everyone is playing lights out ball here according to Adam.


5th Movie ‘Mortdecai’ (2015)

Everyone makes their guesses and Adam has a nice bit of ramping up before the reveal.


Gary has the totals, Shek came in 3rd and Adam comments on the anticlimactic reveal, no buildup and Gary says that they had a discussion about this and Adam mocks him as Gina takes the win with a 1-point finish.

Adam is back to the discussion Adam had with Gary from a listener suggestion to reveal the names in order backwards from 1-3.

Adam asks Gary about any other conversation he might not recall like stabbing himself in the eye or something, he wants to avoid any further damage.


Adam is now doing a Life Lock Live Read

Adam and his grandfather do his taxes, hilarious roommates are dependents, Ralph ate my Top Ramen edition.


Adam thanks Grae for joining them and Dave mocks the “she’s fun to look at” comment and tells her it’s not a compliment.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the D’Angelo Russell and Swaggy P Snapchat controversy.

Adam is now asking about Iggy Azalea and here race, he comments on her look and how light skinned or albino black people often look similar, so his question is not that stupid.

Dave says he doesn’t know anything about any of this and he comments on the science of getting pussy on the road for professional athletes.


Gina has the snapchat video with D’Angelo and Swaggy talking about his conquests while in a relationship.

Adam has a funny moment of relief that he didn’t ask if Swaggy ever banged Adam’s mom and Gina asks about the reason for the leak and she says it was a dump prank.

Dave has a great prisoner of the moment observation and asks about Crank Yankers being based out of Las Vegas.


BB is in the mix and they discuss the team’s dilemma, Adam asks what you do if you’re Iggy.

Adam asks if she’s going to break up and Adam says we need to get his condoms with birthmarks idea off the ground.

Adam explains how it works and BB is now playing the now impregnated woman Adam/Swaggy met while on the road.


Adam has a killer “Times Machine” one liner while mocking the reply he made up for Swaggy.

Dave is now talking about Easter and outrage around the holiday, he breaks out the blaster and screams jerks.


Adam talks about the two kinds of politically incorrect and the bygone era of the right wing shutting things down and censoring art and media.

Adam says the right went a little too far about 20 years ago and now have lost all of their power, one letter from a religious nutjobs would be reacted to.

Now that the left has labeled 87% of American’s racist they have now crossed over and being drunk with power has made us all tune that stuff out.


Dave brings up Tipper Gore and her efforts to get “Explicit Lyrics” labels added to rap music cd and Dave makes a point about her presuming intellectual supremacy for her morality play.

Dave has a shouty counterpoint and Adam talks about racist being able to hide in plain sight now, Gina brings up Jeremy Lin and the “chink in the armor” controversy.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Gina has a question about a high revving 6-cylinder engine

Adam has the answer and more questions about the car edition


2nd Story is on the Hijacker selfie, Gina has the details on the Cyprus hijacking idiot and Adam jokes about an email from Drew.

Adam asks if this is a selfie as it was taken by another person, Gary explains there are two photos, one taken by him and one by a crew member.

Adam is now saying the hijacker looks like Charlie Watts and the late Uncle Frank, Dave rants about us now being so comfortable with terrorism we take photo ops.


3rd Story is on contestant Robert and his record setting ‘Wheel of Fortune” appearances.

Adam is talking about the guys who fascinate him, guys how make it to their mid-40’s who can’t clap properly nor shake hands the right way.


Adam doesn’t want people clapping with their own flavor mixed in or their own take on a handshake.

Adam asks about Vanna White getting to her death bed with this job, he says it’s an advanced version of his mom and her welfare checks that imprisoner her.


Dave Dameshek has a backup QB Super Bowl Ring/Win hypothetical analogy, Adam says it’s a bit different and now Dave brings up Matt Money Smith on his radio show and how he got into this topic.

Gina is now playing Vanna White asking for a raise and Adam is the producer telling her about the squirrel they’ve trained to do her job and Adam jokes about not wanting to see her bend over anymore.

Adam brings up Pat Sajak and tells him to fuck himself as a myna bird could replace him.


4th Story is on Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles ownership filing for bankruptcy and Dave and Gina break down the recent discrimination lawsuit.

Adam is talking about salty and sweet blending together and how awesome it is, he says he’s never been to a Roscoe’s as he’s scared of them.


5th Story is on Meryl Streep’s “no comment” about Dustin Hoffman slapping her while filming ‘Kramer Vs. Kramer’ and Adam talks about being a stand in for the movie ‘Judgment Night’ and Dave breaks down the plot.

Adam is explaining the comedy about his stand in performance, everyone guesses and the go into a live read.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

BB name drops Peter Greene from the movie, Adam tells him very good but doesn’t recall any of the details about Peter’s offstage antics while filming the movie.

It was actually best covered in the two Jeremy Piven Loveline episodes




Adam says it’s weird when they don’t have a picture of some people in IMDB, Dave asks how often a stand in becomes more famous than the actor they were standing in for.

Dave brings up Oscar Nunez who was Adam’s stand-in from the Man Show days.

Adam is trying to explains how out of place he was as a stand in for a guy with long hair who looks nothing like him, Adam explains how the cast who played good guys hated the bad guys and so did their stand ins, in a retarded show of solidarity.


Adam is sharing the reaction from the lighting guy and Gary says it might have been Michael Wiseman but the only actor with long hair was Erik Schrody.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam asks Gary for a picture and observes that his hair was short, but it was short in Judgment Night too.

Gary has a creep of the week he’s been sitting on, he gives an impromptu into and talks about being a creep himself, he missed his own flight while sitting at the gate at the airport.

Dave says this is the most shameful thing he’s ever done, he asks BB to give him the blaster and calls himself a jerk, he asks where his life goes from this place. Adams says he never had that conversation with Gary that Dave and Gary now claim he forgot.


Adam is doing a Round Up Live Read

Adam is talking about the flight attendant who tried to get his attention while taking the drink orders, Adam has a funny not good at your job in an emergency comment.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show to a funny drop of Adam joking about Swaggy P banging his mom.