Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/31/2015 – Sami Grisafe and Dr. Bruce

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/31/2015 – Sami Grisafe and Dr. Bruce

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Sami Grisafe and Dr. Bruce

Recorded 03-30-2015 – Release Date 03-31-2015

Production Number #1542

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Adam opens the show with Gina and Bruce in studio and a delayed in traffic Bald Bryan, Adam says he saw a special on the type of tumor that BB has and how Bruce’s sister has the exact same kind.

Adam is sharing his sense of dread when he’s got to get up for a job, Gina is sympathizing and heling Adam talk out his thoughts about it, the pre-anxiety he feels etc.

Adam keeps mentioning Rancho Cucamonga and how his kids were up early mocking him and his schedule, Adam tells the gang about his kid being in the ‘Late bird’ class at school and then suggests that an alternate term for a Redeye flight.


Adam is describing his daughter saying “You’re late!” to him as her closing remark as he was rushing to tape ‘Catch a Contractor’ and he wants to know what’s up with that.

At no point does anyone bring up the episode from last season where Adam was late, perhaps she saw that and just wanted to prevent it by chiding him, or just rub it in.


BB joins them and now they’re talking about a recent piece on ’60 Minutes’

They’re discussing it a bit and Adam is declaring it must be satisfying to have this new option for the tumor afflicting BB.


Adam is doing a live read for Blinds Galore


Health Watch with Dr. Spaz

BB gets him yet again with the theme song, Bruce advises they might want to modify the lyrics.

BB is now going in depth on his type of tumor and Bruce is giving his understanding about the treatment using polio to target tumors.


They’re now playing a clip from the show, Adam is sharing his ‘Star Wars’ observations that change to ‘Independence Day’ mid clip.


Adam is now breaking down why that movie comparison is more apt, Adam is getting Bruce to explain the treatment and how potentially it could be used to help with other cancers.

Adam is asking about the theoretic possibilities of using disease to target and kill cancer with the body’s own immune system.

Adam is now joking about a “Polio, Up Top!” high five misunderstanding in heaven between a hot chick and some old guy who died 200 years ago.


Adam is asking Gary to get him a photo of the cancer patient and her friend, Adam is telling them to crop out her friend as its distracting.

Adam critiques Gary’s photo finding ability, Adam is commenting on how most treatments and medical techniques don’t make logical sense to laypeople but this makes sense.

Adam is now looking at the photo of the cancer patient from the clip and her hot friend.


Bruce is citing a recent story about sexual harassment in medicine, it’s a story form Australia and Adam is commenting on how the culture of their society and the culture surrounding surgeons the doctor version of a fighter pilot only amplify this stuff.

Bruce confirms most of Adam’s suspicions and Bruce explains why this is so common over there and flies in the face of this country where things are perhaps too far in the other direction.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Daniel, he wants to know about Gina’s “2 for 2” comment during a live show, she’s elaborating and sharing how she’s an equal opportunity dater, as long as they’re hot.

She’s now telling them about going on a date with a little person who rejected her.

Adam is commenting on the tiny cute guys that get laid more than even some of the most handsome and or muscular guys.


Adam is sharing his standard theory on trust and size and suggests that a little person is perhaps the ultimate level of trust.

Gina asks how Fat, Adam is now describing how to determine how fat a guy must be to be a fat guy and Bruce brings up a very real concern.

Gina brings up ex-jocks who have let themselves go, Adam is now doing his “you tell him he’s fat” riff and Adam tells BB to turn the air on.


Bruce is telling them about the White House instituting a plan to reduce the use of antibiotics, Bruce explains how it’s an unfair system as doctors are now graded for these things that patients might not like despite being in their best interest.

Adam is talking about the negative reviews online, he says that it used to be different online and now people can just say “fuck you” via 1 star reviews that most likely come from someone who hasn’t seen, read or heard the product.

Bruce talks about a hospital giving out Vicodin gift packs to get better reviews for this new ‘Obamacare’ culture, Adam mentions Rancho Cucamonga and tells them about the bottom inch of Starbucks at the bottom of the paper carton and how he used the gross hand water covered ice in the drink cooler at craft services and made the crew gather around to witness his methodology for staying healthy.


Gary is on mic about an edict going out to staff to stay home when sick, they can’t be expected to keep moving like Adam does.

Adam is back to how if he doesn’t show up there is 0 to do and puts the entire production costs on his own shoulders to keep himself from being exhausted or sick enough to not work.

Bruce is now quoting Lynette calling him about Adam wanting to lance a stye in Sonny’s eye, Adam is sharing his theories on lancing and bacteria.


Adam is responding to Bruce’s comments about Adam’s former anal carbuncle, Adam is now going into a live read.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth Live Read

Adam says he takes a hit off the top, he doesn’t use the pump.


Bruce is telling them about a new drug closely related to Coffee, Bruce asks Adam about his character’s name in ‘Road Hard’ and if it’s a nod to him or Springsteen.

Adam shares some tidbits about the original character name choices.


2nd Caller Chris, he hasn’t called since Teresa was on the ACS, he says that ‘Road Hard’ was the shit and Adam says thank you motherfucker.

Adam is talking to Caelan about ‘Fairview’ the town Chris is from in a far off place, Adam does says that Kirkland my hometown is acceptable without the state being give.

Chris loves the interview with Mark from last week, Gina says she’s been getting lots of praise for it and he jokes about BB bringing the room down with his tumor talk, he informs Chris that he indeed must be drunk.


Chris is full of praise, even for Bruce.


3rd Caller Arjen from Kirkland Washington, he asks about what you would want for a weapon in a street fight, a baseball bat or a small knife.

Bruce suggests throwing the bat and claims to have more street fights than BB and Adam put together, hilarious “penetrated by the lords of Flatbush” quote from Adam about Bruce.


4th Caller Patrick, he wants to know about Adam’s plans for his retirement, nice call back to the hot cancer nurse chick from earlier when they were talking about that ’60 minutes’ clip.

Adam is commenting on how he’s good with taking it easy when he’s earned it, Patrick has a great “I heard that!’ and BB and Gina both seem to love the callers today.

Gina has a bit of wisdom, Bruce has an attempt at something and Adam gives him a “good stuff” which leads to him asking BB about finding meaning in sweating the small stuff and living in the present.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read

Adam is giving out some Mangria plugs and heading to break, Gina compliments ‘The Better Man’ drink recipe, Adam is now sharing his appreciation for it and BB plays his new drop of Patrick “I heard that!”

Adam is trying to get the upcoming guests name correct.


They’re back from break with Sami Grisafe making her ACS debut, they play some of her music coming back in and she gives Adam a pronunciation lesson.

Adam is asking her about her time playing football with the guys, she was a quarterback and Adam has most of her stats and she says the guys were good to her.


Adam is talking about how jocks are often portrayed as monsters in movies but in real-life they’re often more accepting and three dimensional.

Adam is commenting on the differences in California and the farmland areas, she’s sharing her trials and tribulations in sports, she has a sad story about a kid who died, Adam has a solid joke that he immediately regretted upon learning he died.

Adam is giving out a plug for Sami.


Adam is asking her how she got into playing football after getting to Chicago on an acting scholarship, Adam asks her if she has brothers.

Adam asks her dimensions when she was playing, Adam wants to know if she was a mobile quarterback and she’s very honest about her skillset and preferred style of play.

Adam is predicting a female kicker in the NFL before a Quarterback and brings up ‘Necessary Roughness’ and Kathy Ireland and now Sami is referencing a made for TV movie with Helen Hunt that Gina seems to recall as well.


Adam is talking about effortlessness is a key indicator of skill, unlike how guys try and shadowbox in film.

Adam says you can fake the fight in boxing but you can’t fake the shadowboxing stuff.

Adam is asking her about her music, she’s telling them about her unusual release method and how the album is being broken up into chapters.

Adam is talking about 45 inch records and the adapter to play them, Adam is sharing how nickels were often used to weigh down the needle over the vinyl.


Adam is talking about turntable manufactures and asks her about the type of 45 she’ll be releasing, Adam thinks it might be due to jukebox reasons, which explains the larger hole.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the movie ‘Going Clear’ and Gina is now quoting the film and the accusations at the filmmakers, Adam is now in defense of Scientology, as religions go when compared to burning heretics at the steak and throwing acid on young girls faces, this isn’t bad.

Adam is saying whomever is involved in the church is responsible for being involved, they’re not victims.

Adam is talking about the human desire to feel special and get a special solution, he’s citing his usual advice and now explaining how smart L. Ron Hubbard was for this idea and how the metaphors he painted sound great.

Adam is telling Gary to write some of these down as he busts out a perfect gravel in a backpack line, Gina is further informing them on the rest of the interesting angles this film presents.


2nd Story is on the Jamie Foxx monologue at the IHeartRadio music awards, where he mocked Bruce Jenner.

Adam is asking Sami about LGBTQA and the various explanations, Adam says he’s way out of it and missed the Q and A memos and says it sounds like the greatest fucking sandwich.

Adam is asking her about Jamie Foxx making jokes and she says he could be more creative with it, she has some fine points about the Trans community fighting for their civil rights.


Sami has a nice historical angle on Bruce Jenner and Adam says he feels like there is a lot of support for Bruce, Adam says that people don’t want to be on the wrong side of history and despite the jokes he has support.

Gina has a fine point and Adam says he would like a higher grade joke, he doesn’t care about the taboo, and he wants better joke structure.

Adam says he likes to do the fat math and uses fat jokes to make a point before they move on.


3rd Story is on Oprah’s auction, Gina has all of the details.

Adam suggests she sell Steadman and Adam asks who is having less (more) sex, Oprah and Steadman or Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton.

Adam says he has it as Oprah and can’t see Bill and Hilary together today, Adam jokes about Bill trying to blow himself on a sofa, hilarious!

They’re now all ranking who they think has sex, Dawson even gets on mic and gives his take.

Adam is asking why we are so down on Oprah and talks about her beauty and ample bosom and black don’t crack.


Adam says that if Oprah was Lezzing off with Gayle she would not be going camping with a full TV crew every 5 minutes, Adam jokes about him and BB constantly being accused of being gay and how they would avoid camping above all.

Adam is now in full defense of Oprah, trying to sway everyone that she’s a sensual woman with simply unfounded rumors, Adam is now arguing a healthy lifestyle angle for Oprah having sex because it’s good for overall health.

Adam has a killer diet book title ‘You Can’t Eat a Hoagie when you’re on Your Back, You’ll Choke’ by Adam Carolla.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read


4th Story is on Trevor Noah landing the job hosting ‘The Daily Show’ and Adam is now on a funny riff about these British guys and minorities taking the jobs of white comedians on TV shows.

Gina is playing a clip of Trevor on ‘The Daily Show’.


Gina explains the rest of the clip, Adam is commenting on how he does resemble Tony Parker as Gina insists and Adam is now joking about it.

Adam is commenting on Trevor’s racial lineage and BB has an insane reply, Gina comments on it and BB brags about being able to say that on the podcast.

Adam is talking about apartheid and thinks it will soon be looked at with greater disappointment American and the rest of the world didn’t intervene sooner, it shouldn’t have going on into the 80’s.

Adam has Gina wrap up the news


Adam does a Dollar Shave Club live read

Adam creates a razor exchange program and suggests he be able to sell his old handles he’s no longer using.


Adam is giving out the plugs, he mentions the live show in London in September and Mark Geragos on Take a Knee.

Adam plugs Sami’s website and wraps up the show.