Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/31/2014 – Judith Hoag

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/31/2014 – Judith Hoag

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Judith Hoag

Recorded 03-30-2014 – Release Date 03-31-2014

Production Number #1292

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Adam is opening the show back in studio, he’s spirited in his intro and seems to be questioning the audio levels in his cans, BB is playing the new “Quiet” #TopDrop and Adam is commenting on the no man’s land Alec Baldwin now finds himself in.

Adam is commenting on the idea of being involved with a team/tribe/political party and how the Huffpo crowd turning on Alec leaves him without a team to go back to, Adam calls him tribe-less and Alison has some great points about the phone call and Alec’s tone and words.

Adam and BB have some nice Rip Torn “Defending Your Life” comedy, Alison is asking Adam about his glasses and he’s explaining he’s wearing them after his “ok” results from Lasik surgery, he’s explaining how the glasses make it easier for him to see and read for the audiobook recording.


Adam is giving a thank you to the fans for the Redondo Beach benefit show, Adam is now explaining that he encountered “the weird guy” and knew that he was destined to be cornered by said guy at the end of the of the night.

Adam is commenting on how some people are able to wedge themselves into places they don’t belong and Alison is commenting on the unspoken rule backstage at a venue where nobody is supposed to ask who anyone else is and if they belong.

Adam is now walking them through his late night parking lot encounter, he’s quoting the 1996 meeting this man was referencing “Camario 1996 upstairs”.


Adam is lamenting how tired he is and he’s now sharing an anecdote of being home alone with Sonny, he’s contrasting his days alone with Sonny vs. ones with Natalia.

Adam is explaining that he spotted Molly entering the doggy door covered in blood, Adam is explaining what happened and he’s explaining how he pushed her back outside and called Lynette to warn her, you can see the photo of Molly via the show page link above.

Adam refers to Lynette as “Mommy” and he’s now quoting the horrified screams from Natalia “Daddy what did you do!?” Alison’s reaction to them blaming Adam is refreshing, thank the great magnet for A-Rose.


Adam is explaining how Natalia immediately figured out the emotional game going on and then amped up the drama to further aggravate the situation.

Adam is telling them about filming with “Nate” and him telling Adam about his older brother’s responsibility to shoot their dogs when they would get too old.

Adam is making a point about Molly and her lack of movement and enjoyment of life, Adam is now reciting all of the medications that Molly takes to stay alive and Adam says that according to Lynette they have spent 34k on Molly’s medical bills.


Alison wants to know if Adam is considering putting Molly to sleep, Adam says that’s not an option and wants to know if it isn’t selfish to want to keep her alive, he’s now listing the realities of becoming a nurse to your ailing dog.

BB is making an educated point about a slow decline in health, Adam is now changing the subject slightly, he’s sharing a photo that Gary took of a bumper, and it’s loaded with “rescue” themed pet lover bumper stickers.

This riff/rant originates from around 2004, the infamous “Pound Save” rant, Adam has a nice point about Paul Newman and his deflection of compliments, Alison has a nice addendum echoing Adam’s sentiment and using his own words, nice.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Pierce, he wants to know about joke writing and getting into stand-up, he references the 2007 ACS radio show and now Adam is on a tangent, Alison’s reaction is priceless.

BB is now busting out the Fake Jack Silver and has a really interesting reaction to Adam asking about the quality of 2007, Adam is telling them about lunch at the Ivy with the head of CBS radio at the end of 2007 and how his gentleman’s agreement was broken.

Adam is now asking why they would do that and says that radio guys are the only ones stupid enough to pull this move, Alison wants to know how they think they’ll get away with it.


Adam is mocking James Babydoll Dixon’s “Just ignore him” advice, hilarious riffing about Danny doing pulls ups in cowboy boots and even funnier riff about his reply to James about the wild Macaw loose in his house, Alison and BB are joining in and making this great.

BB wants to know whose call it was to renew the contract then says he thinks it was Jack Silver, Alison wants to know why Jack liked Danny so much.

Adam has an excellent point about talent re: Jimmy Kimmel and Rikki Rachtman, Adam is now getting to the way radio GM’s view on air talent and Adam is noting the limited options for a successful radio show.


Adam is now explaining the 2007 “Sick Out” to Alison, he’s going super in depth and has hilarious “uhgggmnn” sounding noises while sharing his thoughts on possibly getting fired for that ballsy move.

Adam is getting to the point where Jimmy finally walked to Adam’s house, BB now is sharing a lost story of Adam lamenting Danny during a commercial break “I hate this show…” muttered to nobody and BB was the only witness.

BB is now sharing his take on the recording of “The Ace Awards” and Adam says he’s such a weirdo and is wired like “a frozen serial killer” and didn’t listen to the show, slept in late, doesn’t know what even happened.


Adam is sharing how he was told he was going to be fired and he’s citing the gentleman’s agreement once again, Adam is saying it was academic, he was not going to do another year with him, so it would either be him alone or Adam alone, either way results in Adam getting his way.

Adam is now explaining the MTV show Season 3 raise, how he was able to convince them it wasn’t personal nor a negotiation, simply about his time and its value, nice van washing analogy.

Adam says this is a more impactful route than taking it to the personal feelings and stuff that people immediately overlook and don’t care about.


Adam is now back on the line with the caller, they’re discussing the art of comedy and Adam is citing a story from Mike August regarding guys who buy jokes/acts and he’s now listing of other comedians who buy jokes.

BB has a funny one liner and Alison has an even funnier hypothetical scenario.


2nd Caller Trina, she’s about to turn 50 and wants to know why they’ve never given a name to her and Adam’s generation, Adam says “STD” for Soon to Die.

Adam is riffing about “Rape Survivor” for the generation while riffing about the excess of names, titles and conditions in the modern age.

Adam is making a point about being left handed and clothing choices not making one unique and says don’t look to identify with vast numbers of people, it’s dangerous and unproductive.


Adam says be an individual, don’t worry about your label, your label is human being now go to work, BB plays the more you know drop in response.

Adam has a great hypothetical “do you wish for your kids that they join groups?” and he’s got a nice civil war heritage example to prove his point and now he’s riffing about BB about his possible NYT best seller status and how to treat his kids.

Adam is now doing a live read for Dollar Shave Club and is going off on the “One Wipe Charlie” containers being left open, which dries them out.


3rd Caller Eric, he is a big fan and wants to know if it’s possible that Adam could be dropped as a defendant in this lawsuit based on the fan support and media attention.

Adam has a killer “who knows” exasperated reply, he’s saying that’s he’s packing for a long winter and if its cut short, then he’ll be happy.

Adam is mentioning the 250k progress for the legal defense fund, Adam has a sad whine about his attempt to get into preproduction for a movie but has many other commitments at the same time, Adam is arguing about the idea of “winning”.

Adam says “win what?” and he’s going in depth on the struggle to get by and get shit done while being sued by trolls.


4th Caller Joey, he’s the same Joey who called into the Adam and Drew show #112 and discussed the Valentine brand radar detection devices that Adam and most of the staffers also own.

Joey wants to know who was responsible for the local radio affiliate bumpers and promos for Loveline from 1995-2005, he’s asking about the Seattle Fish Market one, that was produced by 107.7 The End the alternative rock station of Seattle.

BB mistakes this for an insult thinking that Joey is mocking something Adam recorded, these were done by local radio guys and had no actual affiliation to the show.


Longtime engineer Scott Mason and 1-2 other people were responsible for the bumpers/intros/promos found on Classic Loveline, you can sample some of them here on the fan created that motivated and inspired the fantastic Classic Loveline podcast.

Adam is now explaining this to Joey, he is mocking he PSA’s that he was forced to hear during the commercial breaks of Loveline.

Adam is now going off on the anti-housing discrimination PSA, Adam is ranting about the idea of blaming everything for racism, he’s commenting on all of the apartments filled with various nationalities across California.


They’re now playing the PSA, that’s actually very offensive while trying to make a point about racism and failing.

Alison has a killer reply asking why the guy in the PSA hasn’t done more with all of that talent.

Adam is sharing his dream of taking a baseball bat to the executives at the Ad Council, holy shit.


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB saw “Noah” by Darren Aronofsky and the highlight of the experience was the “Transformers 4” trailer and Adam is commenting on his love for “The Wrestler” that never shows up on cable.

BB is bringing up the controversy surrounding the movie and it’s liberties with biblical “reality” and now he’s launching into his critiques for the film’s plot and running time.

Adam is now bringing up “In Search Of” his classic rant from Classic Loveline, he’s citing all of the variants they made and BB is saying that watching the yawning teenagers leaving the theater was a nice bonus.

BB says C-

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Judith Hoag making her ACS debut, Adam is bringing up her work on the show “Nashville” and they’re singing the praises of the gorgeous Connie Britton.

Adam is bringing up women’s hair care and how unfair it is for them, Adam is sharing the “everyone gets a wig/shave your head” mandate.

Judith is telling them about working with Debbie Reynolds and her love for wigs, she’s now praising BB’s bald dome.


Adam is once again in defense of equality and women’s hair option freedom, Alison is telling Adam that he could get his hair straightened.

Adam is saying he thinks about 30% of women on earth have kinky hair that doesn’t respond the same way as straight hair, Adam says it’s over a billion people trying to fuck with their hair each day.

Adam has a hilarious “Weird Science” and Adam says he wants something to come off in his hand while he’s behind them, he’s got a hilarious ear riff with Judith and she’s giving her take on Molly and her quality of life.


Adam wants to leave Molly in the woods for a catch and release, Judith is arguing for a humane option and now Adam is theorizing there must be a doggy Kevorkian.

Alison is sharing the Danish zoo controversy with Judith and says Adam is for their decisions and says he’s into eugenics.

Adam is bringing up “Bad Words” and Judith’s role in the film, she’s telling them about working with Jason Bateman.


Alison’s News

Her top story is about a photo she was tweeted of two former “Facts of Life” cast members reuniting, Adam is now explaining that Kevin Hench wrote the reunion movie, Alison says the other reunion movie was superior.

Adam is getting cruise ship confirmation, Adam is joking about Alison jinxing the project.


2nd Story is on the Earthquake that hit over the weekend, Alison says she felt it and it seemed to be over two minutes, and Adam says he actually likes earthquakes and things that break up the monotony of life.

Adam is sharing his “6 months in prison” theory and he’s now commenting on the week where “all you can do is nothing” after a big earthquake and how it allowed for a nice change of pace, something akin to what a weekend should be, if Adam was allowed to have a weekend.

Adam says it’s an imposed break for everyone, Adam and Judith are riffing about Shabbat and Adam riffs about it being the name of the world worst Jewish superhero.


Judith is bringing up the fault line mentioned in a recent article, Alison is telling BB to remove the pointy mirror thing from above his bed, and he’s confirming he couldn’t feel the earthquake while driving.

Adam is explaining why he wasn’t able to detect it, Alison is getting to the other earthquake on Saturday afternoon.

Adam is now trying to do the math on the last big quakes, he says every 22 years and predicts it’s about 2 years away.


Alison is bringing up the 94 quake and its total cost, Adam is sharing an anecdote about the quake and the repairs on the 10 freeway that came in under budget and was finished early due to bonus incentives.

Adam is explaining why incentive works and how it proves the dysfunction of government when projects can be completed so quickly.

Chris is now reading Adam the details about the 15 million dollar payday for the contactor, Adam wants to know why people reject this part of humans, and this is how people are motivated.


Adam is sharing his 10k question, the hypothetical that proves people choose not do things minus incentive, Adam says it would be great if people did this stuff minus incentive, but he’s not sure anyone could do these things if not motivated properly.

Adam is getting to the duality inherent in every human, from the laziest piece of shit on one end of the spectrum to overachiever on the other.


3rd Story is on the Landslide in Washington State, Alison is giving an updated toll of missing persons and Adam is getting to his theory on how people love inflated death statistics.

Adam says it’s better than the list was reduced by a 3rd, Adam is sharing his conversation with Bean from Kevin and Bean about the nature of dying from nature.

Alison is wrapping up the news.


Adam is now doing a live read and sharing his love for the word “bespoke” which is also their new sponsor, Adam is saying he took a “socks box” and is getting Chris Maxipada on mic to confirm what he took home.

Adam says he doesn’t trust a man who can make (tie) a bowtie.

Adam is now giving out some plugs and wrapping up the show.