Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/30/2016 – Dan Dunn

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/30/2016 – Dan Dunn

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dan Dunn

Recorded 03-29-2016 – Release Date 03-30-2016

Production Number #1789

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Adam opens the show to an Easter themed intro, Adam welcomes everyone to the show and BB has a “Crazy for Booby Puffs” #TopDrop and Adam gets right into some heavy discussion.

Adam is talking about the start of the podcast and the plan to attract sponsors and make money off the show, he’s explaining the efforts to get big time sponsors.

Adam forgets that Ford was a sponsor back in 2010.


Adam is talking about how the competitors now cut out clips and send them to mutual advertisers in attempts to steal them away from the network.

Adam is talking about the pressure to censor the show, he talks about his history with Loveline and the morning show, he explains it’s not censorship in his eyes as it’s not about ideas.

Adam talks about going back and forth with PodcastOne about the language issue.


Adam says Green Day needs to sell records and brings up the live shows and how tricky they would be to pull off clean, Adam talks about the Stone Cold Steve Austin feed with the clean and explicit episodes in the same feed.

Adam says that each Wednesday and Friday it will be a “clean” show and BB has not done the math about this being one of those shows.

Adam is explaining the discussions about sharing this decision with the audience and being transparent, Adam comments on the haters and gets their point but explain this isn’t diminishing the pirate ship, they just got wind in their sales.


Adam talks about the early days of the podcast and says that Wednesday and Friday you can listen with your kids; BB is now building a strawman argument for Adam to respond to.

Adam comments on being 13min and not using explicit language and it not compromising the show’s quality, Adam says he’s been dancing around swearing for years and uses the decade of Loveline people love as his main point.

Adam explains his discussion with Norm and why they settled on two shows, BB uses Improv 4 Humans as an example of a filthy show he enjoys in podcasting.


Gary is now asking how it will work when the live shows fall on Wed or Fri airdates, BB brings up the tattle tale podcasters and ad companies that have been clipping out the show and sending it to sponsors.

Adam uses his softball playstyle as an analogy to explain how he tries to give everyone a fair shot, he doesn’t need to fix the system or try and steal ad companies away from other shows.

BB extends the analogy with another hypothetical softball scenario.


The gang all use letters to imply swearing in response to the tattlers, Adam is bringing up the way Dr. Drew is a master of cutting of a point, spoiling a punchline and losing the plot while on air.

Adam is bringing up ADS #323 and brings up the PSA that was discussed on the show, Adam is now ranting about the old airline turbulence PSA’s that aired in between breaks on Loveline.

Adam is ranting about the dumb PSA and mocks each of the examples they used that are safer than airline turbulence.


BB misspeaks and says “leading cause of birth” instead of death.

Adam is now having them play the Truth Commercial for dogs from their 2016 campaign.

Adam is setting up a clip from the ADS where Drew missteps.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Adam is getting yet another set after demolishing his old kitchen


Adam is back to the clip, it sounds odd, uncompressed file?

Adam is responding to Drew’s “2 to 1” answer and he sets up a confusing Mike August interaction and explains he was wearing his Tommy John underwear and wasn’t aware they had a fly on them.

Gary tries to setup another Dr. Drew story but Adam moves on.


Adam is talking about the Mangria selling out at all of his shows and how he can’t do more than he does trying to encourage the people in charge of the venues to order enough.


Adam explains the logic of ordering a few extra bottles and making tons more money, he even gets to their buy back offers that lead to them still only ordering half the amount that would be needed.

Adam talks about the two service dogs he witnessed with a passenger on the flight, Gina did some investigating and asked her about the dogs.

Adam uses Dawson and Gary and their smoking to make a point about the unfair double standard at play with these dogs, Adam brings up the 3-3-3 rule and the lengths the TSA will go to enforce it with a spent toothpaste container.


Adam is now arguing against the support animals being everywhere and brings up the real world airline danger of a dog being loose during a flight.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tom, he’s also a smoker and shares his take on how to remedy this, Adam has a killer canine gum riff and suggest they take back the night and everyone lights up on airplanes at the same time.

Tom brings up a recent topic from a Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr, Tom asks which woman Adam would pick to fight, BB has a funny Terry Schiavo one liner and Adam says Elizabeth Warren as he hates her poisonous message.

Adam shares the history of women who have assaulted him and lists all 3, Gina says she would punch the Gallagher brothers from Oasis.


2nd Caller Jim he suggests that Bruce Springsteen uses a teleprompter and Adam has a funny Dawson says no comment, Adam defends Bruce using a screen to remind him of the lyrics and he explains they do requests for anything and will cover all types of music live.

Adam brings up a song by ‘The Righteous Brothers’ titled “Little Latin Lupe Lu” and they listen to it and provide some light commentary.

Adam is now further defending Bruce and Gina asks if he has ever covered that as she wants to hear it.


BB marvels at the bootleg they’re watching from YouTube I presume.

They provide some light commentary and Adam is now impersonating Bruce and mocking him for adding a factory to the song, hilarious.


3rd Caller Brian he gives Adam credit for a bizarre coincidence involving Adam, Adam doesn’t even appreciate it.

He brings up the external temperature gauge in cars and how they may be affected by the heat generated from friction on the road.

Adam is now interrupting to listen to ‘Dion’s’ ‘The Wanderer’ and Adam is back to the caller telling him the heat sensors are not near a heat source.

This is a hilarious riff, nice work BB, Gina and Ace.


Adam is doing a Drop Stop Live Read

Adam invented it first, well kind of Edition

They head to break


They’re back from break with Dan Dunn returning to the show for his 3rd appearance, he was previously on ACS #534 from 2011 and ACS #1485 from 2015, bot available via a premium subscription from PodcastOne.

Adam plugs his book ‘American Wino’ and Adam tells Dawson to turn on the AC.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

How much easier is it to e-file your taxes, Adam and his grandfather waiting in line at the post office edition.


Dan is telling Adam about the wine he’s brought today, he explains what they are sampling and BB jumps in with Gina.

Adam is now asking Dan where he was most surprised that they make wine, he explains he was in Bush, Louisiana and describes the wine scene there.

Adam tells Dan about the time he was in Napa and brought up the flawed storing system they use that results in huge losses during earthquakes.


Adam has a solid kid’s bed analogy and asks if you wouldn’t put some tie downs or lash downs, he tells Dawson his mic has changed, hmmm.

Adam is explaining he was in Pahrump Nevada, he jokes about being brutally attacked by Heidi Fleiss’s McCaw, referencing her life as depicted on ‘Celebrity Rehab’ with Dr. Drew.

Adam tells him about the winery in Pahrump and Dan does another lap on the bizarre locations they produce wine, Gina shares the winery locations she’s been to and they get to the news.


Gina’s News

They are sampling some more wine, BB is really into this topic and Dan explains this comes from a winery in Herman Virginia.

Adam asks what’s next in wine, Pinot Noir was all the rage 5(10) years ago and Dan tells them about the fine wines popping up across the country.

Dan explains that it’s hard to replace the staples and Adam asks him what place has underrated cuisine and he mentions Philadelphia.


Adam is riffing about fine restaurants in Vegas, Dan explains the cook’s sweat is the secret ingredient in a Philly Cheesesteak, gross.

Dan brought some Donald Trump wine and explains how hard it is to come by, Dan explains that his winery is directly across the street from Dave Matthews winery, Adam jokes about being unable to picture Dave even wearing shoes and jokes about him singing about ants yet not sporting shoes, he calls him a hypocrite.

They are all reacting to the wine, Dan and everyone agree the Hermanoff is superior to the Trump wine.


1st Story is on the death of Patty Duke, Gina has a nice recap of her life and career.

Adam mentions John Astin, Gomez Addams and he explains how he’s one of the best “is he still alive” people and they talk about Patty Duke’s legacy and move on.


2nd Story is on the end of the standoff between the FBI and Apple regarding unlocking an iPhone.

Adam is talking about the modern era of privacy being compromised and says they see your boobies at the airport, Adam is now back to the wine and asking Dan about the grape names Dan tossed out.

Adam is back to his airport description and comments on the wine getting to his memory re: name of the grape Dan mentioned.


Adam is telling people to just blame the communists and he explains how they treat dissidents and informants.

Adam is describing a technology setup by a guy from the middle east that’s now being used by terrorists and then gets to the Israeli based firm that helped hack the phone.

Gary confirms that MacAfee is a “loon” and promises to investigate who did the phone cracking.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Dan has another wine from Walla Walla Washington and shares an anecdote of his book company not stocking enough copies and he mentions the moderator Joel Stein.

Adam explains how Joel wrote about Adam’s Natalie Maines Dixie Chicks story, in his own book? Adam’s Story?

Adam says he left out the key detail of Natalie first asking him to be her date to the Grammy Awards, which makes him not seem like a delusional celebrity.


Adam is now going over people not ordering enough Mangria or books in Dan’s case and shares the Terry Lumber credit card story and mocks the notion of “getting stuck with it” and unused inventory biting them in the ass.


3rd Story is on a new bill that would make it a misdemeanor to lie about a service animal, Adam is now using tax loopholes and explains how they create an environment of abusive laws and everyone must circumvent them and find the loophole.

Adam says the government is turning us into bad citizens and he uses handicapped parking for an example.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Gary has the response from the Israeli firm and uses an example of Lockheed and stealth aircraft to make a point, funny anecdote.


4th Story is an update on the Katt Williams assault of a teenager, Gina reports the kid was 17, not in the 7th grade as previously reported, BB has a hilarious “both could be true” one liner.

Adam is commenting on the news media preferring the story of the younger kid being assaulted.

Dan is asking Adam about Katt Williams and his violent history, Adam thinks Katt was setup and BB brings up the poor white kid in the picture with the posture of someone who is going to take a dump.


Adam says this is the reason he stopped going to the hood to hang out cash, it’s now just canned meats from the back of his truck, he doesn’t set foot on the ground anymore.

Adam is now sharing how he spotted two cops at a singing and meet and greet, he brings up the movie ‘Cop and a Half’ which is pure insanity.

Adam asked the guy who were the coppiest cops that ever copped and they revealed they were prison guards, thus confirming his suspicion even though he wasn’t right the exact area of law enforcement.

Adam demands the poster for ‘Cop and a Half’ and Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Bet DSI Live Read


Dan shares how much he loved Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman they restart the close of the show, Dan says that Adam and Joel will battle it out at this book signing at Book Soup and Gina reads the slug line from ‘Cop and a Half’ at Adam’s behest.

They wrap up the show with the closing plugs.