Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/30/2015 – Chris Soules and Witney Carson

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/30/2015 – Chris Soules and Witney Carson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Chris Soules and Witney Carson

Recorded 03-29-2015 – Release Date 03-30-2015

Production Number #1541

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Adam has the standard mandate to get it on, no use without you so thank you intro.

Adam is talking about the wide variety of audience members, not always connected by cock and clit rings, sometimes even middle aged couples not seemingly in Adam’s “Demo.”

BB is commenting on how it’s a privilege to have fans, BB shares how he enjoys it and appreciates it.


Adam is describing a phone call with an independent film guy before BB called him, Adam says the 150 people showing up after an event or at a signing are a gift and a treat, every time.

Adam is explaining the excitement level of watching an 8 year old do the long jump, Adam jokes about it being equivalent to watching toast pop out and land on the kitchen floor.

Adam is sharing the heated argument he happened up on at Sonny’s school, saying that the black dude was yelling at the older Armenian dude telling him not to instruct him how to parent.


Adam is saying it’s always funny when you see the person acting out what they were just accused of, Adam says the guy was telling him to ease his temper in front of the kid he presumes and the man was at that moment enacting his temper and the very thing being addressed proving the other man correct.

Adam is talking about forehead move where you crane forward and put your forehead on theirs, Adam is sharing his sympathy for the poor daughter forced to watch this.

Adam says he tries to do the guy in the middle, the wet blanket guy high on a Quaalude.


Adam is trying to recall a 1980’s cop movie with Burt Reynolds while trying to conjure an actor or performance.

Adam says the movie was called ‘Stick’ from 1985 and he describes a scene where a character was so Zen he convinced his attacker not to kill him.

Adam says he just stood between the two men and diffused it, Adam is telling people to reel in their acting out in public, in front of god any everybody.


BB says you can’t tell someone how to parents, Adam says what do you do when someone is hitting their kid or their old lady, aren’t you required to intervene.

Adam jokes about BB being a German citizen between 1939 and 1944 ½.


Adam is describing how his daughter is becoming a social butterfly and told Adam that her two pals were too intimidated to meet him.

Adam is sharing how 8-9 year old kids like the show ‘Catch a Contractor’ and describes his daughter trying to empower her friends to come meet him.

Adam says he went way over the top and hugged it out with the gals, Sonny looked over his shoulder and informed them that Adam’s not normally this nice.


Adam is now arguing that perhaps Sonny was trying to make the gals feel special and not just shatter their illusion of Adam as this friendly dude who hugs strange kids.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


Adam is telling them about the great Pat Smear and how he bought ‘Road Hard’ 4 times, what a mensch.

Adam says it’s nice to hear that Dave Grohl and the band are the most down to earth and normal guys they could be, Adam says that everyone gets along in ‘Foo Fighters’ even the wives of the band members.

Adam is commenting on how even if you get lucky and everyone gets along there are often hiccups with wives of coworkers/friends.


Adam is describing the shorter tour schedules for ‘Foo Fighters’ and how they are able to make things work around their lives and schedules.

Adam is making a larger point about things declared impossible that can be possible if enough energy, money and attention is paid.

Gina has a Dave Grohl story about him giving gifts to a sick friend of a flight attendant.


Adam says that a bottle of Mangria was downed between Adam, Pat and Pat’s wife earlier in the day.

Adam invited Pat onto Take a Knee and The ACS.

Adam says he could come on and they don’t have to talk about Kurt Cobain nor politics, he was generally not interested in talking into a microphone as the negative backlash wouldn’t be worth it.


Adam is commenting on the tragedy of interesting people being turned off from public speaking and sharing their stories due to the eventual backlash.


Adam is now premiering a new Rich Banks son about Bald Bryan, this is about him jacking off in the truck trailer.

This song is amazing, holy shit!

BB is unaware of ‘Convoy’ the base of this parody, Adam is telling him while they have played ‘CB Savage’ on the show this is a different song.


Adam is now explaining the movie and song ‘Convoy’ to a clueless BB.

They are playing some of the original and BB has some lyric notes for Rich to update the song.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read


Adam is talking about Dwayne Johnson hosting SNL and how that man outworks everybody, he says he’s like a politician and shares the anecdote of running into Dwayne again recently.

Adam is commenting on what a good performer Dwayne is, talking about his “shiiiiii” during the opening monologue/song.

They are now playing the song from the latest episode of SNL.


BB is marveling on shit being added to the basic cable lexicon all of a sudden and Adam tells them about a pre and post “damn” era of TV.
Adam is talking about getting a massage and the facial cushion/donut that alleviates the pain, Adam says they should bring that into the dentist’s office.

Adam is sharing his theory on tipping and says he’s never had a black masseuse in all of the places he’s been.


Adam says he’s had blind guys, all genders and races except a black person.

Adam is saying that if black folk don’t feel like rubbing down white folk that’s their business, we should need to force equality in jobs where people don’t want to be.

BB is giving his take and Adam says that some jobs “feel like the past” and now BB is sharing an anecdote of taking Anderson to a professional barber and his reaction to the black male barbers taking care of them.


1st Caller Derek, he’s a huge fan and supports the show in all ways, Adam plugs his new book ‘Daddy Stop Talking’ which you can preorder right now!

Derek is sharing his experience of resentment for having his ambition to build his own empire in entertainment from where he lives.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote from Babydoll where he made Jon Stewart accompany him to get into a super exclusive Ralph Lauren club/bar/thing for hot exclusive types.


Gina asks if Adam is interested, he says he’s up for it if someone wants to take him.

Adam says that Babydoll’s entire business is conducted with his cellphone, Adam is now having Gary look up Ralph Lauren, Adam is further describing the rare Ferrari collection Ralph bought early which are now valued at over 35 million dollars for some models.

Adam says do what you want, where you want in today’s world.

Adam and the gang are now looking at Ralph’s rare car collection, Adam tells Gary to stop and tells them it’s 200 million worth of Ferrari’s on the screen, and Gina asks if they sit in a warehouse or are actually driven.


2nd Caller Audrey, she has some nice praise for Gina, who takes it with a very genuine and appreciative tone, how nice.

She compliments Gina for her role on the show and is now telling Adam about her fear of expansion related to hiring employees and now Adam is sharing his “make me more than I Pay you” quote he heard from a fellow rich guy.

Adam is now using his assistant Matt as an example and taking it back to Audrey, Adam has some follow up thoughts and they all weigh in and move on.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Adam is heading to break.


They’re back from break with Chris Soules and Witney and Carson making their ACS debut(S).

They come back to a listener voicemail, Adam says he’s against plastic toothpicks being used in public and people who bring their toothbrush to work.

Adam says that when toothbrushes start to go more east and west rather and north and south it’s time to throw them out.


Adam welcomes them both to the show, he’s asking them about their current schedule for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and Adam is now sharing his experience on the show with a mentally checked out dance partner who was willing to phone in an abbreviated training schedule.

BB jokes about that point of time being when Adam was the critic’s darling, Adam is asking Chris about going from the farm to ‘The Bachelor’ and he’s saying DTWS is far less grueling in comparison.

Adam is now on an epic riff about the stresses and difficulties of banging strangers and living in luxury while getting paid to be on national TV.


Adam is now sharing the story of Jeff Ross getting kicked off of DWTS and the prank pulled by Cousin Sal, Adam is recounting Tom Cruise putting an end to the feud between Jeff and Sal that followed.

Adam is asking if Mike August was present for this, Mike is now on mic giving a very coherent recounting of the events and cites Jeff’s book “that sold 3 copies” and now he’s helping Adam wrap up the story.

Adam talks about his touchdown dance in front of Tom Cruise’s mom at Kimmel’s house, he talks about long snapping with Chris and compliments his abilities, and there is a video via the show page link above.


Adam is sharing some more observations and thoughts about DWTS and the schedule, he asks Witney about caps on practice time and Adam is now telling them about the prank he wanted to do involving a fat suit for his follow up interview on the show that was shot down by the producers.


Adam is now telling Chris to practice with Witney in her costume, it’s much different than when practicing in dance garb.

Mike August is serving up some Mangria.


Adam is doing a Squatty Pott live read

Adam stops to re-explain ‘The Better Man’ to an either forgetful or very cool plug giving opportunity Bryan, Adam is now giving out the plugs for where to vote for Chris and Witney.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the religious freedom registration law, she has a nice recap of the events and Adam is now riffing about pussy and cake being the two things most off the menu for the average gay man.

Adam is trying to figure out which culture or community eats the most cake, Adam suggests Jews and Gina agrees.


2nd Story is an update on the Amanda Knox case, Adam is still in defense of her and using basic logic to make sense of her public reaction, Gina has the update on the case and says that her vibe seems odd in the statement she gave after the verdict was overturned.

Gina describes the clip of her addressing her murdered flat mate, Adam is now joking about everyone who is murdered deserving a little better in life.

Adam is now citing an expose he saw on the case and the “shifty guy floating around” and he’s further defending Amanda and the lack of evidence against her.


Gina is now offering up some facts in response to Adam, challenging him and getting him to elaborate and further form a better take on these events.

Adam is asking if she got more shit because she’s attractive and the way people can throw that book at others for “looking evil.”


3rd Story is on Vin Diesel’s comments about the odds for ‘Furious 7’ receiving an academy award nomination for best picture.

Gina plays the trailer for the guys and Adam tells them to wrap it up, it’s mainly visual, hahahahaha!

Adam is describing how boring ‘Boyhood’ is and calls it a “slice of nothing’ and shares his experiences trying to get his wife to watch it, about as successful as her attempts to get him to watch ‘Homeland’.


Adam is bonding with Witney over their lack of appreciation for ‘Boyhood’ and Adam asks why something like a Fast and Furious movie couldn’t be nominated for best picture, why can’t all factors of filmmaking being considered, not just artistic jacking off.

Adam is now using ‘Transformers’ the first one, as an example for something took a lot more work and has better dialogue than ‘Boyhood’.


4th Story is on the University of Oklahoma fraternity members and their racist chant, she explains the origin of the chant and Adam is now riffing about being a ‘Frat Lawyer’ and how you would be compelled to travel with a pony keg at all times.

Adam declares it the greatest all time lost Phil Hartman character that he never got to do.

Adam is joking about “leadership” and other terms being added to cruise to disguise the drinking and debauchery that typically takes place on them.


5th Story Is on the McDonald’s fashion line and Gina explains “Normcore” fashion to Adam, BB and the guests.

Adam is joking about the guy wearing the big mac clothing being attacked by crows, hobos and other wild animals and then closes it with an unnoticed/trampled ‘Flock of Seagulls’ reference.

Gina has a funny commenting about paying for your food by telling your daughter you love her, Adam then uses that setup for a killer one liner about being truthful.


Adam is doing a live read for Arctic Ease


6th Story is on the new Twitter updates to block negative and hate for verified accounts, Adam is now in disbelief that people talk shit to BB with his cancer and all.

Adam is saying there should be a “block” break in period for when you make a major shift and don’t want to make someone go away forever, but maybe just for 60 days until the dust settles.

Gina and Witney discuss the differences for women and the hate and other offensive material sent their way over social media, Gina wraps the news.


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.