Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/29/2016 – Chris Denman and Travis Terrell, Live from The Pageant Theatre in St. Louis

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/29/2016 – Chris Denman and Travis Terrell, Live from The Pageant Theatre in St. Louis

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Chris Denman and Travis Terrell, Live from The Pageant Theatre in St. Louis

Recorded 03-26-2016 – Release Date 03-29-2016

Production Number #1788

Show Page

Adam has another show topper with some live reads and plugs before the live show, as per usual.

Adam thanks the fans for the cool gifts and for being so awesome in general, Adam is now busting out an Live Read

Adam swears by Alpha Brain and has been using their jump rope for years until Phil destroyed it.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Golf Guy or Golf Gal edition


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam opens the show to a funny “here to help personally move the Rams back to L.A.” intro from Dawson and Lynch.

Adam thanks the fans and welcomes Chris and Travis to the show for their ACS debut(s) and BB has a nice Dag yell as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam talks about the guy in the audience who got his brother a kidney via the show and teases some stories from the guest.


Adam is now describing the toilet paper roll he knocked loose while trying to wipe, he comments on the chrome flap that interferes with getting sheets to wipe with.

Adam has a killer Asian guy from ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ one liner.

Adam is now sharing his thoughts about toilet paper, it needn’t be given a lofty status nor a chrome shield, it will literally be wadded up and wiped against his poopy asshole then flushed into a sewer.


Adam is sharing how he likes the skill of snapping his own sheets of toilet paper, he likes his trained hand move like a master bullwhips-man.


Adam jokes about staying at the cheapest place possible and teases the “strip club story” and Travis reminds Chris that his mother is in the audience.

Chris is now telling the story and they play ‘The Boys of Summer’ by The Atari’s and they riff out an improv scene where the band decided to play cover that song.

The drummer for the band is in the audience, they were actually on Loveline twice




Chris is telling them about the Sawjay(?), a town which Adam says sounds like it’s French for sausage and he riffs about a sausage sawjay party with BB.

Adam is now riffing about utility ball sized cheese and meat in the shape of cocks and balls in the storefront window.

Adam is now talking about bringing the bell for What Can’t Adam Complain About and Chris is trying to rush through the story now.


Adam is talking about the humiliation that a bachelor must endure at his own bachelor party, they are now a cock and ball hazing and not the stag parties of days gone by.

Chris tries to finish his story and Adam is riffing about “taking it and going somewhere” and his garbage man not eating your trash, Chris tells them about the female orgasmic incontinence ending.

Adam is now sharing the classic “your daughter works at the topless joint dancing on stage or is the heavy set gal who is not fit enough to strip nude and dance, instead she cleans the pole.


Adam is polling the audience, Adam reveals that part of the heavy set gal’s unspoken gig is blowing the DJ and one of the guys has a swallow line that Adam pretends to be offended by, twisting the joke and making it funny, he’s dancing up a storm up there and even riffs about Lilith Fair with BB.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st WCACA Brady, Adam can’t complain about a good clean, away from home poop that only requires a safety wipe.

Adam likes shitting on other cities and talks about driving in the minivan with Jimmy Kimmel, Big Tad and T. Chance thrasher the male stripper.

Adam jokes about putting sheets of used toilet paper back on the roll and segues to cadaver dogs and jokes about them spending their days finding the corpses of dude’s girlfriends.


Adam is talking with Travis about the mechanical pencil style poop, the never ending log, wipe click, wipe click.

Adam says they will only talk about fecal matter for another 15min before getting back to the hot jizz chat, joking about Chris having his parents attend the show.


2nd WCACA Nick thinks Adam can’t complain about putting on fresh clothes right out of the dryer and Travis riffs about them being rich enough to own a dryer and have clean clothes, Adam takes it to a funny racial segregation joke.

Adam says he can only tell if he’s wearing a clean or dirty shirt based on a “mildew” smell that occurs when his shirts are left overnight in the washer.

Adam is now having Travis play Olga and he asks her about her bad loads, of laundry.


Adam is explaining how his wife ends up leaving his clothes in the washer overnight and Adam is mocking Nancy Grace and the real tragedy at place.


3rd WCACA Eric wants to know how Adam can complain about the Los Angeles Rams, Adam brings up Mike August’s take that nobody in St. Louis cares about their former NFL team.

Adam asks Gary if he has the internet and Adam is bringing up the watermelon head fans from the Rams history and they all react to the pictures of the fans sporting watermelons and Adam is now trying to dream up how this came about.

Adam thinks it was started to stay cool, like a nice cool towel around your neck.


Adam is calling a watermelon a gourd and jokes about having a good luck gourd on your head, Adam tells Gary to keep scouring for a black fan.

They wrap the bit.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a new teacher grading system for parents, Adam is now shouting about teachers and their easy work schedules and how they didn’t get into their field to fix your fucked up kid.

Adam says the Los Angeles school system is unusable and mocks the politicians who freely admit it, as if they haven’t been the ones running things into the ground.

Adam has a funny NFL coach “so we blow” riff in character as NFL coach Andy Reid, hilarious series of one liners.


Adam says he would be sending all of the parents an envelope telling them they aren’t cutting it, he would include a single bugle snack in each envelope, when the parents asked about it he would explain that it’s their own personal miniature dunce cap.

Adam is killing it joking about kids fresh from falling out of high school now being graded by their old teachers for their new kids, hilarious “most truant kid” and his piece of shit dad pictured ion the yearbook idea from Adam.

Adam brings up his free cock fights for raiders fans idea, funny wallet chain takes you to the bottom of Davy Jones Locker.

They’re all taking tequila shots and Adam has a killer one liner that leads to Chris and Travis telling them about having Jay Mohr on their show.


Adam is killing it saying he would prefer it to have Jay on stage and mocks Chris’ story about the female orgasmic incontinence.


2nd Story is on Justin Bieber cancelling all of his meet and greets for his latest tour as they leave him feeling depressed, Adam is crushing it by riffing about the horrors of being adored by caring fans.

Adam jokes about Bieber being able to afford to book Jay Mohr.

Adam is now going off about starlets driving rare exotic sports cars, he is reacting to a photo of Paris Helton stepping out of a Lexus LFA, Adam says she puts around with her teacup poodle on her pussy, wasting these amazing cars she owns.


Adam is back to the rich guy who worked his whole life to earn an LFA only to realize Paris has one too, custom painted pink which ruins the achievement.


Adam is now bringing up his 3 homes 0 dryer childhood, Travis is telling Adam about his upbringing and going to the university of Missouri.

Adam is telling them about climbing into the industrial dryer at a coin op laundromat with his buddy Ray laughing his ass off outside of it.


3rd Story is on the upcoming Hard Knocks season that will be focused on The L.A. Rams.

Gina tells them all of the details and Adam riffs about Jeff Fisher going all Hollywood, all Pat Reilly, hair slicked back etc.

Adam is now telling Travis about Mike August’s observation about the lack of Hispanic people in Colorado and Adam now shares his “there is 0 percent black people” and “oh there you go” reaction.

Adam is commenting on the quiet racism of that.


Adam is back to Los Angeles and the people who live there who for the most part aren’t the ideal fan base for this sport or team.

Adam is talking about how all of the guys he knows in L.A. root for their home team and Adam is saying he wants the L.A. Rams hotdog to be called the Ram Rod and he jokes that if you eat it too fast a little mayonnaise comes out.

Adam talks about having to fake caring and love after receiving a blowjob, BB has a killer bit of drop work and Gina has a nice reply.


Chris is suggesting something and now Adam is reacting to the opening credits of the show ‘S.W.A.T’ and says this shoulder roll is the move he wants to bust out of after a BJ, just roll away in his refractory.


4th Story is on the new strawberry shortcake Oreo, Adam is back to the white chick blowjob topic that Travis brought up, Adam has a nice “cool your Jet magazine” reply.

Adam is talking about black men and the myth about them not going down on women.

Adam is sharing the wisdom of his former teammate Squeak who told him that he doesn’t eat things that get up and walk away.


5th Story is on a new survey about the attractiveness of short guys and Adam talks about the notion of leveling the playing field and how genetics are the most unequal footing imaginable, you can’t level anything.

Short guys will still have to work twice as hard and fat girls will have to suck twice as hard.


6th Story is on the possible Horse Meat menu item for McDonalds in Kazakhstan, BB calls horses regal and Adam asks how pissed William Shatner is as this news.

Adam is mocking the notion of regal being attributed to animals and he brings up the giant blue fin tuna that are regal in comparison to a dog or a horse.

Adam is mocking humans and their dumb rules about eating meat and creatures, Adam jokes about eating through Paris Hilton’s dog right into her lap, whitey keeps eating, whitey runs towards the towers on 9/11.


Adam is riffing about the movie ‘Borat’ and Kazakhstan, Adam tells them to get their shit together.

Adam says McDonalds should be a tool for democracy, they become defacto embassies for our country in other nations.

Adam wants to poison the rest of the world with our gluttonous democracy and says we can win over the global community with fires and our flavors.


Adam is against regional McDonalds menu items, it should be identical globally, BB has a “make McDonalds great again” idea that Adam rolls with for a bit.

Adam is now using McDonalds for a teachable moment for some backwards countries across the globe.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Ada mocks a minivan driver in the audience, “besides Jay Leno over here” – Adam

Adam is killing this live read.


Adam thanks the guys and they wrap up the episode while Chris and Travis give out some plugs.