Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/29/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 225

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/29/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 225

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dr. Bruce

Recorded 03-24-2015 – Release Date 03-29-2015

Production Number #225 – Guest Host Dr. Bruce

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Good Lenses Bad Frames himself Dr. Bruce is in studio, he saw ‘Road Hard’ with his lady friend, he’s trying to get to some praise but struggling a bit.

Bruce and his lady thought it was very good, she said it was in the top 5 of comedies she’s seen in recent years.

Bruce is commenting on the inside stuff in the movie and thanks Adam for naming his character Bruce, Adam is mocking Matt Atchity’s stance on critics and their lack of bias.


Adam is now asking what could be considered cliché about his standup routines, they’ve never been done before.

Adam doesn’t like that the jokes land with a thud, Adam doesn’t think there are any groaners and praises Larry Miller and Diane Farr.

Bruce brings up Rotten Tomatoes and Adam addresses the “Woman aren’t funny” bias.


Adam asks how you can say a movie wasn’t directed, Bruce says for a budget dollar to entertainment factor it’s off the charts.

Adam comments on the Los Angeles Times being his local newspaper and him being a local boy, nice hometown reception.

Bruce informs Adam that his son Joey also downloaded the movie.


Adam is doing a plug for the upcoming premier of ‘Winning’ his Newman Documentary.

Adam plugs Take a Knee and Adam suggested everyone sit-down and listen to Mark Geragos’ wisdom from the most recent episode, which sounds very compelling.


1st Caller Kevin wants to know about celebrities in politics, citing Arnold being the Governor of Los Angeles, Adam shares why he doesn’t trust full time politicians, he likes guys who have been on the other side of the desk and have more life experience than just decades in the system like career politicians.

Adam says you shouldn’t toss out celebrities and consider them to be dumb, he cites Tom Cruise and praises the man for his achievements and says regardless of what you disagree with when it comes to him or his point of view, you can’t say he’s dumb or lazy.


Chris is now reading the Los Angeles Times review for ‘Road Hard’ with excellent pace and pronunciation.

Adam is now bringing up ‘Meet the Parents’ and the ‘Service Dog’ observations in his film that have never been done before, Dr. Bruce’s reactions are priceless.

Bruce wants to know about the New York Times review and Adam says he thinks its The Village Voice that shat on the movie.


2nd Caller Bret, he loved ‘Road Hard’ and jokes about hating women. He wants to know what Adam could have done to make his parents interested in his life and career.

Bruce suggests serial killer, Adam says he would use the flugelhorn and now Adam is bringing up Lynette and her previous lack of interest in ‘Track and Field’ prior to her son becoming interested in it.

Adam says he’s not sure she even knew it existed, he’s making a point about how much his wife loves their kids and supports them in such a healthy manner as opposed to his own upbringing.


Adam is saying he’s not sure how much easier he can make it for his family than digital movies streaming to their computers and TV’s.

Adam is talking about his large chasm in careers, all the variety of fields where he’s successful in each.

Adam is now making a complex analogy using living with a certain type of roommate to make his point about his uncomfortable childhood that forced him to do more for himself without expecting anything from anyone else.


Bruce talks about Adam and his refusal to suffer fools, Adam is talking about his experience doing live shows and the house music that plays before a performance.

Adam talks about how he got his playlist pumped in before his shows, Adam says inevitably the club owner would want to start the show and ask him when he’s ready.

Adam says that he figured out they start the show when the song ends, Adam says for some reason this always must be his idea and not someone running the boards idea.

Adam says Mike Lynch is a pretty smart guy.


Adam is now explaining how he told Gary how and when to start a show, Adam is explaining how he asked them to do this, great “Iffen” repetition from Ace.

Adam is now talking about the flooring his home featured in the movie, he’s explaining how he wanted no cuts on the pieces of the floor, he explains how most other people would have done this, Adam is explaining why he cared and why the academic arguments are simply that.

Bruce suggests that Adam might prefer an SSRI to help him mange this and seems to be experiencing anxiety, Adam says what he’s doing requires less work.


Adam is making a point about working smart and saving himself time, labor and getting a much better aesthetic product.

Adam is now explaining how the train hit the car in his complex metaphor for what happened at the Irvine improv with Gary, Dawson and the end of a song.

Adam wants to know if he and the staff are capable for executing this move, Adam is now showing Bruce a picture of his floor.


Adam wants to know why most people aren’t living life this way, Adam says that most people tell him that other people don’t think like him, Adam is saying that’s fine that’s why he tips them off, he thinks that way.

Adam is getting to the type of disconnect taking place, Adam thanks god his staff aren’t pilots.


Adam is doing a life lock ultimate plus live read

Adam jokes about Bruce’s identity being in the gutter with Ray, not in the cloud.


3rd Caller Adam, he’s a commercial pilot and a big fan he tells Adam about meeting him in Boston a couple years ago.

Adam wants Adam to pick his brain after hearing the ACS where Adam was asking for some of the facts, Adam talks about when he hears about the plane crash in Germany he becomes worried about air travel in general, the canary in the coal mine of air travel.


Adam is now talking about this scenario that resulted in the German Wings crash.

Adam is asking him what it would’ve felt like, he says it’s not that excessive of a rate of speed and he tells Adam about it being the most economical way to descend is to bring it down at a steeper descent save more fuel.

Adam is providing very useful information, Adam talks about the terrain sensing equipment and Adam asks about allowing it to take over when in danger, Adam says it’s not necessarily a good idea to allow it to take over.


Adam is bringing up the Payne Stewart plane crash, Adam is asking how the future of air travel and aircraft designs might work, allowing for automatic landing.

Adam is now explaining how the airlines will react to these sorts of retrofits, Adam explains how complicated it would be, Adam talks about the 200k fortified doors while he could have made something from materials at home depot for 200$ but everything in air travel costs more.

Adam is talking about ‘Dead Heading” and notes its weird the industry still uses that term while doing away with cockpit.


Adam is doing a live read for AVG Cleaner


Bruce brings up the Ebola vaccine and addresses anti-vaccine people and if they’ll object to this too, Adam is now making some points about the inherent racism of acting like Africa doesn’t count.

Adam is bringing up corrective helmets for rich white infants and therapy sessions before middle school, Bruce talks about Adam’s daughter tending bar and handing him a drink.


4th Caller Abraham, he wants to know if Adam will ever start up an improv based podcast and Adam says he’s tried to impart his improv wisdom many times over the years, Bruce asks how you could teach someone those skills.

Adam says absolutely, Adam says people are really unsophisticated and Adam cites his comedy training for his ability to crack wise.

Adam says people act like he’s a comedy idiot savant who eats his own toenails and backed into a career via meeting Jimmy Kimmel, nobody brings up his 6 years of training and completion of the Groundlings program before getting the boot.


Adam talks about the other classes he took in between official classes and the acting classes he took in addition to the training.

Adam says it doesn’t fit the bullshit narrative about him, he’s got some clearly worded responses to the message board types of the world.

Adam is explaining “yes and” and Adam is now talking about how nobody he’s worked with ever look at their improv skillset and attempt to improve it, even BB.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.