Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/29/2013 – Michael Dubin

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/29/2013 – Michael Dubin

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Michael Dubin

Recorded 03-28-2013 – Release Date 03-29-2013

Production Number #1046

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Adam is opening the show with a question about how one parks a car speaking of their character, he’s making some interesting points and drawing strong parallels into other parts of one’s personality.

Alison and BB are both weighing in, Adam is now citing when people come do the podcast, how some people will park their care in a “cork” like fashion.

Adam is now sharing a story from earlier in the day where the kid’s tutor parked behind Olga and boxed her in, hilarious ironic details in this one!


Adam is now tying it all together and explaining how you could just follow someone around for a day and figure out where there head is at.

Adam is now working in the people who delay/text when returning to their car in high traffic lots, even after spending time trolling for a space themselves.

Adam is now bringing up the people who are unable to follow you in traffic, he’s using the example of his dad attempting to follow him to a restaurant for dinner in the pre cell phone early loveline days.

Adam is now citing the person on the opposite end of the spectrum who refuses to be separated from your car and will blindly risk danger to stay put, Alison reveals she is one of these people.


Adam is telling the gang about recording “Family Guy” earlier in the day and running into Carrie Fisher and her service dog.

Adam is now recounting their conversation, Adam is now delivering some hilarious quotes about the “dog scarlet letter vest” and the sanity level of people who have service dogs.

Adam is now accidentally inventing “service smokes” and BB is chiming in to make it a reality.


Mr. Brightside

BB is having Adam refresh the parameters for this classic bit as it’s been many years since it was last played on the show, perhaps even the morning show days.

1st caller Cletus, his name and jovial attitude right of the bat make him a great 1st caller for this bit, he’s sharing some serious medical issues related to his diabetes and Adam has what could be considered a shocking one liner in reply that Cletus takes in stride.

Adam has a hilarious riff about the two littlest toes being more of a burden and actually seems to cheer Cletus up in spite of the comedy and light hearted riffing.


2nd caller Charles claims to have had a bad day, Adam picks up on the “bogousity” right off the bat, Charles then goes through all the most obvious tells from the Loveline days of bogus callers, he’s either playing along or completely clueless to the “Geneva Convention of Bogousity”.

Charles admitted it was bogus and goes along with the ruling like a champ.


3rd caller “Uphasio” (sp) Adam has trouble even with the phonetically spelled out name and a funny reply once he gets the pronunciation down from Alison and BB. The caller lost his wallet at home depot and was fired from his career in radio.

Adam has more funny one liners incorporating his name and he informs them of all the others people have used for him over the years.

Adam is quizzing him about having his mom’s debit card in his wallet and getting his journey, so much so Adam is now telling him he’s bored with the call and actually just gave up trying to improve his life.


Adam is doing an in depth live read for Dollar Shave club to appropriately describe how they came across the company as fans of their online commercial before they were ever a sponsor.

They’re now playing the oft mentioned commercial and it sounds kind of funny, BB is making it clear where the visual jokes are for the audience.


Adam is welcoming Michael to the ACS for his first visit and some sponsor synergy, Adam wants to know when the commercial was first released and upon finding out it was just exactly a year ago beings to question Michael in hilarious fashion with the air of disbelief.

BB is responding to the line of questioning and busting Adam’s balls about telling the man about his own company’s milestones, Adam is figuring out when Jay was still around to make sense of the timeline of events.

Adam is now going off on the difficulty of buying new replacement blades for his razors and how Michael’s company so easily solved the various headaches and wasted time Adam used to spend trying to pair them with his various razor handles over the years.


Adam is going off on lasers as a cosmetic corrective option, he has declared them to be a ruse being pulled over on society, and Alison is chiming in to agree with how the tattoo removal process never seems to completely work.

Michael is sharing an anecdote about his own attempts at “manscaping” and how he elected to have his nostrils waxed and how it actually lead to him getting sick.

Michael is explaining the growth in his business and how he now answers to a board of directors and now he’s teasing a big announcement for the company that he can’t reveal today.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the Newtown shooter, there is some confusion with the names of the shooter and Alison is clearing it up, this is why I don’t use their names in the sidebars, one of the reasons.

Adam is making some great points about life in prison for these guys being quite superior to the death sentence and he’s citing all the marriage proposals they’re probably already fielding.

He’s now citing “Tex Watson” as a prime example of a lifestyle behind bars that allows for a “celebrity status” and benefits the guilty with a quality of life that features perks many innocent men don’t ever hope to get while following the rules and obeying the laws of society outside the joint.

Alison is reading the details of the shooter being pulled over for running a red light and the officer’s description of the events that unfolded during the routine traffic stop from before he committed his massacre.


2nd story is on the other shooter in the news, Alison is reading a list of the books found in the home along with a check/gift card from the shooter’s mother for him to purchase a specific firearm.

Adam is now on a great riff about the lack of insight and guesses the last words of the shooters mother and really wants to know how she couldn’t see this coming as it’s so clear to everyone else now in hindsight with the information she had the whole time.


3rd story is on the new female head of the “Secret Service” and the gang are all giving their take on it, Adam makes a great point about the woman getting the job and compares her to Janet Reno to properly define her nature.


4th story is on a toddler who was mauled by a pit bull, Alison is reading the details and is honest about her mixed emotions about the dogs being put down.

Adam is now explaining that despite the claims to the contrary the pit bull is a breed with a switch and with all the known deaths it’s simply not smart to keep them in a home with small children.

BB has a great question about owning a pit bull being analogous to having a firearm in your house and Adam seems to agree a bit while pointing out the existence of “gun safes” being a key difference in the comparison.


Adam is now sharing the super rare story of the time he squared off with the neighbors near feral dog “moon” and he’s giving the best description of the home “Moon” came from I’ve ever heard recapped on air.

Adam is now discussing the various tactics advised for dealing with hostile/wild animals in order to survive an attack, he’s mocking the idea of playing dead with a great turn of phrase.

Adam is now giving the longest breakdown of the battle with “moon” ever told on the ACS perhaps ever on air period, might even be more detailed and longer than the Loveline telling which was sourced for Adam’s book.

Adam is now leaving off the ending where he was stopped by his dad with a rare bit of fatherly intervention when he was looking for a weapon to get retribution in his crazed post attack state.


5th story is on a list ranking the best Easter candy, Adam is shocked that his favorite is ranked number 8th and Alison is surprised by the ranking for the infamous Cadbury cream egg. Adam is explaining the possible homoerotic reason it’s placed at the number which it ranks on the list.

Adam is pondering the fine “Sees candy” Easter egg and Alison is now sharing a personal anecdote about trying to recapture some early magic of her current relationship with a trip to “Sees”.

Adam is now ranting about how he hates these lists, he’s drawing parallels to the hottest women lists that often show up in the news and how you nullify the list by adding someone or something that doesn’t belong higher placed on the list.

He’s citing Mila Kunis and her constant top ranking on the hot chick lists, poor Mila.


6th story is on the “Olympic Blade Runner” being given permission to leave South Africa in order to compete in his sport. Adam is advising he should be forced to participate in the winter pentathlon and now they’re discussing his side of the story and how unlikely it is.

Adam is now calling for his functional MRI lie detection standard for all of the globe, he’s mentioning the possible counter arguments and offering what some might see as a surprising criticism of our current system favoring rich white males.


7th story is on a man who arrested after a 6yr old accidentally consumed his Adderall prescription which was hidden in a plastic Easter egg. Alison is reading the details and reasoning behind his arrest.

Adam is now waxing poetic on days gone by where people kept their “stash” in a film container and how he misses that trend.

Adam is now going off on childproof containers and the amount of time you will have spent wasting trying to remove those caps at the end of your life.

Adam is now pitching Michael on a new business idea “International Waters” an adult store that sells only items sans childproof devices and warnings.


Alison wraps the news and now Adam is doing a funny live read and works Michael’s business into it and is now is capping it off with a funny and honest reply as to why he’s not drinking Mangria while recording the show.