Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/28/2016 – Willie B. and Ricardo Baca, Live from The Paramount Theatre in Denver

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/28/2016 – Willie B. and Ricardo Baca, Live from The Paramount Theatre in Denver

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Willie B. and Ricardo Baca, Live from The Paramount Theatre in Denver

Recorded 03-25-2016 – Release Date 03-28-2016

Production Number #1787

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Adam has a pre-recorded intro and some live reads, for Draft Kings, Texture and he gives out some live dates.

Adam is doing a Live Read


Dawson has a funny intro joking about forgetting Lynch’s intro joke because he’s too high in Denver.

Adam welcomes the audience to the show, he jokes about them running out of Mangria already and how this isn’t a comedy show but an AA meeting.

Adam is sharing a Mike August moment and he explains how they hustled over to the Argonaut liquor store and he comments on how nobody knows what an Argonaut is yet we name everything after them, funny Jason fought them one liner from Adam.


Adam is going over their confusing turn by turn directions as they walked with the phone directing them to the theater.

Adam is commenting on how he has walked through the promenade several times and he comments on the time guy the said “son you outkicked your coverage” when Mike Lynch fired up an image of Lynette during a live show a few years back.

Adam is sharing how reacted to August once again getting them lost while on foot.


Adam is asking Willie B. about his experience on the show ‘Pinks’ and he explains how he raced his own car on the show and promoted the filming they did in Denver.

Adam is asking him about the show and the bracket system used for their races.

Adam is now using Carl Weathers as an example of a fast black guy, BB brings up Carl Lewis and Adam is now on a homeless jag, he says it’s freezing there and invites all of the Denver bums to California.


Adam says it’s the elevation and you get drunk off less booze, you’ll go broke trying to get drunk awhile at sea level.


Adam jokes about people reminding you to hydrate and telling you to have a safe flight, he mocks both notions and asks what he’s supposed to when it comes to shitting, does he need a reminder for that too.

Adam is sharing how they were told the Southwest flight was full and they say in the final row, Adam says he had a little kid who was throwing himself at the chair and banging into Adam.

Adam jokes about the mother not doing her job and putting an exit bag over the kids head to calm him down.


Adam is now asking about Steward/Stewardess use and Adam is back to Carl Weathers in Rocky III and his running on the beach.

Adam has a killer Carl Weathers vs. Louie Anderson foot race example for bracket racing.

Adam is talking about the funny names used by Dodge for their cars.


Adam is asking Willie about his race and the cars he was competing against; he tells them about the 150mph finishes and small margins when drag racing other vehicles.

Adam is asking Gina about her schedule before flying out, she did morning radio.

Adam is sharing his experience on the job site working on the new house, Adam is showing them a picture of a Genie lift and brings up the Glulam beam


Adam is going over a conversation he had with Mike August about the lack of Mexicans in Colorado and how that leads to about a thousand questions, re: who does yard work and housekeeping.

Adam says you never ask any questions when you find out a place has no white people or black people.

Adam is commenting on the weed and shares Jimmy Kimmel’s observation about pot and cupcake stores.


Willie is weighing in and Adam is talking about the super-sized cupcake with the full bukake face full of frosting, he jokes about eating it with a fork and knife.

Adam is bringing up the Indica/in da couch conversation he had with Ricardo Baca that led to him getting high off his ass and overeating after an edible.

Adam says the first time he tried ecstasy was the worst 9hrs of his life.


Adam describes a post ACME Theater drive to Vegas in Katie’s car, Adam marvels at Katie being the one friend who had her shit together due to her decent vehicle, when all they had was beaters.

Adam describes them finding out that check in wasn’t until 2pm, they sat in the coffee shop for 12hrs sweating on themselves.

Gina brings up the ‘Sex and The City 2’ experience Adam had with Jimmy Kimmel, he is now telling that story in full explaining they weren’t on E for that movie going experience.


Adam is now having Gary pull up the film’s release date and his birthday to prove they coincided and he explains the joke attempt he made that his wife actually planned.

Adam has a funny riff about achievement day vs. birthday and says the day he beats you at mopar racing and bangs your old lady, that’s the day he will choose to celebrate on, not the day he was born.

Adam talks about the packed theater and how he could see Miranda’s pussy lips while watching the movie from the front row, he could see that much!


Adam is explaining how the TMZ guy jumped out of the bushes and caught them fresh out of the opening night screening of ‘Sex and The City 2’ while they were both sporting a buzz from the medicated breath strips they enjoyed before/during the movie.

Gary has the TMZ footage of them being accosted by TMZ.

Adam is sharing his reaction to the TMZ episode the next day, he loved how they presumed he was joking about seeing the movie they actually saw.


Adam is doing a Castrol GTX Live Read

Adam is on fire and Willie knows about the oil Jacuzzi and the cold starts edition

Oil in the pan trying to get it up in the crankshaft is like waking your stoner roommate in the morning

Adam jokes about their fictitious summer’s eve sponsorship.


Adam says goodbye to Willie and Ricardo Baca is joining them live on stage, Adam jokes about feeling Charlton Heston’s corpse moving.

Adam is now riffing about Ricardo’s job duties and he explains how they do some serious investigative reporting and shares the details of an edible manufacturer who was using the wrong amounts of THC.

Adam jokes about being in a bad head space, riffing about the guys storming the beaches of Normandy and anyone ever caring about their head space.


Adam came up with a grading system, a Z for zigzag like Zagat’s.

Ricardo tells them about his two staffers who consume and review weed for the paper and know far more than he does, Adam has a killer riff as their boss getting angry about the weed critics not being stoned in the office.

BB has a funny hair braiding industry one liner and Gina asks Ricardo about his favorite strain to vape, Adam jokes about putting a little bit of the vape liquid behind his neck, he did it one time and Doug Benson bit him, he had it coming to him though, hilarious!


Adam is riffing about fake Chief names, he says that weed lifestyle is a whole thing now, Adam says the stoners he knew were going to smoke regardless, it wouldn’t make people like his dad smoke pot.

Adam is using some “click it or ticket logic” and how people rebel against the asshole “sign man” and legal weed wouldn’t force or encourage non weed people to get high.

BB demands some data and Gina says someone needs to smoke him out, Adam is telling Ricardo that it is not the case that more people will use legal pot.


Adam wants legalized marijuana and responsible adults who raise responsible future adults and brings up how many of the potheads who love the laws against large sodas in NYC, Adam says it’s a slippery slope when you let the government control behaviors and substances.

The only barrier to entry is a family structure that raises responsible citizens, Adam doesn’t like giving the government power, especially when they cite “the kids” and he wraps up his awesome rant.


Weed Walking – Andy

1st WW Denver is the mile-high city because it’s a mile above what?

Adam is now riffing about the high contestant; Adam says he knows but the explanation is not as we know it.

BB screams for him to put his phone away.

Adam has a killer C bomb.


2nd WW Who is the current Attorney General, Adam comments on Mike Lynch giving everyone the bends with the super easy to super hard question.

Adam has a killer Loretta Lynch/Loretta Lynn mixup.


3rd WW Spell Vaporization

Adam is mocking his own learning disability and Andy declines to spell it then fails when he gets encouraged to try.


4th WW Grow Lights burn a ton of kilowatts, how many watts in a kilowatt?

Adam says no, to go opposite and try to win.

Andy fails and Adam takes the win.


Gina’s News

1st Story is onto he students who felt threatened by chalk marks supporting Donald Trump, Adam riffs about how guys used to pretend to be manly and would pop a car’s hood even if they knew nothing about cars, we faked it.

Adam brings up the “almost got into a fight” story that dude’s used to brag about, he says at a certain point the stories started changing and became the person proudly talking about crying and calling OnStar for help.

Adam has a killer “chick in a minivan threatened me so I blew Keith out of fear” comment.


Adam is now back to guys bragging about being useless sacks of pussy juice and jokes in character as a guy who fell putting in a light bulb and fell on a dildo, that’s still in him.

Adam asks when we needed prayer circles due to chalk and rants against the pussitude at play.

BB says that things that should be deep dark secrets are now headlines, Adam gets the evolved open part of equality, but the everyone is scared of chalk and cries plan does not make sense.


Gina has quotes from the students and Adam is now riffing asking who is going to mow our lawns and says he has ahis eye on a few races to take over Mexican people.

Adam says if you major in being a pussy you won’t have that many job prospects and asks if we need a bunch of super soft weaklings entering the work force.

Adam is sharing his angle he’s been working with his wife about college being a waste of money that will only ruin the kids.


Adam is now quoting his “brick and mortar” store idea, Ricardo tells them about the real life brick and mortar Amazon stores they’ve opened and Adam jokes about the as seen on TV store.

Adam is riffing about flex seal, BB saw that guy in an elevator wearing his own merch and Adam jokes about sealing his mouth shut with his own product.


2nd Story is on a man who was arrested for a 2002 arrest warrant for never returning ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ and he jokes about Tom Green offering to cover the guy’s bail until he learned it was the hefty sum of 161$.

Adam is commenting on VHS Rental Pricing and Ricardo comments on the rise of cassette tapes for modern media and asks when VHS will make a comeback.

Adam is bringing up the time he rented porn bloopers and having to return it to the video rental place where one of the loser chicks form his high school was working.


Adam says it was a 20/20 video as it predated Blockbuster.

Adam describes paying for the porn bloopers in change and he jokes about the sad scene.

Adam is commenting on how he and Dana Gould always laugh about the porn section for video stores and how they would force you to rub shoulders with other creepy dudes.

Adam talks about wanting some Asian porn and BB helps him with a “I think he just calls it porn” line as Adam talks about Hop Sing, the mysterious Asian man also perusing the porn and how he was uncomfortable to check out the Asian chick stuff in front of him.


Adam is now mocking the western saloon doors often used and BB plays the old west music bed as Adam riffs about being a loser who beats off to porn.


Adam is talking about the time his buddy got a job taking tickets at the Pussy Cat theater and he riffs about watching porn in a theater with that level of loser creeps, dudes who jack of among other dudes in a movie theater, yikes.


3rd Story is on the survey that found people living in Los Angeles are more likely to say they’re happy with their job, Adam talks about the broken dreams associated with the city.

She explains that the weather was cited as a major factor for why they are happy.

Gina reveals Denver was the city with the most miserable employees.


Adam is now joking with a satellite dish installation guy, Adam loves the idea that the guys triangulate the satellites from your rooftop, using advanced math and angles.

Adam is now riffing about the level of power the cable/satellite guy possesses, he says the satellite guy should just stand there with his aluminum box covered clipboard and he riffs about it being damaged by hail previously.

Adam is telling him to use the “we got an issue” line after checking out the roof and he comments on the facial expression and reaction of the homeowner as their ears ring like someone in a movie dealing with something in slow motion.


Adam has a killer “I might have one in the van” hope the satellite guy can use, saying it’s not his regular van and he’s using Artie’s van, you know Artie…

Adam is telling him to pull this move every time and he will get a 100$ tip, this satellite guy is being way too magnanimous.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam has another “good news/bad news” and uses “are you going sleep here tonight?” as an example and tells them about someone asking him about his family living in the house during the remodel.

Ricardo plugs his podcast as they wrap up the show.