Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/28/2013 – Doug Benson Live from Amalfi

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/28/2013 – Doug Benson Live from Amalfi

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Doug Benson Live from Amalfi

Recorded 03-27-2013 – Release Date 03-28-2013

Production Number #1044

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Adam is opening the show with Doug Benson on stage, Doug is jumping in right off the bat to ask Adam about being brought up during the news story about the soccer player giving the Nazi salute.

The guy who tweeted it to Doug or Doug himself have misinterpreted it, Adam is now recalling the riff with amazing accuracy and explaining what a positive it actually was.

Now they’re riffing about Doug as the world’s worst Nazi and its gold! Hilarious Peppermint Schnapps mention from Adam and now Alison is bringing the conversation back to address it and ringing out some good comedy and encouraging a new riff/tangent from a quick offhanded comment.


Adam is explaining the injury to his elbow from taking a spill at his house, he’s describing it in hilarious terms to properly paint a picture of the various yoga assistive devices for your back lying around that make it difficult for even the “cat like” Adam to navigate, surprised it wasn’t a toy that caused his spill after all the bitching about them taking up all the space of his palatial manor.

Adam is explaning the spill and the hilarious details of it along with his non hypocritical reaction of laughter along with the family, Alison has a great pun.

Adam is now telling the gang about having another unusual thing happen to him, he had an outdoor fart catch up to him while at the races and his description of the strange noise he made to the possible witnesses is utterly relatable and classic Adam behavior.

They’re all now riffing on Adam’s fart tangent, this is great! Doug wants to know why people have to fart when exiting a commercial flight, now Adam is riffing on the “asserage” number of farts for humans per day.


Adam is once again referencing his now altered “flora and fauna” in his gut, this once proud ass warrior now can’t even tell what kind of ammo he has chambered, perhaps that explains his newly acquired hesitation about fart related comedy.

A very much missed staple of his Loveline years that somehow was funnier than any other fart related comedy and transcended the immaturity associated with it, even Dr. Drew eventually came around to worship it after witnessing Adam’s 1998 fart lighting and will often recount the power of what he witnessed like someone describing the Hiroshima blast. – See Adam and Drew episode #9 for a full recap of some of the best moments from LL’s history.


Adam is telling the gang how he holds in his farts while on flights for his sake and the other passengers, Adam is now giving the “after the first date fart” explanation and riffing on it.

Alison claims to be surprised by his considerate holding in of gas for the sake of others, but doesn’t touch on the main reason of Adam not liking to be the center of attention and his almost pathological resistance/discomfort in experiencing  public embarrassment.

Adam doesn’t even touch on his standby story for the “14 stage first date fart” he witnessed from a Man Show employee after returning to their hotel in the morning, so much for the repetition complaints, goes to show you can’t truly predict where he’ll go at any moment, Comedy Factory indeed!

Doug has a funny reply about Adam having too many farts in his “ammo clips” and Adam tops it with a killer variant of the Chuck Heston NRA quote.


They’re now all discussing having to use the bathroom and how it can become unbearable as you approach your home or a restroom when you really have to go. Adam is now comparing it to self-destruct sequences being added to spaceships in sci-fi movies, hilarious riff.

Adam is now telling the story of the time where the kids held the elevator for their dad, this is perhaps Adam’s most ironic shit related story from recent history.

Adam wants to know if Doug is wearing a member’s only jacket and is now riffing on the neck cover flap. Bryan is pointing out some fans in the audience sporting some of Adam’s “water displacement windbreakers”.

Adam has requested yet another “show of heil’s” and Bryan has a killer response. Adam is now telling Doug how to properly measure his penis.

Hilarious riffing about Doug not understanding the simple idea, he proves it with a follow up comment about nobody having 5 million feet of penis, Bryan then spells things out in spite of Adam’s protest that Doug is too high to understand the idea.


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia

Adam is giving some plugs, explaining why he goes by Pete for this game and now Doug is clarifying the game is only for the people on stage to participate, something he’s used to from is own almost 6yrs running podcast “Doug Loves Movies” where he plays his now infamous “Leonard Maltin Game”.

The full cast of the ACS have guested on 1-2 past episodes of the show, BB and Alison were just on a few months back, it should still be available for free.

Mid Game the water displacement test comes back up, Dawson defends his point, BB gets in a “Boogie Nights” joke and now Adam is partially agreeing with Dawson while riffing about the reasons he can’t include other nations, the line about Mexico being the funniest.

There is a super rare “turning over of all the cards” for “Dickie Roberts Former Child Star”.

Adam misses one of his wheelhouse pictures that was a total softball for him.

There is another super rare “no point” round.


Alison’s News

Adam is now explaining the drop that Bryan’s playing of Adam quoting Lynette from when he turns on the ceiling fan, hilarious riff.

Her top story is on the Italian courts overturning the acquittal of Amanda Knox, Adam is now riffing on jeopardy with teens/kids with Alison.

Alison is reading the details and explaining the questions this presents for Amanda’s fate, Adam makes a point about good looking people having to go to prison, wow!

Adam is now on a great analogy about the appearance of insects and people in society, he’s got two amazing riffs on different tattoos and now sharing on one Jimmy’s ideas for one and Alison is telling Adam about one of Bobcat Goldthwaits comedic tattoos.


2nd story is on an economist claiming the only fair way to charge for air travel is by an individual’s weight, Adam is now asking the audience to dig! He’s riffing about how we’re all just freight on the C-130 of life, gold!

They’re all riffing on this and Adam is just killing it, he has a new idea about weighing yourself on the baggage scale with you luggage and having it report your last weight to you every time you fly.


3rd story Alison is skipping ahead to the subject of attractive flight attendants encouraging ticket sales, they’re all weighing in but don’t seem that interested in the pretense of the story nor are they aware of how some people treat air travel employees and their unrealistic/unfair demands in regards to the appearance of hard working female flight attendants that seems to be a carry over from the “Mad Men” era of air travel.

Alison is back to the 2nd story to breakdown the fair tariff structures and Doug has a one liner about Kevin Smith.

Alison is explaining there is one airline that does charge by weight, Samoan air and now Adam is riffing on the seeming absence of “medium sized” Samoan women.


4th story is on the founder of bikram yoga being sued for sexual harassment, Adam has an amazing theory on why it exists and an even funnier quote about getting sweaty enough with regular yoga.

Adam is now riffing on the guy he saw travelling with his yoga mat, hilarious riff about the difficulty in obtaining one in California when they landed, Bryan has a funny one liner.

Adam is now Explaining the true motivation behind carrying a yoga mat with your carry on baggage. Alison is now reading the details and some quotes from the case. Adam is riffing on the idea of being uncomfortable being enough cause to sue.

Adam has a terrific “yeah but still” in response to the details he predicted were coming after ranting about being uncomfortable, he just invented a new Yoga post and now Doug killed the Mangria.


5th story is on the Tilda Swinton doing an art installation where she slept in public. Alison wants to know if they would watch it or perform in it themselves and wants to know what people would see if they did, Adam and Doug have equally hilarious replies.

Alison wants to know Adam’s worst place to fart after his comment on what Tilda is doing to that box, Adam is now on a crazy riff about dudes at the track who add flames to their fire suits and how it will at best lead to a mistaken extinguishing and might be a bad omen.

Adam is asking about Tilda’s career and has a hilarious Kate Hudson one liner, Doug aggress and they can’t cite a decent movie she’s been in besides “Almost Famous”.


6th story is on the MTV Video Music awards being held in Brooklyn for the first time, Adam is now explaining how that trip used to be like a love scene montage between Adam and Kimmel, he’s now recounting the good times of the classic KROQ trips they took each year.

Alison wants to know if this was the type of trip where they shared a room and now Adam is explaining the trips where they did and going in depth on how they defeated the hotel cable boxes to watch free porn.


7th story is on a man being arrested after drawing a penis on his unconscious roommate, Adam is now sharing how he discussed all the dead guys who’ve turned up in morgues with cocks drawn on their face with Dr. Drew.

Adam is asking the ethical implications of a coroner removing penis graffiti from dead bodies and now he’s polling Doug about the number of corpses that have turned up in morgues with sharpie dongs drawn on them.

Adam has a hilarious quote about Jimmy Kimmel drawing a cock on you and now he’s telling Doug about the time Mike August was a victim of the “Yokozuna” from Cousin Sal after passing out at Jimmy’s house.


Alison wraps the news and Adam is wrapping the show with some plugs.