Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/27/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 321

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/27/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 321

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-22-2016 – Release Date 03-27-2016

Production Number #321 – Earthquakes

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Adam thanks the fans for “spreading it around” and he tells Drew about listening to KFI local radio, they broke to the news and interviewed and expert on earthquakes.

Drew brings up the realities of the infrastructure and the real danger of the freeway overpasses in Los Angeles.

Adam is joking about man forming mud and earth into buildings and he brings up the brittle nature of Mexican construction materials.


Adam riffs about unbreakable combs and oil resistant soles on shows, Adam says Jew instead of Drew and tells him to picture a big piece of Matzah.

Adam uses matzah compared to an unbreakable combed to make a point about earthquake and structural engineering.

Adam talks about reinforcing Matzah and using wire pipe cleaners to frame it.


Adam is describing the big cement columns that needed to be wrapped with a Kevlar or other material to contain the concrete.

Drew talks about the dangers and Adam says he pulled one post holder and held it in is hand, he told his wife that he was holding more steel in his hand than is found in the entire home.

Adam uses the age of the house and its track record with the years of earthquakes since it was built to argue for why he must only make his home 95X stronger than the original build, nope they want 10,000x times stronger and won’t let you build sensibly.


Adam is reinforcing his statement that its unreinforced masonry that you need to worry about.

Adam is saying you need to wrap concrete from the outside to do the work from that direction, instead of the rebar doing the work.

Adam is bringing up the retirement speech from Lucy Jones’ press conference, he jokes about her being a lesbian and mocks her speech that drilled home the point you’re more likely to be murdered than die in an earthquake.

Adam is asking Gary to find the clip and they move on.


Drew is doing a Live Read


They’re back to Dr. Lucy jones and Adam talks about listening to local radio and he explains why he won’t listen to preseason sports on am radio, he tells the listeners to please kill themselves.

Adam is bringing up another news story that came up while he was listening to said radio, about some violence among preteens, Adam describes the hardened speech of one of the witnesses that was interviewed, almost as if he was indoctrinated into prison vernacular.

Adam talks about the shank/shiv context used by the kid, Adam is commenting on this kid being familiar with the system and Gary is trying to find the Lucy Jones video still.


Adam has Gary reveal it was in Boyle Heights and Drew talks about the mariachi staging ground ala the day laborers outside of Home Depot.

Adam is asking about resources or parenting when it comes to cases like this, what will have an actual effect.

Adam talks about not having to worry about Drew’s kids, his old adage about knowing that they will never break into anyone’s home based on their upbringing.


1st Caller Justin, he works in HVAC and Adam admonishes him, hilarious riffing from Adam mocking him about his extended story before his question.

Justin wants to move on and pursue a new career, Adam is interrupting to tell him what he loves about the human condition and talks about having to get people to be quiet while filming for productions.

Adam says his greatest fear would be having to make someone tell him again, he jokes about shoulder roll escaping away in shame.


Adam is now listing all of the repeated conversations he must have with people, Justin gives them the summation of his dilemma.

Adam talks about liking or hating travel, Adam says he has a theory about being stuff oriented, he says Jimmy Kimmel is experience oriented and he’s not tied to his possessions, he’s into living life to its fullest, Adam just wants to tinker on his stuff until the end of time.

Drew asks about Adam and his theory, Adam declares himself a warlock, he’s creative and a “stuff guy.”


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

These guys saved Adam’s butt over the weekend, he wore his fire suit to Willow springs without clothes underneath.

Adam forgot about the podcast taping right after, he interrupts himself to rant about his radar detector and how breaking the man’s laws saved him over an hour in each direction.

Adam has a stash of the clothes in his trunk, he was able to get lucky this time, he tells people to get a subscription and put a stash of clothes in the car.


2nd Caller Jessica, she thanks Adam and tells them about commuting back when the ACS premiered and says the showed saved her life.

She wants to get their take on cruelty free meat, Adam is all for what makes sense and then gets to the financial stakes of the reality of cruelty free meat costs.

Drew says its’ the economic reality, Adam is now sharing how he’s more interested in making the best technology cheap, Drew references the invisible hand.


Adam is trying to recall the name of the founder of Punjabi Alisari Asiz (Anant Agarwal) and Gary jumps in with a flawless delivery sharing the man’s actual name.

Adam is sharing his flat panel TV theory of economic thriving, he goes in depth on how things like EdX can actually change education and society without spending any additional money.

Adam jokes about demanding a cigarette be put out on every chicken before he eats it.


Adam says people should vote with their pocket books and support the things they believe in; Adam is explaining the real luxury of making money is to spend more for the sake of freedom of choice.

Adam says he and Drew will never go nutjob and care more about animals than human beings and Drew quotes Gandhi.

Adam is asking about the Dr. Lucy Jones clip; Gary can’t find it.


Drew is now chiming with a story of coming home the other night to find a large amount of traffic and police converged on a property where a social media app gathered party was taking place, Drew says it’s like Uber for parties, hmmm.

Drew explains he and his wife were engaged in some “affectionate play” while driving much to Adam’s surprise, Drew is affirming it was late, on a quiet street, nobody around and nothing dangerous.

The quiet in the studio is making this extra hilarious, holy shit!


Adam is trying to discern if this was a marital hand job and some light finger blasting or road beejer, Adam jokes about the kids being in the back and Drew tops him by insisting they were up front, wow!

Adam is asking if she started at the restaurant, Drew is now telling Adam about the mass of humanity that was evacuating.

Adam is now riffing a scene between two cops talking about seeing Dr. Drew pull up to the chaos, disagreeing over seeing Drew and his wife or seeing him solo.


Adam is joking about her scratching her chin and has a solid piece of jerky he fed to his lap one liner.

Adam is playing both cops; this scene is wonderful!

Drew is telling Adam about this “whitey wilding” event.


Adam says he hopes that’s a weekend activity, this is one of the funniest segments in ADS history, great job!


Adam is doing a Live Read for High T Pro

Adam promotes all of their products.


Adam says he has not yet sung the national anthem but by the time this airs it will have happened, Adam is now asking him about the process and if they coached him up.

Drew says he demanded one and even went out and sang it with the organist at the arena, Drew tells Adam about his son coaching him and the fun they had doing that.

Drew says it’s almost like singing Latin, it’s got some strange phrasing in bizarre order.


Adam is joking about Drew’s car and the “frosted” dome light, wow this is great.

Adam says that this is Drew challenging himself and he says Drew must have gotten a shock of fear and went with it despite the fear.

Drew is affirming all of Adam’s presumptions about the process.


Drew is responding to Adam talk about the residual effect of pussing out, the I pussed out felling you will take to your grave.

Adam is now wrapping up the show and talks about the virtual reality element with Joel McHale for the Seattle Live show.