Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/27/2014 – Andy Summers, Rob Giles, Alec Baldwin, and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/27/2014 – Andy Summers, Rob Giles, Alec Baldwin, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Andy Summers, Rob Giles, Alec Baldwin, and Matt Atchity

Recorded 03-26-2014 – Release Date 03-27-2014

Production Number #1290

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Adam is opening the show with Alison announcing her “extremely menstrual” status, BB has a classic #TopDrop and BB has a duck like pronunciation of his catchphrase.

Adam is now joking about the female reproductive system, saying its like painting the golden gate bridge, hilarious painting with a maxi pad joke, Matt Atchity is revealed to be in studio.

Adam is now riffing about werewolf movies and the commands from the afflicted to be locked up during the full moon.


Adam is using hungry kids in a car who refused to bring a snack as an example of this, Adam is now getting to a caller on line one.

Alec Baldwin is joining the show again, he’s asking Adam about having the entire internet shoved up his ass, Adam is asking him about the latest drama, and Alex wants to know if Adam cares about what people say about him on the internet.

Adam says you can make yourself care, but it’s best to ignore the links and has a nice hotdog factory analogy.


Adam says if you searched the internet for every time someone called Adam or Alec a douchebag the internet would catch on fire.

You can hear Alex’s adorable daughter in the background, Alec is making a point about the media switch over the past few years, how people choose what you meant by what you said, all opinion and analysis.

Adam says we live in a time where you can be labeled an arsonist without every striking a match, he’s listing all of the things you can be called without earning it, such as being called a racist.


Adam is now talking about every interview he does has someone fishing for a story, trying to get him to say “fuck that cunt” about Lena Dunham, trolling him to say something to cause controversy.

Alec is explaining why he likes talking to Adam and will only talk to him instead of the types of interviews where people can editorialize or reshape your words.

Adam has a hilarious “did we call you at an inconvenient time” one liner and Alec is battling the attention demands of his daughter, dog and now Adam is telling Alec about the Baldwin Brother alert system for Homeland Security.


Alec is asking Adam about the chart, he’s refusing to comment and tells Adam to be Adam, Alec is now explaining how he’s approached and pressured into interviews and promotion, he’s citing the actors who refuse to participate.

Alec says all of that promotion makes no difference, Adam agrees and jokes about not having acting ability, Alison has a wise question probing for hypocrisy and Adam explains it away with humility.

Alec is promising to meet up with Adam when he comes to town, Adam is now making a closing point about Alec entering the fray.


Adam wants to know why he chooses to enter the fray again, Alec says the only thing that matters to him is his family.

Alec says he would host jeopardy for 20 years if it was the only way to keep his family in some odd Faustian bargain.

Alison has a nice point about bringing him on the show to have said beer, BB now has a great new “Quiet” drop from Alec, and they’re all riffing about the old timey 1940’s newspaper sound of it.


Adam is now doing a live read for their newer flower sponsor.

Adam is commenting on how they didn’t expect Alec to call in and how you can tell it’s not a bit based on how non exaggerated his voice was, Adam says it’s not a matter of tone, it’s relaxation.

He explains that an impersonation or impressions requires you to “push it out” and he’s now commenting on the idea of Daniel Day Lewis learning that O’Reilly was talking shit about him on Fox news, “There’s an animal that has a news channel?” – Adam as Daniel.


Matt is making a point about the internet and arguments, he’s making some great points.

Adam is now doing another live read, this one for Personal Capitol.


Rotten or Fresh – Arnold Schwarzenegger Edition

1st Movie Predator (1987) Adam is sharing his love for the film and the infamous handshake scene early on, he’s praising the use of a Gatling gun and BB is now giving his take.

Certified Fresh 78%


2nd Movie The Running Man (1987) Adam is saying that everyone needs to write down their answers in advance but he’s not accusing anyone of anything.



3rd Movie Total Recall (1990)

BB is commenting on the movie names being visible to him in advance, Alison and Adam didn’t notice as they lack Bryan’s eye of the cheating tiger.

Certified Fresh 84%


4th Movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) Adam is praising the film and the brilliant logic of enlisting the outdated terminator model in the war against the machines, BB agrees.

Certified Fresh 92%


5th Movie True Lies (1994)


Matt explains that many critics found the film very misogynistic, what?

Adam is now joking about the horse jump sequence in the movie and the John Hiatt song used in the striptease song, they’re now bonding over their love for Bill Paxton in this movie, gold!

They’re wrapping up the game.


Now Adam is setting up a Patent Troll song sent in by a listener, Adam’s own version of MacArthur Park and now the song kicks in, Adam cuts it off and Alison is mocking it a bit.

Adam and Matt are joking about patent trolls as a cliché in 1970’s song writing, they’re genuinely thanking the fan who sent it in and moving on to listener phone calls.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he wants to know how to win over a radio show host that he’s interning for, nice sound effect work from BB and now Adam is giving his take on how to get in someone’s good graces.

Adam is now using movies and asshole bosses for an example of how Hollywood makes people assume that anticipating needs and trying to help is annoying, Alison is backing Adam up.

BB is talking about his “new car smell” and too eager “double thumbs up” that infuriated Engineer Anderson, Adam is now making a point about his former coworkers at Loveline, the 40 year union veterans who didn’t want anyone showing them up.


Alison has a wise point about bare minimum efforts and the eventual way all companies descend into it and how you’ll be viewed if you come in with energy and ideas.

Adam is agreeing with Alison’s wise point and BB is once again saying you can be too eager, Adam says he’s never fired anyone for being too eager, it can be dialed down he says.

Adam says do watch the “stepping on the toes” and he’s making a point about show bookers, he’s clearly hinting at a certain someone, interesting.


2nd Caller Chris, wants to know why that Adam and Lynette “Were on a BREAK!” in 1999 and he’s explaining his status in life, how he wanted to experience being single and successful, he’s summing things up nicely and quickly.

Adam says he needed to do this before he got married, hilarious between year 10-13 now one liner from Adam, he’s saying some very sweet things about Lynette.


3rd Caller Jamie, she’s wishing Alison luck with her period and BB has a choice drop, Jamie wants to know if Adam plans on getting a new dog after Molly passes.

Adam is explaining why he wants his kids to grow up in a house with a dog, he’s making a point about childhood and how things can be solved with a rope swing, basketball hoop and a dog when raising kids and trying to provide them an idealistic upbringing.

Adam is now talking about the kids with the parents and the exotic ski vacations vs. the Dog, hoop and swing, the chicken-shit that doesn’t cost much, the enrichment of the home life as Alison puts it, Adam says “yeah without the rich part.”


Adam is telling Alison about Molly coming from Chicago, he’s giving the full story of the dog and how she made her way to them in Los Angeles, he’s citing her love of the lake and resistance to swimming in the pool with him.


Adam is now doing a live read, once again referencing the winner of the grand prize.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Andy and Rob making their ACS debuts, they’ll be performing tomorrow night at the Patent Troll benefit show.

Adam is asking Andy about his documentary about the band “The Police” and he’s plugging its upcoming theatrical release.

Adam is now asking about Stuart and how the band came together, they’re now telling him.


Adam is telling them about setting up 200 Christmas tree stands while working for the soundstage that shot one of their music videos in the 1980’s.

Adam says he had to stick around and paint the set for “Soul Train” taping the next day, Adam is now asking Rob how he got involved with Andy and he’s busting out a great impression “Fancy a jam!?”

Adam is now telling them about “new wave” vs punk and he’s asking Andy about his classical training on the guitar, he’s telling him about their early struggle to get a hit single, he’s telling them about “Roxanne” and how it became a hit.


Adam is now asking Andy about Sting and if it was apparent that he was special from the beginning, Adam is trying to figure out the song writing process in “The Police” and Andy is filling him in with some anecdotes.

Adam says he doesn’t know of any stories about the fighting and acrimony between the band members, Andy says there was a real bond and comradery and he’s making a point about the pressures of fame.

Adam is asking if they still keep in touch, he say not really though they do see each other from time to time and he’s referencing their reunion tour back in 2007, he doesn’t know if they can ever match the height of that success.


Adam is now doing a live read for Nature Box, he says he ate a bunch of it while over at Rogan’s earlier in the day when he guested on his podcast.


Alison’s News

Alison says she expected Adam to be stoned while on the show, after guested on Rogan’s show and as predicted he didn’t smoke this time, sadly

Adam is now making a point about the evolution of pot, how it went from a glass of red wine to 5 shots of Jäger, Alison doesn’t understand people who can be super functioning while stoned, she says it feels like an extra level of skill.

Adam is making his same point about shrooms about pot, his problems don’t melt away they get amplified and he’s asking Andy about his twin boys, they’re listeners and now Adam is joking about Andy calling his son Anton a homo, gold!


1st Story Is on “The Adam Carolla Rule” the rule to extend the goal posts, Adam finally got his way after a decade of campaigning.

Alison is reading some quotes and confirming how Adam has changed the world, Rob seven says so.

Adam says he never assumes he was brought up in the discussions and he’s got a point about celebrities meeting other celebrities.


2nd Story Is an update on the Danish Zoo that has now culled 4 lions from their stock, Alison is explaining their reasoning for why they put the lions down.

Adam calls this zoologist the most practical man on the planet, Adam is joking about Mike Tyson taking all of their extra stock and says this is where earth misses Michael Jackson.

Adam is now making a point about this man’s practicality, Adam is riffing about “Executive Decision” and Steven Segal’s sacrifice scene from that (1995) film.


Alison is making a point about their endangered status and Adam is now riffing about it and has a great “some guy fucks my wife while I watch” reaction to the word culling as one of the zookeepers, great character work.

Adam is defending this zoologist/zookeeper and has a great sending 19yr olds to war analogy, he’s assuming that this man knows his profession and perhaps more than the public who stand in judgment of his decisions.

Bob has a great one liner and Alison has a point about genocide that Adam agrees with while making a note about the differences here, hilarious one liners about the zookeeper choosing to randomly kill animals.

Adam is joking with Alison about her never ending period, good stuff.

Adam is now joking about a lion retirement home option and Alison is now citing the details of the previous story regarding the slain Giraffe, Adam says he doesn’t have a giraffe in this fight.


3rd Story is on the death of Manticore, the tiger of Siegfried and Roy fame.

Adam has a killer joke about the zookeeper traveling to kill him, Alison has the details and now Adam is joking about dog years and explaining how humans base them off our own lifespans.

Alison says she’s surprised they kept that Tiger around, Adam is now explaining why a dog has to be put down as opposed to something like a tiger or lion, Alison has a point about a marauding elephant that had to be destroyed.


Adam is now doing a live read.


4th Story Is on the separation of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin and Adam is joking about his own relationship dangers, Alison is reading the quotes from the couple about their “Conscious uncoupling.”

Adam is joking about them both not needing each other, they don’t need two of them in the same home, Adam says that he should hook up with someone very different to encourage genetic variety.

Adam is reacting to the “closer than we’ve ever been” line, everyone seems to want Adam to comment on the “Conscious Uncoupling” line but he’s not biting on the bait.


Adam is commenting on Chris and asking Alison her take on what happened, she’s citing rumors that he’s been cheating on his wife, Rob has a one liner and Gary says he heard it was the other way around.

BB has some great drop work, hilarious

Gary is now updating them on the rumors and her possible affair with Kevin Yorn, Adam is now making a point about the tragedy of his parents’ divorce, nobody wanted to fuck either of them and they had no money.


Adam is saying how money, fame and attractiveness cushions the blow of separation.

Adam is now making a point about blowhard’s who have to make everything seem important, he’s citing Donald Trump and his pregnant pauses as well as chicks who talk in super breathy voices.

Adam is now summing things up and cutting through the bullshit, hilarious “her pussy smells, I had to get out” one liner and BB has a nice topper, Alison now has a new drop that he closes out the news with, gold!


Adam is now doing another live read and wrapping up the show with plugs for the guests and the upcoming live show in Redondo Beach.