Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/27/2013 – Christopher Titus

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/27/2013 – Christopher Titus

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Christopher Titus

Recorded 03-26-2013 – Release Date 03-27-2013

Production Number #1043

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Adam is opening the show with a quick thanks for telling a friend, BB has a choice drop from Sonny and now Adam is teasing the updates on the larceny.

Adam is plugging the upcoming Mangria tasting and telling the gang about Jimmy Kimmel contacting him to inform him that the liquor store they’ll be visiting was the one he used to score booze at as a younger man along with his cousin/band leader on JKL.

Adam is now telling the gang about his 50/50 Mangria white and red mix and the fan who dubbed it a “Brosé” instead of Rosé.


Adam is now giving an update on the missing cash and Sonny, Adam is explaining how Dr. Drew has a lot of people around of a variety of profiles, he’s citing the “crazy guy” and the poor timing of the events.

Adam is explaining that the fellow has since tweeted the show saying he had nothing to do with the theft, Adam is explaining he believed him when he asked him in studio.

Adam is explaining how he did the “one knee” move with Sonny after the show last night and hugged it out with the boy after he insisted he was being honest.

Adam is explaining how he had to arrange a Tommy Lee Jones from “The Fugitive” search of the house with Lynette who was protesting it.


Alison doesn’t think it was breaking the bond to search, BB agrees and is citing Lynette’s eagerness to believe his innocence.

Adam is making a great point about giving someone an out in how you ask them for something and how you shouldn’t throw in a no or a don’t.

Adam is explaining how he believes Sonny and has a great bit of proof involving a trip to Target.

Adam is now explaining that it’s still a mystery, sadly this now reflects badly on the honest hard workers at the studio and now Gary is on mic to recite some details from the “Crazy Man’s” book.


Adam is explaining how there is no recourse with this now that so much time has passed and how they have no choice but to believe him.

Adam is now citing their former program director Jack Silver’s great idea to have “Frosty Heidi and Frank” spend the first 10min of their excuse for a radio show mocking the ACS and the “lie detector” bit Jack insisted on foisting on the show and the lack of consequences when they exposed the liar on staff.

Adam just mistakenly named “Marc Chambers” as “Deathdog” the employee who disliked/bad mouthed Adam and his staff, that guy was actually named “Jack”.

Mr. Chambers along with Mike Cioffi were two of the hardest working employees KLSX ever had and did fine work on the KLSX ACS podcast that predates this current show, Adam has actually been podcasting since 2006 with over 7700 segments of 700+ episodes thanks to those two radio/podcast visionaries.


Adam just had Bryan and Dawson step in to correct the name of who did this, Adam just corrected himself and proclaimed “Marc Chambers is a good guy”.

Bryan is referencing how Jack Silver masterminded the deleting of all of his drops in 2008 after Danny Bonaduce’s departure, that detail was never clearly stated before today, also Bryan forgot to mention that I painstakingly recovered 75% of his drops and then he never used one of them.

Adam wants to hear Stone Cold Steve Austin’s PSA for pocket Knives and the TSA, Bryan is now playing it.


Adam is giving an update on the race at Laguna Seca, he’s explaining how he doesn’t like to take practice laps as he’s not going to win the race anyway and cars often break.

He’s now explaining how they slept 5 men to a room, Alison wants sleeping details and she’s getting them.

Adam is telling the gang about seeing a damaged car in the BMW pits, then the car that was T boned, the pictures are up on the site via the show page link up top.

Adam is explaining he had a debate with some random guy in his run group over whose fault it was and the super ironic scenario that unfolded on the same turn between the two men.


This marks the 6th guest appearance of Christopher Titus on the ACS, he’s a Classic Loveline legend with 6 legendary appearance from 2000 – 2005 and has also appeared on Carcast with Adam.

Adam and Titus are responding to the listener voicemail, Adam is making his classic “everyone needs a Ray” argument for older guys trying to rock a style that doesn’t work, he even cites the cowboy boots from the original version.

Adam is now busting Titus balls about his divorce, Titus is telling Adam and the gang to never get a divorce, he’s advising to slowly kill your partner and Adam has a killer series of plans, one with a hobo and the other with an exploding jaguar.

Titus is now telling the gang about his impending marriage to his longtime girlfriend and podcast cohost. He’s telling them how she helped him produce his new comedy special and he’s thanking Adam for all the advice about podcasting.


Adam is now telling Titus about the race and the accident, he’s citing the argument he had with “Dave Stone” who was also driving a BRE Datsun and Adam is pointing out that there were a bunch of clones on the track and Titus has a wicked observation about Adam’s “bitchy fake Prada” move.

Titus agrees with Adam and says that once you’re off the track you lose all rights in the race, they’re now playing the clip of Dave riding Adam’s ass and doing live commentary.

Adam is now telling Titus about Jay Mohr and his Heavy Set Woman of Color voice, Titus is now doing his own black voice while Adam jokingly describes how uncomfortable it was yesterday.


Audience Questions

1st question from Mike who wants to know how Adam developed his “moral compass” and he’s citing the 1996 loveline clip that played a few weeks back.

Adam is citing how he doesn’t have a dog in any fight, so he’s often right and how if everyone raised their kids like Dr. Drew we would live in a utopia.

Titus is sharing his “Lion” idea and Adam is now merging it with his “free cock fights for Raiders fans” idea.

Titus is saying that Adam usually comes down on the right side of all issues despite how insane his rants can become except for the immigration issue. Adam is now explaining that he loves Mexicans and doesn’t discriminate, he just doesn’t want part of America turning into another country.


Adam is going super in depth on this topic, Titus now agrees and Adam is making a brilliant point about how we’ve crafted a society where angry people get to tell him he’s not sophisticated to know he’s racist.

Titus is working the “The Word Retard” into this and now they’re playing a clip from his new special, Titus is now giving the full version of the story and it’s great.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the Supreme Court deliberating on same sex marriage, she’s reading all the details and now explaining how both sides are feeling good about the impending decision.

Adam is quoting his reasoning for why he supports Gay Marriage and has a funny reply about getting something out of it, sadly Titus is going to be getting something out of it too, gold!

Adam is citing the only right wing argument that makes sense for this, he still supports it but wants people to be prepared for the next battle where churches are discriminating against gay people and their marriages and the resulting legal battles that will present, forcing us all to to further hear this issue debated til the end of time.

Adam, Alison and Titus are all making great points and support marriage equality, Titus is now pitching Adam as his back up husband if both their marriages fail, I totally support this union btw!


Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show.