Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/26/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 224

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/26/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 224

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Mark Geragos

Recorded 03-24-2015 – Release Date 03-26-2015

Production Number #224 – Guest Host Mark Geragos

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Adam opens the show with Mark Geragos in studio, one of the smartest guys Adam knows.

Mark is happy to sit in and Adam says he first met Mark at a dinner with Drew, Adam brings up how Drew and Mark are two of the only guys he knows from this area in Los Angeles, besides the deadbeats he grew up with.

Adam is commenting on the infectious and calming energy of Mark Geragos.


Adam is now using the people he comes from and the low energy stress from the people in his family of origin, Adam says if there is ever a person to be lost in the woods with it would be Mark, while Bear Grylls would know much more Mark’s confidence would be so calming it would be easier, up until he was eating your body.

Mark is talking about his dad’s advice about getting what you want, Adam says its personal momentum and it’s one of the most attractive traits for a man.


Mark is telling Adam something he read about Henry Kissinger and how his unbridled self-confidence led to many a “bimbo’ on his arm.

Adam is commenting on how women weigh in the other women who have dated/slept with a man, unlike men who don’t care if a woman slept with a male model prior, it doesn’t increase how attracted they are.

Adam is bringing up Donald Trump’s impressive daughter Ivanka and use her achievements to compare to Mar’s even more impressive daughter, Adam is plugging Mark’s new restaurant.


Adam is going in depth on the restaurant location and downtown Los Angeles.


Adam is doing an AVG cleaner live read


1st Caller Luke, his son is being bullied. Adam and Mark are joking about Mark only knowing about places based on where their courthouse is.

Mark is asking him about the bullying and Adam is explaining how he tries to spin stuff into different terms, taking the power away from the bully.

Adam says he never looked at himself as being bullied, he instead saw himself as an equal and would strike back, Adam is commenting on the “sand in my hair” incident with his daughter.


Mark brings up the parents who want to confront the teacher or other students/parents.

Adam is making a point about the limited time we all have on earth and has a key phrase about 8yr olds without real problems and not wasting time having conversations about nothing.

Adam says not everything is bullying and not everything is rape, he’s making a point about personal momentum and not seeing oneself as a victim.

Adam misses throwing dirt clods and says there should be a business where adults can go throw clumps of dirt.


2nd Caller Michael is telling Adam about a neighbor who sent video to the local police of people with their dogs off leash.

Mark says that’s a great sign of a neighborhood, no real problems.

Adam is saying he had no idea adults would be this childish and says that calling the cops is just like a child looking for momma, he says its fine for an 8 year old and gives an example of his kids.


Mark is asking if you can imagine someone videotaping the dogs and sending it in, Adam is lamenting the Petri dish of pussies in the Hollywood hills who are calling the cops 24/7.

Adam says it’s a little bit of juice meets a ton of narcissism and if they feel out of the loop they react in an insane way, “you didn’t consult me!”

Adam and Mark are saying they both have no idea what their neighbors are up to and he’s using his “if it doesn’t’ make you money and doesn’t make you happy” logic for the neighbors who are prone to call the cops.


Adam is not sure what it does for the guy filming the dogs off leash, it does something akin to what a serial killer gets from picking up a drifter, who oddly Adam could hang with sooner than the dog videographer.


Adam is commenting on how everyone needs to react to protect themselves from lawyers, Mark is explaining how while good intent is behind the spirit of these laws somehow it’s now caused irrational reactions and fear.

Adam is using the unclasped overhead bins on airplanes to setup a question for Mark about what we can do to reclaim common sense.


Adam is doing a live read for Dollar Shave Club


Mark is now asking Adam if he’s ever used the theoretical framework of his remaining years on earth and his hourly pay rate to make a point about avoiding wasting time with dumb tasks.

Adam brings up the “emotional Keys” and is now further waxing poetic on his life and the time he will have spent making love and racing cars vs. opening drawers and looking for keys.

Adam and Mark are talking about their wives and putting things in their proper places, they take it back to planes and Adam cites the wasted fuel, time and energy of a delayed flight caused by an unlatching overhead bin.


Mark is now saying people should be shamed for bringing homemade BBQ sauce to the airport, Adam laments giving his gifts of fine booze to security guards and theater staff as he can’t travel with it.

Mark and Adam are talking about profiling and Mark explains how it’s part of his job for selecting a jury.

Adam is now making a point about the odds of being a car crash and describes two cars, Mark connects this to Evolution and now Adam is explaining how you’d much prefer a woman over a man in any case, before race even factors in.

Adam wants the differences between male and female jurors.


Adam is doing a live read


Mark wants to know how there are still post offices, he brings up the property values alone and Adam says that it’s right up there with the people who defend the penny, he says it’s not anything we need.

Adam says that Pennies are the only change that smell weird due to the materials they’re made from.

Adam says if you don’t want pennies in the house, don’t ever put them in your pockets.


Adam feels like it’s un-American to throw out currency and simply leaves his change for take a penny trays and charity bins.

Adam is now telling Chris to put a “let’s get Adam another Lamborghini’ penny fund for every gas station, grocery and liquor store.

Adam is joking about how long it would take for him to get a new car.


Adam is commenting on doing Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and the best part of the experience if always hanging out with the guys and flopping down with a beer.

Adam shares an anecdote from Dicky Barret about a postcard.


Adam is back to the juror question, Mark is confirming how beautiful women aren’t embraced by predominantly female juries.

Mark is citing a case from maybe 20 years ago with a war bride, he has a funny “you crazy” and is now telling the dark details of the murder charges.

Mark says the woman ended up being convicted on a lesser charge, her husband was a life insurance executive and she ended up walking with the insurance policy.


Adam is bringing up the fake righteous indignation the male jurors would have to show for such a case, where the victim wanted to bring in a mistress to live with him and his wife.


3rd Caller Chris, he is calling from Dayton and Adam likes it there, citing the car tires that were made there.

Chris is now asking about education and impoverished communities, Chris is totally onboard and Adam is still breaking down his logic and how it’s not about skin color.

Adam is now using his example saying all communities should do it, Chris cites the one hurdle he sees is young black men getting railroaded in court.


Mark says it’s almost embarrassing for him to be in criminal court, he cites the ages and race for the majority of the defendants he sees.

Adam is saying the system needs to be fixed but since the system isn’t changing he can circumvent it by avoiding the system altogether, letting it starve on the vine and go away.

Mark is now bringing up how the real criminals are now doing time and we’re starting to see nonviolent offenders doing less time, he cites a specific recent bill in California.


Adam is doing a Cremo live read


Mark is going off on the prison industrial complex, Adam is now giving his example for how most white people want other people to flourish for even purely selfish reasons, before more altruistic ones, regardless they want everyone to prosper.

Adam is commenting how a person’s car is a piece of you left in a public space, Mark is digging this example and Adam is further fleshing it out.

Mark says it’s part of the social contract and he comments on taking his car into be serviced and losing all of his presets, if they disconnect the battery it can do that though.


Adam is commenting on his methodology to protect the Sony stereo in his 89 Nissan truck, he tells Mark about the fuel cutoff switch and how he spray painted the stereo brown.

Mark says Adam should have made that a car theft prevention system, Mark is saying it was probably cause to pull Adam out of the car and ask him some questions.

Adam is explaining how the cops were so impressed with his methods, Mark says Adam thinks like a crackhead and Adam breaks down the logic of the desperate act of stealing a stereo, Adam says he left the car unlocked.


Mark asks if Adam ever thought the car being unlocked was more attractive to the criminal, Mark suggests cutting down the lock post to hide that too, nice.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, nice work Mark!

Gotta have him back!