Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/26/2013 – Jay Mohr and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/26/2013 – Jay Mohr and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Jay Mohr and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 03-25-2013 – Release Date 03-26-2013

Production Number #1042

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Adam is opening the show with fan favorite and KLSX ACS Year 1 “sports guy” Dave Dameshek in studio, Adam is plugging the upcoming live shows from AZ, at least one of which will be featuring another returning KLSX ACS vet former newsgirl Teresa Strasser.

Adam is telling the gang about his 50/50 White and Red Mangria “Suicide”, Dave and Alison have some witty replies and Dave is protesting Adam aiming the advertisement at the ladies in the audience.

Dave wants to know if Adam has been to any Jewish holiday celebrations and now Adam is launching into a super detailed explanation of what his grandma was like and the cast of characters she surrounded her herself with.

This might be the most honest and detailed explanation of his late grandmother in the history of the ACS, he’s now telling the gang about tagging along for Seder dinner.


Adam is now asking the gang to hear him out and weigh in on his current dilemma, he’s describing coming by the warehouse and sorting some cash when he left the room, only to find a “crazy person” sitting in the front room who was Drew’s podcast guest and a missing envelope full of said cash.

Adam is now describing his semi frantic search for the missing envelope and the possibilities he had to consider, including the accidental removal by said “crazy guy”.

Adam is now describing barging in on Drew’s podcast to ask the gentleman if he accidentally picked up the envelope.

Adam is now describing the post show moment with the Drew that inspired him to want to punch Drew.


Adam is now walking them through the super awkward moment and how Sean Green even remembered what Tommy Lasorda said to Adam about being good enough to play pro baseball, Dave is objecting before Adam can even finish his sentence.

But clearly that comment from Tommy was so rare that even Sean remembered it, lending credence that it was an honest observation about Adam’s level of skill. Adam did afterall dominate in the rock and jock and celebrity Dodger games where he was allowed to play, one time even robbing a homer off Brian McKnight.


Adam is now describing the efforts to find the carcass/envelope that once contained the cash, poor Matt had to check the trash and now Gary is on mic to explain what Drew’s guest was convicted for, awesome delivery!

Adam is now asking Gary who else could have taken the cash, he’s now telling Adam that Sonny was in studio and even commented on the stack of cash, Alison mixed up the past theft and tried to pin it on Natalia, hilarious art forgery one liner from Ace.

You can hear the hesitation in Gary’s decision to share this info as he doesn’t sound like he thinks Sonny is guilty but the man knows good pod, talk about a great staff member who knows the show well enough to essentially steer it to podcast gold, this is genius.


Gary is trying to get Lynette to pick up while Alison quizzes Adam about the details of the previous infraction with the 40 bucks found in his backpack.

Adam is now asking the gang what his play should be, hilarious one liner about his parenting style. Now Sonny is on the phone and Adam is accusing him, he’s denying it.

Sonny is delivering some first rate counter arguments, this is suddenly an episode of Law and Order and Bryan just tricked everyone with a dial tone, Adam’s reaction is hilarious!


Lynette is now on the phone, Sonny is in the background protesting and Bryan claims this is the greatest moment in podcasting, I have to agree its pretty epic!

Lynette is taking Sonny’s side, Dave is protesting and calling him a criminal mastermind, Adam’s got a great one liner.

Lynette is awesome and this is really intense, Dave is now complimenting Adam and sharing an anecdote about his own son “little Jean Claude Van Dameshek” and his recent little league experience.

Adam is sharing the story of Sonny at the Matterhorn and Bryan tries a “one liner” that Dave is now protesting, this show is crazy!


They’re now skipping over “Dave’s #1 Sports” and jumping right into the “Creep of the Week”.

Dave is telling the gang about a recent trip to Carneys hotdogs with his kids who were behaving like children do, having fun and running around.

Dave is now telling them about an old Lady who did the “put upon exhale” and made a scene about walking away from his family and the outside dining area.

Very reminiscent of Adam’s “2004” movie going experience at the Arclight where he was met with the woman he described as “a constant escaping of air” who was upset with his hat wearing in his assigned seat.

Adam is now going off on the low probability of Carneys hotdogs having the best hotdogs and taco salads, he’s now getting an update from Lynette about Sonny.

Hilarious reply from Sonny about the man who Adam was talking about earlier, a reply so honest it could only come from a child, actually seems out of character for the usually super considerate and PC Sonny, perhaps that’s why it’s so hilarious!


Dave is declaring the former(?) only option for local Los Angeles sports talk radio “Colin C.” the creep of the week while singing the praises of Jay Mohr and his great new daily morning sports radio show.

Adam is now doing a Hulu Plus live read, he’s working Roku in and now Dave is uttering one of the all-time funniest sentences, good stuff with an epic KLSX callback to his most infamous parody songs. talk about tying it all together.


Hooray for BaldyWood

Bryan saw “Olympus Has Fallen” and now Adam is sharing a tidbit about the director’s father, Dave is picking up the ball and fleshing out even about the man’s NFL career.

Adam is now asking about Morgan Freeman’s earring and Harrison Ford’s, he wants to know which one is the dumber move, even the “Han Solo” loving Dameshek is disgusted by it.

Dave Dameshek is now doing a plug for his “Red Dawn” Basic Cable Commentary that took me over 4 years to get made, you can find it here on the Carolla site and on ITunes as well for a mere 1.99.

It’s Dameshek’s long awaited, feared to never happen 2nd track after his award winning debut appearance on “Road House” the most riffed on movie, that they managed to mock in brand new ways which you can buy for a reduced price if you BUY the 4 pack and save a total of 32$ dollars from the original price.


Adam is sharing an anecdote about going to the races at Laguna Seca and the clown car -esque 5 guys in a hotel room he insists upon booking each year, regardless of the people he’s travelling with, hilarious and sounds like fun as well as tons of pressure not to snore, fart or get a night boner.


Jay Mohr is now joining the show and Adam is doing a plug for their upcoming live show at “The Wiltern” theater in August. This Superfan should be in attendance and helping out with the meet and greet if they have one/need it, make sure to say hi!

Adam is now playing a video of Sonny explaining his side of the story, Adam still doesn’t buy it and says he’s going to employ some tactics from “Zero Dark Thirty”. Jay is doing some Al Pacino and its great!

Adam is referencing the recent Phil Spector HBO movie and the crazy tip he left at the restaurant the night the woman died in his home.


Adam is giving some more plugs for Jay and his morning radio show “Mohr Sports”, it was just 12yrs ago when Adam was praising his television version of “Mohr Sports” on Loveline the radio show for Jay’s very strange yet still classic first visit, “Smells Like Skunk Vomit!” indeed Jay.

Adam is quizzing him about the commute. Alison and Adam are weighing in on why Traffic is so unpleasant regardless of the location and circumstances, Adam is citing the “herding” feeling as what bumps humans the most.

Jay is now telling the gang about filling a Starbucks cup with pee twice while en route to the show during his 2hr drive, and he’s now joking about the titles they have for their drink sizes while noting it could be perceived as “hacky”.


Adam is telling the gang about going to the Starbucks at pebble beach before the race and using Jay’s “hack from way back” to open his reply, perhaps unconsciously throwing back Jay’s “un-credited” use of Adam’s “two robots fucking” descriptor for the techno music pumped into every business on his last episode of Jay’s podcast “Mohr Stories” recorded before his last ACS visit in the Carolla Digital studios.

Adam is now reciting the bizarre Starbucks order of the woman in front of him, hilarious riff! Alison has a great summation of what this behavior indicates in modern society.


Adam is telling Jay they need to cover the “town car drivers hiding behind their accent” bit while on stage in August.

Adam is now citing where this originated with the town car driver in NYC who stopped to poop after teasing the shared/hybrid format they’ll be using that is totally unique for a live Adam show and sounds more like a 2 man version of the “Laughs for Bald Bryan” style of staging.

They’re now doing some dueling accented town car drivers and Jay is taking it back to Al Pacino and his last 3 film roles.

Jay is now walking the gang through the 3 or possibly 4 stages of Pacino accents.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on a filmmaker interviewing Sandusky in prison, Adam is now riffing on the interviews that Keith Morrison conducts and Jay is doing an impression of him.

Adam is going off on how if you’re truly innocent you should be going nuts, begging to go on the stand, begging for a lie detector and Jay is doing an impression of how these suspects can’t simply answer “no”.

Adam is now doing an impression of his stepdad finding his mom in 1k pieces spread out across the living room and his idea for “Zelda” the hysterical foreign woman who he will use for all 911 emergency phone calls so they play as sympathetic on the news and to the investigators regardless of his actual affect at the time.


Jay is now doing “Big Momma got it all” as Adam’s dedicated “Heavyset Woman of Color who handles all his business”.

Alison and Jay are now doing an improv test phone call for how this will work, Jay is ordering pizza for Adam and Alison is killing it with her deadpan replies as the puzzled/bored employee.

She seems to have gone “Strasberg” with it and its safe to say is now officially on par with BB, Teresa Strasser and Dameshek for Adam’s best “radio reenactment” partner a classic bit from Loveline and KLSX ACS broadcasting history.

She might have the best average for not blowing these reenactments too, as I can’t recall a single fumble in the last year of shows.


Adam is doing a live read and now Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is taking this bit down a dark road and Jay is rolling with it, wow!

Adam is now giving some plugs and wrapping the show.