Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/25/2015 – Beth Stelling and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/25/2015 – Beth Stelling and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Beth Stelling and David Wild

Recorded 03-24-2015 – Release Date 03-25-2015

Production Number #1538

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Adam opens the show to a timely Ted Cruz intro from Dawson and Lynch I presume, David Wild is in studio and references being “clear” and now Adam is giving an elaborate build up regarding him telling people to fuck off.

Adam is bringing up scientology and how the lid has been at least partially blown off already, Adam says that if you charge the gate at the same time there is nothing they can do.

Adam is commenting on the long standing “do not mess with scientology” mandate, Adam is now making a point about cartoons of prophets and how everyone standing together would be the only way to prevent any sort of attack.


Adam mentions the director of ‘Going Clear’ Alex Gibney and says he was once on the ACS, he was on back in 2010 for ACS #316 which you can download in the archive.

Adam is now setting up a clip from Classic Loveline #548 TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1997 GUEST: KENNEDY • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

This audio has been played on this show as well as the Adam and Dr. Drew show, but not for some time.

I recovered this tape and transferred it, this most recent clip has been enhanced since as well, Adam is explaining the guest Kennedy and BB burns David for a joke attempt.


Adam is explaining the clip, BB is now asking for Adam to setup the clip.

They’re now playing it.

Adam is telling people to listen to him, he’s been telling assholes who try and stifle people to fuck off for years now.


David is telling them about being contacted by the celebrity center, David says he loves Tom Cruise and wants to hear what he has to say about working with and driving with Paul Newman so they should move on, smart.

Adam is describing how they were told to read that script and it’s when he learned that nothing really happens, he references the 2006 incident with a certain Asian man.

Adam jokes about a guy being killed by seagulls due to working above a ‘Benihana’ and now Adam is describing the forced apologies that you hear on air and how they are mandated and provoked.


Adam is doing a live read for Arctic Ease

David Wild with 30k steps per day average on his Fitbit edition.


Nicaraguan Name That Tune

1st Contestant Emily, Adam is checking in with her in Florida

Adam asks her what she does for a profession and mentions David Wild’s freelance writing career and how well he’s done with it, Adam goes to the next contestant.


2nd Contestant Mindy, the best Superfan Mindy!

Adam is asking her about her experiences as a therapist, he wants to know what’s trending and she described the concerns and poverty of rural Maine.

Adam is now joking about the “Maine Concern” and cutting her out of the process and giving her cash to the people in need.


Mindy is being honest about income and now David is reacting to hearing that Ray sees Adam’s dad for therapy like he’s never heard that before, he has.

Mindy is sharing her philosophy about therapy and how she pushes patients to think independently.

Adam is sharing the parts of therapy that bump him, Adam is telling them about his wife and the keys, Adam is citing his most recent experiences in therapy and how he “getting passed this” is not the option when the thing he’s asking for is a 1 ½ or a 2 on the “Ask-o-meter.”


David shares how his wife suggested a marriage counselor or a nutritionist and Adam says its win/win his wife gets a thinner him and he gets to be healthier and his heart valves will thank him.

Gina is now taking Adam’s die and thinks a therapist might be more sympathetic to a woman’s needs and convince him to change, the exact opposite advice “the emotional keys” and now Adam is taking back to Mindy and talks about trying to change his parents emotionally.

Adam says keys in the basket can be changed and now Mindy is further dropping some wisdom, this is great, she’s a fantastic caller and her audio is rock solid too.


Adam is telling David it’s possible his dad is a great therapist, much like the contactor with the worst house on the block.

Gina shares her own insecurities and Mindy tells her she’s perfect. BB already declares Mindy the winner, agreed!


3rd Contestant Garner, Adam asks how the game will go and says he’s got Mindy, how perfect!

Adam is playing for Mindy, Gina is playing for Emily and David is playing for Garner.

Adam is explaining how the game will work and that James King of ‘Fitz and the Tantrums’ will be trying to figure out the lyrics.

This is great, they put some production into this.


Adam is doing a Squatty Potty live read


1st artist ‘The Police’

Adam hates the song.


2nd artist ‘Neil Young’

Adam jokes about dropping the needle on Neil’s records and his voice.


3rd artist ‘The Beach Boys’


4th artist ‘Jon Bon Jovi’

Gina has a nice reaction to this one, Adam knows it right off the bat once again.

Adam jokes about the racing stipe for Bald Bryan.


5th artist ‘R.E.M.’

Adam got 4 out of 5 and invites Mindy into the winners tent, BB asks if she incorporates Adam’s wisdom into her therapy and she says she actually does, I’d believe that as she is a true superfan.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed live read


Adam is giving out some plugs and mentions the upcoming UK shows.

Adam plugs Take a Knee and David Wild praises the episode with RZA from ‘Wu Tang Clan’ and Adam is now sharing some wisdom from Mark Geragos about his father getting him to gather rocks as a child.

Adam is asking David Wild for his plug, he’s telling the audience to follow him and Ringo Starr on twitter to find out about a new project, BB gives David shit and gets a much deserved fuck you, David was solid again, nice work man.

They head to break.


They’re back from break to a listener voicemail from a black fan named Jamal, Beth Stelling is returning to the show this time as a guest, she was last on ACS #1504 in February.

Adam tells Caelan to lay off the weed after getting corrected about a location he put in the bio, Adam is talking about how you can overcome injury while having sex while making an analogy about losing one’s voice from performing.

Adam asks for her to tell them about the 9, BB is late on his game and finally gets the drop after playing the wrong one, Adam is telling her about his 3 90min shows per night.


Adam talks about doing the midnight show in Kirkland Washington and talks about how drunk the crowd was for that show, two midnight shows, I worked on both of them, intense!

Beth shares how she would invite people in the crowd to go to the back of the room, BB jokes about Adam getting a safe word to alert the club about a heckler after Beth quoted a line from Anthony Jeselnik.

Adam is talking about doing Caroline’s (comedy club) a million times and Beth is telling them about opening for Anthony and how he had to deal with a drunk audience member.

She says TJ Miller was in the crowd and was able to regulate where security could not.


BB mocks Adam drinking on stage, Beth is giving some examples of heckling land Adam is telling them about a woman in the front row who never tried a tomato one of the times he was playing Caroline’s or doing a live podcast.

Adam likes people who answer with a super casual version of what you just said, funny gouge the elderly and crimes against infants riffing.

Adam asks her about upbringings and BB just put together the SD mix-up Caelan made.


Adam is now asking everybody to please join him in this thought about the average life expectancy for your age group and hours left on earth. Adam says he talked about this with Mark Geragos.

Adam is doing a live read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the German wings plane crash in the French Alps, she has all of the details and they’re looking at a picture of the wreckage.

Adam says the 8 minutes scares him the most, Gina is very clever and notes that the 8 minutes is suspicious in this crash investigation.

Adam is trying to figure out the rate of descent and comments on how planes land, noting the “flare” move done to land softly.


Adam is asking about the glide slope for the crash, Adam says even jumping out of the plane will be a long journey.

Beth shares her own irrational thoughts about plane crashes and using her coat as a flight suit, she says there is no hope of getting out.

Adam says a hero would light a cigarette and describes the weird shitty argument with the flight attendant that will pull focus for that last 4min of your lives.


Adam thinks you would be doing a great service for the other passengers.

Adam is now quoting this guy from the hypothetical flight being heard on a flight data recorder, the folk rather smoke hero.

Gina is commenting how they came right out and said there was no survivors.


Adam hates it when this shit comes out of Germany, he is now making a point about other cultures where things are run less efficiently and how this is almost expected.

Beth is telling them about getting happy birthday sung to her on a flight, Adam is bringing up the band ‘Lifehouse’ performing for a passenger.

Adam and BB are now riffing where Adam plays the manager for ‘Fastball’ and BB is a band member.


Adam is now booking BB and Fastball for a live performance on a southwest flight.

BB is now working on it and trying to augment their hit song, Adam is killing it as the manager trying to sell the band on the idea, payments in peanuts, literally.

Adam calls it a scene and BB does a KLSX Dave Dameshek callback by asking for a catch.


Adam asks Gary if he found out anything about the glide slope and the rate of descent.

Gary says its 743ft per minute, Adam is now describing the glide slope of 40min shaved down to 8.

Adam has a brutal joke about the people on the Southwest flight with Lifehouse feeling jealous of the people who died in the German Wings crash.


2nd Story is on Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy from 2 years ago, Gina comments on her gene mutation and how she’s now going through further preventive organ removal.

Gina shares her friends who have gone through these procedures as well, Adam is bringing up the initial controversy about Angelina doing this.

Adam is now trying to get philosophical that someone so genetically perfect has this flaw, perhaps we should now not feel so envious about her lot in life and appreciate our own situation more.


Adam is bringing up a 17 year old Angelina Jolie, BB asks him to raise it by a year and now they have a funny back and forth about that.

Gina quotes Patton Oswalt, Adam is further making his point about Angelina’s amazing looks and crazy internal genetic hand.

Gary says she’s already had the surgeries, Gina says she’s not really a news person, which needs to be made into a drop pronto.


3rd Story is on the debut of James Corden, she’s got a clip from a 7 minute but about Tom Hank’s movie career, Adam is mentioning how he did Kimmel last night and got to chill with Chelsea Clinton, he is trying to make a point about doing a show with less prep time.

Adam is commenting on how James might be doing great week one but once they run out of the grace period it’s the real test.

Adam found out he’s been on Jimmy Kimmel Live 47 times, Wow!


Adam says he racked up 5 by guest hosting for a week, Adam says it seems like only yesterday when he was eating with his dad telling him about taping Jimmy Kimmel Live and jokes about turning on the TV to see Adam being a bridge to far, it wasn’t cable keeping his parents from watching.

Beth is telling them about her grandmother watching the wrong show when trying to stay up for her set on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Adam is sharing his thinking about Bill and Hillary having to watch and wanted to know the chances of either of them hanging out and watching Adam’s segment on the show.

Adam asks if there is any chance either of them watched, Beth says yes and thinks Bill would like Adam.


Adam is talking about what Bill probably did, Adam has a solid “hair’s the same” one liner.


Adam is doing a Drop Stop live read


4th Story is on Dancing with the Stars season 20, Adam is asking about “fan favorite” Red Foo.

Beth is unfamiliar with LMFAO and Adam is joking about his name being code for a period, good riff.

Adam takes it back to Angelina Jolie and Beth’s reaction along with Gina’s are priceless.

Adam is sharing his lamentations about his time on DWTS and his schedule doing morning radio while trying to get in hours of training.


5th Story is on Elvis Costello’s memoir about his 5 decade career, she reports on his upcoming tour with Steely Dan, Adam shares his love for Elvis and Steely, and he calls them underrated and says they don’t have a category.

Adam says most people couldn’t name 5 of their songs despite their body of work.

Dawson is talking about how sound engineers often calibrate a sound system using Steely Dan, Gina closes out the news to a drop from Beth.


Adam is doing a life lock ultimate plus live read


Adam is giving out the plugs and mentions his film ‘Road Hard’ and the upcoming Mangria bar crawl, he plugs Beth’s stuff and closes it with a plug for David Wild.

BB plays a drop of Adam during his riff about people being super casual, the woman who never tried a tomato at Caroline’s Comedy club.