Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/25/2013 – Sebastian Bach and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/25/2013 – Sebastian Bach and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Sebastian Bach and David Wild

Recorded 03-21-2013 – Release Date 03-25-2013

Production Number #1041

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Adam is opening the show with a quick thank you to the “Wien food truck” that used to be the “Weiner Factory” an establishment from some classic Carolla stories.

Adam is now on a quick “Burl Ives” riff while describing a man being carded, Adam is making a point about the stark contrast of the underage drinking they used to do in the restaurant.

They’re now teasing a special edition of “Nicaraguan Name That Tune” and playing some Alan Parsons in preparation, they’re playing “Eye in the Sky” and discussing “lady antebellum” thanks to Dawson’s surprisingly quick pull.

They’re now deep into a discussion of music plagiarism, Adam is citing the story Ivan Reitman told Adam and Jimmy about the “Ghostbusters” theme song lawsuit while they were working on “Hot for Teacher” their brilliant/prescient script that was never made.


Adam is now polling the gang as to whether they prefer to smell a burp or a fart, everyone is now weighing in and Adam is presenting a new theory on the reasoning.

Adam is now sharing the anecdote of the time Jimmy “farted up a windy beach” while taping a Man Show piece.


They’re now playing a brand new “Ozzie’s Nicaraguan Name That Tune” with celebrity contestant Alan Parsons, the gang are voting on whether or not Alan will be able to guess the songs.

Adam is now riffing on the “Sophie’s Choice” of deciding whether or not to inform your friends they’ve been singing the wrong lyrics, David has a hilarious reply and now it’s a “Toto’s Choice”

They’re now heading into the championship rounds with Ozzie doing an Alan Parsons song.

Adam is now riffing about Led Zeppelin and their song titles, he’s referencing the entry from “In 50 Years We’ll All be Chicks” and is now doing an impression of someone calling into a radio station in the 1970’s to request one of their songs, hilarious.


David wants to know if anyone in the gang has ever called into a radio station, Adam is quizzing Bryan about radio contests and the process of burning through the callers to get to the correct number to give away a prize.

Bryan is giving his firsthand experience and it’s quite interesting, good stuff Bald One!

Adam is now telling the gang about prank calling Loveline when he was 19, he reveals that there is indeed a home recorded tape of it, I think there is a video recording of it too possibly.


Sebastian Bach is now joining the show for his first visit, Adam is asking him about his transition to Broadway musicals. Sebastian is now telling the gang about the process to warm up your voice and he’s telling a great anecdote about learning vocal scales.

Sebastian is now telling the gang about David Hasselhoff following in his footsteps in the production of “Jekyll and Hyde” and Adam is citing the first time he learned of David’s limited range during the “Evil Twin” Knight Rider episode.

Before Adam can transition to “Baywatch Nights” Mr. Wild spits it out and now Adam is telling the guys about the time a super inebriated Nikki Six and Donna D’Errico guested on Loveline and told him about the show.

(I tracked down the clip from the 1997 visit with the slurring speech, it could possibly be heard in an upcoming episode).


Sebastian is now telling the gang about his Thanksgiving with Axl Rose, he’s sharing an anecdote about Axl to make a point about his character.

Dawson is now on mic to tell Sebastian about his first concert in 1990 seeing Sebastian and Guns and Roses, this is a great story and Sebastian actually remembers the gig, the complete opposite of Dawson’s “Blues Traveler” wheelchair story.

Sebastian has a great story about James Hetfield approaching him and his bandmate with who rocked a nose chain, Adam’s got a hilarious riff in reply.


Sebastian is telling the gang about his journey into music starting at church and Adam has a hilarious reply.

Sebastian is telling them about an interview with Nikki Sixx in “Creem” magazine where he explicitly described how to smoke angel dust.

They’re now going in depth on the desire to get loaded after a performance and Adam is setting up the “Crank Yankers” clip “Dr. Drew Talks Hip Hop”, sadly it’s the version that aired and not the LP Album version.


Adam is now telling the gang about the behind the scenes process of recording calls for “Crank Yankers” and he’s describing his favorite call featuring “Jeff Goldblum” posing as an attorney.

Adam is sharing a quick version of the “Andy Dick Crank Yankers incident”.

Adam is doing a legal zoom live read, Dawson has an impassioned preamble before getting to the legalese and now they’re explaining that Sebastian’s girlfriend exited the building in a huff and he ran out of the studio to peruse her, whoa!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the Westboro Baptist church, Adam is telling her about them protesting his show when he was in the neighborhood but how it didn’t boost his ego because of the proximity.

Alison is now explaining that a man bought a house across from the Church and painted it “rainbow” as a peaceful protest against their bigotry.

Adam just announced he’s turning the corner on the Gay Flag and now finds it pleasing to the eye, he’s referencing countries that have “busy” flags and making a fine point about warfare.


2nd story is on Alex Trebek leaving Jeopardy and the possible replacements on deck for 2016, Adam is now observing how he’s morphing into latter day “Robert Reed”. The gang are all giving their thoughts on the man, Alison makes a decent point about the way he speaks.


3rd story is on Twitter’s 7th anniversary, Adam is explaining how time is all fucked for him and 7yrs no longer feels like it used to, he’s got a great Jr. High/High School combined analogy.

Gary has now fired up pictures of Alex and Robert, the pictures can be found via the show page link up top.

Alison wants to know what kinds of guys Adam would be into if he were gay after his hilarious riff about finding his double to fuck. Adam is now explaining he wants a guy who could do the least damage, hilarious Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow “meet in the middle” riff to close it.

Anderson actually guested on loveline while doing his promo tour for “The Mole”, great episode!


4th story is on Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman reuniting, Adam has an immediate hilarious reply.

Adam is advocating that David should go sniffing around Danny should he ever want to explore his sexuality, hilarious trousers and board shorts comedy.


5th story is on self-described “Nazi’s” losing their children, the naming of these children may have come up in a pre-Alison news story or a very early Alison era story.

David is now asking Alison about dating a possible white supremacist, very funny reply from A-Rose about the bunker she wound up inside of.


6th story is on Ryan Gosling’s break from acting, Bryan supports it (shocking!!!!) and David has a funny comment about Sebastian taking over, his reaction is gold.

David has an interesting observation about Ryan and Justin Timberlake moving away from acting at the same time after being in the 90’s Mickey Mouse club, hilarious one liner from Ace.

Sebastian has a brief rendition of the “Fact Of Life” theme and coins a 2nd new phrase, Alison wraps the news and they get an update on his girlfriend situation before Adam closes out the show.