Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 320

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/24/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 320

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-22-2016 – Release Date 03-24-2016

Production Number #320 – Cyprus

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Adam has a “Mangria Will Be Flowing” intro and Drew says he’s feeling like shit and comments on the Cyprus email hack drama.

Drew is describing his early wakeup from rude people who texted him, I sent him a 4am Direct Message on Twitter, like a gentleman.

Adam is now talking about lock screens and Gary says it’s 34% of smart phone users who don’t use a lock screen, Drew talks about the two step verification that locked him out.


Drew is now describing the email and he’s saying it’s “very telling” and that he doesn’t want to embarrass this person, Adam comments on the confusion as Drew said that Lynette just texted him too.

Drew is now reading the email and Adam citers the ‘Violence fight’ arcade story with Jimmy Kimmel, he comments on how people don’t think about this stuff with the critical thinking part of their brains.

Adam and Drew have a “he got hit too” bit of confusion as Adam is trying to explain that Eric Stonestreet informed him of Drew’s hacked email account and confused him.


Gary now steps in and explains things, Drew is taking offense at people not immediately knowing this was spam, he’s missing the point that people knew and wanted to prevent him from having his identity stolen or worse damage being done.

Adam is now joking about being from an era where if someone pulled out a business card that said something they believed it, now that same brain is reading these emails.

Drew asks about people telling him at 5am, he has a point, but he tells them to have sent an email but they would be wise to think he no longer has access, Adam talks about how Drew needs to get things done and how he’s wired.

Adam is sharing how Drew used to stress about the liners for affiliates on Loveline and Adam calls him a puss.


Drew shows Adam the list of texts he got from 5-8am and Adam shares how he got a text from his mom asking him what’s up and if they weren’t talking or something.

Drew thanks Google for coming to his rescue and Gary tells listeners to turn on two step varication and Adam tells him to have Matt set it up.


Adam is now getting to his very confusing email from Eric, hilarious “I had sex with a goat” primitive brain logic to explain why a volcano erupted riff from Adam.

Adam is getting to the bottle of scotch and the email from Eric, Adam asks when the email chain ends, do you keep saying bye until the end of time.

Adam is getting to how everyone thinks he’s a retard and didn’t get that he was forwarding a screenshot.


Adam is defending the people who are letting them know what’s going on, Drew says he finally grew up and put a “do not disturb” setting on his phone during his sleeping hours, he’s not going to be available 24/7 to everyone as he has been for the past 4+ decades.

Adam is now talking about the eventual call he’ll get when his dad passes away, why must he be woken up, why not tell him in the morning.


Drew and Adam are doing an Onnit Live Read

Adam needs some MCT oil STAT edition


Adam is now talking about his family and 9/11 and how they don’t ever get into personal topics and they talk about other stuff, he says they wouldn’t talk about 9/11 if they were having a hypothetical dinner that night.

Drew asks about Adam’s late grandmother and Adam says she was the reason and says you can’t get upset about scone related conversation.

Adam says his family doesn’t discuss any relevant or current events, Adam is now sharing how his stepmother sent him a message on 9/11 telling him to turn on the TV.


Adam is sharing his first reaction wondering if he was on TV and he says he’s never talked about 9/11 with his family once, why would they.

Drew brings up Helsinki and Adam gets into it with him, they move on.


Adam and Drew are doing a Five Four Club Live Read


Adam brings up the terror attacks in Brussels going on during this recording and Gary is filling them in, Adam says he was in the chair saying Europe is screwed just 16hrs earlier and he comments on the psychodynamic element of things and he uses Germany as an example for how immigration can go wrong.

Adam is talking about people fleeing their country and he jokes about a hunched over Maxipada looking like he had a bone disease, he’s in a chair, phew!

Adam is now asking them how bad it would have to get around here for them to pick up and move to Mexico or Canada.


Adam and Drew are going in depth on immigration and assimilation and Drew brings up the people who were against ESL education and Adam brings up freeing Shamu and why captivity and coddling ruins a whale’s ability to live free.

Adam comments on the hypocrisy of the same people knowing that about Shamu being the same people who deny humans the same dignity of caring for themselves.

Adam is now arguing for parents to feed their kids, not against school lunches.


Gary updates them on the Brussels Terrorism.

Adam says his mom couldn’t wrap her mind around evil, people like her have a narcissist thing where everyone else must think like them and there is no cause for this evil, this isn’t revenge.

Adam is talking about the one sided hatred in the Israel and Palestine conflict.


Adam talks about how well policed the hate groups in America are, he uses the KKK to make a point about how you would be shunned for being involved with them in today’s world.

Adam is now riffing as a newfound KKK member, hilarious father daughter dance comment as he asks the media to let him continue his life in Hollywood as an active KKK member in this hypothetical situation.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Bet DSI

Gary hedged his emotional bet edition


1st Caller Abdul Aziz, Adam says it’s good to talk to him again and Drew brings up Adam’s comments on Turkey not being brought up, they had a similar terrorist act last week and nobody is talking about it.

Abdul has a nice comment in light of the terrorism.

Abdul is calling about his symptoms and tells them about being able to feel his pulse while experiencing anxiety and Drew comments on how a thyroid problem could lead to something like this.

Drew tells him that he’s freaking out and Adam asks him what’s going on in Saudi Arabia today, Abdul tells them about a local festival and Abdul brings up Adam’s love of dates.


Drew asks Adam if he’s ever had a date shake and Abdul pledges to send some dates his way, Adam jokes about learning everything he learned about the middle east coming from ‘Fast and Furious 7’ and Gary brings up the women painted gold.

Adam is joking about the trip to palm springs and stopping by Hadley’s to get a Date shake, he jokes about his kids having a blast every day of their spring break.


2nd Caller Alex, he’s calling about his dad who is 62yrs old and went to the doctor for the first time in decades, he has hepatitis c and Drew talks about the various modern treatments they have.

Drew says now you can look forward to a cure unlike how these would progress into cancer, Drew talks about being fat is bad for you.

Adam asks about someone like his wife who never gets fat, does she get a fatty liver?

Drew says probably not.


Adam is doing a Side Line Live Read

Is this potential pleasure edition?


Adam gives out the plugs and brings up how he ow called Peter Guber, Peter Gruber the entire interview on the latest Take a Knee, he blames Caelan for writing it down wrong.