Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/24/2016 – Ricardo Baca

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/24/2016 – Ricardo Baca

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ricardo Baca

Recorded 03-23-2016 – Release Date 03-24-2016

Production Number #1785

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Adam comments on the guestless intro and BB plays the new “I Don’t Want Poor People to Eat” clip from Adam as today’s #TopDrop.

BB has a hilarious “monster” under the breath comment mocking Adam for the clip, Gina tells Adam about Alfonso Ribeiro coming by the morning show with another past Toyota Grand Prix winner.

Adam is talking about how competitive action movie stars are, using Tom Cruise as an example for the competitiveness of celebrities.


Adam says it’s all about the ability to focus and train with guidance and learn as they do it.

BB is using Michael Jordan as an example for an athlete who can out focus and outperform perhaps more talented or naturally gifted players.

Gina says she learned players stopped wearing the Dolphin shorts in the NBVA because of Michael’s skinny legs, Adam has a moment where he seems to almost comments on my theory that MJ is perhaps the ultimate “no calve athlete” based on his theory about calf muscles being useless.

Adam riffs about NBA suspenders and they move on to the calls.


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

1st Tweet Gerry Rigging vs. Jury rigging, BB is debating this one and Adam goes to another topic.


2nd Tweet Donald Trump using a teleprompter, Dawson will get the tape and objects to how Adam’s painting him.

Adam shares his prediction about terrorism evolving into ak47’s in shopping malls, he called it 10yrs ago.

Adam is back to Trump and comments on his 69yr old brain not being able to keep names on the ready, hilarious “blanket” name use instead of Todd for Sarah Palin’s husband.



3rd Tweet Racism map of the world, which leads to Adam talking about Cornell West, Adam loves him and his tooth gap and use of the word brother on his Real Time appearances.

Adam is ow commenting on the racism globally and he comments on the countries that are doing the most discriminating.

Adam is joking about his lack of geographic understanding; Adam is a big Cornell West fan apparently.


Adam is now making a point about the evolution of civil rights during Cornell West’s lifetime, he’s talking about Cornell getting tapped for a gifted program in the 1960’s.

Adam says its’ weird when people with a straight face explain to you how things can’t work out, Adam is complimenting Cornell and describing him with fair terms, saying he’s not a race baiter nor huckster.

Gary has some of Cornell’s education and employment history, Adam is making a great point about people ignoring their personal story that doesn’t fit a narrative and how the “Well I’m Me” logic is the ultimate narcissism.


Ricardo Baca is now joining them from Denver, he tells them about vaporizing and eating Marijuana instead of smoking.

Adam jokes about him being a daily user, Adam riffs about how Physicians round up and always presume you’re lying.

Adam asks Ricardo about life in Colorado after marijuana was legalized.


Ricardo is now sharing some real world stats about cartel’s being effected by the legalization.

Gina asks about the anticipated tax revenue for Colorado and Washington State.

Adam is talking about his interview on Ricardo’s show and he jokes about how they regulate things in Los Angeles and he describes them as the entertainer who lets the hang loose hand sign fly but is yelling at their assistant behind closed doors.


Adam is riffing up a storm about legalizing in California and Ricardo makes a great point about the 100’s of pages of regulation they get to write by making it legal, pleasing both masters.

Adam is asking Ricardo if he’ll be high while on stage and he offers them some edibles to consume while on stage.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Blinds Galore

Adam is also a customer, again edition


Dawson now has the clip from the show where he suggested that Trump didn’t use a prompter, Adam says that Dawson is still half wrong and comments on the edit of the clip.

Adam is back to his point with Dawson about Trump forgetting beats, not names per se.

BB drops two food comments from Dawson in the past.


Candidate Platitude

1st Caller Maya, Adam is now telling BB about the proper music bed audio levels.

Adam is riffing up a storm about his support from women and their fallopian tubing.

Adam is joking about the gift of life superseding even a free Cadillac, how do you drive if you’ve never been born?


Adam is now rolling with her and pledges to solely adopt half Indian children and says he’s from Bangladesh.

Adam is riffing about a half Egyptian mother and bullying at school.

Adam is now talking it to the buckeye state and he’s going on about supporting those with buckeyes, as a condition, Adam says his father started work when he was 7, his mother was confined to a donkey and his father worked in a factory that made machines that made other factories.


Adam is back to his polio stricken mother and her donkey escort.

Adam is now riffing about Vietnam in 1944 where his grandfathered perished, Adam helped build a factory brick by brick in the community that bought his mom the donkey and then a special van that the donkey rode in.

This is madness.


Adam is joking about his mother flying with her service donkey and he reveals the donkey got polio too and they had to bring in the services of a 2nd donkey.

Adam says his mother was very proud and worked as a high school janitor.


Adam is referencing Pan Am and TWA while talking about his mother being one of the first commercial airline pilots, he needs your vote.


2nd Caller Nate, he wants to know what candidate platitude is going to do for a white man in the workplace, Adam is joking about his lineage of pink eyed ancestors and he refuses to give out his medical records when Nate brings up his polio diagnosis.

Adam jokes about a dear friend who tested positive for HIV, Ted, the doctor then announced his diagnosis over a blow horn.

Adam is name dropping his buddy Ted/Theodore Bachman, the guy with AIDS.

Adam is focusing on the HIPAA laws.


Adam is touching on seniors not having access to proper eyewear, Adam is extending his platform to the unborn and he jokes about sending a message to the fat cats in Washington, using Garfield the cat, who he intends to send to Washington to tell off the fat cats, fat cat on fat cat lecturing.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read

Rick recommends the service edition


Gina’s News – BB struggles to find the intro music edition

1st Story is on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz going to war over social media and their wives, Adam is commenting on the bizarre approach for the Ted Cruz campaign ad.

Adam is saying it’s like a slice of pizza next to a tic-tac, Adam is talking about the role of the family in eating right as he makes a point about Michelle Obama and her cause of healthier eating and lifestyles for American children.

Adam is giving his take on the first lady/dude being involved in the political decisions of their spouse, we didn’t elect them, he uses Mary Todd Lincoln and how Abraham had to take some of her input as he was pussy whipped.


Gina has the information about the ad which was created by an anti-Trump Super Pac, Gina has some interesting points about Utah and their porn search history.

Adam is talking about the forms of sexism we never talk about and touches on the use of “little person” and then tops it with a funny line about Schwarzenegger translating to “Maid Fucker” and he gets to the point about “the power to correct” and why these labels and tittles change over time.

Adam is making a great point saying that using the words that the politically correct make up every 20yrs even gets you in hot water, they change it so they can then correct you.


Gary has the definition of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s last name and Adam talks about Adam De La Pena and his name translating to something like “of the mountain” yet the guy didn’t have a license.

Adam is back to his initial point about the insidious sexism where we all presume that Trump’s wife Melania is somehow intellectually deficient because of her beauty.

BB asks about Donald’s ex-wife and Gina tells them about Melania’s upbringing.


Gina has the follow up from Ted Cruz addressing his wife and the comments from Trump, Adam says he doesn’t follow non hot politician wife news.


Adam is doing a Tommy John Live Read

People take to the Ultranet if your customer service isn’t good edition


2nd Story is on the arrest of a young girl for pinching a boy’s butt, Adam says not everything is progress and that kids fuck around with other kids.

Gina has the details and she explains how the deputy was even reluctant to arrest her.

Gina has a clip of her father speaking and Adam jokes about the amount of languages he’s probably fluent in, Adam jokes about someone sending a carrier pigeon with the white privilege message over to her trailer.


Adam says we’ve pushed aside common sense, Adam talks about a parent attacking an Easter bunny after his kid fell of the man’s lap.

Gina cites “zero tolerance” and Adam says that’s just an excuse to shut your brain off, why not let police officers be police officer and administrators be administrators.


Gina sets up the video with the Easter bunny incident, Adam jokes about this being a new “definitely not a Jew” and Gina has Adam fill in the backstory she’s missing with this story.

Gina explains how long the fight lasted and plays the video of it.

Adam would like to talk to the parents of the child and tell them he doesn’t want them raising the kid, he talks about the cycle of abuse and violence that permeates inner city communities.


3rd Story is on the Katt Williams rear naked choke incident, where he punched a 7th grader and then got choked out, Adam would like to get Katt some mental health services.

Adam is commenting on the racism of ignoring his behavior and mental instability, he needs help and our care.

Gina has the details and plays the video of the kid choking out Katt.


Adam comments on the MMA skills everyone now possesses, Adam comments on Katt punching the kid in the face and comments on black culture and the modality for problem solving being reduced by physical violence and intimidation.

Adam is making some great points about what hitting kids does to them and what kind of adults they become.

Adam is breaking down the blow by blow and Gina quotes the TMZ headline about the incident.


Adam says that Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil would dedicate episodes to this topic if Katt was a rich white comedian, they don’t bring this up because they don’t need to be called names on the internet.

Adam jokes about people trying to convince him he’s wrong after Gina reveals the location and she shares some more details on a recent incident with Katt and someone pulling on his chains.

They wrap the news.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show.