Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/24/2014 – Alonzo Bodden

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/24/2014 – Alonzo Bodden

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Alonzo Bodden

Recorded 03-23-2014 – Release Date 03-24-2014

Production Number #1287

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Adam is opening the show to a newer #TopDrop from Alison, Adam is telling the gang about traveling to Laguna Seca for the annual trek.

Adam says he has much more fun when they all flop in one hotel room, the mini suite variety.

Adam is explaining why he enjoys it so much, at the end of the night everyone is sitting around enjoying a beer and watching some show they would never watch at home, like the weekend edition of “The Insider”.


Adam just revealed that Matt D from Carcast has already worked his way into hetero bed companion and is sharing an anecdote about Chris and Jeff Fox.

Apparently Chris is such a snorer that Jeff brought triple layer protection to defend against Chris, Adam is spelling it out and Chris is on mic explaining things.

Adam is telling them about the “Ladies with the red hats” club and is asking if they wish they could trade places with these women.


Adam is now spelling out the scene and his immediate connection to “Titanic” based on their parties theme, he’s describing the photos you can see via the show page link above.

Adam is describing his efforts to figure out what the party was and he’s saying the good part about paying is you can order Chris to go up and just ask for you.

Adam is making a point about tragedy and party themes, he wants to know if 9/11 or the OKC bombing will ever be handled the same way.


Adam has a theory about if you were going to die by now its fair game, he’s citing the civil war and Alison has a hilarious prom night theme one liner, that BB copies and repeats with a different city name, still funny.

Adam has a great drowning 28yr old one liner and Alison says it’s still poor taste despite the time that’s passed.

Adam and Chris are telling the gang about the ladies outfits and dolled up room doors, Adam asks don’t they envy these women for their interests and Alison is summing it up, why she echoes Adam’s feelings.


Adam is further riffing about “The Embassy Suites” and jokes about Chris trying to eat the Koi from the pond, he’s now describing his homemade breakfast sandwich, and he’s surprised that Adam witnessed it.

Adam is now mocking Jeff for his love of Ketchup, he’s citing his application to his sausage and eggs and how he couldn’t comment due to his internal gagging and diverted gaze.

Chris is now on mic saying that Rob is still “butt hurt” about the hotdog and ketchup riff from a few weeks back, BB is now telling Adam to remind him to tell him a story, what?


Adam is telling them about his douchebag move of ordering a double when a fan bought him a drink, he’s telling them about his skinny girl margarita at Chile’s and how his new show has given him more attention while on the road and out and about.

BB is now reading the facts about that women’s society.

BB is now telling them about his friends and his cooking competition, all 7-11 ingredients, he’s sharing the horror of the food items.


Adam has a great book joke and Alison has a nice follow up, BB is telling them about the best dishes and Adam says once again he’s impressed and depressed simultaneously.

BB is now bringing up the 2nd sequel to “Ruby” as performed by Rich Banks, this one has a dark twist from the POV of a love child in their broken home.

Adam is now doing a live read for, hilarious Dog Years joke.


They’re now playing the 4th song in the Ruby ‘verse, this one from the perspective of their former neighbor, Adam has some funny reactions.

This song is wonderful, comedy gold!


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “Muppets Most Wanted” and Adam is giving his take, he says he heard nothing about it and then boom it was just there, Adam says he loves “Da Ali G show” and what he’s seen of “Flight of the Concords” and he’s singing the praises of Ty Burrell.

Adam is bonding with BB over their love for Ty, BB says we are in a golden age of documentaries and family movies.

Adam agrees and Adam is now mocking “The Land Before time” whoa!


Adam says he had to watch a ton of that when his kids were 2-3 “anyway fuck dinosaurs”.

Adam is telling BB about his kids tastes in films and Adam says the little shits don’t deserve such good films, BB is bringing up the young woman who was very pleased with the Lady Gaga cameo.

Alison is asking how it compares to the Muppet movie from a couple years ago, BB says he likes it more than the last one, despite its crappier reviews.


Adam is now getting angry at his childhood, he’s going after all the shit from Disney and the Kroffts, and he’s citing everything Pixar and some DreamWorks too as counter examples.

BB says A-


Adam is now doing a live read for Evoice.


1st Caller Brian, hilarious spelling joke up top and now Adam is asking him about his underpants selection, he’s misunderstanding Adam’s question and now Adam is bragging about his Tommy John midway boxer-briefs.

Adam says he can actually use the fly in these, horizontal fly like a hatch.

He wants Adam’s take on variety packs, he’s bitching about Sun Chips and Adam says the problem is us, not the variety.


Adam is arguing from Brian’s POV and he’s further explaining why people don’t like variety packs, Adam is arguing in defense of Sun Chip individuality and says he doesn’t need variety of Snickers bars.

Alison has a hilarious comment about her sister and she’s asking them about the birthday cake M&M’s that are indeed wrong.

Adam is now riffing about cake flavored vodkas, nice one liner callback from Alison.


Adam is now telling people to walk TV commercials with the sound down, like Taco Bell ads and he’s sharing the “what are we doing reaction” you’ll have in response.


2nd Caller John, He wants to know if Adam likes any episodic TV, he says no and he’s not into “different worlds” he’s making a point about standing in the shower and how TV has now turned into the equivalent for him.

Adam says he doesn’t want to be invested or caught up, he wants mindless entertainment, Alison says it sounds like he doesn’t want to pay attention.

Adam is asking John what’s he’s been watching, Adam is now making a point about getting back on TV and how it brings tons of attention, he had a gentlemen come up to him several times, each time saying how much he hated to bug him.


They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break, with Alonzo returning to the podcast, you can hear his first visit here ACS #14 from 2009 where he discussed his whole journey with Adam, where they went very in depth on his work for Lockheed.

Adam is giving out the plugs and welcoming him back to the show, this is his 10th appearance on the podcast and his first since April of 2013.

Adam and Alonzo are bonding over the mysterious locations of the “Foxwoods Casino” and Adam is telling him about his 1 show at “The Mohican whatever…” and Alonzo is telling them it’s like a 4hr drive.


Adam is walking them through the dark and rainy rental car search for the Casino and the 11 miles between exits.

Alonzo is telling Adam he’s fallen for a classic rookie mistake and sharing his pain over the distances and his theory on the locals and their rules about the Inlands signage.

Alonzo is telling them about his experience last year, opening for Dice in the comedy club, he’s mocking the reaction from the crowd to a black man opening the show.


Adam is now citing a story, saying he’s never shared this one on air, Adam is telling them about the soap box derby and his story about it that he shared with the guys over the weekend at Laguna in the embassy suites.

Adam says it was 1973 or 1974 and a guy won the soap box derby championship, he’s telling them about the championship in Akron and that a guy won via electromagnetic cheating.

Alonzo remembers it too, Adam is citing how they read about it with the guys over the weekend.


Adam is now sharing the sad/inspiring story behind the cheating, he’s citing the young boy who had to stay with his uncle while his ailing mother was incapacitated.

Adam is now bringing up P-38 mustangs and targets of opportunity in WWII with Alonzo.

Adam explains the uncle was the inventor of the modern ski boot, he’s going super in depth on the process for building this soap box derby competition.


Adam is now saying this is like the time he copied “Cynthia Nagatani” and how when you cheat you need to make it seem realistic, not perfect.

Chris is now on mic with some facts about the race and the kids win, Adam is bringing up the kids status as a pariah and how he had to be sheltered from this humiliation.

Adam is making a point about this guy as the coolest dude ever, he gamed the system but he existed in an era of shame unlike the Kardashian era we now inhabit.


Adam is now getting back to this discussion overnight and how they witnessed the name Lange on the ski boot the next morning, Adam is bringing up the details of the kid and his life after the event.

BB is bringing up Steve Bartman and his legendary incident, Adam is mocking the idea of the winning car from 1972 “vanishing” and he’s doing a funny one man improv sarcastically mocking the way the uncle’s son was able to get away with the same stunt a year earlier.

Adam and Alonzo are explaining how one would cheat and not get caught and they’re both amazed they remember this story, Alonzo is bringing up the Little League World Series, another great ESPN 30 for 30 topic.


Adam wants to know get everyone’s take on the uncle, asking don’t they love a guy with a motor, Alison has a nice point about the fair way they cheated and now Matt D’andria from Carcast is on mic.

He’s telling them about the kid attempting this again while away at school, Adam is now repeating everything Matt said to make it clear.

Adam is closing out Matt’s telling of the story, Adam says that guy would be running comic-con now if viewed the right way or alive in a different era.


Alison’s News

1st Story is an update on the Malaysian Airlines flight, he’s sharing something a guy told him over dinner and now Alonzo is sharing how intricate the process of turning off the transponders would be.

Alonzo is now providing his theory on what happened and now Adam is saying we’re getting spoiled thinking everything gets to be explained, he’s citing how the ocean and bodies of water have been used throughout history to hide bodies.

Adam is now riffing on “In Search Of” and other shows of his youth that centered on “The Bermuda Triangle” and now Alonzo is explaining his theory on what would have caused this.

Alonzo is explaining why this plane couldn’t have landed and why it’s impossible, Adam is now going off on conspiracy theories and Alonzo agrees with him actually.


2nd Story is on Maria Menounos interview with Bill Clinton, she’s reporting it because of Adam’s observation on dude’s sporting bracelets.

Hilarious “suck strong” one liner and an even funnier tiara joke.

They’re now looking at the bracelets and commenting on the photos, Adam says Bill needs to pack on a few pounds, he doesn’t like this gaunt Bill.

Adam says he must have one more scandal in him, Alonzo says he’s done.


Adam is now doing a live read.


3rd Story is on the continuation of the production of “Fast and Furious 7” and she’s now reading the details on how they will digitally replace Paul Walker in the movie.

Alison says she feels weird about it, Adam is now giving his take on it and how there are two ways to view it, stating “he would kinda want this” and now Adam is saying that you can’t end the series with him leaving and saying “see you never!”

Adam says he has to be written off via death, you can’t just have him exit the series and abandon everyone else.


Alonzo says this is the nature of the business and says there is now way he can die via car accident in the film, Adam and BB are now giving their theories.

BB says his theory will be like Bodie in “Point Break” and Adam kind of agrees.


4th Story is on the death of James Rebhorn, Alison mentions “Homeland” and Adam says he stays clear of quality.

Alonzo points him out as the weasel administration guy in ID4 and Adam is now mocking that role, hilarious truancy comment and reaction from BB when Adam says it.

They’re commenting on his 65yrs and how that seems young now, Adam and Alison are contrasting bygone eras to modern day life and what age meant then vs. now.

Great Doug Benson comedy.


Adam is bringing up guys who wear ties to work, he’s citing Dennis Prager’s rule of dress and how they used to rock it at Loveline in stake contrast, Adam and Drew in pajama bottoms and ugg boots.

Adam is now making point about dress and how the lack of formality allows for shittier behavior, Alonzo has a point about school uniforms and Adam thinks it’s totally accurate.

Alison has a nice point about discomfort and Alonzo is sharing how there was a time when they told young black men to dress up nice, he’s got a great “no one’s afraid of a brother in a cardigan”.


Adam says he would advise that to any race* and is giving many examples of the disgusting behavior in society, open feet on planes, Alonzo is giving his take on men wearing flip flops.

*except Asians

Adam is joking about the guy getting a coffee barefoot in pajama bottoms, how that would have been considered a nightmare 4 decades ago.

Adam is now joking about the fish used to nip at dead skin on feet, what was all the rage a few years ago and now they’re displaying the photo of the Starbucks patron Adam encountered while on the road.


Adam is bringing up the mid-flight guy who was flicking the light on and off, Alonzo has a hilarious “I just want to pour shit on the floor” reply.

Adam says the guys who make him the most insane are the ones who pull off the “Sarah Silverman” sitting style.

Alonzo is now bringing up Ben Sideman who sits that way, Adam is now suggesting PPV canings for this type of shitty societal behavior, he’s referencing the service owl and now we’re 1 step closer to Adam’s service pelican.


Adam asks doesn’t anyone need an owl, then has Alison bring it home before he can wind himself up again.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is now doing a live read.


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.