Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/23/2016 – Jamie Kennedy and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/23/2016 – Jamie Kennedy and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jamie Kennedy and Matt Atchity

Recorded 03-22-2016 – Release Date 03-23-2016

Production Number #1784

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Adam opens the show to a timely intro mocking Dr. Drew’s Cyprus email hacking incident, Adam plugs some live dates and thanks everyone for hanging with them.

Adam is looking forward to seeing some snow while in Denver and in St. Louis.

Matt Atchity is joining them in studio and Gina tries to call herself the leading champion of The Rotten Tomatoes game.


Adam is now bringing up the incident discussed on ADS #321 with Dr. Drew, his wife and some “affectionate play” while driving home.

Hilarious “white” one liner from Adam. Adam is talking about the scene Drew painted on the ADS while talking about painting his car with jizz.

Adam is breaking down the flash mob like event they drove upon while heading into their Cul-de-sac, Adam is now recreating his two cops improv scene, not as effective as the earlier ADS riff.


Adam loves that Drew and his wife are still that into each other after so many years of marriage, they talk about the Porsche car names, the Cayenne vs. the Camen, Gary gets on mic to say that Drew now drives a 2016 Macan.

BB is sharing the tidbit he learned about the Toyota car naming conventions, Adam is now mocking Ford and they talk about the Festiva vs. the Fiesta.

Adam says the most unsatisfying answer that your wife’s dumb friend can give you a dinner party “I think they know what they’re doing” which ruins your point and makes them seem smarter than they are.






Q and Ace

1st Caller Christian, he wants to know about Adam’s go to use of Plentywood Montana and he explains how he started using it as a hometown for Mr. Birchum and even used an atlas at a library to come up with it.

Adam explains the origin and why it made sense for a woodshop teacher, Christian is calling from Helena and tells them about Plentywood and Adam jokes about a “I’ll see you in Helena” license plate motto idea.

Christian tells them about using chains in the winter while driving and tells them about remodeling a home.


Adam asks him about the average home cost in Helena and Christian tells them about trying to flip the house with an 80k profit.

Gina asks about separating the wheat from the chaff, Hilarious unleavened bread joke from Adam.


2nd Caller Cameron, he is calling about the new 7-11 Slurpee Doughnut and wants to know if Adam will declare this the snack of the tards.

Adam is mocking Churros and gets to having a jaw wired shut and the bygone era of “jaw wired shut” and “stomach pumped” as common occurrences or at least seeming like they were common.

Adam is joking about churro flavored milkshakes and liquid version of other solid foods, Adam jokes about not wanting a “Whisky Bar” and Matt then argues for why he might want a chunky bar of whisky to nibble on, maybe at the gym etc.


Adam is now having it clarified that this is a donut with the Slurpee flavored syrup woven into the batter.

Adam is talking about the order of consumption for doughnuts and BB asks them all for their preferred donuts, Adam is sharing why he likes the cake donut over the raised variety.

Adam is joking about the funky bagels that people bring back to meetings and offices, Adam mocks the insane amount of variety we’re all seemingly obsessed with, Adam asks what we’re supposed to do with the walnut bagel and the sweet spread.


Matt is on the mic explaining what happened the time he brought festive donuts into the show and got chewed out on air.

Matt says he’s grown since then and it was over 5yrs ago.


3rd Caller Pete, he’s a shop teacher and likes his job but wants their take on a possible career change opportunity, Adam is asking him about his shop class and what they teach the students there.

Adam wants to know about the queen stud/trimmer use and if it’s regional, Pete now uses Adam’s terminology and he asks about the “cripple wall” term and if he’s allowed to use it with the students.

They don’t have nuts anymore; they are now threaded fasteners.


Pete tells them about his kids sitting “Criss cross apple sauce” instead of Indian style and they talk about J/G or N rigging things and how those terms are no longer allowed.

Adam is talking about Gerry Rigging things and get to some mascot math and explains how people pretend to care about the difficulties facing various ethnicities by getting rid of mascots while not spending any money or effort to actually try and help.

Adam mentions he bought a palm nailer from Christie’s dad back in the day and Matt references ‘Lethal Weapon 2’ and Adam talks about using a nail gun as a gun and the scary way a compressor can kick on at 5am when left plugged in at a job site.


Adam is now breaking down how one can use a nail gun to fire nails like a firearm.

Adam says it’s disappointing they fly out like sideways, they don’t have rifling and Gina jokes about OSHA coming by the job sites.


Adam is doing a Castrol GTX Live Read

BB is going to Kauai this summer edition.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Movies with “Vs.” Edition

1st Movie ‘Freddy Vs. Jason’ (2003)

Gina knows Jason’s last name, rad!

Adam is calling this the Slurpee donut of movies and has a funny riff with a tapioca veal entrée nobody wants.

Adam forgets he had the stars of the film on Classic Loveline in 2003.


They all make their guesses and move on.


2nd Movie ‘Alien Vs. Predator’ (2004)

Adam asks BB about loving both franchises and not being interested in them starring the same film, unaware of the mythos dating back to Predator 2.

Adam is trying to recall the plot and says he could never stay with it; he recalls the ice shelf.


3rd Movie ‘Monsters Vs. Aliens’ (2009)

Adam says it’s a good movie and he saw it with his kids.


4th Movie ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ (1979)

Adam is sharing his take about this movie being successful based on its timing, they all swing a little too high with their guesses and BB is 4 for 4 of not seeing any of these movies.


5th Movie ‘The People Vs. Larry Flynt’

They all love this movie; BB says it’s somehow underrated.

Adam takes the win with is “protect the lead” wager for the final movie.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Say you got a wedding coming up, Matt has to give Adam a ride home after the wedding edition

Adam gives out the plugs for Matt, Gina shares her love for Jamie’s Movie ‘Heckler.’


Adam welcomes Jamie to the show for his triumphant return appearance after a 7-year absence, Jamie was last on the show for ACS #10 (feat. Jamie Kennedy).

He guested on Loveline at least 4 times, he might have done the MTV show once or twice.

He guested on the KLSX Adam Carolla Show 3 times, he was first on 05-26-2006, then again on 04-23-2007 and his final appearance was on 01-08-2009.






Jamie is one of the only comedians to have a Loveline joke from his act committed to a special, he performed it on Comedy Central for a premium blend.


Adam talks about the show Jamie is doing and jokes about the sitcom ‘Temperatures Rising’ which Gary quickly finds on Wikipedia.

Adam plugs Jamie’s upcoming dates and he talks about following Adam into cities to perform and Adam talks about the low light of his life at the Addison improv.

Jamie is telling them about the improv he plays at in Dallas and the urban audiences.


They are watching the intro for the sitcom and providing some light commentary, Adam says it’s as generic as shows got and they play a bit of the opening of an episode, laugh track and all.

Jamie asks Adam about how he just conjured that, Adam is now going off and they move back to Jamie.


Adam is asking Jamie about how ‘Heckler’ came to be, he talks about the early says of blogging and movie website comment sections.

Jamie explains why he wanted to meet the people writing these hateful words.

Jamie comments on how things have changed over the past decade that coincided with the 10yr anniversary of twitter.


Jamie has a solid point about even the greatest people in any fields having their detractors, Adam is sharing the anecdote of the time he raced with Carter Lay, then mocks his custom racing shoes which didn’t help him on the track.

Adam explains why he chose to apologize on twitter and then closes with how he’s now dead and why he’s glad he was humble and kind in his reply to the man.


Jamie reacts to the heaviness of this story, Adam is making a point about attacking individuals involved in a creative endeavor, he tells people to shit on a movie all they want if it’s a turd or they hated it, but you are dealing with human beings.

BB says the observation and jokes about Carter were objectively funny.

Adam is sharing the details of the time his sister was told that he called her kids Nazis, instead of the nuanced point he was making about the sins of past generations and how unrelated it is to their descendants.


Adam is now saying his sister could have come over and stabbed him in the neck and killed him or never talked to him again.

Jamie is now quoting Charlie Murphy and impersonating him and explaining why he would never hate on Dustin Diamond nor Jerry Bruckheimer, he makes a point about getting shit on by other comics and how he might have been looking for a new opener and that person just shot their career in the foot.

Adam is now making a point about snitching and sharing information and arguing a different angle about the black community and how that angle on “snitching” leads to problems.


Jamie talks about taking pictures with fans and getting critiqued for being older and his changing looks, Adam brings up the “Women Aren’t Funny” controversy, where he was unfairly framed for saying something he never said.

He says that a c list female comedian said she saw him perform standup and he wasn’t funny, she failed to mention it was at a kid’s cancer benefit.

Jamie is talking about people lashing out against famous people, Jamie has another impression and Adam has a funny Charlie Murphy callback as they talk about Dustin Diamond and his current legal status.


Adam is bringing up the Young Turks and the bit they did against him, Adam knows Gina used to do their show and knows them.

Adam is having Gary set up the clip of TYT using specific clips t6o try and frame him as something he is not, there is a clip within in a clip that they failed to understand.

Adam is now doing live commentary prefacing the rest of the clip with Ana Kasparian’s failing to understand the clip as she seems to prefer to spin a narrative about conservatism in general.


BB agrees and they go back to the clip, Jamie mocks her smile and preconceived snarkiness, BB reveals that Gina is still friends with them and the reaction is “interesting” and she has a good point about left vs. right politics and BB says it was willful ignorance of Adam’s comments.

Adam is now mocking the notion of anyone having the stance of “I don’t want poor people to eat” and how indefensible that position is.

Adam talks about the comments below the video that point out the hosts failure to grasp the words in the clips they presented.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Brussels Terrorist attacks, Gina has all of the details so far and plays a clip of Obama comment on the terrorism and once again failing to mention the Islamic element.

Adam comments on his failure to bring up that part of it and Adam is now remarking on what he said on the last episode about Europe being screwed because of their stances on immigration and cultural relativism.

Adam has a nice list of all of things that are ok, you can have your religion and all that it entails, but you cannot tell other people how to live or prevent them from walking through your neighborhood.


Gina comments on the Belgium police and their inability to conduct night raids, Jamie asks how you stop this type of attack.

Adam is now using WWII and Kamikaze pilots to make a point about how one must think about these things.

Adam comments on his own kids and their unlikely road to Allah and an explosive vest.


Adam says there is no heads up with this, BB weighs in and Adam says we cannot stop this the same we couldn’t stop the KKK if they were 5 million members strong and we were unwilling to shun and police them.

Adam says “no can do I can’t go for that” and riffs about ‘Hall and Oates’ being the endpoint for all of these things.


Adam is now whispering form inside of his house about dropping the dime on some suspected Klan activity, hilarious line about missing linens and the scent of kerosene, amazing delivery.

“all these horses parked outside my house, it smells like kerosene and I’m missing my linens” – Adam making a point about non radical Muslims policing the radicals among them.

Jamie is pro profiling and asks what the big deal is, Adam talks about profiling being encoded into our human DNA.


Adam is joking about profiling people in line at a store.


2nd Story is on the death of mayor Rob Ford, Gina has the details of his media attention and demise from cancer.

Gary has some details and reveals the man’s cancer grows in fat cells.

Adam is talking about the sadness of mocking junkies on reality TV and in the media, Rob was a junkie and needed help.


BB is talking about the way addiction is viewed over time and they joke about Rob loving the Coco.


3rd Story is a last minute update on the Hulk Hogan punitive damages and the new total.

Adam jokes about Hulk using some of the cash to buy the editor of Gawker a new Cadillac for praising the size of his dick.

Escalade for the “The Thermos” designation for his hog.

Gina asks if they were aware about punitive damages and why they’re awarded, they do know and they wrap the news.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live read


Adam plugs Jamie’s show ‘Heartbeat’ and his upcoming live dates.

Adam mentions his own upcoming live show with singings and wraps the episode.

BB closes the show with Adam riffing about a woman putting Mentos in her mouth and a pool cue up your ass.