Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/22/2016 – Milo Yiannopoulos and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/22/2016 – Milo Yiannopoulos and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Milo Yiannopoulos and Jo Koy

Recorded 03-21-2016 – Release Date 03-22-2016

Production Number #1783

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, funny “prolonged the California drought” topical intro from Lynch and Dawson.

Adam brags about showering in less time than his wife after 3 months of not touching hot water.

BB has a “What I Do Now” #TopDrop from Drew, as everyone was a recipient of Dr. Drew’s hacked email account message of being trapped in Cyprus.


Adam says he feels like an inner city mother of a child who was gunned down, he’s commenting on how a gun can be good or bad and then gets to the quiet racism of not addressing the early demise of black people’s siblings and relatives when told about them.

Adam is explaining how like a gun, technology can be used for good or bad, he explains he got an email from Eric Stonestreet, he and Lynette were both awaiting a response from Eric re: the gift of booze they gave to him.

Adam is now trying to get to his confusion about this, he was forwarded a screenshot from ‘Modern Family’ star Eric Stonestreet, he presumed Eric was the one trapped in Cyprus as the email explained with a “Susan” character.


Gina is now reading the email, BB isn’t following that Adam is not trying to say Drew, he’s trying to explain his confusion in the order of events, BB just ruined it.

Adam is now explaining to BB why he had no idea the email was from Drew.

Adam is back to the way his feeble mind works and why he couldn’t understand this was from Drew, Gary explains that Eric sent a screenshot and Adam has a very funny “keep in mind” aside.


Gina is back to the email, Adam is explaining how his brain skidded to a stop right at the moment of the closer of the email with Drew’s name and M.D. certification.

Adam talks about using face value and how he studies patterns, he talks about Gina never being late and has a great Jo Koy “Sake Poisoning” joke.

Adam has Matt explain what was up when he got to the shop, BB has a killer “Undeliverable JeffConaway@Gmail” joke and Gary is now on mic telling Adam it was an email from Eric telling him to “check his boy” and Adam shares his non reaction.


Gina contacted Susan at 735am and was told they were well aware of it, Chris Maxipada is on mic and explains how his grandmother recently gave 1,000 to a scam like this.

Jo talks about hacking into Philippino women’s phones to get the most return on investment, Adam jokes about now knowing he’s not in any way Philippino, this riff is amazing!

Adam is asking Chris about not talking to parts of his family, Jo is now Chris’s mother and Adam is playing Chris, “yeah radio, what is podcast” and they do a nice back and forth.


Adam has a killer “all roads lead to the nurse’s station, mother” reply.

Adam is now calling himself “The Pod Father” while in character as Chris who is trying to get his parents to confirm they know who Jimmy Kimmel is at least, they do know Dr. Drew.

Jo is conferring off mic/phone with Chris’s father in the other room.


Adam is now doing another lap and going another layer deep with Chris talking to Matt in the background picking out pastries for his wedding and Jo asks why he “has no insurance” and then Adam does another lap bragging about stealing beer and high protein jerky.

Adam now announces he’s gay while in character as Chris, and scene!

Adam is now asking about the culture that puts on more quiet pressure than the Philippinos, he says they don’t get singled out for being culturally insensitive to dating other ethnicities.


Jo says his mom wanted him to be a mailman or nurse, he tells them about his stepdad she possibly turned into a mail man with the power of suggestion.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Let’s say you’re doing a big fat remodel, just pop it off edition


Adam is plugging Jo Koy’s live dates and he says “The Asshouse” in Pasadena.

Jo is telling them about taping his own special in Seattle and he’s financing out of pocket, intending to shop it around.

Jo says he went 200 with this one and is dropping 200k to tape this special, April 30th at The Moore Theatre.


Adam drove through a red turn arrow today with a cop parked nearby, Adam is sharing how he reads and how his brain works, APR doesn’t mean anything to him, that’s why he didn’t bring up the April dates.

Adam is now explaining how he spotted a cop waiting at the signal, he checked his brain saying the cop he spotted earlier must be the only cop, Adam explains he didn’t get pulled over as it doesn’t look like anything.

Adam is back to his “cops need movement” rule of thumb.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Kevin, he wants some advice about a date opportunity with a woman from work and he’s a got a great “Thank You?” after Adam asks him about his Barbara Walters -esque vocal tone, he is game and Adam is telling him about dating someone from work.

Adam is now talking about the women’s panties that Jimmy Kimmel borrowed for the Dixie Chicks Prank, Adam says this was 2001 and Jimmy is the least lecherous guy you can find, he needed those panties for the prank, in today’s world she would own the network, the secretary.

Adam says he never knew that detail until Jimmy joined him on stage for the Laughs for Bald Bryan event.


Adam is talking about his negative poon factor while working on job sites, the most women they could ever see was when the chick from the contractor’s office would drop off the checks.

Adam talks about showing up for the morning show at KROQ and cites the Tori Amos secondhand flowers story, Adam says he’s never filled out an application and claims nobody checks your records and he lived off the grid.

BB is amazed Adam has never filled out a resume and Gina talks about sleeping with coworkers when she used to be fun.


2nd Caller J.R. asks about getting jobs after establishing relationships with people in entertainment, Adam says you have to do good work and they must like you and your product.

Adam talks about Michael Narren and asks them to pull up the David Alan Grier ‘Romeo and Drewliet’ toon, he explains how Michael Narren ended up working at ‘Family Guy’ but he’s leaving out a lot of information, much like they did when Michael guested on the show, just the beats.

Adam is sharing how great it is to see Narren and Gary talks about his logos and work he does for them and he’s thought well of for being such a great guy, they again skip the part where someone else brought him back into the fold while someone else was resisting it, all because of podcast DVD’s actually, hmmm…


They are now watching the toon.

Adam and BB both talk about great Narren is, they’re right!

BB talks about how everything on Loveline wasn’t necessarily captured or archived, Adam argues different logic and they move on to a read.


Adam is doing a Bet DSI Live Read

Bet on the election and have fun with it edition

Gary reads the betting odds, Adam is sharing how he gets confused and just wants the clear language.


3rd Caller Joshua, he brings up the guy who was dragged off the horse and beaten by cops.

Adam is sharing why he likes that story for an example and Joshua tells them about the county removed some back child support from his settlement amount.

BB has a great “our ships come in” joke while talking about the guy’s baby mama and child.


Adam is talking about Rodney King and his insane high speed pursuit and how he was no angel, he’s not justifying the behavior and says that trying to re-wire the brains of cops is a much bigger request than just obeying them, going to be a lot simpler.

Adam is talking about the beating and how at a certain point you expect the next cop to come in and pull the other officers of the horse thief, instead they just kick him with a ferocious running start, welcome to the kicking party!

Adam and Jo are doing a funny back and forth as two of the cops.

Jo jokes about the horse trying to tell them to stop, he keeps looking back and away, even the horse is appalled.


4th Caller Paull, he’s sharing his idea for a “time crime” and explains how people can steal your time and gives a nice cable bill example of how a company can steal your time.

Gary is on mic and shares the location of the jay walking ticket Adam received many years ago, Adam is explaining how the cop was able to get across the street after the signal, the cop didn’t have to do that and Adam told him so.

Adam is sharing his conversation with Marlee Matlin backstage at ‘Dancing with The Stars’ and the notion that Adam should be afraid of her cop husband, Adam hopes the cop who gave him the ticket got ball cancer and dies from his radar gun.

Adam is ranting about people stealing his time, the notion of being in fear of cops, our employees and having two days of his life stolen to fight the ticket.


Adam talks about BB’s DWP bill and Adam is now sharing what will happen in his utopia and how he would react to shitty cops wasting time and fucking up tax income with bogus tickets.

Adam says these are the types of guys who are attracted to being cops and Adam has a clip of Milo Yiannopoulos.

They’re now listening to the clip of Milo talking about brain differences among men and women, Adam is talking about the point made in the clip and how some professions attract more of certain races or genders, it could be biological, as long as unfair hiring practices aren’t taking place, let it work out how it works out.

They head to break.


They’re back from break.

With a listener voicemail apologizing for calling in to the show drunk, Adam welcomes Milo back to the show, he was last on for a phoner, this is his in person debut.

Adam says many people are fans at the warehouse, hinting that Gina might object?

Adam is talking about his online criticism, he talks about not blocking people on twitter and jokes about being so well liked.


Adam is talking about the backlash against PC Politics and his recent success and popularity.

Adam has a killer “black dick” question and he jokes about asking the cab driver to find the nearest black dick when he gets to London.

Milo says he listens to Adam’s show and he’s right about almost everything, Adam mocks Huffpo and their racist tactics against him, Milo says it is racist and shares his theory about using the supposed at white privileged class to preside over issues completely removed from their lives.


Adam is talking about anecdotal examples and how left leaning pundits and commenters often use this tactic on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ calling it an insane way to solve a problem.

Milo is making some very insightful comments about identity politics and he says MLK lost and Malcom X won, he describes the black lives matter movement as a black supremacist organization as well.

Milo is being fair and presenting facts, he’s talking about emotions and the filter of lived experiences as he mocks the level of discourse of the political left.


Adam is now asking Gary to find the conversation Adam had with the nice woman from Huffington Post, he’s being very kind with that label.

Adam is talking about a successful family unit and how important it is for children.

Milo shares his take on gay marriage and Adam is now making points about the hypocrisy of using facts and stats for global warming while ignoring the stats about family and education.


Milo is now touching on Adam’s points and Adam shares his “it’s cheaper for me” take on replacing bulbs with LED lights, he connects that to nuclear power and Milo talks about the emotional apacoltpyic guilt shaming of the early environmental activists and press.

Adam is now making a point about Philippinos loving the Philippines and other Philippinos, he compares that to America and how we seemingly hate ourselves and have turned on ourselves.

Adam is now having them play the clip of him on Huffington Post talking about the Gavin Newsom interview.


Adam stops the clip and now mocks the reporter’s logic and has them roll the remaining part of the interview.

Adam is asking BB who had more answers her, or Gavin Newsom?

Milo mocks the notion of a patriarchy and cites all of the statistics regarding men vs. women, Gina asks if Milo has ever changed anyone’s mind after Adam asks Gina to get him a warm up on his coffee.


Milo is talking about the photo’s he takes with people protesting him after events and he calls liberal people “star fuckers” then he describes each type of cliché that attend his talks, funny “Trump, Trump, Trump” chant talking about the frat guys in attendance.

Milo is talking about the emotional reactions of students and how he blames the teachers for not properly educating students so they can withstand/survive someone else having a different opinion.

Adam mocks the liberal stats on campus rape and global warming, saying they move to Malibu and send their kids to college.


Milo is talking about the gay/straight pay gap and making all kinds of great points, Gina comments on the Hulk Hogan case.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Gina has an audience question about a high mileage vehicle

Milo giggles in the background

“If you’re going to burn it up, burn up the best” – Adam


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the “I’m Sorry” courtroom serenade, Gina has them play the clip.

Adam jokes about having a “Judge Song” and having kids compose them in school which leads to this school to prison pipeline Huffpo spoke of.

“Judge Song” Hilarious!


Adam is asking Milo about the UK and if they are cutting themselves up and beating on themselves, he cites the Muslim extremism in Europe and the sexual assaults that took place after the Syrian immigration.

Milo talks about “bagel stores” being targeted and BB has a great “come on!?” and Adam critiques the president for not using the term “Islamic terrorism” and Milo has a hilarious “Allah Akbar” that will either become a great new drop or never be used again, fucking hilarious!

Milo talks about the similarities between feminism and Islamism, he comments on segregated train cars and how the end results are the same.


Milo has a great point about how the KKK would want the same thing that the black lives matter movements wants, segregation.

Adam talks about his feelings of the larger group of Muslims not reporting the people who are planning and coming these terrorist acts, Adam and Milo talk about the lack of white supremacists in media while making a great point.

BB has a killer one liner.


Adam says that heterosexual white men are the enemy but at least we got the golden gate bridge out of them and Milo sings the praises of the white men who built society and infrastructure across the globe.


Adam is now doing a Live read for Birk Sun


Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs, Gary reminds Adam about the Mangria signings and Adam plugs Milo’s podcast, he’s joining the family at PodcastOne.

BB plays the “Trump” chant from Milo to close out the show.