Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 223

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 223

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-17-2015 – Release Date 03-22-2015

Production Number #223 – Keys

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Drew is still basking in the glow of Adam’s high praise from the top of the last episode, Adam says he doesn’t have dread for working with Drew.

Adam explains that he told his wife when he has dread it hurts his sleep the night before, Adam tells Drew about his wife misplacing her key.

Adam says that she was really casual about the missing key from the front door, Adam was perplexed and Adam says he’s jealous.


Adam says that Tom who was over replacing the dishwasher took the key when letting himself out, Adam explains how he placed the key in the hide a key location and says that he tells these guys they’re going to get him a divorce.

Adam is describing his latest gas lighting scenario, Adam is explaining why he can’t go take a nap while a key to his house is floating around.

Adam says the people who inhabit his house don’t lock deadbolts, Adam is sharing an example of one of his interactions and cites his old “finger nail polish move” where he desecrated his home to help clue everyone else in how to lock a door properly.


Drew is describing the beautiful house, Adam tells him they lease it out now and Adam is now being fair to Lynette and saying how she’s not always responsible for this.

Adam says he’s already done the nail polish to some spots in the new house, Drew asks if it actually helps, Adam is now joking about a tanker truck of nail polish that could not solve this problem.

Adam is telling Drew about the maid cleaning up the French doors after the gardener blasts the house with the leaf blower despite Adam asking him to use something else.


Adam is saying there is now amount of nail polish to solve this problem, Adam says this isn’t Olga and she listens to him like his disciple, Adam says Olga knows he’s smart and listens to his advice.

Drew seems to love that she supports him and sees his wisdom, Adam says that his family should want to have the doors locked for them, for their safety.

Adam has a great point about resentment and Drew brings up Sonny’s book report on Shaq, Adam tells Drew about Sonny leaving his 3×5 cards behind.


Adam says his wife is very worried about Sonny and his lack of interest in school, Adam says he’s just not into it, Adam is defending against Drew’s attempt at exposing some hypocrisy or a blind spot.

Adam says his wife and the kid were going over the book report, Adam says that at a certain point Lynette and Sonny took over his office, he’s describing Olga printing out pictures of Shaq.

Adam told her that was enough and for her to get back to work, do her job.


Adam says that he frightened her a little bit and that his wife got pissed at him, Adam is making a point about this all being meaningless, he mocks himself for how this all looks out of context.

Adam says it’s now 3 weeks into the making of the Shaw oral presentation and when it’s time to deliver the goods, Sonny has left his cards at home, they all fell out of his bag as he tried to gather them all.

Adam says that his son just got up and winged it, Adam says that his son said he did a good job and Drew is arguing that of course he would need the cards, he says kids are not organized in how they think.


Drew asks how Sonny reacted about leaving the cards behind, Adam says he’s not an anxious kid and that his son has ingested a lot of Shaq, solid meta one liner from Adam after comment.

Drew is asking about Adam’s take on ‘The Jinx’ and Robert Durst, Adam wants to know what they’re going to do with Sonny, he says he’s too laid back.

Drew suggests a cool teacher who is into basketball and math, Adam jokes that Jeremy Lin is the only guy on earth that fits that bill.


Drew says some autonomous motivation outside the home is best, Drew‘s advocating for football and now using his kids an example.

Drew says they do need to get the engine started but it has to come from Sonny, Drew has no sympathy for the plight of homework and hard work.

Adam is commenting on other cultures knocking off American shit, he says they are not that creative, Adam is blaming this on their hard work ethic and time spent studying that might not allow for time to creativity.


Adam is commenting on how the homework for his kids is interrupting his quality of life, Adam is telling Drew good, let the other cultures rip off more of our shit.


Adam and Drew are doing an AVG cleaner live read


Adam is now trying to explain to Drew how he tries to make live reads not sound like a read, he asks Gary if he ever hears Adam move the paper.

Drew says not making the noise isn’t important to him but the audience not hearing the paper should be and Adam is right.

Drew takes it back to Durst and explains the outcome after the documentary was edited.


Adam is now saying that all people should read and article about themselves upon their 21st birthday, he’s now breaking down how it would happen for a curious Drew.

Adam is explaining how he used master and slave cylinder example while discussing Jimmy Kimmel for an interview about the man’s career.

Drew is bringing up the L.A. Times reporting from the documentary, Drew and Adam agree that paper jumped the shark years ago.


Adam asks Drew what he’s looking at, Gary is trying to give a message and is now on mic explaining what’s up.

Adam says he talked to his dad for some time the other day, he’s not seen ‘Road Hard’ but has kept up with the shitty reviews.

Adam says his dad told him “sorry son” and Adam says the only bad part of the reviews is that his dad believes the movie is of low quality due to the words in L.A. Times and he comments on them taking a political stance and aligning themselves with a party.


Drew’s problem is them not fact checking enough and using stuff from a documentary for their reporting.

Drew has another example about Iran and centrifuges, Adam asks him what’s up and he blames his work on his local radio show talking about this stuff.


1st Caller Courtney, she’s a huge fan and says she feels like Adam is her big brother.

She’s not seen ‘Road Hard’ yet and Adam jokes about his dad not yet watching the movie, Adam tells Courtney his dad won’t spend 5 bucks to watch the movie, he tells her not to put “extra” in front of calories, his dad refuses to burn any.

Adam tells her that she sounds heavy set, she jokes about being local and having an eating disorder.

Adam asks her how much she knows about French doors and Shaq, Gary found the link for her cable provider to rent ‘Road Hard’.


Courtney is telling Adam about talking to Jane Lynch about Adam, Adam is explaining how she went uncredited in ‘The Hammer’ and now Courtney is describing the interaction.

Courtney is citing Adam’s “Logan’s Run starring Farah Fawcett” joke about Jane Lynch eventually getting top billing.

Adam and Courtney are being sarcastic about Adam as a homophone, racist, sexist bad guy.


She says she’s an O’Reilly fan and can’t believe the hate Adam’s got since first appearing on Bill’s show, Adam is in love with Courtney and wants her question.

She says she’s not where she wants to be and wants to describe her dream job.

Adam is now talking to Drew about the part of life where encounters fall under positive or negative, Adam is now using a 1st date meal conversation “would help” vs. “would not help” series of examples.


Adam says Courtney talks too much, she is not moving along because the people she works for are scared, Adam is now giving examples of people saying things they don’t need to say.

She thinks she’s the epitome of a social intuitive, Adam says that’s part of the problem and she doesn’t evaluate herself, she’s now using the “noted” experience of her getting the stink eye from her boss for talking to ‘Jane Lynch’ when she was asked not to.

Adam is now bringing up the chatty masseuse who doesn’t get return business, he says be quiet and do your job well and let everyone notice, let your performance speak for you, later you get to speak.


Adam is now sharing his example of what he does, Jimmy asked him what his niche was and that Kevin and Bean did the talking, Adam made himself good at a character which led to Loveline.

Adam is explaining how he earned his way onto Loveline to riff, roll and shoot the breeze.


Adam and Drew are doing a live read for Cremo

Next morning shaving foam that resembles an abandoned beehive


2nd Caller Ted, he wants to know about employing the “don’t do it for me, do it for you” key placement advice, Adam is now offering up how he got past this with his wife.

Adam says it’s physically more work to hide and misplace the keys than it is to simply hang them, Adam jokes about this being what you do at a halfway house for special need adults.

Adam is now talking about his wife’s many flat tires, he says from hitting curbs and things and asks isn’t it nice that he provides all of these things, he feels the same way about haircuts.


Adam is sharing an anecdote of the time his wife took both sets of keys in her purse while the car was left at home with a flat tire.

Adam is saying you only need to put together 3 days of getting things done before a behavior sticks, just 3 successful attempts.

Adam is sharing the angle he must approach this from, Drew has a knowing grunt and Adam is now sharing his “what if this was your kid” counter example of this.


Adam says that Lynette now puts her keys in the same place every day.


3rd Caller Keith, he’s telling them about his wife’s trouble with her co-workers who are reporting her to HR for not being invited to lunch with his wife.

Drew comments on sick people using the system to bash you over the head, he says this person is sick and Adam says this behavior his why this person doesn’t get invited, this is the exact behavior.

Drew and Adam are now explaining how she should approach this with HR.


4th Caller Chris, he has a loser brother in law, he breaks down the situation and describes the circumstances.

Drew says this is not a loser, he’s an addict, a sick person who needs treatment.

Adam backs Drew up and says we need to focus on his addiction.


Adam plugs Mangria, he plugs Road Hard and wraps up the 2nd hour, so until next time, Mahaol!