Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/22/2013 – Dana Gould and Huey Lewis

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/22/2013 – Dana Gould and Huey Lewis

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Dana Gould and Huey Lewis

Recorded 03-21-2013 – Release Date 03-22-2013

Production Number #1040

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Adam is opening the show with some quick anecdotes about his practice laps out in the desert, he’s making a point about Jenna Elfman being even more physically attractive in person and BB has a quick “Can’t Hardly Wait” reference.

Adam is now going off on the people who we all encounter who seem to be completely out of it, in particular drivers in Los Angeles; he’s quoting Mike August and making some fine points about the danger of motor vehicles.

This Superfan who’s been hit on foot over a dozen times and run over more than 5, totally agrees! Adam has a funny point about people challenging motorists and a great hypothetical about what if you encounter someone on their worst herpes filled morning.


Adam is making some larger points about the training he goes through every year for the celebrity races and how it could improve society if everyone was required to undertake it before getting their license.

Alison is telling Adam about her immediate reaction to becoming a licensed driver and Adam is sharing the anecdote of the time he got his dad’s Volkswagen airborne after getting his license.

Adam is now making a point about his gardener who used to leave the gate open to his pool, which posed a risk to his kids. He’s explaining that we’re wired to work “small to big” and has a great filtered water/shitty tube sock analogy.


Huey Lewis is now on the line; Adam is telling the gang about his love of fly fishing and now Kimmel is also into it, Adam has a funny comment about Jimmy getting into hanging from meat hooks if Huey took it up.

Adam is now plugging the 30th anniversary of Huey’s “Sports” album, Huey is telling the gang they’ll be playing the entire album and citing “The Heart of Rock and Roll” as one of Adam’s least favorite songs

Adam is now telling Huey about “Working for a Living” reminding him of “Dave Edmonds” and Huey agrees that he could see that comparison making sense.

Adam is now asking Huey about his perfect SAT score, not only did he get a perfect on the SAT but also the advanced SAT and now he’s telling Adam about attending “Cornell”.

Adam is wrapping up with Huey and plugging some stuff, hopefully we’ll hear him again in studio for his next visit.

Adam is now going off on the inflated smoking death toll due to the bogus 2nd hand smoke statistics and now Adam is in character as a politician for a quick riff about death statistics.

Alison wants to know the difference in the experience between fishing and fly fishing, Adam is now replying from the POV of a fish, hilarious catch and release riffing.

Adam is now clearing up the Huey Lewis song controversy, he’s getting word it was “Stuck with You” that was referenced in “In 50 years We’ll all be Chicks” Adam’s first book.

Adam is now launching into the irony inherent in the tempo of Eric Clapton’s song “cocaine” and now he’s doing his own song “Double Cappuccino” and has a great one liner about a fictitious Eric Clapton song.


Dana is now joining the show for his 16th appearance, you can find all of the previous visits in the official LibSyn archive and you can find all of this visits to the original ACP format on the Year 1 and Year 2 Glass Pressed Master DVD sets that will outlive us all.

You can also find Dana on the “Showgirls” Basic Cable Commentary in character as Huell Howser, also available via iTunes for 1.99.

They are coming in to a nice posthumous “Huell’s Jewels” intro; Dana is reminding the gang of being asked to give a quote about Huell’s death.


Relationship Calls sponsored by HT Higher Testosterone

1st caller Brody wants to know how to introduce himself to girls, Adam has a funny riff about taking advantage of the opportunities that you only get as a teenager and he’s working Dana in with his classic “40yr old brain in your teenage body” idea.

Brody is now telling them about the target of his affection Daria, Adam has Alison get in character and they’re now doing a “Classic Loveline” style practice phone call, this is wonderful!

Dana is working himself in as Daria’s host mother and Adam has a great media training riff and works “Bragman Nyman Cafarelli” into it for longtime fans who remember the syndicated Loveline/MTV Loveline stories.


2nd caller Jay is having trouble with his stepdaughter who was suspended after being found possessing a knife, bb’s and lighters.

Adam is dipping into his “Loveline” expertise to give the thoughtful advice Jay needs, now Adam is making a larger point about children and boundaries.

Adam and Dana are sharing some anecdotes of their feral like childhoods.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the rumors/stories about the possible move for “The Tonight Show” and Adam is sharing some insight from his dinner with Babydoll.

Adam is now on a crazy “Rumors and Leaks” morning zoo riff, Dana is right in step and jumps in to help him; this is just like the classic bit with Patton Oswalt from Classic Loveline, Crank Yankers and the KLSX morning show “Boomer and the Nudge”.

Alison’s role as “Chelsea” is amazing, nice work A-Rose! Dana is now adding a dark twist to the bit, my god this is pure comedic insanity, next level shit!

They’re now playing some clips from Leno cracking jokes about NBC. Alison is reading a hilarious quote from Jimmy Kimmel.


Adam is now doing a live read, he’s working Dana’s kids into it and like always he’s lets Adam slide and goes along with it, this is brilliant, do not miss this live read!

Adam is now riffing about commercials that inspire you to want to punch the child actor; he’s citing the toaster strudel commercial and the kid’s reaction to pop tarts, hilarious riff from Adam about what he would have done for a pop tart as a kid.


2nd story is on Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign to curb teenage pregnancy, Dana is working Bloomberg’s other campaign into this and Adam is now riffing about being “too fat to fuck” and Alison’s reaction is gold.

Alison is reading some of the posters and Adam is now citing his 1996 Loveline tapes that Adam Dristle AKA UnclePenny and I pulled for him where he connects all the dots of the ills in society to broken families.

Adam is now doing a great “ID4” riff, he’s using it as a metaphor to make his point and BB tries to jump in but gets the facts wrong and is immediately corrected by Ace.

Adam just literally explained all of society’s ills and the futility in our efforts by walking us through the plot of 1996’s “independence Day” even BB agrees!

Alison wraps the news, Adam is doing some plugs and wrapping the show