Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/21/2013 – Dave Dameshek Live from Amalfi

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/21/2013 – Dave Dameshek Live from Amalfi

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Dave Dameshek live from Amalfi

Recorded 03-20-2013 – Release Date 03-21-2013

Production Number #1039

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Adam is opening the show live from Amalfi with Dave Dameshek on stage, Yes Shek as the only guest!

Adam is now telling the gang about going to dinner with the “whole group” and Dave has a funny reply. Adam is now asking what they think “Cousin Sal” did to James Babydoll Dixon who was paying the bill.

Adam is now sharing the funny reaction form Jimmy after the dessert cart came by and Dave is now describing Sal as a “Mixer” and sharing Sal’s secret power over the rest of the group.

Bryan wants to know how Sal is able to pull this off now that Babydoll stopped smoking. Adam is now telling the gang about how they all gambled on the total of the check.


Adam now has an amazing parallel to gang rape and ethnic cleansing to explain why they ended up gambling on the bill. Dave is busting out a perfectly timed and hilarious Bill Simmons impression.

Adam has a funny comment about not carrying cash in order to remain a millionaire.

Adam is telling the gang about the uproar when the bill came and was only 2,387 and everyone wanted it inflated to win the bet.


Adam is sharing a recent conversation he had about people who don’t experience shame, discomfort nor have concern of how they’re perceived by others. Adam is explaining how it’s unfair for the rest of us who do feel things.

Adam is now telling them the story of how Daniel Kellison objected to “Stone Stanley’s” mandate about not writing off future strip club visits, one of the best variants of this story ever told!

Adam is now telling the gang how Daniel was interrogating him about his car bonding with Jay Leno, Dameshek is defending Daniel and Adam is perplexed he can’t have a car buddy, poor Ace.

Alison just got the ending to the strip club receipt story; this part is often skipped over, nice work A-Rose!


Adam is telling the story of driving home with Bill Simmons from Vegas where he drove 95mph the whole time; Adam is breaking out the impression and explaining how Bill doesn’t use a seatbelt, whoa!

Alison just brought up “The Secret” and Adam is now telling Dave the proper reply, funny deodorant one liner from Ace.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st topic “Leaving California for Texas”

Adam is wrapping up the riff about the idea of leaving California indicating “you couldn’t cut it” and now Adam is asking for some Gladys knight and the pips “Midnight Train to Georgia”.

Adam has a killer riff about any black guy who’s in his mid 50’s being able to claim he was a pip without any questions being asked.

Adam is now riffing on the transcontinental railroad and its killer.


2nd topic “Mangria”

Adam is using the difficulties with getting the labels approved as his main angle, hilarious comparison to other products that are forced to list the ways you shouldn’t use them and Dave has a funny point about the SUV commercials on Mars with the “do not attempt” warnings.

Adam is on a crazy “Duty Free” tangent inspired by Alison, wow! He is now explaining the first and only time he tried to shop there, now it’s leading to an “Extra Duty/Duty Plus” tangent within a tangent, whoa!


3rd topic “1st amendment rights”

Adam is explaining how everyone tells him the same thing and Alison has a great one liner, Adam is now topping it and trying to make her feel guilty for not showing up at his fictional intervention, this is gold!

He’s now telling the gang about Kelly Osbourne’s 2003 loveline to draw a parallel to the recent discussion he had with Gavin Newsom and the resulting controversy.

Adam is now bringing up the 2006 “Crystal Brain” KLSX ACS morning show argument with Gloria Allred.

Adam is wrapping it up with a killer closer that included the phrase “lock antlers and be crushed”; I love it when Ace gets angry while hilarious!


Alison’s news is being hijacked by Dave’s “Creep of the Week” he’s now listing off the baby store he passed by with “classic rock” T shirts for infants, BB of course just bought one and Adam has a great point about Jim Morrison.

Adam is now on a riff about “The Babies” and he’s doing a callback to the “Pips” riff, citing being a member of “The Babies” as the antithesis of being a Pip.

Adam is now on what might be his first ever “John Waite” riff while Bryan plays various songs from his solo work and stuff with “The Babies”.

Adam is now telling a story I’ve never heard before where John Waite was at this very restraint before it was Amalfi and verbally abused Adam during a dinner, whoa this story is bizarre!


Alison’s news

Her top story is on the death of Harry Reems, Alison just asked if he was the guy Adam’s grandma hung around with and he’s got a killer reply.

Adam is now on a tangent about beating off to dead people and calling for a “Logan’s Run” for adult film performers.

Adam is now telling Alison her grandma was best buddies with “Harry Hey” the founder of the modern gay movement in the 1920’s and 30’s.

He’s now telling the gang about how he would show up at his Grandma’s parties and the book that was written about him, Adam has a great quick comment for all the people who think he’s a “homophobe” who don’t have his unique connection to the “gay pride” movement, he’s right!


Adam has a great “duh” “doi” and “No Duh” riff followed up with a tangent about the kids who thought it was a good idea to wedge their gum in drinking faucets at school.

Alison wants to know why so many fans tweeted her about Harry’s death, if it ties into Adam’s comedy for some reason and he’s now riffing about society’s true “under cockensated” class.

Alison has a great question about a hypothetical “cock and balls” lineup and Adam’s got a killer reply about taste, BB gloms on and gets a nice one in too.


2nd story is on Dr. Oz being sued by a man who followed his advice; Adam is now riffing on warm kelp under a mattress vs. taking a sleeping pill.

Alison is reading the details of the method the man was injured and Adam is further riffing on sleeping pills, great “sleep eating” tangent.


3rd story is about a Massachusetts principal who has cancelled their annual “honors night” for fear of making the kids feel bad who didn’t qualify.

Adam is now going off on competition and its role in our society; he’s got a great point citing the cell phone industry.

Dave is now leading Adam on a hilarious “bobsled” riff, this is off the charts hilarious, do not miss this!

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is doing a super inspired live read where he threatens to fuck the whole front row of the audience.