Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/20/2015 – Mike Thomas

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/20/2015 – Mike Thomas

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mike Thomas

Recorded 03-19-2015 – Release Date 03-20-2015

Production Number #1535

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Adam talks about his last stop on the ‘Road Hard’ tour, he jokes about people bringing food for him, and Adam is describing the homemade lasagna that was devoured by his dogs upon returning to California.

Adam is sharing his take on how people need to realize they’re not that good, Mike thought he would remember to remove the lasagna but didn’t.

Adam is bringing up his racing paperwork and how he immediately sets the material by the door, he knows he’s not that good to wait and come back to it.


Adam says it’s important to not how good you are and how drunk you are, Adam talks about overturning all of the pockets from his backpack used when he’s on the road.

Adam says Mike doesn’t know he’s not that good, Adam says he doesn’t want them to die but a serious throat infection wouldn’t hurt, Adam is describing the background soundscape of a call to Mike August at home with his barking dogs.

Adam is saying the problem with the conference call is the inability to yell at one of the parties, BB is now telling them about a conference call where it sounded like someone was at a little league game.


Adam talks about using the mute button to talk shit mid call, Adam brings up his phoner to Kevin and Bean for his weekly ‘This Week in Rage’ segment.

Adam is commenting on the list of topics that Mike Lynch sent him, he says got distracted by the producer while going over the options.

Adam is commenting on the single flak jacket option for cops, so they don’t outgrow their body armor, Adam is commenting on cops on Segway scooters and uses what walking has done for David Wild as an example for why it might be better for cops to be on foot.


Adam is commenting on the golf carts inside the airport, he says his kids can look forward to a world where they just throw themselves on the ground and are loaded onto the plane.

Adam is commenting on the psychological element of the plane and why it inspires people movers, gold carts and Segway’s.

Adam comments on the passengers who get themselves wheeled to and from the airplane only to get up and walk away at baggage claim.


Adam is commenting on how Virgin American should offer a service where a man carries you in his arms, BB is in the mix and has a killer Spirit one liner.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Legal Zoom


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ari, he wants to know if Adam foresaw the critical reception of ‘Road Hard’ and Adam is using this as an opportunity to respond to the people telling him he’s externalizing too much.

Adam is now comparing the audience reception for both movies and comparing that to the critics, he says he doesn’t think the product has varied that much in quality.

Adam is bringing up the Jules Dash joke and Adam says he’s not on O’Reilly anymore but when he used to go on the show he would get this response asking him about the flack he was getting for appearing there.


Adam is bringing up the conversation with Matt and how he was trying to make this point, BB now is making a larger point about nerd culture and Adam comments on daring to direct and how that gets the true backlash, he’s bringing up how it’s considered the job of an artist.

Adam is explaining that he wasn’t criticizing Rotten Tomatoes, he was making a point about the critical response, and his site is an aggregator.

Adam is commenting on the argument about ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ vs. ‘American Sniper’ and now BB is arguing against Adam and he’s working ‘The Hurt Locker’ into the mix, Gina comments on the interesting numbers involved with each.


Adam is making a point about audience reaction vs. critical reception and how Clint is perhaps losing 15 points due to his politics, Adam thinks it belongs up there with those other two movies.

Adam is now addressing “those are your fans” argument from other people, Adam brings up Dinesh Dsouza and his movie vs. ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ and Gina is in the mix while Adam clarifies his point about left leaning critics who can’t separate their politics and ideology from a truly honest option/review.

BB comments on the ‘American Sniper’ critiques, Adam shoots down his theory and says he thinks you can make the “flag waiving” argument about any movie of this genre and Adam talks about his dad thinking his movie stinks without seeing it due to these reviews.


Ari comments on the racist and sexist allegations against ‘The Hammer’ and says you’re not doing a good job of describing what the movie is about, you start veering into untrue territory.

Adam comments on the scene described as sexist where he tells Heather’s character to not yet remove the mace from the keychains due to her limited boxing experience.

Adam is now wrapping up his thoughts and says he’s willing to internalize.


Mike Thomas is now joining them for his ACS debut, he’s doing a phoner interview.

Adam shares his love for the late Phil Hartman and asks him what got him involved in this project about Phil Hartman.

They’re now going in-depth on the murder suicide after going over Phil’s career, Adam is describing the details of the evening and now riffing about “family style” and ‘Buca di Beppo’.


Adam is now giving a pro-tip about never picking up the phone at 3:45am, he has perfect logic for how you can never be blamed for not waking up, but once you’re up you’re in it.

Adam is now having Mike go over the details of the fateful morning, Adam is asking about the guy who brought her back to her home, Mike is telling them about seeing her gun and explains how she used the other gun to kill herself.

Adam was just told he’s now outlived Phil Hartman in years, he was 49 upon his death.


Adam is praising Phil’s work on SNL and Mike makes a great point about subtly on the show not getting you the stardom and movie career the flashier stuff might.

Adam agrees and they’re now remembering Phil’s work as ‘Troy McClure’ on ‘The Simpsons’ and now Mike jumps in with a comment about ‘Lionel Hutz’ and Mike praises the staff of the Simpsons for contributing to the project.

Adam says that Chris Farley perhaps gets more love from the grave than Phil, he’s just not brought up as often.


Adam is sharing his theory on Phil being a good dude and appealing people because of his kindness in addition to his comedy chops.

Adam is telling everyone to get Mike’s book on amazon.


Gina brings up a strange SNL sketch, she describes the scene and BB says this is a thing the show does on rare occasion and Adam gives his recollections.


Adam is doing a Squatty Potty live read

BB and Adam riffing about the height of the product edition, pretty good


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘Chappie’ and Adam says this is a movie that had nothing that stirred him to see it, BB explains the characters in the movie and the way the musical group ‘Die Antwoord’ were worked into the movie.

BB now plays a clip of their music and Adam is asking if we’re not just getting further away from music with every year that passes, Gina has quite the reaction to an actual song title.

BB explains how this movie is really about the band, Adam is joking about raising a robot and trying to instill low self-esteem in it, hilarious hexagonal bolts as food closer.


Adam asks if we should see this movie, Adam wants to know if they’re hiding Hugh Jackman in the movie as he’s barely seen any footage.

BB is now playing a clip from the movie, Adam likes when robot ears raise and lower, BB is describing how scenes from the film are magical and the rest of the movie is confused.

Adam is bringing up ‘Short circuit’ and how people assume it’s a modern version of that series, Gina asks about the song BB brought up and has another solid reaction to learning of Hans Zimmer being part of the score along with ‘Die Antwoord’.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read


2nd Caller John, he saw ‘Road Hard’ and enjoyed some Mangria while watching it. John is sharing his theory on not tipping delivery drivers.

He is on a bit of a narcissistic rant but Adam is biting and using the interactions with cops to make a point about someone show you pay treating you like garbage.

Adam is commenting on how you don’t tip at the Home Depot and all things that are surrounding things going into your mouth involve tips, as if tipping and food tampering going hand in hand.


Adam has some crazy one liners about ways to violate food, a killer one about pubes that BB responds to and asks for clarification.

Adam is commenting on his ex-girlfriend the waitress and how his Jimmy Kimmel and Denial Kellison would tell him how he doesn’t want to be known as a bad tipper, Adam chose to go Gilbert Gottfried on everyone’s ass.

Adam says that getting things at the counter means tipping goes away, BB brings up an ex who worked at CPK and takes it back to John and Gina gives her take.


3rd Caller Ben, he’s the army man and Adam asks about the election in Israel.

Adam says he doesn’t get why the United States have distanced ourselves from Israel over the past decade.

Adam says that if the Jews packed it up and pulled it out and headed to Baja, there would be 10min of calm and then it would be back to this, those folks love to fight.

Ben tells Adam about going to a bachelor party in Tel-Aviv and asks about wearing sweatpants to live it up, Gina knows what he’s getting at.

Adam tells Ben to put his lady on the line, he tells Adam about Katie also enjoying Vegemite and Adam tells the story of the time Frasier his buddy had him sample it.


Adam is now talking to Katie from New Zealand and asks about her keeping her man on not so tight of a leash, Adam asks if Ben can touch the stripper and the fierceness of the lap dance he’s allowed to receive.

Adam is now doing a stripper DJ bit, complete with Jade and Stage 5 and then makes a killer addition regarding an abandoned knapsack, wow!

Gina asks about Ben sitting on his hands, Adam pretends to misunderstand and jokes about Ben dropping a digit on himself, Adam wraps it up.


Adam is now doing a live read for


Gina’s News

Adam is no clarifying that it was ‘Mel’s Rock Pile’ with Eugene Levy on SCTV, that’s what he was thinking of and people on twitter have been helping him “remember” it correctly.

Adam has Gary play a clip from it.


1st Story is on President Obama speaking about mandatory voting to at least temporarily remove the influence of corporations on politics.

Gina plays a clip, Adam is commenting on how Obama is in the middle of his 2nd term and seems to be doing ok, Adam is now commenting on voting and how people shouldn’t be forced to vote.

Adam is now likening the process to other things, Adam says if you don’t vote it’s up there with recycling for things you just don’t do or aren’t interested in.


Adam is now talking about how some cultures choose to recycle vs. others that don’t and how you can only do so much to convince someone to participate.

Gina says she doesn’t understand encouraging people to vote for things they don’t understand, she’s vary impassioned about this.

Adam asks where all of this voting conversation was 15 years ago, it was going in 2000 for the Al Gore/George bush race, and it started in the 90’s with Rock the Vote and probably stems from something more grassroots before that.


Adam is commenting on the differences in culture among immigrants and different classes of people are able to enjoy public parks vs. their exotics sports cars.


2nd Story is on a British Airways flight that was forced to turn around due to liquid fecal excrement, Adam is now joking about Matt Fondiler watching this footage with his girlfriend and getting super defensive about this guy not taking his fecal crown.

Adam is now implying that Matt might have done this and starts to question where he’s been, Adam is saying this person is a folk hero and they brought down an airliner.

Adam is now talking about the time Jimmy was sprayed on a shuttle bus and another time someone used the glade or Lysol to try and mask the damage Jimmy was doing.


Adam says this person would be the best get any late night talk show could get, the guy who shit up the Dubai airplane.

Gina has a solid ‘The Prestige’ reference and Adam says he misses the kissing bandit.


Adam is now doing a Smart Mouth Live Read

“Sex Down” edition, he comments on meeting guys with bad breath after shows and asks why their girlfriends don’t intervene.

Adam is going in depth on the mints, Gary gets on mic.


3rd Story is on a Daily Mail report that half of married men find their wives mothers attractive, Adam asks if someone is lost in translation with this after BB suggests it.

Adam understands the 10th grade version of this but not the adult and married with kids version, Adam is now bringing up his final conversation with his mother in law “just listen to the police man.”

Gina asks if Adam didn’t find that attractive and he jokes about being in a leather phase, BB is giving his take and Gina is saying she read the article and Adam is now riffing about this flirtation between a guy and his mother in law, gold!

“What’d you do lose a cat, oh yeah I love ribbon candy and decorative soap…” – Adam hitting on a mother in law


Adam is doing a TriCalm live read

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.