Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/20/2013 – Jon Sebastiani

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/20/2013 – Jon Sebastiani

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Jon Sebastiani

Recorded 03-19-2013 – Release Date 03-20-2013

Production Number #1038

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Adam has an expedited intro and some observations on how he could live on wine and jerky for the rest of his life while teasing Jon’s upcoming appearance.

Adam just announced that Mangria is finally available in Pennsylvania, some funny asides with BB about being mistaken as a Philly native.


Adam is now riffing on the latest kotex commercial he witnessed, he’s got a great surgery metaphor and he’s now telling the anecdote of the time he had a “bad trip” while under the influence of nitrous and listening to the “Manhattan Transfer” Christmas album in the dentist chair.

Adam is now having the control room fire up the commercial, hilarious reactions from Alison and Adam.

Adam is now asking some hypothetical questions and Alison is pointing out that she was aware of these facts as a teen and Adam is asking why we have to spell all this out on broadcast TV.


Adam wants to know if Tyler Perry has now become the black “m night shyamalan” and Bryan once again is telling the gang about the time he saw the trailer for “Devil” and how the audience burst out in laughter. Ooh rare Anderson name drop too!

Alison has a great analogous point about music, when you like a song and then find out it’s form a band you don’t like, Adam has a “Nickel Back” joke, Alison is suggesting “Collective Soul” and the Bald Man says his is “Train”.

Adam is now explaining the 2nd commercial that pissed him off as a taxpayer as opposed to the last one that pissed him off as a woman.

Adam is now playing the 2nd commercial which is about food stamps and a new way to use them that saves time and embarrassment. Adam is dead right on this one and unless you grew up on food stamps you’re not allowed to disagree.


Made Up Movie

1st caller Julia with “March Sadness” she wants Alison to make up the movie but now Adam is telling her she doesn’t get to pick, much like the old “My question if for Dr. Drew” no it ain’t ma’am!

Bryan is making up a sports comedy about “point shaving” Adam is now adding a mob/kidnapping plot with Jake Gylenhaal and Whoopi Goldberg.

Adam is now going off on the police state of Los Angeles in response to Julia’s comment about the law enforcement in New Orleans with which Adam is quite familiar from his super bowl trips.

Adam is sharing the story of the time he tried to warn the van driver in New Orleans about the cop car they were approaching, it’s a prime metaphor that proves his point.


2nd caller Jason has just finished a bottle of Mangria and suggests “Melting Point”, Alison compliments his speech and Adam has a killer new tagline for Mangria.

Alison is now making up a romcom with Meg Ryan and Penelope Cruz, she is very inspired and seems to have this clearly laid out; Alison is rad at Meg Ryan fan fiction!

Adam now has Jason back on the line to give his thoughts on it, very generous move from the Aceman and decent pitch from Jason, hilarious quote.


They’re back from break with Jon in studio; Adam is asking him about his family history in the wine business and about Mangria.

Jon actually paired it with some of their jerky and Adam has a hilarious description of his staff while describing the passion for Jerky based foods.

Jon is now telling the gang about the Jerky that best paired with Adam’s Mangria, Adam is now asking Jon how one starts a business that starts with “dried cow”.

Adam is asking him about the biggest consumers of Jerky worldwide and now the gang is sampling some of the jerky.


Adam is explaining how he jumped on the Pinot Noir bandwagon about 8 years ago and now has to defend his choice like a person who was super into early “Green Day” before they got popular and then was perceived as jumping on the bandwagon.

Adam is back to the soil quality and the science involved in making wine.

Adam is telling Jon about his newfound respect and interest in the “business of business”.


Alison’s News

She has a question about telephone etiquette, she’s asking if the gang consider voicemail “rude” as she read in an article and Adam is sharing an anecdote about his stuffed email inbox.


Her top story is on the Ohio school shooter wearing a “killer” t shirt to his sentencing, Adam has a hilarious one liner before he hears of the body count and now he’s asking how the kid got away with it, Alison sums it all up very nicely.

Alison is now reading the rest of the details, Bryan you better get this drop!

Adam is now telling the gang about seeing a recent interview with Charles Manson and wants to know why he’s still around to give them, BB has an amazing drop and Adam has a great point about his twins not needing to know of Chuck.


Adam has an terrific breakdown of how women end up married to guys in prison, he’s dead on with his Loveline expertise and has amazing analogous joke about trying to get his cock to Aileen Worous.

Bryan has a good “Prisoner David” callback from the old KLSX morning show and adds on to Adam’s excellent point about guys in the hole having unlimited time to write love letters.


2nd story is of the Steubenville rape case, Alison is reading all the details including part of it she’s hesitant to point out because she’s such a good person and it might be taken out context.

Adam is having her give all the facts and is mixing it up with some serious commentary and a funny point about men vs. women, Bryan’s reaction to Adam’s comment about what women have to think of to become aroused is off the charts hilarious!

Adam has a crazy hilarious quote in response to the “female chimpanzee shunning behavior” exhibited by the two girl’s arrested in this case and even funnier one liner about a Gay president being elected if they were the majority populace.


3rd story is on the recall of some Yoga pants from a famous brand.

Adam is riffing on how we have too many clothes in society, in particular shoes. Alison is reading the details of the recall and the reasoning behind it.

Adam is now bringing up the trend of women wearing yoga pants and the double edged sword it presents.

Adam and Alison have a great back and forth about the things they’ll never do in life and now they’re riffing about her dad and his preferred way of dressing.


4th story is on “Hogan’s Heroes” coming to the big screen, Adam is now telling the gang about Mike Lynch finally seeing the work of Sid and Marty krofft for the first time now Adam is ranting about “Land of the Lost”.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show. Mahalo!