Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/19/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 222

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/19/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 222

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-17-2015 – Release Date 03-19-2015

Production Number #222 – Satisfaction

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Adam is opening the show with a standard intro, Dr. Drew is in studio and Adam says he always looks forward to these shows, He says that everyone has a different level of expectation/experience and comments on the idea of loving everything all of the time.

Adam says he’s not hating the fans nor looking a gift horse in the mouth, he would like a weekend off but that in no way reflects on how he feels about his career and opportunities.

Drew is commenting on Adam’s take on work being work and how it doesn’t always have a direct correlation to what you’re creating, he’s using barn raising montages from films to explain how life doesn’t really work that way.


Adam is now using scraping roofs as an analogy for the “envelope stuffing” element of making a movie, Adam is trying to say that everyone should get used it, its life.

Drew is telling Adam about finding a stethoscope and how it reminded him of his years having to throw that cold metal over his neck at 5am every morning.

Drew is ranting about the relief he feels having not to deal with the bullshit of medicine, the insurance companies and the hoops, he says he was a damn good doctor when he was practicing too.


Adam is quoting some conversations he’s had with Kevin Hench about waiting for networks to greenlight a project, Adam says the producers have made this endeavor so hateful and such a miserable experience that when it came time for them to get the word, they were ok with it not getting picked up as they would never have to see the douchebags again.

Adam says he looks forward to this show and spending time with Drew, Drew says that when he was practicing it satisfied him within the structure and this is more creative, he’s trying to tie all of these metaphors together and takes it back to scraping tar of roofs.


Adam is talking about returning from the Seattle area, Adam says they were playing Seattle and Portland, he keeps hammering the details of the schedule and how the order was always Seattle and then Portland, Adam says they were staying toward Kirkland, he mentions 13 Coins Restaurant, Adam now returns their after Bean from KROQ took him in 2010.

Adam says he hit up Mike August about going to this place for breakfast, not realizing that The Original Pancake House in Kirkland was much closer and also awesome, Adam is now sharing the mix-up with Mike about the proximity to 13 Coins.


Drew asks if Adam’s step family showed up in Portland again like they did in 2010, Adam says he goes there all the time and sees them much more frequently because of it.

Adam says that side of his family is normal and they act how normal family acts, his step family seems to treat him superior to his family of origin.

Adam is using his 13 Coins waiter who was happy in his job to make a point about how one can have a good life in a not so glamourous career, you can still be satisfied.


1st Caller Jason, he wants to know about changing careers, at what point do you settle for something and stay in your lane.

Adam says he was this way with construction and carpentry, he’s using that as an analogy for Jason’s time in the restaurant business.

Adam is commenting on how he found ways to take pride in his job and accept his reality, due it correctly and take care of the prep work.


Adam references his experience visiting ‘College humor’ and the seemingly endless amount of jobs they had for young comedians.

Adam is saying when he was coming up there weren’t opportunities like there are today, Adam went to work on his craft at night and his craftsmanship during the day.

Adam says they didn’t even have a video camera, he tells Drew and Jason about his time at ‘The ACME Theater’ and says everyone can publish a book, make a podcast or star in a show.


Adam says that for some these are actual opportunities for others its folly, Drew says he thinks Howard Stern is right about podcasting, Adam comments on people asking him if he’s offended by Howard Sterns’ take on podcasting.

Adam is flattered as he’s made it a business despite what Howard has said, Adam says you can earn some chops doing a podcast, it can lead to other things if the person wants it.


Adam is saying anyone can do anything, he asks Chris Maxipada about his music, podcasting and documentary and says he has a guy right here who is good and still hasn’t made any money.

Adam asks how we police this, limit who pursues these artistic opportunities so they don’t waste their time and clog up the marketplace for those with real talent like Chris.

Adam is now using the Kardashians for his main example of how most people would presume they could write a better book than one of them.


Adam is commenting on how Chris is able to keep his work and art from interfering with each other, he doesn’t take his lack of a paycheck for music out on Adam in their workplace where he has other expectations and duties.

Adam is joking about Chris getting a new style of guitar, nice reaction from the booth.

Adam is apologizing for sounding preachy and mocks the answer of “I don’t have time” comparing it to the hot chick who claims she doesn’t have time to date.


Adam is mocking people who play the kid card, using their kids as an excuse for why they don’t have time, he tells people to say there Prius Brokedown or their tablet was broken.

Adam says you find time for these things on the weekends, at night and while in traffic talking to your own person Mike Lynch.


Adam is doing a live read for Life Lock

Adam is using mistakes on credit for this live read, he tells Drew about the IRS taking his check for ‘Animaniacs’ and then giving it back and how it looked bad on paper, much like getting on a sex offender registry for peeing in your yard.


2nd Caller Nick, he is 27 and both of his parents are diagnosed schizophrenic, he wants to know when he is past the risk zone for being diagnosed.

Drew asks him about his experience growing up, Adam brings up his brother in law and jokes about the crazy guy hat, and this is the same riff he shared with Drew in 2004.

Adam is now sharing his theory on crazy guys and hats, he’s not mention the type of hat, the kind with the soft adjustable back and shallow cap.

Adam is now getting the definition of “Flipping a lid.”


3rd Caller Nathan, he’s a big fan and says he’s listened to a lot of Adam’s ranting over the past few years, he wants to know if Adam has ever changed his mind on an opinion he formerly had.

Drew says he doesn’t think of Adam as closed minded, he thinks he’s clear and would like to have his mind changed.

Adam is bringing up a 20yr old change in his thinking about gender reassignment and Trans people, saying he used to think it was linked to mental health in all cases.


Adam is explaining he now thinks much like gay people some are born that way, some “Created in the lab” and some would definitely benefit from surgery but maybe not all.

Drew is suggesting it would be better for people if they could somehow gain insight if the surgery was really for them before making the decisions, for their own best interest.

Adam is explaining that he’s evolved in his thinking and there are so many cases of trans people being able to have the same rights as everyone else he’s changed his thinking, he is saying he would like to ensure that gender reassignment was the best option before someone goes down that road.


Adam is referencing the number of cases where Transgendered people end up further depressed after surgery, thinking it was the be all and end all of their personal struggles.

Drew is making it clear they are allies of the Trans community and would like their comments to be heard for what they were and not misinterpreted, Adam tells Drew to shut up and says they didn’t say anything bad, yes Drew, his whole point was about changing his thinking.

Drew is now bringing up the suicidality after surgery for some people, Adam says he used to think they were all nutbags, now he thinks some are and most aren’t.


Adam and Drew are doing a live read for AVG cleaner


4th Caller Billy, he thanks the guys for the motivation and impact this show has had on him, Adam plugs Take a Knee and the archive.

Billy is telling them about just starting to listen to Classic Loveline, he says that Drew has evolved, Adam is now commenting on people thinking of him as a right wing lunatic and making sarcastic points about his opinion on impoverished people having kids and other topics has not wavered.

Billy is now citing the earliest posted episodes of Classic Loveline from January 1996, shows 80 and above, Adam has been the 3rd chair co-host since October 12st 1995 and Drew has been hosting the show for nearly 13yrs at that point.


Interesting perspective from a new listener first hearing those shows, Drew asks about them setting them up to be more conflicted, like a buddy cop movie plot.

Adam laments the lack of a grey area, Drew is commenting on how he was more uptight back then, Drew says he was carrying the weight of his work with him all day.

Billy is a great guy, good call man.


Adam is now asking if Gary has the from Seattle video from Mike August, Adam says the best part of the movie was showing it to the people in Seattle and the reaction.

Adam is now having Gary play the video, Adam is saying the standing ovation felt good.

Drew is asking about the video, Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the first of two hours.

Adam tells Drew about going to London, Drew is incredulous despite hearing about this already.