Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/19/2015 – Naomi Grossman and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/19/2015 – Naomi Grossman and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Naomi Grossman and Matt Atchity

Recorded 03-18-2015 – Release Date 03-19-2015

Production Number #1534

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Adam has the standard intro with some added emphasis and shares how much he loves meeting the new fans.

Adam is telling them about driving back from Walnut California and how he tells the producers he’s never heard of these places, marveling at how they are able to continually forces him to commute to places he didn’t heretofore know existed.

Adam is explaining how he’s a strong believer in bringing kids to work, he tells the gang including Matt about taking his kids to his taping.


Gina and BB both weigh in and Matt jokes about craft services, Adam is saying kids need to respect the shit out of you beyond anything else.

Adam is now giving some examples of how people “train” their kids and has an almost statistical attribute system he’s referencing that does actually seem to exist now that he’s talking about it.

Adam says his kids got something out of that experience, he says if he was lower down the totem pole they would tell him to leave his kids at home, Matt jokes about Adam’s message about being the boss and then confirms exactly what Adam was saying.


Adam is telling them about his drive back, merging in the rain and breaking down his blinker technique.

Adam says he got the horn honk for sliding in front of her and he says he then he learned he was getting the extended dance horn, Adam is asking what motivated this, Gina confirms Adam’s suspicion that this aggression was preexisting.

Adam wishes a horrible Loveline caller history on her, Adam says a part of him wants to pull a gun out and ask them what they’re doing, and Adam is asking why people are so fucking casual about this stuff.


Gina references Adam’s brain reaction, Adam is still asking why people think they can get away with this unscathed.

Gina asks if the rest of the gang are the type to drive up and look at the other driver, Adam says he looks at it like a high school breakup and has a funny little scene he paints.

Adam says that in this town you would rather have George Clooney think BB was a douchebag than not know he exists, Adam is teasing a story from Gina.


Adam is doing a live read


Gina is telling them about her cousins wedding in Westlake Village, she’s describing how hot it was outside, she was asked to take the photo of some drunk wedding guests.

Gina is describing dropping their phone in the pool, she jumped into the pool while in full makeup and wearing a dress.

Gina credits Adam’s recent phone incident as at least partial motivation for her diving rescue of the phone, Gina shares her less than enthused reaction from the other guests and even the phone’s owner.


Gina says they couldn’t have been cooler/sweeter about it, Adam references that woman in traffic and her horn reaction.

Adam is now making a point about marijuana vs alcohol and how one treats their cellphone near a pool on the respective substances.

Adam is having Matt ask him if he’s drunk right now, he’s got a funny “I’m a big dude” reaction and Matt asks him if he’s stoned, Adam shares the “covert” laugh response that answers your question.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Marissa, Adam asks her if she’s toned and she does the laugh perfectly after some location based arguing from Adam.

Marissa has a deadbeat mom and wants Adam’s take on women who abandon their children vs. men, Adam is now using his wife as an example and making a point about the DNA of men and maturity over nature being a necessity to get fathers who stick around.

Adam is now leading her on a path to felling empathy for her mother, BB brings up the only person he knows whose mother took off and she came out…, Gina jumps in and says amazing, which is accurate and better than BB’s attempt at a joke.


Marissa is further telling them about the extent of her father’s mental illness, his hoarding and alcoholism.

Adam is joking about compulsive hoarding and alcoholism and how it’s got to lead to a lot of lost keys and sunglasses, Marissa tells them they were on an episode of ‘Hoarders’ and Adam says BB is laughing because he’s thinking of the time Adam’s mom told him about her friend Arlene being featured on an episode of ‘Hoarders’.

Adam is joking about who his mom chooses to “chill with” and then references the broken cunt on the 5 freeway from earlier in the day.


Adam is asking about how Marissa’s mother was raised, she tells them about her mother being disowned and her Japanese heritage.

Marissa is sharing her struggle with allowing this woman back in her life and she’s very compelling, Adam is now saying he would like a Japanese mother if only to then shame her into ritual suicide, BB is picking up what he’s laying down and enhances it and then Gina comes with her traditional Japanese blade knowledge which Adam appreciates.

Adam, Gina and BB are wrapping up with Marissa, Adam has some great one liner and then mocks BB and tells him to stop as it’s getting offensive, that meta joke thing where he’s smoke screening his comments while mocking himself for trying to get away with doing that, good stuff.
Adam gives her come closing advice while she’s off air. Marissa should call back, I’d like to hear more from her. Good caller.


2nd Caller Ryan, he wants Adams’ take on the university of Oklahoma racist fraternity, Adam is tired of the PC police and BB suggests that these men will have their lives damaged permanently for this video, Adam thinks that might be punishment enough.

Adam is sharing his take on the market deciding, instead of making rules, we all shun and shame those who are racist, his “don’t give them your business” argument.

Adam is talking about how the university is compelled to do something and jokes about seeing the “human as half empty” and is now talking about the dean of the university and what the reaction would be if the press hadn’t got ahold of this or it hadn’t been released online.


Matt has a solid point about them having this chant so expertly arranged and rehearsed, Adam says that apology demands are not sincere, Adam says hopefully those guys lives will be affected by this and now brings up how dumb 19 year old males are.

Adam is talking about jumping nude into pools risking his life, Gina is now making a point about Jim O’Heir’s episode and the clip they played of the video, telling Adam about the 70 year old house mother in the video singing along.


3rd Caller Eric, he wants to know when ‘Road Hard’ is coming to Canada, Adam is having Gary check on the release date.

Gary gives the date for iTunes and Eric wants to know if Adam will ever retire or slow down his schedule, he says he’s thinking about it, not retiring but slowing down.

Adam is savoring the days he has only 3 jobs, unlike his most recent schedule.


Adam says he misses his vintage races and says he hasn’t been doing it.


4th Caller Tim, he asks Adam about Buddy Rich and shares how he stumbled onto an interview with the man that reminded him of Adam Carolla.

Adam is now making a more apt connection between himself and Buddy Rich, Adam is now describing the recordings him of him abusing his band members after a show.


Adam is now doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


They’re now listening to the recording of Buddy chewing out his band.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Adam is giving his take on ‘Road Hard’ sitting at 50% on RT, Adam asks what kind of reviews he’s going to get now since appearing on O’Reilly and the “women aren’t funny” misquote.

Matt is now defending the reviews saying that only 3 mention Adam’s politics, Adam says not all are going to mention it, but they will still be biased and try and hide it.


Matt is on point and Adam is giving his take on why him and critics now may be done forever, Matt suggests that Dinesh Dsouza‘s movie is sitting so low due to the quality of the movie more than his politics.

Matt is commenting on how he thinks these reviews are lining up, Adam is restating his opinion that sitting next to Bill O’Reilly earns him this reaction.

Adam is giving his take on ‘American Sniper’ saying it’s more of an 80-90% movie and was perhaps took some heat from Clint Eastwood.


Matt is now making a larger point and declares it’s disingenuous for Adam to suggest it’s purely motivated by politics and Adam is talking about how hard it is for people, humans to put aside their differences and honestly critique something.

Adam is now explaining how “jokes that land with a thud” and other quotes lead him to believe this, he cites being denied admittance to the Sundance film festival (for ‘The Hammer’) and Matt has a closing line about Adam being alright with the reviews for that movie somehow being ok.

They both make key points here, Adam’s argument is more of a “snowball” effect of people perceiving him differently over the past decade, that’s now become too large to allow any positivity to flow his way, Matt seems to be making a point about Adam being blackballed even back then for his first movie but it still getting solid reviews.


Matt says he thinks the Newman doc will rank much higher, Adam brings up him guessing 70% for this movie, BB has a funny one liner and Matt is inadvertently commenting on the quality of ‘Road Hard’ by overpraising ‘Winning – The Racing Life of Paul Newman’.

Adam says the Newman doc will do better as he’s not in it, Adam agrees with him but refuses to use it as a yardstick.

Matt says he almost put together a list of movies ranked at 50%, he thanks a cool listener for putting together a list of past movies, if they didn’t use the sidebars then they’re wasting a lot of time.


Ed Harris Movies Edition

1st Movie The Abyss (1989) Adam says he’s never seen the entire movie, BB says it’s a little underrated but not great, Bryan fucks Adam’s shit up.


2nd Movie Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) they all guess in the 90s.

3rd Movie Enemy at the Gates (2001) Adam never saw the whole movie, BB mildly defends it despite bringing it up on his movie themed podcast The Film Vault.

They all vote, now BB is giving his memoires of the movie, man this guy is playing the game!


4th Movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)

Adam shares his take on how fun this movie was and how there is room for ‘Taco Bell’ in the cinemas.


5th Movie Pollock (2000), Adam says critics love this kind of shit and he’s 1 point off with his guess.


Gary reveals they have a tie and BB addresses the off air discussion where Gary emphatically declared they’d never need the tiebreaker.

Matt does have one though.


6th Movie A History of Violence (2005)

Gina thinks this was a great movie, Adam thinks it was good and says it needs to be nominated for a good movie with a bad scene, and Adam is talking about the locker room conflict regarding a routine fly ball.

BB is in total agreement and Adam says that whomever wrote this was clearly not familiar with sports, Adam talks about the weird staircase oral sex scene and Matt chimes in a bit quick, Adam makes note of that and addresses it, funny.


Adam says he wouldn’t tell people not to watch this movie, but there are a couple of holes in the movie, BB spoils a key scene with his reply.

They close the segment, Matt now clarifies that Gary was the one to make sure they had a “7th tiebreaker”

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Naomi Grossman making her ACS debut after a listener voicemail about the Rotten Tomatoes/Matt Atchity theme song.


Adam is doing a TriCalm live read

Gina is telling Adam about putting some of it on her boyfriend’s dogs belly, Adam says he has used some on Molly.


Adam introduces Naomi who also didn’t make it as a Groundling, Adam is asking her more about the process and Adam says he was 6 years into the process before they handed him his walking papers.

Adam is saying he can tell how old people are now that many people from his classes are now teachers at various improv schools.

They’re talking about “one and done” SNL cast members, Adam asks her about work on ‘Funny Or Die’ and Adam is asking where they are, nobody seems to know he’s asking about a headquarters, like when he went to ‘College humor’.


Adam asks her about ‘American Horror Story’ and she declares she’s been trying to get booked on the show for 3 months since her episode originally aired, Adam is acknowledging that and tells people to go to Netflix, she then comes back with the info that the new season won’t be on there until October.

She hammers it home that she was supposed to be on in January.

Adam heads to the news, he now shares that he was never declared good enough even for the Sunday Company.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Jimmy Kimmel’s reveal about his penis surgeries, Gina has a clip and Adam asks why it always seems like they have a delay, he tells them it’s an internet problem.

Adam is now giving his side of the story, telling them about taking Jimmy to see Dr. Drew who “yoked” out Jimmy’s urethra with graduated cylinders, Adam jokes that he can’t hold a guy’s hand every time he needs to get his cock yoked out.

Adam says he remembers them doing this on KROQ.


They play they clip, Adam doesn’t think Jimmy had an surgery/cutting on his dork, Gina is sharing how she feels bad for people who have to be yoked and swabbed, Adam says for a urethra point of view he’s been blessed, never having anything forced into his dong.

Adam is joking about it being the worst game of ‘Operation’ as you’re hitting all sides of the urethra, Adam is joking about the anus vs. urethra, hilarious gay guys giving birth one liner.


2nd Story is on Howard Stern announcing a dream job offer from his agent and Adam is talking about Howard doing this to up the negotiations, his standard move.

Adam is sharing that when Matt was leaving he said the environmentalism message of ‘The Abyss’ resonated with critics, Adam asks why that would be if his argument was correct, Gina and BB comment and now Adam is doing another lap on this.

Adam says some points were shaved off his reviews due to perceived politics, Adam says that most of his teachers were female while at ‘The Groundlings’ after Gina brings up the topic of women in the Sunday company. Adam wishes Howard well and doesn’t have much more to say about the initial story.


3rd Story is on the woman who was smoking on an airplane, Gina has the details of the woman and reveals her students were the people sitting near her.

BB says that everyone is allowed on major freak out, Gina brings up Paris Hilton’s brother who called everyone peasants.

Adam says he will give everyone a single DUI, Indecent Exposure and freak out.

Adam says he would give every citizen one get out of jail free card for each activity stopping at violent crimes of course.


Adam is doing a Future Advisor live read


4th Story is on the 15 million in revenue generated for public schools from sales on legal marijuana, Adam is joking about the message being sent to kids about their education being dependent on drug abuse.

Adam says he thinks of the school system like Candy Spelling, there is now amount of money they can’t absorb, it never seems to reconcile anything.

Adam says you can raise a kid Abe Lincoln style and that money is great but he wishes the money would go to the family more than just the institution.


Adam says the part where money was so involved in schools feels like a new thing, he talks about the types of schools he attended and uses the home life of his peers to make a point about the relative achievements they made in life.


5th Story is on the charity boxing match between Mitt Romney and Evander Holyfield, Adam is joking about this battle to raise money for eye related charities.

Adam is asking what they’re actually doing if they can’t go at it, Adam would rather Al Gore step in and truly bring a fight on Mitt, Adam says that would be more entertaining.

Gina and BB are giving their take.


6th Story is on the decision to cut all of the jokes mentioning the late Paul Walker from the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber.

Adam talks about the need to push the envelope at these roasts, where they need to out shock everyone.

Adam says there is a lot of that in pornography now, he’s talking about how weird it’s gotten today and the shock value is not needed in his porn tastes.

Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is now doing a live read for Life Lock

Storm a-brewin’/shot him just for snoring/up and die edition


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and comments on his perpetual 3rd layer of confusion due to his schedule and seeing things presented differently than he’s seen all along.

Adam asks Naomi what we missed and she reiterates that she’ll be voting for him due to his get out of jail free cards. Gina gives the plugs for Naomi and they wrap, nice.