Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/19/2013 – Cousin Sal, James ‘Babydoll’ Dixon, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/19/2013 – Cousin Sal, James ‘Babydoll’ Dixon, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Cousin Sal, James ‘Babydoll’ Dixon, and David Wild

Recorded 03-18-2013 – Release Date 03-19-2013

Production Number #1037

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Adam is opening the show with some exciting news about David Wild calling into the show from Justin Timberlake’s record release party and Bryan has a funny reply.

Adam is now explaining that Cousin Sal is the curator of the old Man Show stories and will be in later with James Babydoll Dixon, Adam is now telling some rare anecdotes about the two gents.

Adam is now teasing the new white Mangria and explaining his difficulties in shipping that have resulted in people getting double their order for free; he’s turning it into a positive and telling people to order as they might get double what they paid for.


Adam is now telling the gang about watching old home movies with the family over the weekend and finding an old video of Sonny crying to Sesame Street, Bryan has a nicely timed Carl Weathers joke and now Adam is playing the clip that Sonny reacted to.

Now Adam is setting up the footage of Sonny’s reaction to the Sesame Street clip. Adam has some commentary and Alison’s reaction is great.

Bryan has a theory on Sonny’s reaction and Adam is now breaking down the bizarre world of Sesame Street and its insane cast of characters.

Adam is now telling the gang how every kid has some random song that will make them cry, Bryan has a well-timed drop.


Adam is now reporting on the first “Crane Fly” he’s seen of the season, he’s now riffing on the bugs and Alison and BB have some nice commentary.

Adam is now on a crazy riff about good insects that eat other pests; he’s got a hilarious tangent about spiders on the ceiling and Lynette’s reaction to his early AM bed jumping, gold!

Adam is now sharing the rich white guy problem he runs into because of his split level entry hall. Adam is now breaking down the hunt for crane flies in his house, Alison seems to know exactly what he’s talking about and is right in the mix.


Adam is now asking why as an adult he can’t say he doesn’t want to do something and why people insist upon him suffering, he’s citing an example of doing the test laps for the upcoming Celebrity Grand Prix.

Adam’s voice is very unique while he’s describing this scenario, he’s now breaking down the post-practice meeting that he’s well versed in as he hears it each year he races.

Adam’s got a hilarious “Higher T” live read that works in his 2003 Grand Prix with Josh Brolin.


David Wild is now joining the show from the record release party, Ryan Seacrest had a message for Adam and now David is passing it on. Adam is explaining he’s the guy who always defends Ryan and his sexuality, he does!

Adam has a hilarious description for what list Justin Timberlake ends up on in his book, wow! Adam and Alison are now working Adam’s “if you can move” observation into the mix.

Adam is now riffing on the chasm of difference in reactions to exes among men and Women; Alison agrees and Adam is asking if Justin Timberlake breaks the mold for this rule. Hilarious one liner about the only woman in the room from Ace!


Adam is now proposing a new windbreaker idea; he’s explaining the water displacement test one he initially came up with.

Adam wants a series of windbreakers for the men most masturbated too, Bryan has a hilarious reply and Adam is now formulating an algorithm for tie breakers.


Cousin Sal is making his first visit since the “Football Sunday shows at Happy Endings” and Babydoll is making his first appearance since the Kevin Smith/Telepictures debacle.

Adam has a funny reply to the listener voicemail with an idea for a sequel to “The Hammer”.

Sal is explaining why he’s in studio and Adam is bringing up his “Fairy Tale Football” insult towards fantasy sports as Sal explains what he’s promoting.


Adam is now telling the gang about the first time he met Cousin Sal and the difficulties he had driving them home from the airport, great Tower Air riff from Ace.

Adam is now ripping into the horror show of a Tower Air flight, amazing observation about the potential for the greatest air disaster of all time and the overflowing toilets.

Adam is now breaking down his first two trips to Cousin Sal’s family house in upstate New York and his first interactions with Sal’s jovial mom and the mystery man known as “Cow” who was into tickling Adam’s feet.

This is by far the most detailed version of the “Cow” stories I’ve ever heard, hilarious! Adam is now launching into the “Penn Station” meet up with “Cow”.


Sal is now telling the Jeff Ross story from DWTS, Babydoll has a well-timed tidbit to really flesh out the story, and this is great to hear it without Jeff being able to reply.

Adam and Sal are now telling the story of how Mike Dawson was banned from football Sunday, Dawson is now on mic to share some never before heard details, and Dawson sounds very humble in spite of everything.

Adam is having Sal explain all the ways he tortures the wonderful James Babydoll Dixon while he’s buying food for everyone; Sal is quoting Jason Sudekis and explaining how Babydoll stopped taking smoke breaks.


Adam is asking Sal for some classic Man Show stories, he’s citing the men’s room that became like a “rain forest”; Adam is now explaining that Sal and Brad would shit up the place royally.

Adam is now telling Sal and Babydoll about his bathroom etiquette policies, he’s now setting up “He’s in there shitting” from Rich Banks and Mike Lynch.

Adam is now explaining how Babydoll is a Super-Agent accustomed to dealing with film and television, Adam warned him about the cheapness of radio before the morning show.

Babydoll has a funny observation about their deal on that show, awesome! Adam is now telling the gang about first learning of the cheapness of radio when he was doing Kevin and Bean and even they didn’t have parking spaces at the station.


Babydoll is now quoting the conversation with Jack Silver where he was trying to charge the morning show for the jar of peanut butter they went through twice a month.

Babydoll’s puzzlement at the request and delivery is hilarious; I love it when he’s a guest!

Adam is now having Sal confirm the “Christoph Waltz” gambling story, he’s citing Nick Santora’s background and trustworthiness that in this one rare case didn’t pay off, and Adam’s description almost makes me feel badly for Nick.


Alison’s News

Adam is praising the new white Mangria they’re sampling in studio, Babydoll says it’s delicious and Sal has a funny anecdote from Lynette.


Alison’s top story is on a Florida man planning a university shooting that took his own life, Alison is reading the details and Adam is happy as is this is what he’s always asked for.

If you’re going to kill a bunch of people, kill yourself first then finish your plan.


2nd story is on a woman in Florida who called 911 requesting they send a squad car to scare her children. Alison is now reading the details of her arrest and what she did to the responding officers after they play the 911 call.

Alison has a point about the woman being formerly attractive and now Adam is agreeing and explaining how this always ends up, he’s citing Classic Loveline and the female callers who have the same former hot chick attitude as the woman from this story.

Adam is now setting up the “Teddy Pendergrass” bit for Sal and Babydoll.


3rd story is on the top 5 most popular beers in America. The gang and guests are all weighing in and now Adam is telling the story of taking the Coors brewery tour.

Gary seems to have located a choice Teddy Pendergrass bit and they’re playing it for Sal and Babydoll now.


4th story is on a new survey that has determined the perfect age gap for relationships. Adam is now doing the early death math and the over a decade of time left over for women, hilarious!

Adam is now riffing on the perfect age gap and how Lynette is only allowed 4-6 weeks after he goes, he’s got a hilarious riff on women seeing new men and spending money after their husbands die prematurely due to stress.


5th story is on a recent article that claims the best solution for “Urban Blight” is bringing in a gay community.

Alison wants to know how Adam wasn’t credited as he’s been literally saying this for 17yrs, ever since learning of Dr. Drew’s Shower Squeegee.

Adam has a great car/tire analogy to explain why gay people foster great communities and improve property values.

Adam now has a hilarious and brilliant “homesteading” plan for gay communities while explaining how he doesn’t take credit for this, he’s just waiting for people to catch up and has a great parallel/earlier thought idea that makes total sense.

Adam has a quick reminder about the warnings he gives out too, he’s citing the scourge of passion fruit and now he’s doing a live read and wrapping the show.