Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/18/2016 – Steve-O and Anant Agarwal

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/18/2016 – Steve-O and Anant Agarwal

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Steve-O and Anant Agarwal

Recorded 03-17-2016 – Release Date 03-18-2016

Production Number #1781

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Adam opens the show to a funny “growing moss” intro from Dawson and Lynch, solid.

Adam has the standard intro and mentions the chaos at the Carolla house and explains why Phil E. Cheesesteak/Philly Cheesesteak is with him as they’re doing the full kitchen remodel.

BB has a great “Woo Thank You God, Woo!” #TopDrop as Adam tells them about his late mother in law Helen, BB is getting great use out of that new drop and Adam has a funny “Brenda Lee” attempt at an analogy.


Adam is talking about people dying suddenly and BB comments about the odds of them all showing up to work each day alone.

Adam is bringing up BB’s case as discussed on the latest Reasonable Doubt, recorded immediately before this.

RD #35

Adam quickly transitions to the new Supreme Court Justice pick nomination of Judge Merrick Garland, he explains how Geragos summed the man up and his record re: left vs. right ideology.


Gary is sharing how Mark even knew Take a Knee guest Peter Guber, he once served on one of Mark’s juries.

Adam is now talking about the flawed logic of the right presuming they will get a better option with president Trump, Adam is now sharing his logic for how the right should proceed and how they should accept the nominee, he’s the proverbial bird in the hand.

Gina talks about the realistic choice Obama made and Adam is talking about Geragos political leanings, Adam has a killer “more fro room” joke and Gary gets on mic to further explain it, Adam is forgetting that Mark classifies himself as nearly an anarchist.


BB is bringing up his 4k invoice from the L.A. DWP demanding double payment for water they already paid for, Adam is joking about Lynette’s reaction to the price tag being too low.

Adam is explaining how the department of water and power made the mistake, they cannot retroactively change the deal after the bill has been paid.

BB is sharing how Mark suggested he pay this and take them to court, Adam is bringing up the broken system and how landlords cannot shut off the water to a building but the dept. of water and power can, the rules don’t apply to them.


Gina has a solid point and BB stresses they have the money but it’s the principal of this obvious attempt at theft.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam welcomes Anant Agarwal to the show, he asks him about MIT and Harvard, he wants to know the most prestigious school in the country.

Anant is now explaining the rankings and Adam jokes about his kids getting a warning shot if they ever even tried to visit the campus.

Adam is now asking him about and what they’re all about.


Anant explains how the courses are all free and Adam is sharing his conversation with his wife about the future of colleges and the lack of brick and mortar facilities in the near future.

Adam is asking Anant for his thoughts about where college will even be in the next 10yrs.

Anant is very clear in his explanation and Adam jokes about getting him to come home with him to talk to his wife to explain why they can spend the kid’s college savings on a new Lamborghini.


Adam is saying it will be a potpourri of education and Anant tells them about unbundling a 4-year college degree allowing for people to do as much as they want in person or remotely.

BB is talking about and their wide variety of education topics and courses.

Adam is hitting on the key point of technology being the ultimate leveler of the playing field and how great it is to be poor in today’s world with multiple flat screen TV’s.


Adam jokes about legal weed sending junior colleges the way of the dodo, Anant has a funny “weed stuff” joke before giving some practical advice.

Adam is singing the praises of India and immigrating more Indians to the United States to improve it, he touches on his plan to move all of Israel to Baja but doesn’t mention his findings re: top soil and holy ground only going 6 inches deep.

Anant finishes up the call telling them it’s not about India, it’s more than that and Adam surmises his own point from the comments made by Anant.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Wilmer, he wants a simple skill that people have that’s often ignored, he references cigar cutters and Adam is riffing about the guy he uses to break in shoes and walk his dog now being tasked with cutting his cigars while doing the other two things.

Adam is now riffing about mocking people with an accent and he says that speaking multiple languages is a pretty solid skill people don’t respect, hilarious “Does Yodi want a Jogurt” quote from Adam while he was complimenting his children’s nanny Olga.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Adam brags about Geragos driving Porsches due to his “billable hours” edition


2nd Caller Murray, he wants to know if Adam has an ever attended a political rally, the closest he ever did go to was the 2008 Romney(McCain?) dinner that a friend had invited him to, but he skipped out due to the lack of a free dinner with his ticket/pass.

Adam is talking about the interview he did about the 25th anniversary of Comedy Central and Adam talks about agreeing to projects or jobs without much reasoning behind it.

Adam is loosely based on what will work and he tells them about taking a couple of backers to Leno’s garage after promising them a tour when he saw them in Illinois.


Adam is explaining that the answer is “someone asked him a few months out” and explains why he is put off by people who attend rallies and cheer about nonsense.

Adam would rather be at home or with someone he can benefit from instead of in the bleachers, BB asks if they have ever liked a candidate enough to attend a rally or event.


3rd Caller Keith, Adam marvels on his old-school name and he asks them about “Grass Roots Motorsports” and their 2k challenge, hilarious kill a homeless guy joke from Adam.

Adam is riffing about his “fringe” magazines with 2k dollar challenges, Adam says he likes the guy who runs the magazine and explains that he doesn’t know every article or interview with him, he’s never made aware of the content.

Adam says it turns out life works like celebrities claim, you’re not always aware of the show or interview you’re appearing in or when it airs.


Adam is talking about standing at the Car Shop Warehouse with Anna Farris, combing through Nate’s office and he found the Entertainment Weekly Cover with Chris Pratt pushing himself out of a pool, beneath it there were multiple copies of the same issue.

#3 Copies in full, Adam was questioning himself if Nate was beating off to the issue, with Pratt’s wife standing nearby.

Adam is talking about the defiant and angry palate of Andrew’s buddy Brian over in the other shop.


Adam is now quoting Vinnie Tortorich regarding avoiding carbs and healthier options.

Adam is explaining his limited options for side dishes and contrasts his kids orange chicken, Adam loves salty and sweet combinations and further describes the order he was putting in.

Adam ordered the chicken breast and green beans, the saddest option possible.


Adam describes his miniature Chinese Food container that his dish came in, as if the normal sized carton had been hit by a shrink ray.

Adam is sharing his struggle of trying to refuse side dishes like French fries at other places and he gets to the comical extra order of orange sticky chicken with a metric ton of rice, mocking him from the center of the table.

Adam is describing how Lynette went for round two and popped the top off and ate the remaining leftovers right in front of him, Gina asks if she also says the words “go fuck yourself” and Adam is riffing about her exploding like Eddie Murphy in ‘The Nutty Professor’ and he says he’s having cold pasta sweats, he’s jonesing for carbs at this point.


Adam is now explaining how lunch had been finished, Brian and Andrew had finished lunch and Andrew made a flower out of his cutie orange once again, presentation.

Adam was quizzing them about what they were eating, fettucine alfredo.


Adam says how you know it’s bad for you is how it becomes congealed the next morning and he now quotes Brian who said fuck all pasta and ordered Adam to tell all his listeners how much he hates pasta.

Adam is now going over this exchange and claims this is how he knew he hated him, BB is now arguing in favor of pasta and Adam orders Brian to be included in the Will Andrew Eat It Segments.

Adam is explaining how he feels about meat (pasta) and Adam is talking about they all get mad at Mike August over nothing and shares a new story of Mike cutting up all of the Ravioli in preparation before eating them.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Adam on his dog going in and out, construction workers and people going in and out edition.


Steve is making his 4th appearance on the ACS, he was previously on ACS #975, ACS #1164 and ACS #1418.

This is his first ins studio appearance on the ACS.

Adam gives out the plugs for his latest special on Showtime and Steve-O tells Adam about doing standup seriously over the past 5+ years and Adam compares him to Joel McHale.


Adam is talking to Steve-O about working with writers and he explains how he does stunts throughout the special and was even choked out and Adam has a solid Mort Sahl joke.

Steve-O is telling them about being an attention whore and getting stunned during a Q&A.

Adam asks about Jackass and Steve-O shares the reality of that ever happening, Steve-O wrote his own movie in the vein of ‘Bad Grandpa’.


Adam asks Steve-O about his sobriety and has a funny fishhook through his ballsack sober comment.


Gina’s News

1st Story is the announcement from Sea World about phasing out their Orca breeding program.

Adam is riffing about an upbeat Orca humming ‘Walking on Sunshine’ ruining it for the other depressed Orca’s trying to get out of captivity.

Steve-O is telling them about his two pranks/stunts to protest Sea World.


Steve-O shares how he fucked up the 2nd time, Adam is riffing about Steve-O being sentenced and Adam asks if they are going to let these whales go.

Adam has a hilarious friendly Japanese guys on a boat riff mocking the released captive whales and he’s dropping hilarious comment on top of hilarious comment with the whales misunderstanding everything about a whaling vessel unaware of their impending doom.

Adam is now asking for the ‘Go to The Beach to Jerk Off’ sign prank he pulled as youth as depicted in ‘Not Taco Bell Material’.


2nd Story is on Madonna’s latest concert screw up, Gina has a clip and of her performance.

Adam thinks she’s drinking and has crossed over to a world where Alcohol has taken hold.

Gina comments on the custody case with her son and her ex-husband, hilarious Guy Ritchie bitch comment from Adam as their son bragging about his rad father.


Adam is now talking about the super-hot blonde at the party syndrome and Gina is playing the hot high pitched voice gal and Adam is further describing how celebrities will get up on stage and cross over to the stage where people are showing up to see you, not your product.

Adam says Bruce Springsteen delivers his product and knee slides to Alabama each night.

Gary is on mic telling Adam he’s looking for the photo, it’s on the archive I sent him but he doesn’t know it.


3rd Story is on Adam Laroche’s decision to quit baseball due to being requested to leave his son at home, he walked away from a 13-million-dollar contract and Adam only gets angrier with his father with each one of these stories where a father goes above and beyond for their child.

Adam says his dad only took him to one Ram’s Pre-Season game, Adam mentions his dog that just pissed in the studio and how he’s the wrong guy to ask about this.

Adam is explaining why he has to bring his kids and pet to work, it’s not narcissism it’s a lack of options and he explains Sonny was sick last time he was at the studio, when it’s appropriate bring them not all the time.


Gary shares how Mr. Laroche feels about school and how he thinks Adam will respect that, Gina asks about his marital status and Gary further quotes him.

Gina has a great reaction to the sign that Adam vandalized with his friends as a youth.

Adam explains the reasoning behind their decision to modify the sign.


Adam says this was circa 1983, so take that into account.


4th Story is on Jason Mayhem Miller, Adam says he was a really cool guy and it seems like something has taken him over, taken control of him.

BB mentions he was a past guest, he was!

Jason Mayhem Miller was first on ACS #266, then ACS #443 and his last visit was on ACS #787 back in 2012. Gina mentions him showing up at one of their live shows…

Adam talked about a day of training with Mayhem on ACS #478, he doesn’t seem to recall that here though.


Steve is asking about the last run in Jason had with the police and Adam says there is an intervention that needs to take place.

Gina has a list of Jason’s offenses and Adam says it’s sad, he’s a good guy when he’s good and BB mixed up Jason with “War Machine” and now Gina queues Nick to share about the defacto Dana White of the Italian MMA organization that Jason now fights in.

BB has a killer one liner “Dana Blanco” and Nick quotes the actual guy, not bad Nick.

Adam is riffing about the Italian Dana White and then goes back to the good person inside of Jason that needs help form his family and friends.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock

Hilarious stolen IRS refund check improv scene with the IRS edition


5th Story is on the newly offered “pet bereavement” time from some employers.

Adam is joking about puppy suicide and snuffing a dog out to go to burning man.

Gina asks Steve-O and he thinks idle time is the last thing you need after the loss of a pet.


Adam jokes about this being a test to avoid working with pussies, Adam is mocking safe spaces and bereavement time, he asks when going somewhere to blubber as ever solved anything.

Adam is asking “where is over here” and suggest people go to work and bond and grieve there, Adam is joking about staying home to watch ‘The Price Is Right’ and jerk off to internet porn.

Steve-O has a heavy closer and Adam has Gina wrap the news.


Adam is doing a Round Up Live Read

Adam says he goes by weight with dead pets, you pet must’ve weighed over 80lbs and Steve-O brings up the realistic shortened life spans od larger breed dogs.



Adam is giving out the plugs and BB is surprised how soon the upcoming live shows are, Adam plugs Steve-O’s special and wraps up the show.