Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/18/2015 – Adam Ray, Phil Ehart, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/18/2015 – Adam Ray, Phil Ehart, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Ray, Phil Ehart, and David Wild

Recorded 03-17-2015 – Release Date 03-18-2015

Production Number #1533

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Adam opens the show to a timely ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ intro, David Wild is in studio and Phil Ehart from ‘Kansas’ is making his ACS debut.

David has a lame joke about the term sextuplet and is now Adam is saying that Brian May should be ‘Jew-Fathered’ into the fold due to his hair.

Adam is now asking for the story of Kansas, the journey.


BB has an ok “Rock and roll” one liner and now they’re all talking about Don Kirshner and Adam talks about a kid singing ‘Dust in the Wind’ during a talent show and it only made him depressed at how accurate the lyrics were.

Adam has a killer “tight 20 for the Cetera family” one liner, now they’re playing SCTV ‘Rock Concert’ and Adam tells Gary it’s the wrong clip, he’s looking for Eugene Levy as Don Kirshner, David brings up Paul Shaffer from SNL.

Phil tells them about giving away free beer at their shows, Gina comments on being familiar with the Kansas locations he’s name dropping.


They’re now playing the clip of Paul as Don Kirshner on SNL.

Adam is asking Phil about the band ‘Queen’ and he’s asking when Sacha Baron Cohen is going to play Freddie Mercury in the biopic.

Phil is telling them what he knows about the movie and why it changed hands, David is setting up an anecdote about Steven Tyler not being a fan.


Adam is asking for the story, Phil refuses to share the whole thing as he wants to sell this DVD, Adam has a hilarious “huge pile of scarves” one liner about Steven, he’s killing this riff and summing up the story with Phil.

Adam is recalling the 1997 (1998) KROQ Weenie Roast, where the Green Day and Third Eye Blind incident took place, Adam tells the story in full.

Phil is explaining how you don’t cross the line of interfering with another artist’s performance, David has an anecdote from ‘The Kinks’ and Adam is making a point about forgoing the opening band.


Adam asks if there are still opening acts, David Wild is telling them about how these heritage touring bands have now realized that nobody wants the opening band.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Michael, he’s sharing his difficulty with the VA and Adam shares the ‘Walter Reed’ Jr. High during the 2008 McCain speech anecdote.

Michael is back on the line telling them about his experiences and Adam tells him about his grandmother working for the VA, Adam is making a point about people who don’t care about their job choosing happy environments over difficult and sometimes depressing ones.

Adam is now making a point about making a difference in the world, Adam is making a very specific ‘Good Neighbors’ breakfast menu reference to “Eggs ala Fisdale.”


Adam says not everyone needs to be emptying bedpans at the VA to contribute to society and the vets might also be better off without those people filling up those jobs.

Adam and David has a brief back and forth about rearing children and raising them to be productive members of society.


Adam does a live read


Gina updates Adam on his egg info, she’s telling him what she’s seeing when googling, David says it was a specific breakfast spot in Los Angeles that invented it.

Adam feels bad for poor Michael and is now further sharing his thoughts on people choosing happier places for school and employment, they’re all bonding over the horrors of the winters in the Midwest and east coast.

Adam talks about his friends he’s had who never returned from Santa Barbara after going to school there, hilarious bamboo farm and bong shop one liner.


2nd Caller wants to know about brackets, they don’t bring him on the line and now Gina is giving her bracket choices given on the morning show she works on in Los Angeles.

Adam is riffing about March Madness, David references the ‘Dust in the Wind’ experience Adam had at Walter Reed middle school.

David is telling them about his sons college options, he explains he was never offered a dime from any school and skated in under the legacy of his dad to get into Cornell, very honest and interesting.


Adam is asking for more clips of Don Kirshner, Gary can’t find much and David tells them about Don’s son Ricky and says he could come in and walk Adam through the history of his dad.

Adam, Phil and David are all now discussing the legacy of Don and Adam is going into how he likes to flip through the radio stations while on tour.

He laments the segregation and tired options of Los Angeles radio, he’s now riffing about Ranchero and has this great line “here’s a guy raping an accordion with a fucking broken trombone” and quotes his “music not to study by” and now David is taking it back to Phil.


David shares how he initially didn’t dig ‘Rush’ and then slobs on Phil’s knob a bit to appease him, Adam is now having them play a clip of Don introducing KISS.

They’re all talking about Don’s “style” and on camera persona.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


3rd Caller Shelly, she’s an English teacher and is declaring Adam doesn’t fit into the categories for how children develop language and vocabulary, Adam says it’s from talk radio, I know exactly what he means.

Adam says he would use talk radio to keep him company, to keep him from going stir crazy.

Adam says he used to listen to ‘Religion on the Line’ and David has a solid CeeLo anecdote.

Adam has a solid “Jewsdale” and she wants to know why Shelly is Adam’s go to name for women, David says he has a crush on her already.


Adam asks if she’s ever had any male students come on to her, she says she’s been asked to prom.

Adam has a solid riff about the lack of statuary rape role models in his day, BB’s response is solid and Adam follows it up with a killer one liner about not knowing it was possible to fuck one of his teachers.

Adam is now name checking the heroes in teaching, the famous women who slept with their male students over the past two decades, Adam compares them to Rosa Parks and other famous civil rights figures.


Adam is taking it back to Shelly, she’s going on record that it’s on the table for her classroom, Adam has a killer reply about her not having to do it on the table, Adam is joking about his vocabulary now being used for evil instead of good.

Adam takes it back to Phil and gives him a plug for the special.

David Wild plugs ‘Road Hard’ and Phil rephrases his own plug.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with a great moment in local news.

Adam is welcoming Adam Ray back to the show and Adam tells the audience where he first met Adam Ray, he explains the event and how he was “having a good time” and predicted that Adam Ray wouldn’t fare well over with the elderly crowd.

Adam is explaining how Adam Ray killed it and jokes about giving hand jobs in thanks.


Adam Ray is telling them how John Lassiter came up to him after the event and told him who the woman with the giant hat in the audience was.

Adam is now riffing about giant hats, Gina asks if the woman was aware of him mocking her.

Adam Ray does an impression of the woman who enjoyed the riffing, Adam Ray is telling Adam how much he liked ‘Road Hard’ and seems to get it.


Adam Ray says he likes the way the life on the road is depicted in the film, his compliments are well thought out and seem very genuine.

Adam is explaining how he’s been guilty of presuming the plot of a film based on its title.

Adam is telling Adam Ray about the “crocs” scene and he references Fletcher from Pennywise, he says his only critique was the lack of Mario Lopez.


Adam Ray is now doing some Tony Danza, they’re looking at Dr. Drew standing next to Fletcher from Pennywise, Adam and “Tony” are now riffing about casting him for a future part.


Adam is now doing a live read for E-Voice

Adam is asking how Tony would sound if he was doing a voice for the sponsor, BB has some kind praise for Gina’s voice while making a point.


Gina’s News

1st Story Is on the Chris Borland retirement, she has all of the details and Adam is now talking about weighing options and cites his conversations with Evander Holyfield about taking the deal of earning unthinkable sums of money while taking brain damage in exchange.

Adam is now riffing about killing brain cells with Adam Ray, Gina asks if this isn’t impressive that he’s walking away from all of this money.

Adam is now making a point about Chris Borland having the options that Marshawn Lynch does not, Adam is now being informed of the Borland Family’s financial success.


Adam is now riffing about Marshawn Lynch’s local plumbing commercial in Seattle, Adam Ray knows it well and tells him more about it.

Now they’re riffing about the busty 23yr old sports chick who can’t pronounce any of the names.

Adam tries to get back to the topic at hand and Gina pushes it to the next story, perhaps too quickly as nobody really cares about the news like in radio, we just want to hear Adam’s take on current events not the events themselves.


2nd Story is on the United Airlines flight that was forced to return to the terminal after a passenger rushed the airplane cabin.

Gina has some audio of the incident, Adam Ray is riffing about the clip and Gina updates them on what happened with the man after this incident.

Adam is talking about the “dude maintain!” conversations he’s had with his friends over the years, Adam is now calling for a cage in every plane, much like ‘Con Air’ so they never need to divert a flight again.


Adam and Adam are riffing about taking a vote among the passengers, Gina has a comment about Paris Hilton’s brother and his in-flight incident.

Adam is further riffing about it.


3rd Story is on American Airlines flight where a woman smoked on an airplane and then blamed the person next to her, Gina has a clip and Adam has a killer ‘Twilight zone’ reference.

Adam Ray is giving his take on the onlookers who were too timid to stop her or say anything, Adam is ranting at the in-flight announcements about smoking on a plane, hilarious use of the c bomb.

Adam is now quoting Mike August, he’s got a great observation about how the 9/11 hijackers could be brought up on hijackers for tampering with the smoke detector, Gina has a solid box cutter callback, nice.


Adam Ray is riffing up a storm much to the delight of Adam and Gina, this is really good.

Adam blames low priced airfares for this type of behavior and mentions they took a train between NYC and DC last week, Adam notes the train tickets cost much more than the flights.


4th Story Gina has the details on the upcoming ‘Richard Pryor’ biopic, she lists the cast and Adam asks about the legend of him growing up in a whorehouse, Hilarious pimp hand riffing and Adam Ray name drops ‘Precious’ and now Adam is going off on men’s torsos, saying that compact men look more appealing.


Adam is doing a live read for Chubbies shorts

Chubrolla, solid Chupacabra one liner from Adam.


5th Story is on the large measles outbreak that broke out at Disneyland last year, she’s got all of the details and Adam says “the happiest pox on earth” and only gets a reaction from Adam Ray.

Adam is mocking the anti-vaccination parents for this which lines up with the science Gina read, Adam is joking about hippies who are unwilling to acknowledge the trade off in society, a purely numbers based argument.

Gina says she wouldn’t want the measles and tells Adam about how her mother and the mothers of her peers would arrange for the kids to meet up when one was sick with chicken pox to inoculate the others via exposure.


Superfan Side note: I actually contracted measles while working the 2011 Carolla shows in NYC, due in part to an anti-vaccination parent and of course NYC perpetually having active measles outbreaks.


Adam joking about using his camera at Disneyland, Adam Ray tells them about going to the park while high on a pot brownie, he jokes about Toon Town.

Adam Ray is telling them about getting lost at Disneyland as a boy and then his follow up trip where he ate all things phallic from the concessions stands.

Adam Ray is telling Adam about having a flashback to when he was a kid and was lost, Adam Ray references his time as Wolverine working at Universal Studios.


Adam and BB are asking follow ups and Adam says that if he thought owl yelled Jew, imagine what he would hear when Pooh yelled out for Tigger, solid reaction from Gina.

Adam is now arguing that Adam Ray has been through more than the people who survived the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, Adam Ray says he’s given up pot edibles and Adam is now sharing his problem with eating weed and how it’s trickier to regulate and dose to it being metabolized by the liver.

Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read


Adam is giving out the plugs, funny stoned pelican jokes about bringing herring for Mike August, Adam plugs Adam Ray’s upcoming dates in La Jolla, and Adam mentions Brad Williams being in the credits of ‘Road Hard’