Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/17/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 318

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/17/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 318

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-15-2016 – Release Date 03-17-2016

Production Number #318 – Coffee and Alcohol

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro and Drew observes he has a little spring in his step ad Adam plugs some live dates.

Adam is telling Drew about waking up earlier than normal today, he gives Drew some miniature life tips and explains how he got an alarm clock with a giant display.

Drew has the same model and Adam says it works like a night light and the clock has been a few minutes off, he has been guilty of what he preaches against and now the clock is finally dead nuts on.


Adam got up early intentionally and got to the studio early, Drew says they have some visitors from Fargo North Dakota.

Drew shares his mixup with the clocks and how he reacted to Daylight savings time, Adam says let’s all avoid getting locked into a thought.

Drew was asking his family about the clocks and they were trying to use a super natural explanation.


Adam talks about the Duke Lacrosse scandal and the broken evidence and logic they ignored while steam rolling ahead to prosecute the young men who were accused of the rape.

Adam explains the alleged victim later shot and killed her boyfriend and he empathizes that you never hear that part in the news media, Drew wasn’t even familiar with that detail.

Adam is going over the people in the case who ended up in jail and dead, from the prosecution side and how glad he is about it.


Drew talks about the language Adam is using “story and narrative” and how telling and accurate that is, Adam is back to the “off and running” broken logic and how people trip over their own dick and he keeps going after Michael Byron “Mike” Nifong.


Drew jumps in with a Stamps.Com Live Read


Drew is having Adam finish his stuff before he gets to his material/thoughts, Adam is talking about Drew’s inability to follow and Adam jokes about the most days he’s spent on college campuses with Drew, speaking to kids.

Adam is in the process of cleaning out the entire attic at the new house, he talks about how messy they become over the years and how it would be nice to have the interior walls douched out around and above you as the proximity is so close to where you spend all your time, get rid of the rat poop.

Adam is talking about the types of piping used in interior construction and he gets to the ABS and black stuff and he comments on the duct taped together pieces he encountered and asks who duct tapes this stuff.


Adam was trying to figure out this bad work and he kept looking at it, he then heard from a plumber Tom and Gary has the definition of ABS and nails the pronunciation after apologizing in advance.

Adam is telling them about the cracked vent pipes that were in the roof, they were air vent pipes and the air is needed to get pressure for toilet water flow, the sewage vents.

Adam explains that sewage gas was collecting in the attic and he eyeballed the pipes and gave them some couplers.


Adam left and came back to find out that the two inch couplers were too large for the pipes, Adam says they didn’t tell him they were only an 8th of an inch off.

Adam went back to the shop and felt dumb or like he was losing his eye for measuring.

Adam is going over the too big/too small couplers and explains the pipe was an old “whole house vacuum” pipe and the couplers don’t exist, so the last owners were just trying to get something to patch it up.


Adam jokes about the built in blenders and vacuums of homes from the 1970’s and they mock the poor craftsmanship and general bad idea they are.

Adam talks about moving into “his dad’s old house” and describes the blender base that was built in, sans blender.

Adam talks about finding a full boat of the variety of old-school blenders and chippers, for someone else who might need this.

Adam kept the leftovers to give away or even sell.


Adam is going over the thick piping he saw on the wall, the galvanized pipe and he comments on the bad information and how he continued to roll despite the confusing signs along the way.

Adam says it’s not constructive and he gets to the benefit he hosted for his kid’s school in Pasadena, Adam says they were bringing some Mangria and then he had the last backers party for the ‘Road Hard’ contributors.

Adam is going over the arrival at the event and the box of wine bottles that were put in the back of the car sans satchels, Adam is going over the discussion with Lynette about the box being used in place of the satchels for the bottles.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Adam finally put the jeans in the hamper after waring them 11 times.


Adam is back to the conversation and how he was not being a dick to his wife, he was trying to have a teachable moment and she even admitted that Caelan didn’t fuck up as she didn’t ask for a satchel.

Adam says don’t do it and beat yourself up, Adam is back to his obsession with people repeating the same mistakes and he comments on how many times Ray’s tools have been stolen from his truck.

Adam is now imitating Ray being pissed about the tool theft, he’s playing both him and Ray in the interaction and Adam tells Drew there are versions of this involving legal matters, family etc.


Adam says if his kids have the kind of stupid to jump out during a traffic stop and harass a cop while on probation he will take out a contract on their lives with a local drifter.

Adam is talking about people who want some thing or want to do something, if you can never obtain a goal, that’s a kind of stupid and he comments on people who have bad things that keep happening to them.

Drew talks about ritual reenactments and Adam is back to his blender and the pieces he had Rob photograph and sell on Ebay.


Adam is sure that John Waters is doing a kitchen remodel and could use it, they discovered the blender was built in and they would have to dismantle the whole kitchen to get to it, so he had Rob tell the guy on eBay to wait and offered a refund.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Turbo T from High T

Drew explains free testosterone to Adam

Drew tables his bigger conversation for the next show.


1st Caller Fred, he’s calling about giving up coffee and caffeine and he cites the study about coffee reversing the effects of drinking on the liver.

Adam puts Fred on hold and brings up the trajectory of coffee and red wine over the years, Drew says it’s good for your vascular system but it still kills you earlier.

Adam talks about the visceral reaction humans have to the scent of ribs and he’s got a funny jogging titties metaphor and riffs as the asshole who tells you we are the only mammals who drink milk and takes it even further to ejaculating and sexuality.


Adam is mocking these assholes and taking it to white men and how evil they are, funny “teeth of a velociraptor” comment that Adam tops with “you were meant to suck on zucchini or dicks, Drew your teeth were meant to suck dicks.”

Drew is losing it and totally in the mix, very funny stuff.

Adam is joking about ejaculating while eating a gay cow’s rib, we’re the only mammals riff 2016!


Drew asks if Adam saw the latest claims from douchebag monster Anders Behring Breivik, Adam is now making a key point about the moral outrage over Cecil the Lion in comparison to these 77 kids he murdered, wow he’s right!

Adam is back to how people react to this point, especially chicks and he comments on how he’s perceived as the nutty one, he cares more about 69 dead kids and 8 other Government workers murdered by a crazy person.

Adam is bringing up a ’60 Minutes’ about death row in Texas, he’s going over the guy featured on the show who put a bullet in the head of the 24yr old medical student who gave him his wallet and died begging for his life, the guy on death row didn’t believe in taking someone’s life.


Adam is bringing up the Brittany Maynard case and his internal logic about death and the value of human life.

Drew takes it back to coffee and the possible net benefits of consuming it, he brings up the neurobiological benefits and possibly it will delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Adam is back to the universal cravings of humans and when things are that universal does that mean we need it?


Drew brings up the environment of evolutionary adaptation, he makes a point about evolving in the savannas in Africa and the extra layer of complexity involved in it.


2nd Caller Mike, he wants to know if Adam thinks he could have gotten good at being a Contractor and amassed his wealth in that field, if he never made it big in comedy.

Adam is talking about the variables at play and how to get rich you need to be getting paid when you’re not present and he doesn’t think he would be making the funny money.

Mike is sharing his ideas about designing things and Drew talks about being a quality craftsman or professional, they want you, it dictates the upper limit of your earning potential and income.


Adam is telling him about the way he could make money mass producing furniture.


3rd Caller Scott, he’s calling about his daughter and her bow legged condition and frequent surgeries, he’s concerned he’s being duped by the doctor and wants to know how real these risks are.

Adam reacts to his “get money out of you” comment and Drew explains how this stuff is policed and how prison might be on the table if was lying.

Drew shares how the “hammer/nail” theory could be at play and they both recommend a 2nd or 3rd opinion, Adam gets he wants to talk and is encouraging him to go to another person.

Drew says there is nobody milling surgeries, that just can’t happen.


Adam agrees with Drew and Drew asks Nick’s question about a socialized medical system, Drew predicts a two tiered system like Britain, with a public and private option.

Adam says good about the public system being for the have nots.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Drew says Yep while stretching and or sighing edition

Criminals are lazy, they don’t want to get bit by a dog while breaking and entering.


Drew is now plugging his new format and timeslot for HLN, he shares how cool it is.

Adam says he’s going to miss the Brady bunch box of heads and woman wearing ceremonial garb, Adam says there is a white and black version and he hates both, they’re charlatans.

Adam closes the show spraying out plugs.