Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/16/2015 – Evander Holyfield and Bert Marcus

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/16/2015 – Evander Holyfield and Bert Marcus

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Guest Evander Holyfield and Bert Marcus

Recorded 03-15-2015 – Release Date 03-16-2015

Production Number #1531

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Adam is sitting down with Evander and Bert both making their ACS debut, Adam is excited to “meet” Evander Holyfield, not akngolweding the legendary phoner he did in 2008, on the 02/25/2008 ACS.

Adam saw the documentary, he’s saying if he had a gold medal taken away from him he’d never stop complaining, he jokes about stiull being pissed about old parking tickets.

Adam asks if it’s a better story now that he had it taken away, Evander says what he would do if he could do it over.


Evander explains how he was still punching when the ref said break, Adam says nobpody has been more robbed in history, the mount rushmore of robberies.

Adam is talking about Evander’s mentality towards Mike Tyson and how he treated him like a schoolyard bully, Adam is talking about the chess match between Mike and Evander.

Adam asks if fighters now see this is as a business, Adam brings up the all-out war between Evander and Riddick Bowe, Evander is very eloquent telling Adam about performing and fulfilling the promise of a good show for the fans.


Adam is asking Bert about this documentary, he’s telling Adam how it all started and how he met Evander through Mike and how they brought Bernard Hopkins into the documentary.

Bert is telling them how ‘Champs’ allows them to tell their story honestly, Adam and Bert are discussing the various talking heads in the doc.

Adam brings up the financial woes of all 3 fighters, Adam is talking about Bernard Hopkins making up for the 5 years he spent in jail, away from the ring.


Adam is asking Evander about finances, he brings up his legendary one on one with Mike Tyson, no longer up on Adam Carolla and Mike Tyson Uncensored.

Evander says you can’t pick your parents and Adam is telling him about his own family/money woes and how you never seem to get the respect from them despite how much you give and help them, it’s almost the opposite.

Evander is telling them about his father and mother, he explains that he has a different dad than his siblings and Adam talks about Evander fighting in the Olympics and packing on 30-40lbs of muscle.


Adam is bringing up the nature vs. nurture argument, he asks how his 8 siblings are doing, and he says that everyone told him what to do as a kid, they called him cry baby.

Adam asks if Evander started taking care of his mom when he made money, he shares how his siblings would be upset when he was younger and would brag about his intent to take care of his mom.

Adam is asking Bert about his documentary “white whale” for a talking head, Adam shares his story about getting Robert Redford to be in the doc.


Adam is joking about doing another doc and lying saying it’s about boxing and then just ask Paul Newman questions, Bert says he tried to get Adam for this doc, Adam says that’s not true and moves on.

Adam is asking about the upcoming Mayweather vs. Pacquiáo fight, Adam says his answer when he can’t figure out the fight is to bet on the slick guy, Adam talks about Ricky Hatton and his style.

Adam talks about the Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Durán fight, Evander is giving his expertise and tells Adam about his hardest fight being the one against Lennox Lewis and has some further descriptions of his legendary bouts.


Evander goes in depth about battling Riddick Bowe, Adam brings up his current weight and asks about fighters putting on and losing weight.

Adam asks Evander what he walks around at, Bert has Evander tell Adam about his 147lb frame in high school, and Adam asks him about the Olympics.

Adam is talking about Evander’s late growth spurt, Adam is commenting on the light heavyweight and cruiserweight divisions and the lower paychecks.


Evander is sharing the story of sparring with Tyson which led to him moving up in weight to take him on.


1st Caller Chad, he wants to know about Tyson biting off Evander’s ear, Evander is now saying that Tyson said he was sorry and now Evander explains the childhood move of trying to end a fight.

Evander is explaining that Tyson jumped into his head if you watch the tape, he didn’t let on that it hurt as to keep Tyson at bay.

Chad needs a lesson in etiquette, he’s now asking about concussions, both great questions but not phrased that well, kind of aggressive and reeking of a lack of respect.


Adam is sharing his love for discipline and grit in boxing, Adam says he’s been knocked out a few times and feels he’s better for it.

Evander is explaining how he told his kids about getting into fighting to do something he could do on his own without help, he pursued it for reasons beyond the paycheck.


Adam is now doing a Drop Stop live read

Mike August lost his phone while driving in Portland in the rain edition


Adam is talking about the pacing and interviews in the documentary, he says he learned the most about Bernard Hopkins and his backstory than he knew prior.

Bert has as an impassioned explanation about the idea behind this documentary and telling the stories of these legends.

Evander is now talking to Adam about his son boxing and the genetics vs. living experience combination necessary for champion fighters.


Evander has a funny “skateboard” comment about his son hanging out with the wrong crowd, Adam is now commenting on the pussification of the American male, he uses the classic examples and adds a new one, and he mentions his son admitting to crying throughout the running time of the movie ‘Titanic’.

Bert and Adam are talking about the fighting/amateur boxing program in prison that Bernard owes his current professional career to, Bert says the programs are now nonexistent.


2nd Caller Aaron, he wants to know if Evander would go into UFC/MMA over boxing if he was to start his career today, he also wants to know if Evander will let Adam hold the mitts for him and do some boxing drills/combinations.

Evander is talking about how he doesn’t know if he wants to get his arm broken in a fight, he says he lost 15lbs in a single fight and Adam is now asking him about holding focus pads.

Evander allows Adam to hold them for him, he says he can do 3 minutes and Adam says Bert can announce.

They’re now setting it up and Adam jokes about being a sloppy 197lbs right now.


Evander is now throwing some jabs, Adam is offering up some funny critiques and adjustments, Bert is doing a Gary-man’s job.

Adam and Evander are both winded and returning to the mic(s).

Adam talks about the time needed to get a rhythm down with a guy when training, he says it’s like a dance partner, Bert has a funny one liner.


Adam is now asking about the release of the documentary and the follow up plans for selling it after, the business model for documentaries.

Adam says eventually it’s going to come time to sell to Showtime or something, Bert is telling them about his intent as a filmmaker and now going into the business model, he tells them about partnering up with another company.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read


Adam asks who was influential for him growing up, he credits the ‘Boys and girls clubs’ for him heading in a positive direction, he says he asked every day to hit the heavy bag and the guy at the club told him he could be the next Muhammed Ali, Evander has a great bit of wisdom and says this man paid for everything and helped him become who he is today.

“Yeah I’m the guy” – Adam

Adam talks about his former football coach passing away over the weekend, he is now praising these men who did all of this work on their own dime and cared for these kids, he says you can’t put a dollar amount on what someone would owe this guy, he also mentions all the other kids he helped and how he was their coach too.


Evander has some follow up comments, Adam is now talking about his confidence level, that’s beyond a scary tattoo or angry face, a quiet confidence.

Adam asks if it was always part of his personality, he credits his mother for instilling a quiet confidence in him, Adam wishes his mom would’ve told him something instead of complaining about the cost of gas to transport him around the valley.

Adam asks how much Evander’s earned in his career, he says over 250 million and now he has something to live for in the 2nd half of his life.


Adam asks him how he’s taking that work ethic today, he explains his ‘Team Holyfield’ foundation and how it helps people, Adam brings up Evander’s robe insignia and it’s similarity to the Corvette logo.

Adam is having Gary pull up the examples to compare them, Adam asks Bert what’s next and he comments on the annoying way that question can be for someone who just released a project after years of work.

Bert tells Adam about his documentary on electronic music, Adam asks if he would like to interview him about how his life has been ruined by the genre.


Adam asks Evander about his entrance music, he tells him about his choices over the years.

Whatever music he’s listening to while training becomes the song choice, Adam is now commenting on the similarity of the logos, he asks if he’s not totally insane.

Adam asks about the heavyweight division and how to save it, Evander says the amateur program is where the focus is needed to train these guys before they grow into heavyweight status.


Adam is commenting on gymnasts and makes a point about long limed guys who are or have physically grown out of the division.

Evander is telling them about eating raw eggs and emulating the movie ‘Rocky’ on his way to Colorado, Adam is commenting on how someone gets the fire in their belly to do road work while they have a mansion and a tiger inside it.

Adam is commenting on Mike Tyson and Evander is sharing his own experience and refusal to contemplate quitting the sport.


Evander says he’s in good walking around shape but not in boxing shape, Adam plugs the movie ‘Champs’ and is now saying the bang for your buck is totally worth it with something like this.

Bert is giving a closing comments on the film.


Adam is now doing an Arctic Ease live read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.