Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 221

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 221

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-10-2015 – Release Date 03-15-2015

Production Number #221 – Frank Wiegers

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The show opens with a plug for a new podcast on Carolla Digital from our very own Chris Laxamana, the show is called ‘Resume’ and sounds very intriguing.

Adam is opening the show, he explains who Frank is and gives a quick recap of his history in the air force, and Adam is asking Gary for a solid picture of a certain plane.

Adam is asking Drew about sleeping, he keeps telling Gary to get a different picture.


Adam wants to know how sleeping works, he brings up Gary missing his flight and going standby to get home, Adam asks what Mike Augusts last words were as they walked down the hall to their rooms.

Adam says Mike’s last words were about the shuttle leaving at 7 sharp, Adam says he cuts it close and made it at 6:58.

Adam asks how that works, he’s sharing his theory and says he can’t stay up 72hrs straight like a Navy Seal, his wife can’t do what he does.


Adam is commenting on people who slap the sleep timer, Drew says he’s overridden his innate urge to do this, Adam is now quoting Morgan Freeman from the movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and he’s trying to figure out the echelon of sleep and sleepers.

Adam is sharing how Mike August did what Mike always does, Adam says that Mike claims it’s never happened that he’s ever not gotten a wakeup call, Adam talks about the time Mike spent on the road before working with Adam.

Adam is saying it has happened but never registered with him, Adam brings up his super condescending method of telling people they have experienced things they deny.


Adam is talking about how they’ve gotten away with not pulling their toiletries out while in TSA despite everyone else listening to the announcement and following the orders.

Adam asks Mike about it after 4 years of being on the road, Mike kept asking him “what he was talking about” as if he’s never seen them nor heard the announcement.

Adam is describing the super unsatisfying answers that Mike gives, Drew asks if Mike carries on his toiletries, Drew is asking if Mike checks his toiletry bag.

Adam is taking it back to sleep, he and Drew are in depth over his wife’s preference for a slow build wake up with multiple taps on the snooze button and how that could be seen as rude to her partner, Adam.


Drew is now taking it to a live read for Simply Safe


Adam is explaining how Gary set his phone, Adam jokes about the hotel fucking up that time change with day lights savings turning over.

Adam is bringing up the guy who went to the Starbucks in the hotel lobby barefoot in his pajamas, Adam pitches his new reality show “Kill Him or Insanely Jealous” and is back to his new phone ring.

Adam is saying that he and Gary both didn’t get their wake up call, Mike claims he did.


Adam is describing the different brains, he said Mike was up and waiting with the boarding passes, with no look on his face, undetectable he was suffering under the same schedule.

Adam says his wife would be sobbing if she was in August’s shoes, Adam is now asking Gary what happened and he’s on mic trying to defend himself.

Adam is talking about the once every 4 years that some people piss the bed, despite not doing it other times in the year.


Adam jokes about Gary using a bicycle in furnace and commuter train to override the ring of his alarm.

Adam is asking Gary about missing an alarm in Seattle too, he acknowledges that one too and tries to move on, Adam is telling him to “know thyself” and asks if it’s a wiring or discipline that allows him and August to do this and Gary is struggling to keep up on these two occasions, only two.


Adam and Drew are doing a life lock ultimate plus live read


Frank is now guesting on the show, he’s explaining the nature of his book and the idea behind it.

He compliments Adam and Drew’s work with sex and relationships on Loveline, Adam asks about this merging of the genders negatively effecting young boys of today.

Adam is getting Frank to further explain the book, Adam is arguing that if women could walk in men’s shoes they would change their feelings regarding things like cheating.


Adam is now asking Frank about his flying days, he uses Harrison Ford’s recent crash landing and aircraft to ask if his former plane could glide the same way.

Adam is now making a point about the giant WWII planes and the way they used to be able to be cowboy with supersonic equipment, Frank tells him that the glory days of the fighter pilot are long gone and he once had to wait 3 hours to fire back in Vietnam.

Adam is commenting on the “targets of opportunity” of WWII and asks Frank about his time as an instructor, getting paid to fly multi-million dollar aircraft at the taxpayers’ expense.


Adam asks if the pilots had a greater tendency for alcoholism and addiction, Drew explains the biological connection, Adam talks about needing a beer after racing.

Adam asks Frank about his time racing, he says he started with a Bug Eyed Sprite and is now using some exotic cars to make a counter point about cars that don’t sound anything like their name.

Adam is talking about women and their role in the bedroom, the pressures on women to be demure and not vocalize their preferences.


Drew and Adam are both in agreement about women and their unfair treatment.


1st Caller Dave, he loves Classic Loveline and compliments them.

He’s sharing his relationship dilemma, he wants to know which way to go with his lady, marriage or break up?

Adam and Drew tell him it might be time to move on, Adam says you don’t need the experience and past love affairs but if you don’t experience it you think you need it, you mostly need to sow your wild oats to realize how unnecessary it is.

Drew has a point about spending 2/3rds of your life married over 9/10ths.


2nd Caller Michael, he’s suffering from multiple disorders and takes medication, he wants to help bring awareness to it to his friends and families, and Drew asks why it’s important to him.

Adam is trying to filter this out and see if there is some past trauma that this is payback for, Adam says as long as payback is removed from the equation then its fine.

Drew brings up his panic attack from the set of MTV Loveline, Adam is sharing his practical approach to snapping someone out of this type of attack.


3rd Caller Danny, he’s 50 and the father of 3, a 20yr old son and two younger kids from his 2nd marriage.

He explains how the respective exes are not involved in their children’s lives, he explains that he’s bipolar and his son is as well.

He’s conferenced about his 20 year old son, due to his genetics and the trauma of his upbringing.

Adam is asking about Danny’s son involvement in athletics, Drew says he’s concerned the treating doctor didn’t get him on mood stabilizing drugs.


Drew tells Shawn about the twitching in his sleep without picking up the call, Adam is now commenting on the age of depression we now live in, Adam asks if we are making a meal out of it now.

Drew blames the neglect in childhood, Adam asks Frank about the depression among his fellow soldiers and Adam is trying to give out the plugs.

Drew interrupts again and gets admonished, Frank praises ‘Road Hard’ and Adam closes out the show with more plugs and a funny stag bar callback involving Mangria.