Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/15/2013 – Steve Austin and David Alan Grier

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/15/2013 – Steve Austin and David Alan Grier

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Steve Austin and David Alan Grier

Recorded 03-14-2013 – Release Date 03-15-2013

Production Number #1035

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Adam is opening the show with a nice compliment for the funny intro written by Lynch and performed by Mike Dawson; Bryan has a choice drop from Wednesday.

Adam is explaining they’re having a party for the departing Mike Lynch and that while he’s leaving the state he’s not leaving the show. Adam is giving a very sweet explanation about why he’s so integral to the Pirate Ship.

Adam is now riffing on Mike’s gift from Lynette, in spite of him not actually leaving the show/family and just getting a taste off Adam’s book bonus.

Adam is now citing an incident with his kids as a reference to how it kinda sucks to pay for everything while it profoundly blows to pay and not get credit.


Adam is now telling the gang about the progress on his latest movie script with Kevin Hench and how excited he is about the kickstarter plan.

Adam exited the diner where they were writing to find some minor damage on his car; he was so inspired by the considerate note and good nature of the person who hit the car he decided to fix it himself.

Adam is explaining how he called her right away to alleviate her from stressing about it over the weekend; Adam is making a larger point about not viewing every minor offense or accident as an opportunity, Alison is agreeing and has a good point.

Adam is now explaining how everything was right with the world then quickly ruined with some carelessly discarded gum, hilarious rant/riff about 2nd hand gum.


Adam is now telling the gang about the Letterman clip I sent him; it came off an old fan tape and is the only known public audio or video archival material online for Adam’s appearance.

Adam has a very explanatory intro and now they’re rolling into his January 25th 1999 Letterman appearance with some commentary sprinkled throughout.


Dag is now joining the gang in studio, Adam has some quick plugs for Dave’s upcoming standup gigs and he’s joking about the variety of venues.

Dag is now telling the gang about finding his magazine cover from “Ebony Man” in 1992, Adam is now asking DAG about cultural embarrassment over past fashion choices/trends.

Dag is disputing Adam’s claim that the black man was able to avoid most of the embarrassment and now DAG is telling them all about a specific example of a guy in a shower cap that even Dave couldn’t defend.

Adam is now declaring black people’s hair a “sewing machine and a Ferrari” while breaking down the range of super easy to care for vs. the extremely complex styles.

Adam is now teasing DAG’s Teddy Pendergrass bit and he’s trying to comically avoid singing tonight, they’re now riffing on his classic Crank Yankers character.


Dag is now dancing around some announcement, trying to tease Alison. Hilarious goodbye to Mike Lynch and now he’s in character as Peanut giving wedding advice to her, hilarious!

Adam is now interviewing “Peanut” and she’s telling him about all of her imagined marriages and updating him on her kids.


Relationship Calls With Dag/Peanut

1st Caller Matt, he wants advice on his relationship and possible move back to his in-laws house.

Adam has a hilarious Thousand Oaks vs. 29 Palms riff and now DAG is trying to give some honest and practical advice to Matt, no jokes, awesome!

Adam and Dag have practical advice for him and are trying to steer him away from spending too much money, Adam has a great “Call it a party” idea along with his new plan for one not being able to pay over 8k for a wedding if they don’t own a home.


2nd caller Dave wants to know how much time is appropriate to mourn a 3 month relationship.

Adam, Dag and Alison all have some great advice and input, hilarious and insightful.


Adam just cast DAG in his new movie, Dag used a 2nd incorrect name for the bald guy and now he’s congratulating Alison again on her engagement.

Adam is setting up a song, DAG is fighting it and now Bryan is playing “Uptown Girl” while Dag talks through it and further compliments the engagement.

Adam is asking DAG about Teddy jumping in, he’s explaining why it’s not appropriate and now Adam is telling the gang about seeing the video for the song and watching the whole thing.


Dave is explaining that he’s letting the online criticism from uneducated fans who don’t know his history with Adam influence his performance on the show, Alison has a hilarious reply.

Dag is finally breaking out the Teddy, hilarious! Adam is jumping in as the engineer character and now it’s gold, they’re going back into the song and DAG is losing it, hilarious reactions from Ace and Alison.

Adam is stepping in again and now they’re back at it one last time, Teddy is requesting “We’ve Only Just Begun” and Adam is riffing about this song’s trajectory as his engineer from the past character.

Adam is now back as the engineer, Teddy is now taking another stab at the song and it’s already shifting, whoa he’s got new horrible things to say, so great!

Teddy just acknowledged meeting the engineer many times, so awesome that this bit now has a canonical mythology!


Stone Cold Steve Austin is now joining them in studio, he’s enjoying some Mangria and wants to know the proof, and Adam’s got a funny reply and is asking him about his show “Redneck Island”.

Steve is breaking down the premise of the show and Adam is telling him about the redneck renaissance he’s observed in society, Steve seems to agree and it’s quite funny.

Alison wants to know how to be classified as a redneck; Steve just gave her the green light to submit an application.

Adam is asking Steve about his physique and how he’s holding up after the years of wrestling, Steve is breaking down his recent surgeries and how he keeps in shape.


Adam is now asking Steve about his journey and joking about his dad the insurance salesman having a Stone Cold title as well.

Steve is now telling Adam how he wound up in the pre WWE, WWF franchise and how his nickname came about in reaction to the one they tried to stick him with.

Adam is now asking Steve who else is considered a great pro wrestler, he’s listing off his top 3 and now Adam is asking about Owen Hart.

Steve is telling Adam about being backstage at that event, whoa great magnet!


Adam and Steve are discussing the John Stossel incident with the ear boxing that was brought up last month; Steve has some genuine insight and an interesting take, hilarious shoe insert riff.

Steve is now telling them about the Wrestling Hall of Fame and how he was able to see his career in a new perspective after he saw the roll in package they presented.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the updated TSA restrictions getting push back from airlines, she’s explaining and quoting the arguments against removing the ban.

Alison is presenting both arguments for and against it; Adam is now explaining the actual size of a box cutter.

Adam is now pulling out a new argument for profiling; he’s removed all racial components and wants “happy profiling”. Alison wants Adam’s take on the TSA now allowing knives again and they seem to agree.


Adam is joking about Steve having a knife on him right now and now he’s actually pulling one out, holy shit!

Alison wants to know why Steve carries a blade, he’s got a hilarious reply and now he’s explaining why he’s not comfortable with knives back at the airport, Adam is now trying to get him to do a PSA.

Adam is busting out his other engineer character and he’s setting Steve up for a PSA, Bryan has a great bed of music from the “The More You Know” campaign. Steve just wrapped the PSA, it was hilarious and powerful!

Bryan is initiating some old-school WWF talk, “The Honky-tonk Man” and “The Ultimate Warrior” both come up and Steve seem to love both guys.


2nd story is an update on the “tasting games” story from last year, Alison is reading the results of the lawsuit and has a couple great one liners, Adam’s Nilla Wafer one is hard to top though.

Adam is calling for the teachers union to pay the settlements and has some hilarious beat off comments along the way.

Adam has a hilarious reaction to the appearance of the convicted man’s attorney and an even funnier reaction to the appearance of the man, hilarious quotes about what Adam would have said upon first seeing him.


Alison is wrapping the news while Adam is calling for some stats on Archie Moore, hilarious live read.

Adam is wrapping the show while reading off Archie’s boxing record and explaining a “no contest” to Bryan; Adam is dishing out some plugs and wrapping the show.