Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/14/2016 – Anna Faris

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/14/2016 – Anna Faris

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Anna Faris

Recorded 03-13-2016 – Release Date 03-14-2016

Production Number #1777

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Adam opens the show with Anna in studio making her ACS debut, she never guested on Loveline despite having success in the early 2000’s and never guested on the KLSX morning show either despite its proximity to her mid/late 00’s series of movies, like ships in the night she never got to be on air with Adam until her own podcast.


As listeners to The Film Vault are aware BB is a huge fan of Anna’s work and often brings up her roles, in particular her work in ‘Just Friends’ from 2005, so it’s a countdown to him either jizzing in his pants or getting weirdly aggressive with the “comedy” aimed at Adam, dominance hierarchy stuff.


Adam has an excited “share” intro with Anna chiming in, Adam talks about getting new listeners via people turning their friends and family onto the show.

BB has a Matt Fondiler ‘What Up Boss’ #TopDrop in honor of attending Matt’s bachelor party over the weekend, Adam says Matt was in bad shape and BB has a killer one liner asking when he’s not, Gary gets on mic after clearly laughing in the booth.

Adam is talking about Matt crying over his lost cat and he welcomes Anna to the show.


Adam tells her she might have to change her podcast title to “Qualified” and she talks about how excited she was when Adam pulled up.

Adam asks why and she says he’s her fantasy and huge. BB will either joke about beating off to this or actually beat off to this and possibly still joke about it, he is going to get some use out of this new drop.

Adam says they took phone calls and Anna perhaps cares too much, his only criticism and he talks about learning to move from his years in morning radio.


Anna admits she’s too personal and Adam is telling her to fire bomb the civilians in Vietnam and not care too much about them burning alive.

She talks about having to edit her show and Adam plugs her CBS series.

Adam is talking about her husband and his recent cemented action movie star status, Adam is talking about him going from 5th banana on a sitcom and getting to the top of the movie industry almost overnight.


Anna is very honest about her own career and how the dramatic shift in his career has affected their lives.

Adam says he’s a wonderful person and shares their ‘Tell me about the rabbits” running joke and Adam talks about people being normal after success like that of Justin Bieber and he contrasts Chris and his years of regular dude life as prep for this newfound success.

Anna is telling them about Chris living on a beach in Maui and working at Bubba Gump Shrimp in the early 2000s.


Adam is getting Anna to open up about Chris and how he likes to spend his free time, Adam mocks his project VW that has 100k dumped into it and is at best worth 12.5k.

Adam shares his recent realization about humans needing to raise a barn, something tangible and Anna asks Adam about his point, he’s telling her about getting tactile in the garage and she tells Adam about Chris and his love for hunting and tooling around the garage.

Adam asks if we should teach our kids to do stuff they needn’t do to stay sharp, Anna talks about how he can do certain things she cannot.


Adam is wondering with guys no longer driving stick shifts and gardeners coming on the weekend, somehow we never have to leave this room but then we fold in on ourselves.

BB brings up mud runs and Adam jokes about hosting the X Games with Jimmy Kimmel back in the late 90’s and BB mocks him, Anna yells about BB being mean, he misread her.

Adam is talking about putting two pieces of wood together in the garage and Anna is telling them about shooting locally in studio while Chris is trekking around the globe filming movies.


Anna talks about how they deal with the separation and how they travel and even skype over dinner and try hard to interact and she has some great points about keeping the spark alive.

Anna shares how Chris wants to make homemade sausage and she shares his dream to get 200 acres in Washington state and raise cows to then create and give away sausage to people as gifts.

Adam says sign up Jimmy Kimmel and David Alan Grier and BB jokes about having the same conversation over the weekend at Matt’s bachelor party, is he serious? Weird delivery.


Adam tells Anna to enjoy her Mangria and Adam talks about late state success and why it’s good for people, he then touches on the negative side of it and how it might be hard for Chris to turn down these parts and opportunities, make hay while the sun shines as it were.

Anan brings up ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ and Adam tries to tell Anna that BB won 100k on the show, talking him up, but she’s having another conversation and talking to Gina and doesn’t acknowledge it.

Anna asks them to all come visit and talks about not being able to slaughter pigs, Adam says he can’t fish as he can’t bait a hook and can’t kill things.


Anna says Adam could come fix the tin roof and raise her barn, but he must make a lumber run when the pig gets slaughtered, he can’t do it, he gets weird.

Anna talks about Adam eating meat and being unable to kill animals and she shares her husband’s perhaps superior ethos about meat and killing his own food.

Adam asks about him preparing venison steak and if she’s into it, she says he’s a great cook and sort of a dream, she says she feels like she bet on a thoroughbred that was kept in the stalls for a while.


“When you met him he was carrying around an extra 30lbs and it wasn’t money” – Adam on Anna meting a lower stock Chris Pratt and she tells them about fattening him up with her home cooking, she has a couple choice lines that BB responds to in creepy fashion, whoa buddy! BB does have a killer the “back of his book jacket” one liner though mocking Adam.

BB talks about cooking and effort going a long way.

Adam teases BB’s Baldywood segment and they move on to the phone lines.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Chris, he’s thinking about getting a therapy dog for his daughter, he is a huge fan of both Adam’s and Anna’s shows.

Chris has some great prefacing and he wants permission for a diabetic therapy dog.

Chris explains how the dogs help and Adam jokes about only being anti therapy dog for blind people and clarifies he only doesn’t like the scammy “emotional support” dogs.

Adam explains the scam involving medical marijuana that’s between you, your doctor, your god and your landlord.


Adam is making a lot of good points and Anna says “Adam oh my god you’re such a fucking asshole” Gina calls that this will be a ringtone and Adam jokes about Chris Pratt having a therapy moose.

Adam is now praising therapy dogs that are actually trained and Anna asks Adam his take on ambulances using sirens to get through traffic and Adam isn’t tracking so he gives a fake fender bender insurance fraud example.

Anna asks Gina how cynical Adam is and Chris offers up the concerns about this dog becoming a crutch, Adam is talking about the unintended consequences and how his daughter is now in charge, but letting a dog being assigned to her essentially farms out the work and responsibility, she will be weakened without the dog.


Adam says dogs must be pissed that they used to be able to sit around and please humans with cute things instead of sniffing for cancer or raiding hostile encampments in the middle east, cave searching military dogs.

Adam says that for the military dogs at least Vietnam was a good place for them to find a nice patch of greenery to take a shit, in the middle east it’s all one giant ash tray.

Anna says they should get a regular dog and just enjoy it and Adam is talking about his dog chewing up his mats and Chris gives Adam a compliment while acknowledging that they are rolling calls.

Chris tells them how he was able to put together a nice in house production suite after listening to Adam.


Adam is doing a Live Read

They got the dried fruit gummy bears, get the macadamia nuts as Adam loves those.

Hooray for BaldyWood

BB saw ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’.

BB praises Anna and compliments her work and shares his repeated kind words about her work, she’s very appreciative and Adam jokes about stopping his argument with him saying he’s not.

Anna acts offended and Adam jokingly backpedals trying to talk her down.


BB breaks down the plot and how the Rotten Tomatoes score has stunned him, he gets some criticism from Gary four shitting on ‘London has Fallen’ and BB dances around the plot of this movie.

He breaks down the themes and differing projects that became this movie and they almost immediately acknowledge seeing the original for the KLSX morning show in 2008.

BB says this is a great movie and comments on the weaker parts and the “weirdo for the sake of being weird” plot service when it comes to John Goodman’s character.


Anna asks about three rules that are established and BB says that for 95% of the film it follows its own rules and the ending does kind of feel tacked on or out of place.

Adam asks BB what he would have the score at 70-72%

Gina asks about the cast and he is careful to reveal the amount of credited parts in the film.


Adam asks about BB’s feelings about the movie, BB says he had lowered expectations and gives it as positive review, Anna calls it a C-

She comments on being part of many D movies and BB compliments her role in ‘Just Friends’ and they have a nice moment and Adam recalls how kind Ryan Reynolds was when they worked on ‘Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place’ he doesn’t acknowledge his two awesome Loveline visits, he presumes he’s too big of a star and has forgotten he did the show most likely.

BB and Anna are going in depth on her song in the movie and Adam compliments her on her role in ‘Lost in Translation’ and they’re going over the way her character was unaware of what a douche she was.


Adam talks about her playing naively terrible characters and Adam once again cites Justin Bieber, man he’s in the crosshairs today.


2nd Caller Anthony, he wants Adam to film some reaction videos and Adam is mixing up the concept, he thinks it’s about scaring people or injuring people or pranking them, not away it could be movie trailers, news clips etc.

Adam says he wishes he had a camera rolling the time Ray spooked his mom’s neighbor when he was trying to scare Adam while they were dumping the trash.

Adam is stuck on this idea of scaring people it seems…


Adam tells the story in full, it’s not his best variant.

Gina asks about Adam’s long history of pranking the wrong person and shares the anecdote of the time he farted on a girl who didn’t know him that well.

He brings up the Inside Edition clip of a reporter who was trying to ‘Catch a Contractor’ while made up as an old lady.


Anthony is the guy who tweeted this story to Adam, awkward stilted admission from Anthony who now reacts like he’s been exposed.

Adam is mocking the reporter and her rubber mask and the way she weirded out the contractor.

Adam is telling Gary to find the clip and he comments on how concerned reporters talking to people around a table about you is the worst possible position that you never want to be in.


Anthony gives them his twitter handle and Adam is talking about the old lady killer trope in movies and Anna asks about the demographic we don’t see killing and now he’s on his riff about little girl ghosts that lost their dolly and his biggest fear of a super husky gay ghost, he forgot the rapist part…

Adam is now just implying all gay men are rapists without saying the prison rapist part he normally throws in, Gina and Anna aren’t fully getting the comedy and Anna is joking about wanting to be in the bed laughing at Adam getting raped by a ghost.

BB has a funny amyl nitrate death one liner and Adam cuts bait and goes onto other scary dude ghosts minus nighttime rape.


They’re now watching the ‘Inside Edition’ piece and the awkward encounter, it’s really awful.

Adam jokes about how the guys always get in their truck to leave, he says they should have put a truck in the living room and he can use it to hide from his wife and daughter like an escaping conman contractor.

Anna mocks the reporter and busts out some acting Bona Fides.


Adam is doing a Birk Sun Live Read

Adam charges his GoPro’s and Chris Pratt can recharge his phone while out hunting in a duck blind.


3rd Caller Michael he’s got an ice compliment for Anna and brings up ‘The Hateful Eight’ and wants Adam’s take on how daintily they hammered the nails into the door in the movie.

Adam is now talking about the lack of modern nail technology in that era, Adam and BB are joking about the reviews for the movie bringing it up, a common compliant.

Adam is talking about how most people choke up to the top of the hammer when hammering in nails, Anna says actors with too white teeth for the era distracts her.


Adam is talking about them being too straight and talks about liking the movie and not being pulled out of it by the bad hammering technique and they all praise Jennifer Jason Leigh’s teeth in the movie, she went era appropriate.

Adam is now praising Anna’s show and the environment that creates the vibe, she tells them she has to urinate and wants Adam to tell her how to attract more male listeners.

Adam is telling Gary to fire up the nanny cam in the ladies’ room to film her peeing, BB has a funny insult and Gina calls her amazing and they all praise her.

Adam is going to work on being best friends with them.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Chris Pratt would like the Buffalo meat in the warrior bar.


Adam thanks everyone for the Mangria Bar Crawl in Arizona and Gary says that Chris killed it, Adam didn’t hear about the performance and Adam has a funny reaction to Gary revealing the information about Lynette not making the final bar. Nick is now on mic and says “Mangriathon” and they move on as Anna joins them back in the studio.


Gina’s News

Adam comments on Anna ordering a pizza for them when he came to tape the podcast, he mentions Mike August tagged along and ate all the food, that’s how you impress celebrities, just ask Paul Rudd…

1st Story is on the latest controversy with Donald Trump and his cancelled Chicago rally due to concerns for safety, what Chicago dangerous? Shocking!

Gina talks about the arguments about free speech and she plays a clip of Trump from his next rally, where he talked about his supporters and their loyalty to their country.

Adam is talking about the lack of freedom of speech on campuses, Adam is talking about how it will be all done via earpieces and people will have to stand in a cone of silence with the audience listening remotely.


Anna suggests people having a screening software for their earpieces where they only hear what they want to hear, she sings a little and whips up a campaign theme for Adam.

Adam is riffing up a storm as a candidate speaking directly to Anna Farris and he jokes about ‘The House Bunny’ and Anna does another bit of singing for his campaign.

Adam is really going very specific about Anna’s background and brings up the Scary Movie series, she reminds him that she was only in 1-4.


2nd Story is on the 78yr old man assaulted a protestor and threatened to kill him, Adam says after 75 you can punch people, grab a booby and go to the super market in whatever you slept in and get a pass.

Gina has another clip showing him assault a protestor, Adam is commenting on the one guy with dreads and has a funny KKK callback with BB, as if they attend regular meetings.

Gina has some details on John McGraw the old man and BB suggests him as a new co-host.


3rd Story is on Sarah Palin’s comments on Conan O’Brien about Trump and Hitler, Adam says she’s female and Jewish so she can get away with those comments, she can do what she wants to do.


4th Story is an update on Richard Simmons and the concern among his friends that he’s being controlled by his housekeeper, Gina says she used to go to his ‘Slimmins’ workout classes and the voicemail for the class says not to ask when Richard is coming back, it’s unknown.

Adam talks about David Spade’s old assistant who tried to kill him and Adam is now calling Richard Simmons the gay Donald Trump and says this is why people like him, Trump is the negative version of that paradigm, “apologize for sucking dick” – Adam.

Adam is talking about the hope and change that Obama was running on and how it turned out it’s just the same as it always was and we’re on our own.


Anna and Adam are riffing about Adam being fat and eating pasta, Adam says that Richard is so kind to overweight women as he doesn’t have a dog, ne a hog in this fight.

Gina tells them about Richard Simmons working hope and change into his classes and Adam jokes about his short shorts and how his scrotum must have been on display for the class.

Adam says it’s essentially just feeding people what they need and Adam admits he just lost 5k on the Super Bowl and Anan wants to get Adam in a leotard, podcasting on camera for a bet of some kind.


Adam says if you want to get people in shape at work have an underpants Friday and Adam talks about Chris Pratt getting in shape for movie roles, funny ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ example, Adam is either aware of information we don’t know or is just grabbing it as example from the press when they were talking about Chris being cast in a reboot.

Adam says he’s game for this bet and it’s a two-way street, Adam says this going to be hard…


5th Story is on Jimmie Johnson taking blame for his steering wheel mishap that led to him crashing into the wall, Adam is talking about steering wheels in race cars and how they connect the arm to the bung to then control the car.

Adam has some racing footage of him removing his steering wheel mid-lap, Adam is talking about putting a belt on and making sure you route it through the loops and how trying to put a belt on quickly leads to you missing said loops.

Anna wants to know about the physical demands for a race car driver and he jokes about doing the upcoming Toyota Grand Prix in a fireproof leotard after Anna reminds him of the as yet undetermined bet.


Adam is now talking about how being 1 second off can ruin your race, it’s all muscle memory and he says you need no strength at all, it’s just about breaking at the same spot for each lap.

Adam is explaining how consistent the best drivers are and that they’re not stronger, they can just sit and turn laps without blinking, Adam says he couldn’t do that for 5hrs after Anna asks him about Nascar driving.

Adam talks about boxing a guy in while racing, it’s the mental skill of not being flappable that is most important.


Gina asks if Adam ever has a guy in his ear giving him tips and instructions, he says they rarely do that in the races he does but it would help.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

No More Haggling Edition


6th Story is on the death and possible suicide of Keith Emerson, Gina has the details and Adam is talking up ‘Emerson, Lake and Palmer’ and brings up ‘Karn Evil 9’ and they play a couple tracks.

Adam demands to hear his favorite pick, Anna asks Adam what instrument he would play if he could choose any instrument.

Adam is now riffing about how he would play guitar and Anna asks for a cool band name, Adam says his band name would be “Narthex” and They are watching a video of ELP, Anna jokes that Adam is picturing a woman with a donkey.

Adam is ranting against Lou Reed and his lack of talent as they listen to the rest of this track, Anna asks if she can steal BB after a funny quip, the amount of joy he must’ve felt, good on you BB!


Adam calls it a stone jam and Gina asks about some of the lyrics, Adam is joking about the lyric and they take it back to Keith’s death.

Gina mentions the Ace Awards and Anna is asking about the way it works, she’s unfamiliar and Gary gets on mic to explain that they’ll be doing a weekly version of the Ace Awards on PodcastOne, to further encourage people not to listen to the full episodes?

Anna says “oh fuck you guys” about making the weekly awards and Gina wraps the news to a poorly cut drop of Anna telling Adam what an asshole he is from earlier in the show.


Adam is doing a Texture Live Read


Gina has some breaking news and comments on how Anna is 2 1/1 Mangria’s deep, Anna brings up the Clint Eastwood head at the studio,

Adam is now explaining it and Gary reminds him he talked about it on Ace On the House.

Anna asks when the last time Adam ever asked a question was, sick burn and he jokes about asking her if Chris was a medium or huge fan of his work, gold!

Adam gives out the plugs and invites new male listeners to join her, Anna asks if she can please have Adam back on and he agrees!

Adam closes the show and BB plays the “You’re my fantasy, you’re huge” drop from Anna, who just had one of the best ACS guest debuts in the show’s history of nearly 2k episodes and hundreds of guests.