Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/14/2013 – Adam and Blake from Workaholics Live at the Irvine Improv

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/14/2013 – Adam and Blake from Workaholics Live at the Irvine Improv

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Guest – Adam and Blake from Workaholics Live at the Irvine Improv

Recorded 03-13-2013 – Release Date 03-14-2013

Production Number #1034

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Adam is opening the show with a smooth get it on, welcoming the workaholics guys back to the show for their first live stage ACS podcast.

Adam is setting up a story that Alison is supposed to love; he’s describing pissing on the front of his shirt after drinking asparagus.

Adam is setting up his “Sophie’s Choice” dilemma and his first reaction to the piss stain, hilarious and gross!

Alison is busting out her own tale of urine woes, the guys have a funny reaction and now Alison is joking with them.


Adam is now joking about Adam and Blake living together for 8yrs before success and they’re jumping in joking around about their upcoming/current separation.

Adam is now telling the guys about missing the alliances that pop up when you have more than one roommate, he’s now telling the gang about the time Chris was smoking crack in the kitchen using Adam’s fuel line.

Adam is telling the gang about requesting his landlord write him a letter to help them kick out their 3rd roommate, he’s joking about how Jim got stuck on the idea of there being 3 people.

Adam and Alison are riffing on the various scenarios of moving into places; Adam is asking the guys about working together and finally moving out on their own.


Adam and Blake just told Adam where they met and now Adam is telling them what he’d do as “The Rake” if he ran a community college, the guys seems to like it.

Adam is telling the guys about his mom’s 18yr stint at Valley College, his own reaction to declaring her a “monarch” is hilarious!

Adam is now describing his mom’s appearance to Adam and Blake, Adam has transitioned to a new publicity idea for the Klan, hilarious!

Adam is now in character as a frustrated Klan member trying to pronounce items related to the Jewish religion, Alison has a great question and Adam’s reply is gold!


Alison is now asking Adam about men becoming more racist in their old age, her dad is in the audience and she has a quick apology. Adam is now explaining how men can become “a loose old fucking cannon” when they check off not caring about getting laid and get close to death.

Alison is now asking Adam where he is on the sliding scale and he’s got a hilarious reply.

Adam is now explaining the “but he can move” reply used to excuse bad behavior of famous dancers, he’s having Adam and Blake do an improv and Adam has a killer “smooth criminal” reply.


Audience Questions

Adam is jumping in to float something by the gang, he’s telling them about going to the YMCA to watch his son play some hoop, and he’s asking the guys about going to a place you don’t want to be early in the morning watching people working out.

Adam is now describing the gentleman he witnessed decked out in full camouflage running on the elliptical; he’s now bringing up the era when men would work out in boots.

Adam is riffing on guys who work out in non-work out apparel; he’s telling the gang about his early AM drives into KLSX for the morning show from 2006-2009.

Adam’s walking them through the standard commuters he would see while en route and the one guy with the 1993 Nissan zx in a suede vest heading home he would see from time to time.


1st question from Brittany Gallagher, the granddaughter of Adam’s old football coach Duke.

Adam is now walking Blake and Adam through his experiences staying over at the Gallagher house vs. the Boyd house.

Brittany is now revealing that her uncle was involved in the urine on the bed incident from Adam’s youth, he’s learning this for the first time and has a hilarious quote ready, Alison tops it with an observation about Adam and his friends.

Adam is now riffing on oscillating fans; he’s bringing up other areas of life that don’t have oscillation, hilarious television, smoking and blowjob comparisons. The Workaholic’s guys are now getting in the mix and Adam has clearly fired them up with rage towards oscillation.


Back to Brittany, she wants to know if there are any other tangents before asking and wants to know if there is something she has learned or should have learned from her grandfather.

Adam is explaining how if every man was like Dr. Drew or Duke Gallagher we would live in a perfect society, he’s got some great points and I believe it.

Adam has a hilarious tangent about Duke buying a dog that matched his moustache, hilarious reply from Alison and now Adam is citing Duke’s daughter the world class gymnast.

Adam is explaining how he was so beaten down by his family that he didn’t know you could vote for yourself when it came to voting for MVP and how the coaches brought him a special trophy, as he was probably the only kid who didn’t vote for himself and was actually the best player.


2nd question from Matthew, he’s currently involved in a relationship with a woman who works for him but wants to end it and keep a professional relationship.

The workaholic’s guys have a hilarious reaction to the term “client” and are getting some good riffing in.

Adam and the guys have some funnier riffing and now Adam and Alison are riffing about oxytocin production in women and have some funny quotes to boot.

Adam Devine has a hilarious quote about his generation and Adam is joking about examining his pleasure centers backstage, good stuff.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the conclave deciding on a new pope and she’s telling Adam it’s only going to get lousier with pope talk before it cools off again.

Adam is now having some drink confusion with Adam Devine, he downed the Mangria and now Adam is calling for them to be re-upped.

Alison is reading more facts and Blake has a hilarious callback about the pope opening a gym during Adam’s riff about religious people living longer.

Now they’re all riffing on a pope gym, Adam has the two best lines, one about curling and one about getting popped for performance enhancing drugs, hilarious!


2nd story is on Ed Asner in the hospital being treated for exhaustion, Ed was on ACS #110 which is production number #442 and was released 11/09/2010, you can find that file in the archive via the show page link at the top of the page.

Adam is now going off on Ed as Alison makes a good point about young people typically being the only ones you hear about being admitted to the hospital for exhaustion when it’s publicist code for other conditions and it’s refreshing to hear about it where it might actually be true.

Adam is now going off Ed and his conspiracy theories, he’s getting really heated and bringing the guess into the mix, Adam Devine thinks Adam reads books, hahahaha!


Adam is telling the gang and guests about the “Ugly Pete Sampras” line Jimmy Kimmel dubbed him with and pondering why people who get told they look like someone famous always claim to never be able to see it themselves.

Adam has a hilarious Carrot Top riff in reply to Blake’s joke about himself, Adam is now explaining that Producer Ann of loveline was a huge Carrot Top fan and how he knew that was a sign things wouldn’t bode well, and it also explains Carrot’s two appearances on Classic Loveline.


3rd story is on Chris Brown’s crazy rant from last week, they’re now playing the clip of him sounding like an idiot while Adam does a hilarious “Pizza” sing song riff and has some hilarious comments about getting black guys to turn the corner on pussy.

Adam is wondering if this stuff has always been going on or if we just now witness it because of cell phone cameras, hilarious Al Jolson riff from the Aceman.

The guest are now working out what the next generation will be like, in reaction to what Adam Devine dubs the “porn generation” and Adam has a funny thought about Whitney Houston’s nostrils and possible modified coke straws, gold!

Adam is now calling for “Life Uniforms” Alison has a hilarious question about the crest on the polo shirts and now Adam is going off, Adam Devin picks up that Adam is hinting at “Demolition Man” and now this is even funnier.


4th story is a list of the top 10 cities for driving.

Adam is doing a live read, Alison has a comment about something her gynecologist said in regards to condoms and now they’re all riffing on it.

Adam is now weaving into a lite version of his “crazy nationality and/or same gender” riff about women and their preference in who performs services on them, Alison is working in the porn buying process which is usually part of this bit.


Alison is now reading off the cities and the gang is reacting, they’re puzzled in regards to Hawaii, it’s not the price of gas, it’s the speed limit (50), the dense population and the poor infrastructure, it’s cheaper to drink gas in Hawaii than it is milk.

Alison just revealed she’s never been to Chicago and this Superfan suggests she not worry about that, Adam is now wrapping things up with a sniff and Adam Devine is going to steal it.

Adam is now doing the most insane Extenze Higher Testosterone live read of all time, dog basket wow!

Adam is wrapping the show.